Wonderful Wednesday #185

{Autumn is that you?  Yes, yes i do believe it is...}
It's official folks:  We have Autumn.  I am sat here, tip-tapping out this little post to you on Tuesday evening gazing out of our office window into the greyest, darkest sky that there ever was and listening to the rain hitting the window and gushing so fast down our tiny drainpipes.  Also, of it's own free-will and without any encouragement from yours truly {who always gets the blame for putting on the heating when it's not quite cold enough!} the heating has clicked on all by itself - it's the very first time since i can't remember when!  There's something magical about curling up, getting cosy and piling on the layers come this time of year though and i feel more than ready for ALL of that! Don't you??!

I feel as if this weeks' list might come to me quiiiite easily you know...

1.  Changin' up my scents.  I'm already steps ahead with wearing my more 'colder-weather' fragrance and have sprayed most of my lighter early-Autumn scarves already.  But this week we also said goodbye to some candles that i'd been burning over summer and had all but ran out and replaced them with heavier, richer and deliciously cosy scents.  I picked up two new candles:  One 'Tobacco Pipe Smoke' a heavenly heady sandlewood scent with smoky undertones of....almost leather..?!  And i also snuck in another candle in 'Midnight Air' which smells exactly like the smell you get wandering home on an early autumn night:  All first coal fires entangled with dampened grass.  They're really doing the business in putting me in a cosy mood each evening.  We've also swapped our reed diffuser from coconut to vanilla and that too is a deliciously lovely scent to breathe in when we're cosied up on the sofa.  

2.  Toast and jam.  You know me, give me a jar {or ten!} of nut butter and i'll spread it on anything and everything imaginable or just sit on the kitchen floor and eat it straight out of the jar with a spoon.  But sometimes, a slice of hot, salty buttered sourdough bread with as much jam piled high on top as you can muster before it leaks through the holes and you have to lick your own wrists {#toastfail right there} alongside a mug of tea is just the bees knees!

3.  Lamplight.  The worst part for me about the colder months is definetly the lack of light.  I've been staving off the possible vitamin C deficiency and certain glumness by making sure i light some lamps and candles as i'm pottering about after my evening shower or getting ready in the morning. It does a little in cheering my little cheeks just before bed or when i have to be up before the daylight tickles the windows.  

4.  Red cabbage.  You know when you suddenly just crave something?!  I didn't want to peak too soon as have red cabbage the way i usually love to:  cooked low and slow and braised with apple and redcurrant jelly.  Instead we made it into a quick pickle by mandolin-ing it, seasoning it well with sea salt and black pepper and scrunching in a generous slug of red wine vinegar.  We made enough to last us a lifetime all week almost and have been eating it at any given oppurtunity!  We made some lamb koftas at the start of the week and rolled them up in floury tortillas with red cabbage and cottage cheese and it was SO GOOD!

5.  Cuddles in the morning.  Or anytime really because who can beat a cuddle as the ultimate way to cheer you up, make you feel cared for or simply just warm you up?!?  It doesn't help me want to get up on these darker mornings {what does?!?} but it is a lovely way to start the day/warm my toes!

6.  Nutmeg.  Have a peaked too soon?!  I couldn't get my usual brand of almond milk for my porridge this week so i picked up hazelnut instead.  Even on it's own it's so hard not to get a chocolate-y taste from it or to want to put it alongside anything and everything chocolate!  I tried to be imaginative and shook in a great heap of nutmeg alongside my usual mashed banana and it was INSPIRED.  So much so that i'll be most likely having it until the end of the week!  If i could eat porridge for every single meal then i genuinely would!

7.  Old favourites.  Is it just me or does anyone else have a handful of favourite clothes items that no matter how worn, loved or tatty they might be; that they couldn't even entertain ever getting rid of them?!  I've got far too many really but top of the list and something i dig out every year without fail {infact i actually dug it out a couple of weeks ago in preparation for the cooler months just so i could wash it and give it a freshen up!} is my over-sized grey and cream speckled cable cardigan. It's made from wool and has to be the softest, cosiest thing i own and i wear it with anything and everything:  Pyjamas included.  It's also sadly the bobbliest thing i own but each year i hunt for a new  one and can never find one quite as lovely!  

8.  First tight-wearing.  I'm actually rather proud i lasted until the 11th of September this year!  Now there's officially no going back and i'm fine with the fact that i'll most likely be wearing tights from now until at least May next year!  What's not to love about something that you can pull right up to just under your bra and be the toastiest that you'll ever be?!?  

9.  Rain on the darkest, coldest night so far.  Okay so there's been a couple of them lately.  But lying in bed, in only lamplight with the rain thundering against the glass and the wind howling is one the the BEST feelings.  Are you with me?!?
*  *  *  

And we are DONE!  All happy list-ed up and ready for the rest of the week!  Don't forget to bob right on over to  Jo, Helen, Michelle, Sarah, Kate, Cat, Sam, El , Kerri's, and Peta's    respective blogs and read all about what's been making their weeks' really rather lovely!  And join on online with the #wonderfulwednesday chit-chat on any other social media platform - as always i'm @sallytangle everywhere!
Have a wonderful rest of week!