Wednesday, 14 February 2018

Wonderful Wednesday #206

{More please!}
Good day to you and your beautiful face!  Thank you already for giving this little spot your time and your eyes for even just a few moments.  Always know that i am forever grateful for that.  I wish that i could thank you all personally because you're just the loveliest bunch and this post is so much more than the little silly weekly list that it once started out as a long, long time ago.  It's motivating to write, inspirational to think of and sometimes drags me out of a miserable fed-up place that nothing else will shake.  It forces me to look at the little maybe insignificant things that maybe i'd have otherwise overlooked.  It makes me treasure them more than maybe i would have and more than that, it can't help but make me count my blessings and remember how lucky i am in the grand scheme of things. 

Yes this little #wonderfulwednesday isn't little at all.  It's mighty and feel-good and wonderful by name and nature and ALL that it means and this week feels like one of those weeks where i just appreciate it and those who drop by and who kindly {oh so very very kindly} join in, without fail each and every week.  Thank you from the bottom of my little heart!

Somebody stop me!  Let's get listing before this becomes more 'Oscar's speech' than #wonderfulwednesday.... 

1.   Extra light.  I feel like if i had a chart i'd most definitely be marking the odd few minutes extra of the stuff each and every day.  It really is making a difference to me so much!  This Winter has felt the longest and greyest and so very lacking in light!  An odd day of sunshine here and there just isn't enough somehow.  I'm longing for longer lighter days and some more colour!  I shouldn't say it but.....  HURRY UP SPRING!

2.  Jacket potatoes.  One of the most underrated meals on the whole entire planet and one that i've seriously got out of the habit of making for far too long but am simultaneously making as many times as i can get away with lately.  Well at least once a week for the past couple.  Infact i can't believe we haven't talked about them here before!  Or have we?!  How do you take yours?!  Ours have been rubbed with olive oil and dusted with dried rosemary, thyme and oregano and baked slowly in the oven {if you microwave yours then i'm sorry we can't be friends anymore} and then dotted with salty butter, seasalt and piled high with homemade baked beans in tomato sauce with smoked paprika and chilli and then served with crumbled feta and rocket.  Yes i always burn my mouth and yes i always eat it too fast but MAN ALIVE is it worth the pain and little bit of indigestion!

3.   Fresh flowers.  See point one and serious lack of any kind of light sunlight most days lately.  I've been fixing my frown with the brightest flowers i can find and this week i deviated from my faithful daffodils {i know who am i?!  A dare devil that's who!} and instead got all extravagant and bought myself the hugest bunch of sunshine-y yellow tulips.  So huge infact that they fill two jars.  They're serious cheerer uppers and the epitome of inside sunshine!

4.  Stripes.  I know, I know i'm nothing if not a bit predictable and a lot of a broken Spring record lately {bear with} BUT they're just my jam come anytime of year to be honest.  It's just getting closer and closer to being able to wear them without a billion layers over the top and that makes my heart happy!  These past few days have been all about black and white striped polo necks worn with my all-time favourite black dungarees.  I love that it's the comfiest outfit for at home and after work worn with my sheepskin slippers and cosy 'bobbled to blazes' cream cable cardigan BUT it works just as well with a slick of eyeliner, a red beret, stripey socks and clumpy clogs for out and about.  I say this, but when am i ever out and about?!  

5.  Adele.  This gal never gets old and her music, golly gosh it just tugs at my heart so very much.  This week i've had her albums in my ears at every given opportunity and sang till tears rolled down my little cheeks on a fair few occasions also.  Not sad tears so much, just the emotional kind.  I'm singin' and typin' as i write this {but no tears i promise!} because are you even a real Adele fan if you don't pretend to 'play' the computer keyboard at the same time?!?  You know what to blame any spelling mistakes on this week..... 

6.   Hair washing.  Little and silly but happy-making all the same and exactly what these kinds of lists are made for.  It's odd to think that i used to get up and wash and dry my hair each and every morning just a few years ago.  Now i shower each evening before bed and try to make that hair washing 'lark' only once a week if i can stretch it out, if not then at least four to five days between!  I wont lie, it can be a challenge and it's a jolly great job that i flippin' love hats too because they're great hair-wash savers too!  The thought of having to wash and dry my hair just might be the most un-appealing job on the planet.  Except once i actually do, the feeling of clean hair is just utter bliss:  The wafty coconut-y scent whenever you swish-swash around and about and the shinyness of it all too!  It makes me almost want to get up an hour earlier.

Wait.  No it doesn't.  I'll settle for appreciating it even more since as it doesn't happen as often as maybe it should?!  In all fairness my hair condition has never been better!  
7.  The thought of two days off together after six in a row.    I am reveling in this feeling now and wishing so much that i could press pause.  I'm so very tired and it's so rare in my job to get two days off together.  I feel so much more rested and productive when i do.  I can't wait for no alarm, for crumpets for breakfast and for fresh-air walks and and just stopping and being.  You '9 'till 5-ers' are lucky ducks you know.....

8.   Blood oranges.  Bought on a whim after having a serious craving for citrus!  The prettiest blush pink oranges cut into wedges and gobbled up greedily they were so delicious.  I only had four and could have happily eaten the lot but i chose to savour them.  I'm actually considering having them with pancakes later.  I'm thinking grated orange zest folded through the better and serving them with demarera sugar and squeezed juice and maybe a dollop of creme fraiche.  What do you reckon?!?

*  *  *

And we're done!  Tip-tapped at lightening speed and the most cathartic thing to do when you're feeling so sleepy and tired and less than your best!  I'm so  very grateful that this silly little 'not so silly now' idea that came to me...well two hundred and six posts ago.  What's that? Is that almost four years of them!? CRIKEY!  What i'm more grateful for though is that beautiful group of inspirational, encouraging and damned right brilliant {each in their own right too} of gals that join in each week.  Don't you dare rest until you've hopped right on over to Jo, Helen, Michelle, Sarah, Kate, Cat, Sam, El , Kerri's, and Peta's OH and lovely lovely Ellie's  #wonderfulwednesday posts and filled your little boots with even more lovely than you can manage.  Because if there's one thing you can never have enough of, it's #wonderfulwednesday happy lists.  

Am i right?!


  1. Ooh Sally I've been nodding my way through your list this week as always!

    I do love a jacket potato at least once a week, too, but I have to confess... *says quietly* I have mine with spaghetti hoops, like I'm 5 again!! I just can't help myself!!

    And tulips... I love them until their little stalks start bending over like they are just too tired to be all standing uprighty...

    Merry #WonderfulWednesday to you! 😉

  2. You are so so so very right my lovely, there can never be enough wonderful wednesday lists in this world. Brightening your day with flowers sounds like such a wonderful remedy - I think I may need to have more fresh flowers in the house.

    I also washed my hair this morning and it feels lovely and clean and fresh but oh my goodness did I not want to dry it. Least favourite job ever!! I love the sound of your dungarees Sally, I bet they look gorgeous! You've also made my mouth water with your jacket potato description, I'll be popping one in the oven for lunch today I think.

    I hope you have the loveliest of days off and find time to rest. Sending lots of love and happy vibes your wway.
    Peta xx

  3. Awh Sally! This is just the most perfect little list. Every one gets my approval, especially the jacket potato - cheese, beans, or tuna I'll take one anyday!

    I'm so happy that you started wonderful wednesday and have welcomed a hole bunch of us to make happy lists with you. I hope it continues till we're old and grey xxx

  4. A very lovely Oscar worthy speech if I ever heard one! You're the absolute queen of words, and its amazing how you've brought this little community together!

    Heres to many more Wonderful Wednesdays!

    Plus I hope you enjoyed your two days off in a row together - I have just had four days off in a row and I feel like a new woman!!

    Lynsey || One More Slice



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