Wednesday, 21 February 2018

Wonderful Wednesday #207

{Getting that blue-skied 'fix' as and when i can!}
It's only flipping flopping Wednesday again over here already!  I'm more than ready for this weeks' post since as i'm feeling ever so slightly just lacking  in 'va-va-voom' this week somehow.  I've been clinging onto rare sightings of blue skies and sunshine and munching down on a whole rainbow colour of food stuff in a bid to ignite some kind of get up and go-shaped energy in me. Cross all manner of fingers and toes and the like that it'll work!  
How are you and how has your week been?!  Share your rocket fuel please!  What are your secrets?!  I'm very much looking forward to diving into this weeks post in a bid it'll bring me out of my mid-week dip!  There's lots to celebrate and so really there's no excuse at all.  

Let's GO!

1.  Bananas.  Oddly something i never really liked growing up and to be honest have only really started to fully appreciate in the last two years or so {anyone who follows me on Twitter {i'm @sallytangle} will most likely recoil in horror since as bananas are something i tweet about A LOT.  If you know me in real life you'll also vouch that i talk about them more than the average person!} but this week they really have been my everything.  There is not a lot that a perfectly ripe banana cannot fix and not much in the whole wide world that beats a really, really ripe and spottily ripened banana mashed into porridge whilst it's cooking.  It gives the most caramel-y sweet and silky porridge and topped with peanut butter well quite frankly it's a DREAM.  I generally also always have one stashed in my bag to munch on my half hour or so walk home each day and i'd probably eat another in a day if i didn't think that three was too much.  Is three too much?!?  I mean, who's counting?!

2.  Topping toast.  Sorry this has all started out so food-heavy but what can i say?!  Lately i have been really very hungry feeling!  We always do our grocery shop on a Tuesday evening and so i can never really be too bothered putting too much effort into what i make for supper that night.  The Mr has gotten himself into a nice habit of just picking up a pizza and i have gotten myself into a nice habit of having what i'll call 'Creatively Topped Toast.'  I flippin' LOVE it.  This week i had toasted sourdough spread thickly with beetroot and mint hummus and dotted with teaspoons of really thick and creamy cottage cheese.  I then top, top, topped it all off with pea shoots and a squeeze of lemon and it was the BEES KNEES.  Is it weird that i look forward to it all week day?!

3.  Milder weather.  Yes not just sunshine but real life 'I'm actually too warm in my cardigan, tights and dress' at work on Tuesday evening.  Progress is being made dear ones and i for one am VERY excited!  It's only in the real thick of Winter that you just can't imagine ever feeling warm enough to wear any less than three layers and tights that almost go right up to your chin.  This week we've made progress and it fills me with so much love for what's to come!!! Is that weird?!  

4.  Vegetable market shopping.  I might be the only person that gets excited about this but golly GOSH do i love shopping for vegetables at little markets.  There are hardly any up here but what there IS, is a sweet little farmers market at one of our local garden centres and if we are both off together on a Sunday we always have a little drive up and pick up our weekly fruit and vegetables from there.  Not only are they so much cheaper but they're much fresher and taste so much better!  This weeks highlights already have been the shiniest and reddest crispy crunchy apples which i have been very much enjoying dipping into almond butter as after work snacks; the hugest bright orange carrots which we roasted until they went all caramelised and sticky and then tossed in runny honey and wholegrain mustard AND the curliest most fresh-tasting peashoots i have been scattering across everything i can.  Oh and sometimes just eating straight from the bag.  OH AND BANANAS!  But i feel like my 'banana chat' might have hit peak already this week *covers eyes.*

5.  Pyjamas, tea and buttery shortbread.  I mean it's probably not the best habit to pick up but lately it's been all about snuggling down under a little blanket on the sofa and dunking buttery shortbread fingers into hot milky chai tea before bed.  I keep thinking i should make some shortbread and wonder why you never hear of cinnamon shortbread?!  Sounds like a dream to me!  Maybe with a little brown sugar dusted on top?! Maybe that's what i'll do on my day off this week.

6.  Lighter mornings.  I mean you all know how much of a morning person i am.  Or if you didn't  you can probably work it out from all of the porridge talk and witterings about daylight most weeks.  Even i struggle a little on the darker winter mornings but this week feels SO much lighter than last!  In fact it was SO blue-skied and 'awake' out there on Monday that i actually had a mini-panic i'd somehow set my alarm wrong and was late for work!  I can't wait until i can eat my breakfast without the lamp on.  Or better still:  With the french doors open and my feet dangling into the garden.  Or am i getting a little bit ahead of myself?!?

7.  The smell of Spring.  You know i wish i could bottle it and keep it forever.  Surely you've noticed it too?!  Long gone are my races home nuzzled down into my scarf; mittened hands shoved into pockets and icy air catching in my throat as the smell of coal fires and icy-trodden ground tickles my nose.  Oh no!  Lately has been for ever so slightly lingering and for less rushing and noticing the gentle in and out of each breath and more than that:  breathing in the sweet scent of green.  That's the only way to describe it:  All lighter, fresher and cleaner somehow.  I feel like i arrive home feeling a little bit better for the long walk home and far less frost bitten with a numb nose!  It's been really rather lovely.

8.   A simple blue sky.  Yes, i know i can hear you!  Surely there's nothing fancy about that?!  But when you don't see one all too often or at least it doesn't feel like you do it's really flipping lovely.  The sun was so bright on Tuesday afternoon and the sky such a vivid shade of blue that it made the cotton wool clouds look as bright and as a jolly as a good boil wash might have had them and i had to squint to even look at them properly!  Once my eyes adjusted it made me ever so grateful for simple loveliness of nothing but a blue sky!  Maybe i need to get out more?!?

9.  A freshly cut fringe courtesy of moi.  More than well overdue and probably the reason that Tuesday's blue sky looked even more lovely - because i could actually see it.  Hurrah for being reunited with my eyes and eyebrows and for not having to flick, flick, flick it out of them at least a million times a day and even more hurrahs for it only improving the look of the rest of my messy mop or at least distracting from it by being all neat and tidy and straight once more!  Note to self:  MUST book a haircut next month!

*  *  *
And i'm only jolly well done again ALREADY!  Who can believe that we're here again and rocketting forward through this month at an alarming rate?!  I'm trying my best to notice the 'Now' and not to wish it all away so fast.  I feel like Spring is such a precious season because it feels so short in comparison to Winter, don't you agree?!  It's this little corner that keeps me counting and helps me grateful whilst also noticing the tiniest little details of my week.  

Enough about me!  Skip your little selves right on over to Jo, Helen, Michelle, Sarah, Kate, Cat, Sam, El , Kerri's, and Peta's OH and lovely lovely Ellie's  blogs to catch up with their very own #wonderfulwednesday s and rejoice in whatever has been making them smile this week so far.  Don't forget to join in across all social media using the #wonderfulwednesday tag so we can all see and join in too!
And maybe I'll see you same time next week??!


  1. Sorry to hear you have been lacking in your va va vooooom. I hope you feel better soon and get your mojo back. I find a nice evening of pampering helps. A warm shower before bed, fresh sheets and pjamas and an early night? Ooft yes.

    Oooh if you are looking for a good cinnamon shortbread recipe I have one on my blog! Its not quite shortbread, more flakey than crumbly, but it is delicious!! I always make them at Christmas time xx

    Lynsey || One More Slice

  2. Oh I wish I could cut my own fringe neatly! I never really look forward to visiting the hairdresser and so having to go back fairly regularly for a fringe trim is no fun :)

    You've got me craving pea shoots with this post, Sally! Your Tuesday toast sounds absolutely delicious - do you deliver to London?!

    Hope you have a wonderful weekend and get a chance to rest up and enjoy the sunshine!

    C x



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