Wednesday, 28 February 2018

Wonderful Wednesday #208

 {When a much greener wander to and from work looks like this}
Well how do you and how the heck are you?! I'm wondering where where the bobbins my week has gone and with not too much to show for it other than eating, sleeping and working.  I feel as i've barely looked up from 'Lately' and can't wait for a few days off at the end of this week to just be.  I need to get better at looking after myself and stop putting myself last in any given situation.  Why do we do this?!?  Or maybe it's just me.  I spend forever worrying about everyone else so that it takes so much longer for me to realise that i need to just stop for a moment.  

So that's exactly why i'm grateful for my 'Now.'  The weekly ritual of 'downing tools' {whatever they maybe}; stopping and thinking and reflecting on this week so far and all of the little moments of good that would have most likely got lost in the rest of it!  I think i'm overdue a #wonderfulwednesday.....

Snow.  I wonder how many other lovely #wonderfulwednesday writers will be adding this one to their lists this week?!?  I mean YES am i more than ready and so very raring to go for Spring BUT snow is such  a novelty up here.  Even though we're on the very edge of the Lake District, our pretty city is forever in some sort of snow pocket.  Usually this means we miss out on any kind of snow.  Not this week though.  On Tuesday morning i awoke to the sweetest icing sugar-like dusting of the stuff and felt oh-so-cosy watching it fall all fluffy whilst i ate the biggest bowl of banana porridge drizzled with runny honey and sprinkled with toasted seeds.  There's something ever so lovely and hypnotising about watching snow fall, don't you think?!

2.  Mint tea.  I mean if you've never drank mint tea then you've never lived in my opinion.  There's a sentence that places me even higher up the 'rock and roll ladder' if ever there was one or if i wasn't rock and roll enough already!  If you're someone {like me!} who is a worrier or an over thinker or just someone who really struggles not to let things take over a bit too much sometimes and to let things get to them; this is the tea for you.  Mint tea is so calming and soothing on a worried 'self' or a tricky tummy {mine is almost always like a little washing machine!} and there isn't a day goes by when i don't drink at least one floral mug of the stuff. This week it's been keeping me company on too many 'worry-ful' days and reminding me that i can't always be Super Woman nor can i do everything myself AND most importantly, that's ok too.  

3.  Really good bananas.  Not to be scoffed at!  And let me tell you, really hard to come across these days.  I pick ours up either from a local fruit and veg market or from Sainsbury's and they are reliably delicious!  They ripen quick-but-not-too-quick; and go a lovely sweet and sticky caramel-y flavour just PERFECT for squishing into porridge as it blips away on the stove.

4.  Taking the scenic route!  I mean where i can i always will, even if it does  mean adding five or ten minutes onto wherever i'm going.  If i can walk a prettier route {#priorities} chances are i'll arrive at my destination in a generally better frame of mind.  Is that odd?!  This week has been the first week it's been light enough and bright enough for me to take my favourite non-short cut to work via a sweet little cut through the woods and along the river and i'm convinced the extra light plus extra 'green-seen' has been doing me the world of good each day!

5.  Polka dots.  I mean for me it's pretty much always some kind of print but lately had been ALL about dots and spots!  In particular i've really found myself drawn towards black and white spots and have dug out and old spotty frilly blouse i bought forever  ago and have been using any excuse to wear it!  My favourite is teamed with my slouchy grey denim dungarees and oversized rosey pink cable cardigan.  There's something infinitely happy-making about spots.  You can't wear spots and be sad you just can't!

6.  A few days off at the end of the week.  I'm tired this week!  The weary, yawn-y 'needs all of the tea' type tired!  I'm really looking forward to a few days off in a row for some much needed rest AND i'm also off up to Scotland to spend some time with my Mum.  Fresh air and Mum-time, i mean i almost don't want the weekend to come for fear of it disappearing too fast!

7.  The anticipation of a hair cut.  We've chit-chatted alot about haircuts on here and i'm not afraid to tell you {if you don't already know that is} that i really despise getting mine cut.  This time though i feel ready for a little bit more of a change; determined to not just sit down and say 'Can you just take the ends off and really- well - sort of make it look like it hasn't been cut at all' {which i'm sure my hairdresser must just LOVES me for} and more determined to get something a liiiittle different.  I want it a little shorter and with a bit more snazziness.  I would say watch this space BUT don't go expecting anything too groundbreaking - it is me afterall! {NB i do have Pinterest open whilst i write this which is the online equivalent of 'Meaning Business'.}

8.  Tea and sourdough crumpets spread thickly with raspberry jam and zig-zagged with peanut and coconut butter {it's sort of crumpet-y raspberry macaroon-y}.  I don't think this one needs any explanation.  It's my go-to supper before bed if i'm peckish always lately!

*  *  *

And with but a flurry of snow words i'm DONE!  I'm quite surprised i lasted the distance and didn't need a nap at some-point in between points - i feel like i could sleep forever of late!  But that's the true magical power of a #wonderfulwednesday -shaped happy list i guess!  Go forth and hop right on over to Jo, Helen, Michelle, Sarah, Kate, Cat, Sam, El , Kerri's, and Peta's OH and Ellie's #wonderfulwednesday posts and fill your hearts with all of the great and good from this week so far!
And maybe just maybe i'll see you at the same time next week.


  1. Oh what a beautiful list of loveliness Sally. I'm so happy you have a few days off at the end of this week. Try to rest and give yourself lots of you time, tea and yummy yummy food.

    Yay to snow! We even had a flurry of snowflakes here in Barcelona yesterday! Mint tea is one of my favourites, like you I often have a washing machine tummy and it does me the world of good!

    I'm going to have a rummage this weekend in all of the clothes at the back of my wardrobe, because I'm sure I have some lovely polka dot pieces that you've reminded me of somewhere in there!

    I hope you have a lovely rest of the week. Sending lots of love and hugs your way,
    Peta xx

  2. My town always misses out on the snow too! The rest of the area got it , but we had it for one day and then it just vanished! I *know* everyone wants it to be spring already, but I am in agreement with you - snow is such a novelty! We should enjoy it while it lasts!

    Have you ever had Moroccan mint tea? It is glorious! I'd walk back to Morocco just to have some!

    Oh and dots are my thaaaang. I picked up the cutest polka dot dress from TK Maxx yesterday for £15!

    Hope you are able to catch up with yourself and just *be* xx

    Lynsey || One More Slice



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