Wednesday, 11 April 2018

Wonderful Wednesday #214

{Almost blue skies and beautiful blooms you say?!  I'm THERE}
Well hello there and how the devil do you do?!  Do fill me in on your week wont you!  You join me with a little bit more 'get-up-and-go' than i had this time last week {but that could  be to do with a little bit of an extended long weekend - i highly advocate booking both a Friday and i Monday off work especially if like me having even a weekend off at all feels like a luxury.}.  There is something indescribably lovely about not getting that Sunday night feeling and stretching out in bed with a mug of tea on the one day of the week that most of the worlds population {myself included} dreads.  Maybe i'll make a habit of it if makes this much of difference.  What's the chances of four day weeks becoming an actual 'thing' do you think?!

Let's get #wonderfulwednesday listin'....

1.  Rest.  I used to feel guilty for just that:  For letting myself just be; for admitting that i needed it and often used to feel like i had some how 'admitted defeat' of something by just admitting that i needed it.  Over the years i've learnt that it's a good thing to be able to realise when you need rest and moreover to making sure that i include it as a given.  Why is this something that comes more naturally as you get older?!  I can't help wishing i might not be such an over-worrier if i'd realised this sooner.   I booked last weekend off and then Monday too. I did lovely things and spent time with friends and the Mr but mostly i took time to just potter; do odd jobs and rest a little.  Even though i spent all of Tuesday feeling like it was Monday it was more than worth it...

2.  Toast.  I mean always.  I say always when what i actually mean is 'always when not porridge' as that will mostly always be my forever love.  This week though, my snacks have been various toasted 'things'.  I'll forever be a snacker and not someone who can only eat three square meals a day and feel as if my energy levels are much better if i eat three smaller meals a day and a couple of small snacks too.  I'm often hungry between supper and going to bed and this week it's been all about the toast.  Usually just with butter and marmalade but sometiiimes with a little sneaky zig-zag of peanut butter too.  Because whoever needs an excuse for that?!?  Oh! And always with tea.  Because you can't have toast without it, am i right?!

3.   Warmth.  I said last week that i felt like i'd been cold since October last year and i really wasn't kidding! On Monday this week though{couldn't have booked it off work more accurately if i'd tried} it was the first day where it has been sunshine and blue skies with a great big slice of real life WARMTH alongside it too!  It was infact so warm that i dried two whole lines of washing AND padded around outside on our patio in just jeans and a t-shirt AND even sat and drank my afternoon mug of tea outside too!  I mean it was back to three degrees and pouring with rain when i woke up today {Tuesday} but it's all progress.....

4.  Clean hair.  I can't believe i used to wash my hair every single day!  Now i try and make it last aslong as i can {dry shampoo and hats are my very best friends.  Well you know aside from porridge, toast or tea...}.  The thought of doing it is always the absolute worst and is also quickly replaced with the sheer joy that comes from softly scented, swishy and shiny clean hair and the ponderings of why i leave it so long.  And then the cycle begins all over.....

5.  Planting seeds.  Done so on a sunny and warm Monday afternoon on the patio.  It was quite the therapeutic task:  filling teeny tiny pots with sweetpea seeds and tucking them up in little compost blankets.  They're currently living on our kitchen window-sill and i'm crossing everything crossable that there is to cross that they grow and i can fill our little somewhere with the sweet scent of summer for months on end!

6.   Spring clothes.  I mean i've only really bought a white cotton ruffly blouse {which shall become one of approximately ninety-two billion, squillion thousand} but is it even Spring if you don't buy or want to buy one extremely crisp blue or white cotton 'something?!'  I say this but if there's one thing surer than....sure {?!} it's that i'll spend most of the Spring and Summer in some form of white cotton blouse.  Paired with slouchy indigo jeans and sandals and messy hair on a lazy Sunday; or tucked into high-waisted skinny jeans worn with ballerina pumps, a beret and a trench coat for pottering about on days off.  Or sometimes just tucked into a skirt with flip-flops.  It's something that easy-breezy and fresh!  Just like Spring should be..... *cough cough*  Come back warm sunshine pleeeease.....

7.  Pink blossom.  *Writes/says approximately five million people either in a blog a text, emaaaaail or on twitterrrrrrrr orrrrr Instagraaaaaam*  I know.  I get it we're all blossom MAD!  But when the weather is NOT predictable or particularly dependably seasonal at any given moment up and down the U.K can you blame us?!  It's the anti-dote to a grey sky, the great big 'Cheerer Upper' of looking up {even if you are tentatively peeking out from your umbrella} and a sure-fire way to cheer up even the most miserable of days.  This year the beautiful cherry and hawthorn blossoms seem to be everywhere i look; defiant and buds and flowers of ballsy bloom and pom-poms.  And it's  nothing short of happy making, isn't it?!

8.  Less make up.  Why is it also only really when you're older that you learn two really important things?  The first that really for your skin to be it's very best version it takes not very much at all and even in most cases, the less you do to it and the more simple you keep 'things' the better it will be because of it.  And two, that regardless of how your skin is - on good and  bad days - it's your face and you shouldn't wear a mask.  You should learn to take gentle care of it; make the most of your best bits and stop seeing the less 'magazine perfect' bits as flaws but more  We're not genetically all the same and neither are our faces.  I've spent most of my life hating my skin and spending far too much money trying to make it look a way it just isn't designed too.  And that's okay.  I've learnt that and i've accepted it and even if it's taken me the best part of thirty-or-so years to realise it; it looks, feels and IS better than it's ever been with or without make-up and i feel more comfortable in it than i ever have.  Well that went a little deeper than i'd first imagined......

*  *  *

And we're all done and dusted for another whole week.  Consider this a wordy-dose of rocket-fuel to see you through until the end of the week!  Better than that, write your own and eeeven better than that:  TELL me so i can read it and share it too!  Writing a mid-week happy and thankful kind of a list makes me not forget the good bits in the great big vastness of time and means that the days and weeks and months don't just merge into one vast expanse of simply only being.   What is life without memories...?

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Happy mid-week!


  1. Sally! I loved reading this and it's been so long since I spent time catching up on your blog. These things are all, indeed, wonderful. I am a big advocate of toast, too, but I like to have mine with coffee instead of tea (usually). While reading this, however, I was eating a big bowl of almond milk porridge with raspberries, desiccated coconut and sweet freedom choc orange spice shot. YUM.

    Thanks again for your lovely words!

    N x

  2. Oh Sally, I feel like you've sprinkled happy feel good fairy dust through the screen with this post. I'm feeling a million, gazillion, trillion, squillion times better after reading about all of your loveliness. Blossom - allllll the blossom. I, too, am going blossom mad. Yes to toast, yes yes yes. I prefer three smaller meals and snacks too, my mood and overall energy levels are totally different when I have snacks throughout the day...and tea of course.

    Yay to a four day weekend, it makes alllll the difference doesn't it. There really is nothing better than pottering around the house. Your white, lovely new buy sounds beautiful. I desperately want to "invest" in some new clothes...I say invest as it doesn't make me feel as bad about treating myself! Maybe next month...maybe...

    I hope you have the loveliest rest of the week and that the sun is still shining where you are.
    Peta & The Bears xx



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