Wednesday, 18 April 2018

Wonderful Wednesday #215

 {Beautiful, beautiful Magnolia blossom!}
I DID IT!  I'm here and more than that i'm ALIVE!  You join me here this week after a bit of a stressful eight whole days in a row at work and i feel like i am very much running on nothing but tea and porridge!  I'm feeling surprisingly a-ok but i am little bit convinced that's actually just because i haven't really stopped yet.  I just know that as soon as i eat supper tonight and just be, i'll likely be asleep before you can say #wonderfu-----

It's okay i'm here!  I've not gone yet and i'm ready and raring for some happy listin'....

1.  Sleep.  The kind you where you can't remember actually falling asleep and also the kind where you wake up each morning wondering where you are, who you are, what day it is and what is that incessant noise?!?  Oh it's the alarm and i have to get up.  Feeling very thankful for falling asleep pretty much as my head hits the pillow this week since as i've needed all of the energy and all of the sleep i can get!  I'm very much looking forward to the same kind of sleep later, only adding about two hours extra on top because incase i haven't mentioned already this week:  IT'S MY DAAAAAAAAY OFFFFFFFFF this #wonderfulwednesday and Thursday too!

2.  Chocolate porridge. I'm not sure why i crave the stuff even more when i'm sleepy and feeling a little less than myself but i just do.  Maybe it's a comfort thing.  This week i've been cramming the stuff into anywhere and everywhere that i can.  I grated leftover {who even am i, leftover?!?} darker than dark chocolate into our lentil chilli at the very end of last weekend.  I've also been adding one very heaped tablespoon of ground cacao powder into each bowl of porridge this week AND i've been snack, snack, snackin' on homemade date, raw cacao and coconut balls this week with mugs of tea galore!

3.  Coconut.  Maybe it's the incoming sunshine or maybe  it's the fact that i spent most of my childhood avoiding the stuff like the plague {my only coconut-shaped childhood memory is Bounty chocolate bars bllleeeurgh!!!} but these past few months i've been cramming the stuff into everything i can and it might even be up there with one of my very favourite flavours/things to eat.  INFACT i don't think you can get much better than toasted flaked coconut on anything.  Lately i've been snacking on the stuff right out of the jar but i normally use it to coat my date and cacao balls {extra crunch!}; scattered across any kind of cereal, porridge or toasted 'anythings' or sometimes piled high on the thickest, creamiest greek yoghurt i can find with a handful of chopped walnuts and a drizzle of runny honey.  I love the stuff!  I also use coconut oil in most of my cooking and also add that into my porridge right at the every end too.  I'm surprised i haven't turned into a coconut yet!

4.   A basket bag.  I finally cracked.  Again i'm blaming it on the incoming sunshine and milder temperatures that we keep being promised over here in the U.K BUT, after much research; I have bought a sweet round wicker basket bag.  I'd been searching for a new 'warmer weather' kind of a bag anyway and hadn't had much luck so i feel like i know i'll get lots of use out of it.  THIS is the one i picked in the end.  I can already see it filled with flowers and fresh bread on a weekend hooked over my bike handle bars or worn across me with faded slouchy dungarees, a plain white tee and an embroidered cropped jacket.  Summer here i come!!!!! 

5.  Bedtime.  Okay so it's not a secret that i love my sleep and my bed {i know what you're thinking:  I just get more and more rock and roll as these posts go on....*cough*} but lately it's not even that:  Can i call it my wind down routine?!?!  After supper i love the little routine of taking off my make-up, having a hot and steamy eucalyptus-y shower with my favourite bergamot and sea-salt shower-gel {i've been using THIS one for ages and i'm hooked - ps ALL of the range and scents are beautiful} and then putting on a softly scented body cream; a face oil and clean pyjamas and curling up with a chai tea and my favourite book on the sofa with some scented candles lit.  It's the perfect way to unwind and de-stress and i'm pretty sure my sleep has been better because of it!

6.  White cotton 'everythings.' Because when it's not raining and the sun is shining and the temperature are anything but any kind of minus variety; nothing beats crisp white cotton tees and blouses.  They go with anything and everything and are so versatile and the combination of my favourite jeans and a white blouse or tee just has me feeling all Spring-y and happy!

7.  Sweet-peas!  They're GROWING!! My baby sweet-pea seeds that i planted only a week ago seemed to have also picked up the Spring memo and are shooting up at rocket speed!  I'm so pleased!  Cross your fingers and toes that they keep up the momentum so that i can plant them outside in a tub on our patio and have them climb up our pretty trellis and give us sweetly scented sweet-pea flowers all summer long!!!!  

8.  Mum chats.  I'm so lucky to call my mum one of my very best friends.  We're so similar in so many ways and i sometimes wish that there were more hours in the day and days in the week AND that she lived a little bit closer so that i could spend even more time with her BUT all of that aside; sometimes there's nothing better than a long chat with your mum:  Putting the world to rights and laughing until you cry.  Am i right?!?

*  *  *

I did it!  I'm alive and more than that:  I'm not asleep!  Don't forget to hop right on over to Jo, Helen, Michelle, Sarah, Kate, Cat, Sam, El , Kerri's, and Peta's oh, OH and Ellie's  #wonderfulwednesday posts and to read all about there respective weeks and what miraculous rocket fuel they're using to power them through until the weekend!  Also don't forget you can always follow along with all of the #wonderfulwednesday chat across social media channels and get involved yourself too! 

See you same time next week?  Where i'll beeeee on day five out of another eight..?!?
*bangs head on keyboard*

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  1. What a lovely list of wonderfulness Sally. I'm only just catching up with this on a Saturday as I've had a whirlwind week too! Goodness me you must be exhausted, sending every so much love and energy your way. Your new basket bag sounds adorable and yay to sweet peas! YAY YAY YAY!! I hope you're having a lovely Saturday, try to get some extra rest in where you can!
    Peta x



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