Wednesday, 25 April 2018

Wonderful Wednesday #216

 {Wild garlic as far as the eye can see...}

Oh well HELLO THERE.  So kind of you to pop by and read along with this weeks #wonderfulwednesday list!  If you read this early-doors i'll be all curled up asleep as today is my unscheduled day off.  I do like a day off-shaped surprise.  Especially when i was convinced i was working for eight days in a row and now have only worked a total of five. Hurrah!  I'll mostly be catching up on jobs, willing the rain to buzz off so i can get out for some fresh air with my two-wheeled partner in crime and doing a little bit of Spring cleaning.  If the rain hangs around i'll no doubt go for a walk and buy myself some fresh flowers because #yolo.  How has you week been?!?  Catch me up!
In the mean time let's get listin'....

1.  Sleeping with the window open.  Maybe i'm late to this wild party but it's been too blinking cold to have any kind of window open when there's no certainty of sunshine on the horizon!  Until these past few days.  I mean after last weekends short, sweet burst of almost 20 degrees {albeit for one day only!} i've been almost lulled into a false sense of security summer where the weather has been concerned.  I mean it's been 10 degrees at best but i don't care.  The air smells like only Spring can:  All grassy-green, fresh and clean - and so i'm just working with what i've got.  Nothing beats the smell of a Spring evening as you drift off to sleep.  Is there any better lullaby than the sounds of the trees and the distant hum of a sleepy Spring night?!?

2.  Rhubarb and custard.  You know when you just get a notion for something?! I've eaten neither in their true and actual capacity since as no supermarket or green grocer near me seems to have any of the stuff.  I thought it was still around and about but alas, maybe i have missed the Spring rhubarb flourish!  I am being spoilt by having some freshly picked stuff from a friends garden at the end of the week {cross ALL of the things!} but until then i'm getting my rhubarb and custard 'fix' anywhere else i can!  Namely in my breakfast:  Creamy almond milk porridge cooked with vanilla and topped with sour rhubarb jam, a great big zig-zag of peanut butter and as much toasted coconut as i can get away with!  I mean it's not a crumble but it'll do for now.  OH!  I should also tell you that the 'Nakd Rhubarb and Custard' bars are the bees knees also.  Oh OH!  AS is Yeo Valley rhubarb yoghurt.  I mean don't feel sorry for me anytime soon...i'm getting by....

3.  A fresh fringe.  I mean a fringe trim is as good as a face-lift and a haircut if you ask me; only with far less.....mess and worrying!  |The best thing i ever did was a) get said fringe {covers a multitude of spots sometimes sins} and b) jump right on in and learn to cut it myself.  Heavens i'd be at the hairdressers every other week if i had to get someone else to do it!  There's nothing like a lovely straight fringe to completely perk you up and make you look far more like 'you' again.

4.  Mantras.  Words to live by.  Sayings.  Oh heavens knows what you call them but earlier on this week the ever lovely Peta {fellow #wonderfulwednesday writer and loveliest lady in the whole of the world wide web, no really} posted a quote that really and truly resonated with me:  'I am me and you are you.'  Isn't that brilliant?!  I spend so much of forever wishing i looked like that person, wrote like this person, had the clever-ness of who knows what person, could cook 'xyz' like who knows who.....the list is exhausting but this little snappy phrase isn't.  And i love it.  Thank you darling Peta!

5.  Various pestos.  Who knew there were so many?!?  I mean i've made standard pesto for years and love using it through fresh pasta, tossed through warm baby new potatoes or drizzled on roast veg right at the last minute, even swirled on top of a summer veggie omelette BUT who knew you could make pesto from...*drum roll* {are you ready because i'm currently planning on eating pesto for the foreseeable...}:  Carrot tops {yep that green bit you throw away}; watercress {peppery wonderful-ness - i imagine it would be lovely with fresh dill thrown in too and served with fish}; kale pesto {bloody LOVE kale - i think this would be extra yum served with a squeeze of fresh lemon and maybe even crumbled feta on top at the last minute};  cavelo nero {pretty kale-ish - heavens maybe you could be a rebel and mix the two!!} and eeeven avocado and rocket together {creamy and peppery and apparently extra delicious with fresh lemon and ricotta at the last moment}.  Be right back.....i'm just off out to stock up on ALL of those things....

6.   A new plant mister.  That's right, now i'm a real grown up.  Is that even what they're called?!  Who knows.  This week i reached the dizzying heights and absolute epitome of green-fingered chic by ordering a sweet little golden plant mister.  For our three house plants.  Who i haven't killed yet.  Have i told you that i haven't killed our THREE house plants yet?!  Oh what i already said that?!  Sorry i'm just excited.....

7.  Carrot falafels.  AKA:  chopped onion and garlic, smooshed up leftover roast carrots, equally smooshed up leftover chickpeas; a whole host of spices {ground coriander, cumin and a little mixed Italian spices} made into sweet little balls, rolled in seasoned polenta and baked for fifteen minutes or so.  Served with a rocket-y, coriander-y salad and more houmous than is probably socially acceptable.  HEAVEN.  

8.  Planting.  Since ordering said plant mister i'm obviously now convinced i have the skills and know-how to create and grow a vast menagerie of plants and flowers.  You know, instead of just buying plants and....planting them.  So far i've planted peas and sweet-peas indoors aaaand Anemones and wildflowers in the garden.  Please cross your fingers and toes for the outside plants to actually grow.  Don't worry yourself about the peas and sweet-peas as both are currently taking over the kitchen wondow-sill and growing at break-neck speed.  So much so that i'm quite worried i'll wake up to a kitchen in bloom and a window blind that has un-intentionally become a garden trellis overnight without any choice in the matter......Is it too soon to plant eager-beaver sweet-peas outside yet?!?!?  Asking for a friend....
*  *  *

And i'm-a DONE!  What.  A.  List!  And it's made me hungry.  I'm off downstairs to sulk at the lack of creative pesto in the kitchen {could be a day off job for tomorrow me thinks} and cobble together something with leftover carrot falafels; a lemon-y parsely dressing and far too many green vegetables to mention.  I'm sure something'll come together.

Don't go forgetting to hop right on over to Jo, Helen, Michelle, Sarah, Kate, Cat, Sam, El , Kerri's, and Peta's and Ellie's  blogs and catch up with their very own #wonderfulwednesday weekly installments.  Because who can ever read too many happy lists?!!  I mean is there even such a thing?!?

See you next week you lovely lot! 



  1. Me and G always sleep with the window open, it gets to hot otherwise!

    I totally agree, Peta is THE loveliest human online and that quote is rather lovely, simple but empowering xx

  2. Isn't Peta just an absolute darling. What a lovely little mantra to be reminded of.

    I think I need to hop on the rhubarb bandwagon, you are making me craaaave it!

    Hope you're having a tip top weekend lovely xx

    Lynsey || One More Slice

  3. Aww I-m only just getting around to catching up with wonderful wednesdays and you're SO lovely as are El and Lynsey in the comments!! I hope your loely plants do well and YAY to a fresh fringe!!

    Carrot falafels are just AMAZING, I am currently addicted to carrot cake pancakes which are literally making my day EVERY.SINGLE.DAY. Rhubarb and custard is THE best combo ever!!
    I hope you're having a lovely few days off my dear. Sending lots of love your way.
    Peta & The Bears xx



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