Wednesday, 1 August 2018

Wonderful Wednesday #230

 {Because as we have established...there isn't nothing that tea doesn't fix}
Let us REJOICE!  If only for the single fact that this #wonderfulwednesday post does not start with me telling you that i'm really flipping flopping tired.  I'm not quite sure where this fizz and pockets of beans have come from but i'm holding tight!  This week things have been getting done:  crossed off, scored through and plans are being made.  Who even am I?!  I like this me.  I'm not sure what the catch is or how it's come about.  *whispers* "Maybe it's the weather."  I mean i'm only saying.... AND IT'S THE FIRST OF AUGUST.  There is some kind of crazy over-organised, 'a little bit control freak' inside of me that relishes the fact that this post goes up on the first of the month.  *whispers again* "And the last month of Summer. tooooo-oooooo-oooo..."  Don't hate me for that.....I mean it's not like i've said the A-word....
Let's list!  
1.  Tea.  Tea, tea, teeeeeeeeeaaaaa.  The official 'Fixer' of everything and everything.  Always.  I mean there's nothing better when you're feeling low, under the weather or just downright really flippin' tired.  Tea has and always will be my 'numero uno.'  I write this after the longest most tiring of days {this gal is MORE than ready for a Wednesday day off i can tell you that} with my favourite huge mug of Lady Grey next to me for company.  I'm already half way through and i'm considering a second cup.....wild.

2.  A new desk.  Maybe to inspire new things, new directions or even just fresh inspiration and ideas.  Because nothing says 'Inspire Me' like a new corner to create in.  Let's face it i mean it's only taken me almost two years to choose one.  Things aren't looking so great for that badly needed bookshelf purchase are they?!?  Now i just need to summon up the courage to give this blog layout some much needed TLC....Fancy telling me what you'd like to see more of on here?!?!? 

3.  A welcome chill.  Oh and the most horrendous rain i have seen in months. Praise be for the temperature dropping down a few degrees.  I mean when it's here i'm all for it - that glorious 'bare feet on grass and icy 'Anything' in my hand' kind of a summer day BUT i was equally also more than a little 'here' for a cooler temperature and a notable chill in the air this week.  I've slept better, thought better and generally felt better for a little 'let up' on the old heavy, humid weather.  Now if we can kindly have one last burst of sunshine and warmth for the rest of August before i get my Au- woah i nearly said the 'A' word in almost-August then.  Phewwwwww.  

4.   A new shower-gel.  I mean there were times when i got my 'kicks' from a brand new outfit, shoes to match - heck sometimes even a bag aswell - and a night out drinking too many Mojitos and dancing until today became tomorrow.  Now my fun comes in new soap flavours and harvesting my almost daily bunch of sweet-peas from the garden....oh and maybe a new mug from Anthropologie..... I DIGRESS.  Times have aged changed.  So i've fallen in LOVE with a brand called Kind Natured.  They're stocked in Boots and all of their products are 99% natural, cruelty free and paraben and sulphate free to boot.  AND THEIR SCENTS ARE AMAZING.  In fact they're so amazing that i'm pretty much working my little way through the whole lot of them.  I needed a new shower-gel and my current favourite scent is 'Sea Salt and Bergamot'  {smells like summer in a bottle} but have just picked up their 'Amber and Pink Pepper' and as predicted, i love it even more than the Sea Salt and Bergamot.  I genuinely love each product a little more than the last and have started to get excited when something runs out just because it means i can try something else....I use their body cream and shampoo and conditioner too and can vouch that IT'S ALL HEAVENLY. Go forth and indulge....And let us age {smelling beautfully!} altogether....

5.  Sleeping under the duvet.  Okay so we've chit-chatted about this before.  But i'll forever be an 'under the duvet' gal and even if it's a million degrees you'll still find eighty-five percent of me under it.  I can't sleep otherwise.  SO imagine the joy if you will, of a fourteen degree evening and climbing under a cool cotton duvet, wearing a whisper of cotton pants and vest and wrapping yourself up like a big fluffy marshmallow and falling asleep with the cool breeze from an open window tickling your cheeks.  Absolute and utter bliss and the best i've slept in forever.  

6.   Sourdough crumpets slathered in crunchy peanut butter and a great big dollop of Raspberry and Vanilla jam.  If i'm feelin' fancy sometimes a scattering of toasted coconut chips too.  'Cos i've been hungry this week dammit!  I haven't been any busier than usual and i've eaten the same amount for breakfast and every other meal as always but somehow....somehow i've needed some supper and a big mug of chai tea most nights as extra night time rocket fuel.  Who knows why but just know that this has been ticking ALL of the hungry boxes this week......

7.   Energy.  Something which - and let us pause for a moment together to actually take this in - i have had in *SPADES  {*why do we say this?!} lately.  And i'm making the very most of it whilst it's here as after today's day off i've got a marvelous ten days in a row at work for which i expect will most likely end with me collapsing in a tired heap and having minus energy for the foreseeable and we'll back to where we are and all that.  But excuse me now, whilst i go and run around outside for a bit.....

*  *  *
And another one bites the dust....orrrrr is done and dust-ed more to the point!  Who can believe i'm at #wonderfulwednessday two-hundred and THIRTY.  I think it could be the longest i've committed to anything!  Well you know save for the Mr and my job BUT STILL.  

Don't forget to skip right on over to my gal's Jo, Helen, Michelle, Sarah, Kate, Cat, Sam, El , Kerri's, and Peta's and Ellie's and catch their very own #wonderfulwednesday happy list!  The more the merrier i say!  There can never be too many happy lists and rocket fuel to get us all through to Friday!  What do you reckon!?!

Until next time my friends....


  1. Yes, yes, yes! Sleeping under the duvet is such a welcome joy... and rain! And chill! Plus, you over the months have got me nursing a full-blown addiction to sourdough crumpets. ;) My bank balance is suffering... Ha, I jest! Thank you for alerting me to their wondrous existence!

    Here's my wonderful wednesday this week!

  2. From now on I will only be using the word 'fizz' for anything energy related. Thanking you for that. Hurrah for all the tea and (well done) crumpets smothered in whatever and thrice hurrah for under the duvet sleeping, I resort to a sheet only in the hot weather and it is NOT THE SAME.

    Have a most lovely rest of the week
    M x

  3. Oh my I can't even put into words how jealous I am of your sleeping under a duvet!! We are forecast 50'c here by the end of this week and i'm melting Sally! What a beautiful wonderful wednesday, I am loving the new hair products, will HAVE to check them out next time i'm in Cornwall.

    YAY to having energy, it's just the best feeling in the world. I find tea fuels my energy hugely. I hope you're having the most beautiful of weeks my love. Treat youself with all the love and kindness you can muster up over the next 10 days of work, you deserve all the little treats, happiness and love.
    Sending lots of love your way as always,
    Peta xx

  4. Sally where on EARTH can I get some raspberry and vanilla jam from please?!?!

  5. Oh, thanks so much for the cruelty free products tip. I've been using Superdrug's vegan own brand but I just don't rate them and I had been scouring the internet for an alternative that doesn't cost the earth so thanks for that one.



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