Thursday, 9 August 2018

Wonderful Wednesday #231

 {Because stopping and noticing the best bits is sort of the point...}
Well isn't this all kinds of discombobulating, upside down and down right inside out-feeling?!  Posting this weeks #wonderfulwednesday on a THURSDAY of all days!  I mean this does nothing for the gal who's eaten the exact same breakfast {chocolate porridge incase you're wondering. I mean as if i even need to tell you that} for coming up to two weeks now and worked the last eight days in a row and rose at the exact same time each morning because of it.  

No the world has indeed NOT gone mad, it is I, here with a 'oops i missed the Wednesday part of #wonderfulwednesday but feel all kinds of back to front not writing to you so here we are' kind of a post instead.  Confused?  I can wholeheartedly sympathise 'cos if i'm honest i haven't really got a clue what day it is this week or even where last week ended and this one begun.  BUT there is light! As you read this at 7am {if you're a keen bean} i'll be getting ready for my 'Friday' {AKA last day at work before five whole days off which i am MORE than a little ready for!} and 'end of the week.'  Yes, yes i know:  A Wednesday without a #wonderfulwednesday which is actually going up on a Thursday which to me is actually a Friday.  If i'm befuddled i'm bringing you all down with me....

Simple, straight forward happy list anyone....?

1.  Chocolate porridge.  Know that I have most likely written this same point approximately eighty million times on this little corner BUT I’m a chocolate gal through and through all of the time.  If there’s a dessert to be picked, know that I will always pick the chocolate one.  If there’s a flavour to be picked, know that, that flavour for me will always be chocolate.  If there is or was any kind of comfort dish in the whole and entire world for me….you guessed it:  It will in some form or another be chocolatey. SO it will come as no surprise to you that shooting right to the top of this utterly exhausted gals ‘Tired Fixing Things to Eat’ list {catchy, no?} is none other than a ruddy great bowl of chocolate flavoured porridge!  And the very best bit is that I have found….honed if you will; a way to make this chocolatey addiction pretty much 99% good for me.  And just by always using raw cacao powder {jam packed with so many vitamins and minerals and a great source of protein SO excellent breakfast fuel} and a natural sweetner if I need one.  I always make my chocolate porridge with raw cacao, Innocent Hazelnut milk and the ripest, most spottily-sweet banana I can lay my hands on.  Oh and a great big teaspoon of coconut oil stirred through and topped with hemp seeds, flax seeds and chai seeds.  Ultimate ‘Fixer.’  Trust me.

2.  Bargain wafty tops.  I know, the rock and roll lifestyle continues!  I have picked up a fair bit in the summer sales this year.  Not surprisingly because unlike every other year, this year summer has been….well just that: Summery!  BUT surprisingly I have sent most things back for one reason or another.  Except one ridiculously reasonably priced blouse from Topshop:  100% cotton, wafty, huge and voluminous {but in a way that I can knot or tuck into high waisted jeans} AND a dusky Rose pink too!  Better than all of those things, it cost £8!  Needless to say I have been living in the thing for the last week which actually is the sign of a very good buy already….

3.  Pukka Elderberry and Echinacea tea.  My ultimate ‘under the weather’ tea flavour and one which I usually reserve for Autumn since that is the time of year when the cooler chills creep on in and I find myself often feeling like I’m on the bring of catching a cold or the like.  But since as there has been somewhat of a chill and I am feeling a little sorry for myself, comfort has been sought in a great big floral mug of my favourite berry-ey ‘sort of hot Ribena-tasting” tea as soon as I get in from work after a little ballet stretching.  When I pick up a box I can always never ever resist picking up another flavour I haven’t tried yet purely just because the flavour combinations are the bees knees AND their boxes are BEAUTIFUL.

4.  Cuddles.  Because nothing feeds a sorry little self like a curl up on the sofa, a light blanket, a mug of something hot and resting your head on your number one.  Am I right?!?

5.  A new sheepskin rug.  That’s right it’s officially the end of summer as we/I know it.  Just joking we can all be a bit giddy and summery until at least the end of August.  In fact I’m not putting said rug out until September.  Is that weird?!  For me nothing say cooler months than cosy sheepskin rugs whether that’s slung over the bottom of our bed, across the back of the sofa or even actually on the floor!

6.  Candle light.  Not out of any dramatic power cut or any kind of romantic intent either.  Born purely from our own laziness and the fact that the bulb has gone in the lamp in our living-room and we keep forgetting to replace it.  Nobody wants the put The Big Light on {ho, ho, ho} so instead we’ve been lighting more candles and curling up in cosy candlelight each evening and I’m predictably thrilled about it as expected. 

7.  YOU.  And you and you and YOU.  Incase you didn't see i wrote a mini #wonderfulwednesday type round-up over on Instagram {} if i'm honest, because it felt strange not tip-tapping out a proper post in time for the mid-week.  I was very un-prepared for quite how well it was received and how WONDERFUL everyone's comments and messages have been because of it.   THANK YOU.  I mean i'm very tired and easily made to cry this week but i am SO grateful for that little online #wonderfulwednesday and beyond-type community that's sort of grown {?!} over the past little while and i feel all kinds of lucky and happy because of it.  And especially extra special thanks is going right out to those gals who join in each week too: Jo, Helen, Michelle, Sarah, Kate, Cat, Sam, El , Kerri's, and Peta's and Ellie  - you make each and every week brighter and i mean that.

If you made it this far you'll have realised that the text has got bigger.  I'm sorry about that.  Turns out Blogger hates me.  Note to self:  Never half-write your #wonderfulwednesday in Microsoft Word thinking that it'll save your sorry self a little time - It wont.  And you'll still have mis-matched messy text and a bad head.  

Ok i'm find a tissue and to maybe also have an early night.  TOMORROW IS MY FRIDAY AND I CAN'T WAIT! Have i mentioned it yet?!?!
Back next Wednesday and already feeling happy about that! 


  1. Oh my love you I am so so so happy that today is your friday and you get five whole bloomin' glorious days off. Please do try to rest and recharge and treat yourself with the highest level of care and kindness possible, you deserve it along with all the love in the world.

    I'm the same when it comes to chocolate anything, it really is a magical flavour! You sheep skin rug sounds every kind of wonderful and yes yes yes to pukka teas, I'm going to pick some more up when I'm in Cornwall in a few weeks time!
    Sending ever so much love your way,
    Peta xx

  2. Okay how have I not heard of chocolate porridge before?! Thank you for letting me know about it!

    Also, your writing style is so lovely!

    Sending you good vibes!

    Nati x | | @naticreates



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