Wednesday, 22 August 2012

You Send Me Just Colours...

I love how you can just melt away into music.  For some it is books, for others it is film, for the rest it might be both - or something completely random, fly fishing maybe.  Or photography.  For me it has always and will always be music.  

When i remember something there is always music involved.  My earliest memories are of dancing to Gold by Spandeau Ballet whilst i helped my mum polish the living room.  Or of singing along to Abba, E.L.O and Blondie(sometimes T.Rex if my poor dad got his way) in the back of the car on holidays to Scotland.  Always the wrong words, and always completely out of key, but we bonded over Dancing Queen many many times.  I have memories or covering my ears when my mum would turn up David Bowie loud.  Little did i know i would thank her very much for her love of music, for probably being the reason i am such a musical nut today.

I have cried my little heart out to pieces of classical music in the past, just the same as a certain song has picked me up from my grumpiness on far too many occasions too.  I have seen many of my favourite bands - too many to mention - and been moved physically and emotionally always.  

As i have grown up, along the way i have embraced how music has influenced my fashion choices - good or bad.  It is never just the actual music that inspires me, but equally the band or artist and their sense of style.  I will never forget my love of glittery platform jelly shoes and all things fluro in the Nineties (Spice Girls era) or my discovery of old old David Bowie songs at secondary school leading to a very embarrassing experience at a school disco with bright purple glittery bell bottoms and an ultra violet light.  

Still music continues to shape,influence and inspire what i wear and how i am feeling.  Today i listened to Supernature by Goldfrapp, Metal Guru by T.Rex and Go! by Moby.  I danced about like a nutcase and sung my little heart out.  I often feel sorry for our neighbours.  But maybe they were dancing along too! 


Maxi skirt, Indigo at M&S, £29.50.  Tshirt, Oasis many many moons ago - i chopped off the bottom!

Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Seen in Red

Most people who know me know that i am a real magazine nut and up until i moved in with the Mr, i had over 100 copies of British Vogue (i say had, as i bravely disposed of a large amount of them as there was just no room here!).  As my little single girl pad had no fireplace in the living room, they served as a fireplace-come-light feature adorned with fairy lights.

I am slowly building up a bit of a collection again….

I love magazines for inspiration mostly - Elle UK, British/French Vogue, WishWishWish, Mollie Makes, Oh Comely and Red Magazine are my favourites.  Although i keep all of my magazines stashed on top of a little Moroccan pouffe, i do love to devour them and chop bits and bobs out for my never ending moodboards…they are also slowly taken over our little somewhere too.  

I spotted these blooming beauties in this months Red Magazine and i can't stop thinking about them.  They were in fact the very first thing i thought about when i opened my eyes today.  Then that i would have some granola and honey for breakfast.

Shockingly i have never been a leopard print lover, and i am not sure where this has come from all of a sudden, but i am really warming to it of late. I just think these little brogues would look beautiful with my new Winter coat (don't ask - it will get cold soon), with little black smock dresses, opaques and peterpan collars; with skinny black tweed trousers, white tucked in blouses and little black bowties….with….oh golly just everything in the world.

So i have framed the shoes.  And put them on the wall.  Thanks Red you are sending me even more stark raving bonkers!!

You can view the little lovelies here but for the moment they are unfortunately out of stock.  Obviously they have sent other people stark raving bonkers for them too.  But i shall keep checking back and you will be the first to know when i get a pair they are available again!


Sunday, 19 August 2012

She gives them butterflies, bats her cartoon eyes

I woke up this morning, at the unfortunate hour of 8.30am, to find sunlight peeping through the sky light and on to the duvet - more than enough of an excuse to get up that early on a Sunday! So after some tea and toast, with a little helping of the Junior Great British Bake Off, i decided i would head to the park before Mr Sunshine changed his mind…(and just so you know i am actually writing this at 4pm and it is POURING).

Due to the ever changeable weather up here, my wardrobe skills really have been tested this Summer.  My maxi dresses have hardly got a look in and on the odd day i have been brave - i have ended up looking like i have been wading in the sea, in my clothes! So i have been 'smock rocking'.  

Little smock style dresses are lovely as their loose shape means they keep you lovely and cool, and the little sleeve means that you don't look too high summer when the heavens open! I also like that i can wear them with pumps, flip flops and brogues and socks - and actually tights and a chunky cardigan in the winter.  A seasonal all rounder!! 

As i have been solo for most of the last three days to the Mr's escapades, i have been reading and listening to music a lot more this weekend, which most definitely influences what i wear too.  I have been flitting between Lana Del Ray and Florence mostly - which probably explains why i resemble a little bit of a hippy!  I adore them both so much.  I love Florence for the way her voice is an instrument; how she dances; her beautiful long red hair and for her beautiful nutty get ups!  Lana oh Lana i also equally adore - for her beautiful lyrics and music you can sink into, her extremely sexy style, which makes me want to buy lipstick, and the fact that she is just so mesmerising to listen to.

I am looking forward to spending the evening with the Mr snuggled up on the sofa with the windows open listening to the rain and reading my book… 


*The quality of my little bike ride snippet isn't too fabulous, but i just wanted to share a few seconds with you -  it was such a beautiful morning!

Saturday, 18 August 2012

Dancing in the dark in the pale moonlight

This weekend has been a funny old one so far.  The Mr is away stag do-ing in Newcastle, so i am rattling away in our little attic solo. I have used this opportunity to eat all the things he hates (scrambled eggs with smoked salmon) and play music loud until quite late (Flo, Lana and Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds) and dance in my pants - because i can.  Seriously. 

Last night when i got home from work, i made it just before the heavens opened and it poured down! It did that pretty much all the live long day yesterday - which for a girl makes dressing for work rather hard.  Can't believe i am discussing weather on here yet again! Despite the rain, it has been so sticky and warm! So for work today i decided to rock a little bit of Monsoon vintage. This dress is perfect for now, as it has a sleeve and its length means i can have bare legs without looking too summery.

I fell in love with this dress when it came into store last Autumn.  Everyone else wasn't so keen at first - but i think i proved them wrong!!! Whenever i wear it i just want to twirl and whirl and dance about like a hippy! I like to think Flo would approve of this dress.  I can quite imagine her wearing it.

Also due to the weather, i am learning to love my not quite-straight-not-quite-wavy hair.  I am trying to grow it and look after it a bit more than i have in the past - this means no GHD's, no washing every day and as little blow drying as i can manage!! This is hardwork.  Although i am enjoying the extra half hour of zzz's in the morning!  The little Accessorize jersey turban keeps my flyaways still in the humid weather - and i think my hair is enjoying the freedom from being squashed into a messy topknot, or fastened in a plait.  We shall see how long this lasts though!

I am off to make some scrambled eggs on toast with smoked salmon for the second night running - yum.  Then i am going to turn up Lana and sing in the bath with candles and a lovely Lush bath bomb.  Next week i am off until Friday!!! So i am getting excited at the thought of spending some time blogging and having long lies in with the Mr….if he survives this weekend!

Dress:  Monsoon AW11 £95.  Turban Accessorize AW11 £6.  Necklace:  Accessorize, many many years ago, £12.  


Saturday, 11 August 2012

All the Ducks are Swimming in the Water

Now i am not one for trend following…as such, or for hop skip and jumping all over something that a million people have raved on about.  But sometimes when something gets so much attention, you can't help but have a little peep!

Way back in May, Topshop brought out a pair of such beautiful beautiful swan print, narrow leg trousers, and a little skater skirt in the same print, and then a little bra-let too.  I got so excited.  I kept seeing them everywhere - in magazines, all over blogs, on people in the street.  As much as seeing so much of something normally makes me want to not buy it, for fear of bumping into someone wearing the exact same thing(worst nightmare,ever); this time it just made me want all three, more!!

Until i tried them on. 

Incase you hadn't heard, i have a little bike, called Willow.  We go everywhere together.  And so while i don't like to think my legs are fat, they are also not thin, thin (it's muscle its muscle!).  So the swan print trousers? A 'no.'  They barely got past my thighs…until i tried a size fourteen.  And then there was room for me and the Mr in them.  And he's not a fan of birds, or sharing clothes for that matter.

The bra-let?  It should have been renamed the 'bra-less'.  Needless to say it didn't leave very much to the imagination - who puts a hole right in the middle of something that is hardly there to begin with?! While i am quite proud of the fact that i have a relatively flat stomach; i am not proud enough to show quite that much of it! Hooker duck, not my kind of look. Plus i am not sure that the bra-let trend will last much longer than this year.  I doubt very much i can imagine being able to do very much else with it except tie it round my head.

And so there was the skirt.  Best out of three? Nope. I loved the fabric, i just didn't love the skirt.  It made me feel like i was wearing a lampshade!  Too short, too….lamp-ey.

I am sorry Topshop, for i don't mean to rant and rave.  I am sure many people have bought and loved all three of these items.  But you know when you just set your heart on something so so much, and it just doesn't live up to expectation?  I was ready to buy all three (nutcase).  I imagined i could wear all three together…somehow.  I was that excited. But it really is okay, it gets better.  

There's a dress there's dress!!!

I accidentally found it in Topshop on my day off.  I really should not have been shopping at all, but i just feel like this dress was actually made for only me! Almost as if somewhere, someone took all the things wrong with the other three items, and concocted a little swan print dress just for me.  I am aware that this is not the case, but i love it so very much that i don't care! 

So i got my swan fix.  The only one there and it fits! And it was in the sale!  And now i shall be mostly eating scarves for the rest of this five week month as i will have no money left for food.  Hopefully the Mr will take pity on me when he realises what a lovely little dress it is. 

Swan print dress, £46 £20, Topshop. Turban, £5, Accessorize, SS11.

Thursday, 9 August 2012

Sunday Shaped

Sundays are quite possibly my favourite day of the week. This is largely due to the fact that it is the only day of the week that i get to spend the whole and entire day with the Mr.  This is his only day off, and i probably work one in every five Sundays - not a bad deal!

I can never imagine not putting any thought whatsoever into what i am wearing, but on Sundays, i am always drawn to softer colours, softer fabrics and cosier clothes.  Last Sunday was no exception.  Once we returned from our little jaunt out, i popped on my ever faithful flowery Topshop running shorts.  I actually wear them more now that i have admitted defeat and realised i am not built for running (i attempted it last year - really hurt my legs - a lot.  Actually to the point that it took me forever to get upstairs and then i had to come down again on my bottom.  I wore leg supports for two weeks).  They are short shorts, and i wouldn't feel comfortable wearing them outside unless i was being sporty, but they are lovely to wear with a soft tee, or little vest tucked in - plus the print is beautiful.

The jumper is my new favourite thing in the whole wide world.  I have only had it a week, almost.  Already i have had to stop myself from wearing it five days in a row.  I never thought i was a fringe-y jumper gal…but when some kind fringe-y jumper hater returned it to work, i just fell in love with it.  I just love the soft dusky pink colour.  It somehow just makes me feel calm, and dreamy, and cosy.  It is actually also a size to big, but i think i like the slopppiness!!

I have worn it tucked in skirts, with shorts, over dresses (a lot!) and even over my pyjamas when i was cold reading my book before bed the other night.  

I am going to become known as the girl with the crazy fringed jumper….
I can't wait to pop pretty blouses underneath it once it gets colder, and wear my pale pink bobble hat.  But i think i need to hold my horses on that thought!

Jumper £89 £24.50 Monsoon SS12, Shorts £15, Topshop SS11. Silk scarf worn in hair, Accessorize SS12, £12.  


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