Thursday, 29 November 2012

It's just the little things...

Sometimes you think you're invincible, that you can power through anything, and that you don't need anyone to do anything for you.  

I'm the first to admit i am stubborn.  If i say i am going to do something i will do it and i'll do it by myself.  I don't need you to pass me anything, i can reach and if i can't do it, i will sure as hell try as many times as it takes until i can do it.  Even if i injure myself in the process.

I'm also independent.  Too independent i have been told.  I get an odd satisfaction from achieving something solo.  I usually get it wrong several times first but i get there in the end. And it makes me happy.  

I'm determined and headstrong and right.  Or really, i am not right always but if i think i am i will have the very last word until you think i am or give up altogether.
But one thing i am not (and this pains me to say) is good at being ill.  In fact it scares the life out of me!  Without too much detail, when i say ill, what i mean is a virus/bug sort of illness.  Colds, not a problem.  Give me flu any day.  A sore throat? Well i quite like honey and lemon.  Infact it is safe to say that i could probably cope with being shot, better than i cope with said type of illness. 

By some freak of nature (and probably a few thousand gallons of hand sanitiser and dettol) i have managed to avoid said type of illness for just over twelve years.   Until Monday afternoon. It's a side of me very few people have seen (lucky!), but when you live with someone, well there isn't much you can hide.  
The last 36 hours have taught me a few things.  Namely that i am not invincible.  But more than anything in the world, that it is the littlest things that matter:  Having somebody put a cushion under your head when it wont stay up anymore;  or make you a hot water bottle every other hour; not mind when you want to sleep on the sofa alone and listen to smooth FM (easy listening for the over 40's) and make you soup from scratch even when you can only eat a tiny bit. 

These are the tinniest things in the grand old scheme of the world and beyond, but sometimes you are not invincible, you can't do everything and you need someone a little bit more than usual. You can keep your expensive gifts, grand gestures and over the top declarations any day because sometimes, it's just the little things that really matter. 

Tuesday, 20 November 2012

The Light Speaks

Two lovely whole days off together.  Two dreamy 'no sort of plans' type days off together.  In a row.  One after the other.  If you also work in retail or ever have, you may well understand what a treat this is.  Especially for the time of year it is fast becoming.  

Mother nature/ world/oh greater upstairs being if you are listening - thanks.  For it being grey, grimy and mostly filled with the gentle pitter patter of rain and such.  These things do not bode well for a cyclist with a penchant (it would seem) for all things not waterproof.  But let's not dilly dally on about the grim old weather too much, for today the sunlight was giving the good old rain clouds a run for their money.  

In the whole 'every cloud' scenario, it meant i could use the soggy weather as an excuse to indulge in far too many chocolate digestives and continue living off my new favourite lunch:  cheese scone and tomato and basil soup.  Absolute heaven. 

Luckily for my little self, today was more showery than the continuous, unforgiving, 'never let up' type rain of Monday.  As the grey skies were still hanging around, it felt a rather appropriate red lips sort of day.  A definite 'in your face' to the colourless weather. 

My new found love for red lipstick continues.  I cannot believe i have never dabbled before.  It seems the perfect pick me up for the for an easy 'i have had eight hours sleep' face.  I cant remember when that was last the case!! I used to always think to 'work' red lipstick, you really had to be the sort of gal who was very matchy matchy, neat and well pulled together.  I have since learnt that you can rock a red lip with a bit of a mish mash, raggamuffin, scallywag look too.  Either that or nobody's telling me i look like an idiot….

I have a few more days at work after tomorrow and then a long week off which so far is plan-less.  Tonight i shall be cooking lamb curry from scratch and watching Grand Designs.  Oh and making sure i have an early night as its back to work and all the fun of the Christmas window to install….
I hope the sun shines.  By the look of the stunning sunset tonight i might be lucky. Makes my mornings so much more bearable, and my lips less likely to become stained red permanently!! 


Wednesday, 14 November 2012

She's the only one with the kryptonite

I am in that awful inbetween-ey stage of not being quite in work mode, yet not exactly out of it.  It has been a funny old week, or start to the week; after my week off from the land of Monsoon.  I am trying to get my little head around that which is Christmas - simply so that i don't have to take part in the frenzy of shopping for Christmas in December (where may i add have halloween, bonfire night and the rest of the year gone?!?).  Luckily i have already sorted 'The Man Impressed By Nothing.'  I did this back in October.  But there are alot of birthdays floating around before and after all the good tidings (mine and the mr's to name only two).  Good LORD.  Must not stress.  Must embrace it.  Or find the mulled wine.
With the weather being 'neither here nor there' (as i can imagine my mother saying) and my purse strings getting tighter and tighter with each passing week - dressing is hard.  A chance to make something a little older, a little bit more loved, under something newer is the perfect solution.  Wearing the little pussy bow blouse this way hardly does it justice.  It has the loveliest spooky, prickly black and white print which reminds me a little of the trees - all empty of leaves and colour.  Or sometimes a little bit of a Rob Ryan illustration.  The pansy's perk up the blouse, and the lipstick perks up my face!  

Today i decided Winter has landed.  This is not due to the cold weather - for infact it is stupidly mild and very inappropriate for those of us who enjoy a bobble hat and winter coat and like to embrace The Layer.  It seems that even if the world (or just Carlisle) is basking in a winter heatwave (mild exaggeration) the trees are definitely doing what they are supposed to at this time of year.  

The park was sad today.  Aside from the fact that i was being blown all over the shop; i couldn't help but notice the empty vastness; the wide open skies getting bigger and how much it felt like the world could see me.  Its as though every last leaf has fallen.  The last yellow ones hold tight as the breeze blows; holding the last of Autumn and sunlight between them.  Gone is the rich rusty Autumn-ey warmth which i love so much. In its place a spikey, harsher and much nastier view from my handlebars.

I think it just needs some snow and frost…

After my recent dalliances with Calvin et al, this week i have decided to redeem myself with the lyrical genuis that is Maxi Jazz, from Faithless.  If you have never listened to 'To All New Arrivals' i think you must for you will fall in love.  Its a very un-Faithless album - all mellow, gentle and thoughtful with some cracking samples. 'Spiders Crocodiles and Kryptonite' is lyrical quirky loveliness.  

We are spending our evenings watching Made In Chelsea(guilty pleasure - don't judge), George Clark's Amazing Spaces (who doesn't want a tree pod?!?) and HBO's new comedy 'Girls.' 
He is spending his evenings trying to decide if he should sell the most beautiful, old little bass guitar to fund his first car….I am trying to persuade him otherwise…I am also trying to persuade him to buy a vintage Citroen DS…not a Golf.  I am not having much luck in either department.  
 I have spent most nights wishing i could buy the whole of the bedding collection on the Joules website (what is it with me and bedding and cushions?!) but settling for this is ok…
Tonight i hope the Mr wants macaroni cheese for tea as i decided when i woke up this morning i rather fancied macaroni cheese….its a macaroni cheese sort of day today.


Friday, 9 November 2012

Furry Ducks and Purple Knees

The fluffy hat and i have been up at the parents in Scotland for the best part of this week.  Aside from a lovely jaunt to Glasgow to see the marvel which is Emelie Sande, a large part of my time was spent walking and eating.  Today is my very first day back in civilisation.  Well i say civilisation, this really means back in a place which has a costa, can receive a Sky signal and has a population of more than twenty-five.  

When this hat arrived, i wore it to cycle up to my sisters (the warmest hat i have ever owned - and if you know me, that's some acheivement).  She told me i looked like Kirsty Allsop.  Whilst that wasn't the look i was going for (i was thinking more of a scandinavian winter princess) i can see where she was coming from.  I do feel a bit like i should be wearing a Barbour jacket, carrying a Cath Kidston bag and donning my Hunter wellies.  So to dispel the 'Allsop-a-like' myth, i went for my new favourite furry H&M tweed and fur coat, my also new (i know i know) Next dip dye grey marl floral sweatshirt.  Oh and some purple tights.  

Now the weather is most definitely on the colder side, if not super duper freezing quite yet;  i am loving wearing the ducks as more of a skirt and top type dress, rather than just as it is. Mileage! I knew these little chaps would be an investment!    

I think my all-of-a-sudden love for anything else ombre-ed that is not me; stems from my envy of all those lucky ducks out there who have taken the plunge and dip dyed their hair.  I just cannot bring myself to do it…

One of my very favourite wanderings up north was at a little seaside called Rockcliffe.  We managed to steal a day of interrupted sunshine.  I felt like i could have stood and watched the sea all day long…

Whilst i jetted away the Mr stayed here and made more guitars.  It was the first time i have been away and left him here (i've stayed here alone plenty of times)  it was weird.  I missed his lovely face a lot.  I expect he probably lived off pizza, played Xbox for most of his evening and watched an unhealthy amount of 'How it's Made' and 'LA Ink'.  Just a wild guess.  He doesn't care very much for my Kirstie Allsop Scandinavian Princess hat.  Apparently my head looks like a microphone.  It didn't stop him trying it on and shaking his behind around the living room though. 


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