Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Best Out of Three

What a funny old week.  I am finally starting to feel back in a normal routine.  My sleeping patterns are returning to normal and i don't want warm alcohol at every opportunity.  I am craving fruit and vegetables like there is no tomorrow and enjoying not eating chocolate.  Well except for my daily walnut whip.  But that doesn't count as it has a nut on top - for energy. 
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Normal is being able to sit, cross legged and finish every last drop of Lady Grey in the mornings.  Of eating breakfast at home - two pieces of toast, not one.  And a big bowl of granola with blueberries in.  Not burning my little tongue on instant porridge in an effort to put tights on, blusher and dry shampoo my hair, all whilst eating breakfast at silly'o clock. 
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Sun.  The first glimpses of sun at the end of the day, after what feels like an endless grey December of…grey.  It fills me with Spring-shaped hope.  If we can work on sun throughout the day then i would quite like that too please.  Thanks.  
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More sun.  Same day.  Different view.  There's always room for a 'half' where clouds, sun and sky are concerned.  

Me:  I have decided my ideal job would be a job where i could wrap presents, cloud watch and get paid to look at houses on property websites. And wear nice clothes.

Him:  So basically you want to be Kirsty Allsop?

The above is true, that would be a heavenly job if it existed.  I consider Miss Allsop a very lucky duck.  The conversation stemmed from us spending over and hour looking at two bedroomed flats in London and Edinburgh - despite having no money or plan to move there.  Or anywhere come to think of it.  This often happens when there is nothing to watch or read nearby.  
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This week i also turned my hair a funny shade of purple - with an overly purple shampoo with amazing reviews.  Clearly amazing for everyone in the world who doesn't have hair like mine.  I rang my mother for her wise words and hairdressing experience.  Her advice - don't use it again and don't dye your hair 'whatever you do'.  I dyed it the day after.  (sorry mum) It went, luckily.  Then i went to get my hair cut - telling my hairdresser the funny tale.  Then he turned my hair purple.  Not as purple as before but there was a tinge.  I didn't have the heart to tell him.  I am alarmed he did not notice.  I don't know how i feel about rocking a purple rinse at my age.  

I received a belated Christmas present from my lovely sister:  Hair pastels.  I am excited yet terrified incase my whole hair goes rainbow like - given its current colour mood.  I am excited to try the minty green through a messy fishtail plait.  I am however a bit worried incase a minty satchel, minty hair and minty bike might all be too….minty.  

I shall keep you posted no doubt.  



  1. Hair pastels? Are they like chalk? I'm intrigued, I've never seen these before! I want to colour the ends of my hair but not sure whether to go blue or purple x x

  2. Oh my word, hair pastels sound like the best idea ever (please turn your hair into a rainbow... I think you could pull it off!)
    Your justification for eating walnut whips is very similar to my justification of daily chocolate as a form of calcium ;)

  3. Walnut on top for energy!!!

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