Thursday, 27 March 2014

Currently 10

All photos mine, except the sweet little quote which you can find on Pinterest HERE
I feel all kinds of WONDERFUL when i read the above quote.  It's buy author Brian Andreas.  I love the idea that he feels like i do.  Morning is my quiet time.  My time to sit for as long as i wish and gather my thoughts for the day in total silence.  Winding down at night is not as easy for me (i find it ever so hard to stop and sit still).  Mornings are MY time to sit quiet, watch the day uncurl, unfurrow and for all the days creases to disappear infront of my eyes whilst I sit sipping a big floral mug of Lady Grey.  Breakfast is also my very favourite meal.  I often joke that i could eat breakfast for lunch and dinner too, and if it wasn't for the Mr, then i probably would!  I spend far too much time planning and considering my breakfasts for the week.  

Even when the end of the week comes and we are left with a 'what can we create from this, this and this' for tea, i never run out of breakfast supplies. I simply couldn't bear it.  I can never understand those little faces that leap out of bed and hurl themselves into the day on only a tea or coffee.  NO NO!  That just wouldn't do.  I like to start the day slow and steady and with a HAPPY tummy!

How about YOU?!


  1. I'm with you on this one. Breakfast is my absolute favourite too. I could happily eat it for every meal of the day. And now that I think about it, mornings are better than nights, when I have the time, that is. I like to do what you do when I don't have to be at work or anywhere, just collect my thoughts and get ready for the day. I find it hard to unwind in the evening, but in the morning, it's like sleep has soothed all of my anxieties and need to be busy!
    N xo

  2. I have to admit, breakfast or an extra 10 minutes in bed - bed wins xx

  3. I can't start without breakfast either! I get tummy rumblies and can't concentrate on anything else. And I love a good big breakfast for dinner. Nothing better!

  4. I'm with you on this one, my Mum hasn't eaten breakfast since she was about 16, she just has coffee! WHATTTT?!! I don't get it! x

  5. I'm a breakfast eater too, I'm hungry from the second I'm up. my boyfriend thinks I'm weird, he rarely eats breakfast. mornings are certainly my favorite time of the day too!

    imeowlife. ,Dixx

  6. I can't imagine going without breakfast either! I live for porridge! x x

  7. One of my favourite times is early in the mornings especially on the weekend when my other half and the dog are still asleep, me and the cat pad into the living room with a cup of tea and a book. I love the peace and quiet and seeing the world before everyone else.

    Jen x



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