Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Wonderful Wednesday 9

 Good day to your pretty faces! My oh my am i TIRED this week! Do you ever just get those weeks where you can feel as though you could sleep and sleep and SLEEEEEP and it would never be enough to feel rested?!  Well i am having one of those! I have been guzzling gallons (i exaggerate!) of water in an attempt to stay hydrated and a bit more alert.  Of course i have been evening that out with lady grey a plenty. Whilst i am looking sleepy-eyed, my skin is looking particularly SPLENDID so it's not too bad! In between yawning, rubbing my eyes and forgetting i am wearing mascara, and well, sleeping; i have been keeping my peepers peeled for all that is making me smile.  So here goes…

*  Percy and Reed's Wonderbalm.  This stuff is AMAZING.  It is sort of like the ultimate elixir for hair and has to be the very best hair product i have ever tried and been so quickly impressed with.  (read:  after ONE use, within ten seconds). Usually with skincare/haircare, there is all that 'give it time to adjust' and 'for this to get used to that' blah blah.  This stuff is described as a primer for hair and says that it can also be used to enhance the products you apply after.  I applied to my hair damp and then let it dry almost entirely (i am not big on tooo much heat on my fluff of a mop) and then blasted it with a hair dryer.  It sort of made my hair feel like it had had a weekend away, a holiday, and especially expensive blowdry even. Maybe even every nourishing treatment available to man and well, just a spectacularly brilliant version of its natural self.  This product is GENIUS.  It retails at £18 for a tube.  But it is currently free in this months ELLE magazine.  Which i have bought twice.  Because there is now no way i can do without this!

*  Virtuous left-overs.  I LOVE leftovers.  I feel all smug if i manage to construct something equally brilliant from ingredients left after making dinner or even just eating more of something the day after.  I feel like it does my soul all kinds of good.  These past few weeks the Mr has emerged as some kind of soup making genius.  I don't know how i have missed this up until now.  Recently i have enjoyed carrot, orange and coriander; leek, potato and lots of grated nutmeg and spiced seasonal vegetable which i joyfully skipped to work with the leftovers for two whole days.  Mmmm!

*  Chai tea before bed.  I usually slurp a little camomile and honey tea before i climb up the apples and pears.  Recently i have been craving something milky and a little less tea-like from my usual 'through-the-day' Lady Grey.  Milky, spiced chai tea and a little piece of CHERRY shortbread has been just the fuel for all of the best zzz's.

*  Pom-poms, tassels and neon.  We have just put out a new bay in Accessorize called 'Can Can'.  Oh. My. Word.  I want it all.  You cannot fail to look at it and be inspired.  It is a delectable visual treat of tapestry, embellished and bright bright rucksacks, indian colourful chandelier earrings and the most jewel-packed statement necklaces you have ever seen.  I am almost counting down the days until pay day (read: i actually AM) and trying to decide if i can pull off a neon tapestry rucksack with pom poms on  Think how practical it would be for those two wheels of mine??!?

*  Striped BRETON tees.  In any colour combination.  Since adding a red and white striped breton to my collection, i cannot get enough.  There is something so effortless about such a simple item of clothing that quite literally works with just about anything.  Even pyjamas.  That's right my friends.  Sleeping with my hair piled on top of my head in an oversized stripey breton tee has had me even feeling chic in my sleep.  In my dreams….quite literally!

Tell me and do share what has been keeping that smile on your pretty cheeks this week?!? Reading your comments to my WONDERFUL WEDNESDAY posts are my very favourite thing!


  1. Oooooooh might need to go and buy Elle now, I want magic weekend hair too :D X

  2. Walking along the canal in the sunshine made me smile this week :) I love all the blossoms at the moment - spring is well and truly here! x x



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