Sunday, 23 March 2014

Feelin' Yellow

I'm not a fan of a PLAN.  I mean unless you need to have one, where is the fun in knowing where you have got to go and what you are meant to be doing every milli-second?!  Oh no.  Today was the perfect example of a plan-less Sunday. The kind of Sunday where you just sleep until you wake up (9:30am), eat breakfast under a soft lilac blanket on the sofa (warmed raisin pastries and obligatory Lady Grey tea) and then take the rest of the day exactly as it comes.  Maybe this is because i spend a large proportion of my working life running from one thing to another and having deadlines for this, that and every thing that days off are, well, just that.  
*  *  *
TODAY we ate lovely food, drank coffee and i took those two pretty wheels for a spin and spent an unhealthy amount of time admiring the smallest, sweetest blossom tree that there ever was.

 I should probably point out that if you are new to these parts and weren't around last Springtime, that i am a little obsessed with BLOSSOM.  If i ever have the fortune to own a dream cottage by the rolling hills and in a place where there are only BLUE skies galore (read:  Sally-land) then i would love to line the garden with all kinds of BLOSSOM trees.  There is nothing that quite makes my little heart sing then seeing blossom blowing in the breeze against a blue sky.  I mean you can be as sad and fed up and frown-y as you like and then BAM, you can't not feel all the joy seeing that sight.  Am i right?! I have never filled a glass jar with blossom before but i fear that this year might be the one.  If i could have my own little blossom fix each day then i doubt i'd ever frown again. 

When not cooing over blossom you will probably find me dancing among the DAFFODILS.  Since i last visited our beautiful park, all the crocuses and snowflakes have curled up for another year and been suddenly replaced with an almighty bright and ballsy display of dancing DAFFODILS.  Now i am not much of a yellow-lover, not when it comes to clothes, scarves hats and other paraphernalia.  With hair as bright as the sun, too much yellow can just make me look…too yellow? So i am ware-y of mustards, lemons and vivd yellows and tend to admire them from afar (or hide them under navy blues, cornflower purples and whites).  But daffodils? Well they don't count. There is something about yellow which fills me with such happiness.  On the greyest day possible, yellow can be such a spectacular mood-lifting colour and drain away all of the sad thoughts.  So seeing DAFODILS on a sunny day is the just the ticket for smiles.  Our little space currently has three jars of daffodils waiting to bloom.  Well when you cannot depend on an endless stream of sunshine on these shores what else is there to do but make your own little rays?!
*  *  *  
In other news, I am excited to announce that SALLYTANGLE shall be having a little Spring-clean over the next few weeks and a new and shiny layout will be unveiled.  Normal duties, ramblings and general blossom-ey banter shall continue throughout.  I have so many ideas that i think i might burst!!

How are you all?  And how has your weekend been?


  1. I was babbling a little about planning today in my post ... I'm AWFUL cos I can't help but plan everything. I always know what I'm doing and the time I'm doing it and then if we're going out somewhere I print timetables and maps! I wish I could stop because the odd few times when we do something spontaneous I really love it! Like today we ended up wandering around exploring somewhere new and going out for lunch, it wasn't in my plan and it was such a treat.

    Love your blossom pictures :) The house I used to rent in London was on a street lined with pink blossom trees and they were so beautiful (although we did spend half our lives hovering petals in the hallway!) x

  2. Ahhh yes I agree with the post above.. definitely need to learn from you about not planning my Sundays!!! I feel like I have to schedule everything :( Lovely pictures!

  3. Sounds like a perfect day! so gorgeous



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