Friday, 21 March 2014

Currently 9

All images taken from my Pinterest HERE
Can we ALL just take a single moment out from what we are doing and just MARVEL at how perfect these colour combinations are?! My heart is SINGING at the sheer sight of this outfit and i cannot tell you quite how happy it makes me to gawp lovingly at this little collection of images.  This is the stuff ALL of the colourful, harmonious kinds are dreams are made of.  This is how to wear colour my friends - without a single shadow of a doubt.

It makes me realise how much i adore colour, and all of the super powers it has.  It evokes all kinds of emotions and seeing or creating the perfect combination on myself or on someone else makes me THE happiest little dot about i cannot tell you.  The best colour combinations are the ones that just come out of nowhere and tickle your pretty peppers beyond BELIEF.  Who would have thought such a vivid green and aubergine-y purple could look so chic and delightful to the eye?!  I LOVE the perfect balancing of the colour throughout her whole get-up.  And the minty pom-pom scarf and flower corsages? Well they are just the icing on the colourful cake of great colour-wearing if ever there was one!

Man, i just want that to be ME.  What do you think?!
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  1. ooosh, that outfit on the right is all kinds of swoooooon!

  2. I'm a new reader of your blog and I'm so in love! :)



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