Straight Lines

Today i had PLANS.  Great PLANS.  But the great clouds above had different ideas.  Today i planned to cycle my socks off (and all of those walnut whips!) and get some fresh air.  The weather had other ideas and decided to rain sideways, blow gales all kinds of ways and generally just be grey and miserable.  Determined not to let it get the better of me, i resorted back to AW13 wardrobe (read: fur cossack hat, gloves, 200denier tights and jumper over dress) and stupidly took the pushbike out anyway.  BAD idea.  Well unless you like the drowned duck look.  Although i didn't do many many laps of our pretty park or nearly anything i wanted to do, here is a list of what made today pretty okay in the end anyway:

Costa cappuccino.  The large kind.  A little solo sit down and caffeine fix let me dry out and write a little list of what i needed to get in a short a space of time as possible.  Lifesaver that place i tell you.

Finding a teeny, tiny kilner jar just perfect for transporting condiments to and from work.  I plan to use it to take a little helping of natural yoghurt to go on the Mr's homemade chilli that i sometimes take for lunch, for a little keeper of honey on those mornings when having half an hour extra in bed is deemed ESSENTIAL or for peanut butter for chopped apple after lunch at work fixes.  And its such a sweet little thing.

Stocking up on Sainburys' Cotton incense for my little clay burner.  It has been out of stock for so long!  And there is nothing better for your home to smell of than clean linen.  This is just the perfect 'freshly washed and laundered' sheet smell to waft through our pretty slanty-ceiling-ed somewhere.  

Hand-washing delicates, little silk something's and odds and ends that might disintegrate in the washing machine.  I find it quite therapeutic.  And it fills the bedroom with even more of a sweet scent.  
The rest of the day has been spent pottering about our inside space eating scrambled eggs, drinking copious cups of tea and imagining everything striped, breton-ed and Spring-like.  What is it about Spring that makes me want to dress like a stick of rock?  I am adoring my new red-striped Breton tshirt from Boden.  I am definitely going to grab a couple of other colours!  
* * *
I am off to wash the rainy day from myself in the hottest shower i can muster, with lots of rose shower gel and Lush Daddio shampoo.  Tonight we are having oven-baked potatoes with lots of sticky roasted beetroot, cottage cheese and rocket and i am beyond excited.  I am easily pleased.  Then i plan to spend the rest of this evening curled up reading Alices' Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass.  Who needs sunshine! **

**PS If you read this 'Sunshine' then i do quite need you and would like you back some time soon.  If you could sort out this Spring weather then that would be fab thanks.  

Have you been lucky to have some real SPRING weather where you are today?