Friday, 28 March 2014

Lessons Learnt

This week has been tiring and trying.  I feel almost and completely WHACKED, despite being off today.  Sometimes i feel like with just one day off, and a big list of jobs, errands and general things to attend to, when i finally stop i could quite happily just curl up and sleep for a week.  This has nothing to do with the two GIGANTIC mugs of Lady Grey and half a packet of M&S mini-eggs i have just consumed.  Oh no no no.  What have i learnt this week?
* * *
*  That SALLYTANGLE is something i should be proud of.  And probably learn how to talk about to people in the real world.  I went to my very first networking meeting organised by the university i went to here in Cumbria.  The idea was to bring back together Alumni creatives and current students and to help, advise and use each others talents.  Aside from being a really interesting evening, i stupidly didn't think that anyone would really ask about SALLYTANGLE.  When you say that you write a lifestyle blog about, well you, it sounds a little big headed.  Towards the end of the evening i had settled on describing this little spot as a creative diary of my life, written to inspire others to live simply and creatively.  I was quite proud of that.  I was also secretly chuffed beyond belief that my badge read 'Columnist' and 'Blogger'.  And even that people wanted to know what i did.  Even if it  was nothing to do with the Media Production degree i did more years ago than i would care to remember.  

*  That i need to get better at making decisions and trusting my own judgement.  In all parts of my life.  I so often doubt myself when i shouldn't.  In simple day to day 'should-i-buy-it should-i-not' type of decisions, i debate for an eternity.  Look for alternatives.  Debate again.  I usually end up back at square one with the item i originally planned to purchase.  At Monsoon Towers this week i was doing some visual merchandising.  It was all put out out lovingly.  Then taken off.  Then put back out and re-jigged.  This went on for far longer than it should have taken and i ended up with it just as i had to start with.  Must stop dilly-dallying!

*  That it is not Spring.  Today i took the Pashley for her usual day-off jaunt to the park and I. Was. FROZEN.  I had a vest, striped tee, pinafore, woollen scarf and mittens and hat and yet the cold still got into my bones and i have only JUST warmed up!  Come on jolly milder temperatures, for even i am sickening of my heavy knits and long for just feeling cottons and linens against my skin and sleeping with the window open.  How is it that we seemed to have gone backwards after doing so well?!?!

*  That there is a big difference between sleep and GOOD sleep.  Some nights i 'sleep' hours longer than normal and still don't feel rested.  Some nights i sleep less but i wake up feeling refreshed and so well rested.  I am very much still figuring out the recipe for consistent bouts of the GOOD variety of sleep! So far, glace cherry shortbread and a little cup of camomile tea seems to be a pretty safe bet.

*  That there seems to be no recipe for keeping my hands soft.  I feel like no matter how often i apply hand-cream and how much i try to look after my hands, i could sand a whole kitchen table and four chairs with how they feel lately.  Soon i may have to resort to wearing gloves and a whole tube of hand cream for bed.  And that is NOT a good look!

*  That red cabbage in stir-fry might be the very best thing ever.  No really.  It melts and goes all sweet, sticky and jammy and is just THE perfect accompaniment to a duck spring roll i can tell you.  

What have you learnt about yourself this week? And can you recommend a jolly good hand cream please?!
And just for you, for your eyes and ears:  ^^this^^ sky and THIS voice.  Do listen for it melts my heart and brings tears to my eyes.  Imagine seeing this live?! I think i would be inconsolable.  Call it a tiring week or just too many mini-eggs...


  1. OMG of course you should be proud your blog is gorgeous! Definitely something to shout about :D I know what you mean though, I worry about telling people - and I now feel that I have to after getting told off for taking photos in a shopping mall :s Yesterday I went to a beauty salon and so I told them in advance I'm a blogger and asked if I could take some photos, it was a little embarrassing and I felt a bit silly but they were so lovely and welcoming and asked me loads of questions about my blog and then I started to really enjoy myself! Telling people isn't being big headed or taking yourself too seriously (that's how I always feel!), it's just sharing things you love with other people ... it's fun and inspiring :D

    Definitely not Spring up here today and I'm gutted :( I saw on the news earlier in the week "HEATWAVE HITS BRITAIN" ...I was a little WOOOOOOOOOOO! Then checked the forecast and realised that Britain really just meant London and the south :( So today it's 20 degrees in London and here it's 9 with big thick cloud! I'm not bitter honest!


  2. I love the idea of a series based one what you have learnt that week. (sorry as I've only just found your blog I'm marveling over everything!) I am one of the worst decision makers in the world so I completely sympathise with you. It takes me for ever to decide anything!
    You definitely should be proud of your blog. It's great and has been a great inspiration in the very short space of time that I have found it. I totally intend reading in the long term :)
    Sorry Ladies but it is beautiful down here. The sun is out, I didn't need a cardi today and this makes me very happy. I think spring has to be my favourite season.
    Beautiful post (and the Sam Smith song is stunning)
    Kate xx

  3. Scream! there's the badge I made you! I am so glad that you enjoyed the evening and that you were happy with your badge. I only invited our super cool/interesting/creative alumni, so of course people were interested to hear about you. You should def be super proud of all your different 'hats', certainly someone for our students to look up to! x

  4. I love the description you settled on. Who couldn't be proud of producing such a lovely thing as that? (And your writing is so fab that I actually stop and read, rather than just skim!:)
    (PS - Body Shop Hemp hand cream!)



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