Monday, 31 March 2014


As a creative type i am often asked what inspires me.  It has always been something which i have never been able to answer without feeling like i am ranting and raving passionately, and waving my arms about something that no-one else has ever even noticed.  Truth is, my daily inspiration changes roughly every milli-second.  It really can be absolutely anything in the whole and entire world and there often is no rhyme or reason.  It is usually met with 'Well i think i just felt like it.'  All that i can tell you is that channelling that inspiration in my day to day life makes me SO happy and feel so fuzzy and fizzy inside my tummy that sometimes i can't sleep.
*   *   *
I live my life for DETAILS.  If i had to shorten my fizzy silly thoughts and share with all your pretty faces the things that constantly amaze and inspire me; that would be the shortest way to tell you.  If you were to ever meet me, i wouldn't notice what size you were.  I probably wouldn't wonder what lipstick you were wearing or where your top was from.  I mean of course i would be listening to what you were saying, but secretly i would be admiring the DETAILS.  I would be noticing if your hat matched your jacket. I would be enjoying the fact that your t-shirt was the perfect colour of green to match the flowers in the dress you were wearing.  I would be even more impressed if your bag was lined with a beautiful fabric.  But it's not because i would be judging you, it's because i would be ADMIRING the attention to detail you had taken and love and care you had put into everything.  I am not shallow and i know that what colour your shoes are has zero to do with what kind of person you are, but the truth is, i can't NOT notice these little things.  And paying extra attention to such snippets, fills my heart with joy.  And is often why i'll also probably be late for our tea-date too...
 PERFECT neon and breton stripes.  Wearing BLACK and NEON makes me feel like a humbug, a stick of rock or rather cleverer than usual.  Wearing a breton under, over or alongside anything makes my heart sing anyway.  Its a particular pretty penchant i have for when i am feeling strong, confident and like i mean business.  Or if it's just oh so GREY outside.
 NEON and PASTEL.  Are you sensing a NEON-ish theme?! This makes me feel calm, cosy and pretty.  I am never one to turn away a pretty floral print and pairing it with NEON in my hair made me feel a bit braver that day.  
PRINTS, peonies and collars.  I have a box filled to the brim of silk flower corsages and if i could wear them all at once i would burst of happiness.  As lovely as this vintage men's blazer is, the grey flower is needed to take me cartwheeling into a grey Monday.  The blue shirt is just heaven and i picked it because i felt sleepy, and as if i needed a Monday of hugs.  The blue and white picked up my miserable cheeks a treat!

What INSPIRES your lovely faces? Could you narrow it down?!


  1. I love little details on other people, but I am so so terrible at remembering them myself! Perhaps I give off the "effortless" look instead? Unlikely, but a girl can dream...

    Alice xx | The Cup and Saucer

  2. I love the idea of focussing on the details, it's one I'm going to try and take on board :)


  3. I just bought my first breton stripe and I am in love with it. Definitely going to purchase another colour! It was nice to meet you the other week. :)



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