Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Wonderful Wednesday #38

I'm here i'm HERE *waves frantically* remember ME?!?  Whilst i shan't rant and rave about my lack of 'being' here of late, i will tell you that i am MISSING you all and missing firing my creative fireworks in this direction.  Truth is, sometimes life just gets in the way.  I am currently running work on extremely minimal staff - AKA being three people. I love and hate it in equal measure.  And i have been having ever so frustrating days alongside equally productive and kick ass kinds of days where i would high-five myself if it were possible!  But here and this post especially is not for focussing on what has been bothering me, it's all about the good and great and don't we know it.  'Cos it's number thirty-eight!  THIRTY EIGHT WONDERFUL WEDNESDAYS!!  Can you believe it?!  I am grateful for all of you who stop by i truly am, i cannot tell you enough.  ANYWAY, let's get on, my emotional self needs no encouragement to burst into 'i'm happy, i'm sad, i don't know what the devil i am' sort of tears this week.  Whats been keeping me afloat then?!

*  SPOTIFY and more to the point:  Spotify PLAYLISTS.  For some unknown reason i have only really listened to artists' albums on Spotify.  Recently though i stumbled upon the 'discover' feature.  This recommends artists and also playlists to you, based upon what you have already listened to and what it thinks you might like.  This week i discovered THE single most amazing kick ass playlist in the world!! I may or may not have been dancing, post shower, in my under crackers, around our bedroom to old old Destiny's Child, All Saints, Eternal (ETERNAL!) Lauren Hill and TLC.  Altogether now:  'I don't want no scrubs….!'

*  TREATING myself to a big bottle of Lush Cosmetics Snow Fairy and Rose Jam shower gels and really appreciating the power of a really hot, steamy shower followed by the softest, freshly washed towel AND pyjamas pre-warmed on a hot radiator.  Don't ever say i don't know how to spoil myself…

*  ACHIEVING.  Our team at work is a small one.  Which recently got even smaller.  This means i have to trust what i think much more. I cannot tell you how lovely it feels to accomplish things a little bit outside your comfort zone and for it to actually turn out pretty okay.  Sometimes it's good to push boundaries a little.

*  A little Anthropologie TREAT.  Whoops.  It's been a really exhausting week for me so far.  One that has been immersed in work, and long, long days and a little bit sleepless sorts of nights.  I may or may not have ordered a few more plates to add to my ever-expanding crockery collection…I do however feel like i deserved it.

*  Glittery nail polish.  I am not a glittery person per say.  But when it gets to this time of year i love any excuse to add the tiniest bit of sparkle to my day to day.  It's a bit too soon the mention the 'C' word.  BUT it's never too soon to paint your nails in a soft pale pink glitter polish.  Especially when said shade is named 'Unicorn.'  My TOOTSIES can hide happily inside my printed socks and nobody would ever know any different….

*   La Roche Posay Effaclar Duo.  A mouthful in its own right!  And yet also the one SKINCARE item that has completely changed the appearance and surface texture of my whole face - no jokes folks.  It is a serum which i apply after cleansing on an evening with both Lush Ultrabland and Angels on Bare Skin.  I apply it and then a good dose of Good Things Miracle Mattifier moisturiser and my skin has never been clearer, more even and just generally LOVELY.  Since i have used the other three products forever, i am holding this transformation entirely down to La Roche Posay.  It's an added bonus that their skincare is also paraben free and so extra kind to my chubby little cheeks too.  

*  PORRIDGE and dark MORNINGS.  Whilst i miss waking up to bright rays of mr sunshine, there is a certain comfort that comes from wearing your cosiest pyjamas; wrapping yourself up in the softest oversized and rose-pink bobbly cardigan and stirring a big pan of porridge with a wooden spoon.  Porridge is the perfect start to hazy, darker and much cooler mornings.  And a fule which leaves me running right up until lunchtime.  My current favourite recipe is made solely with unsweetened almond milk  and oats.  Once the oats are cooked through and deliciously creamy, i add a table spoon of ground almonds, some chopped dried apricots, a table spoon of chia seeds and a teaspoon of coconut oil and then a sneaky drizzle of runny honey on top.  Man alive i could eat it right now…..

* SORTING through my knitwear cupboard and stumbling across a handful of loved-and-forgotten jumpers. This has lead to various new and excitable combinations imagined, some excess knitwear shipped round the corner to the charity shop AND a jolly lovely pile of cardigans well past their best but dearly loved.  I am excited to welcome these in to my winter pyjama wardrobe with huge open (and cold!) arms.  Does any one else do this?!  Sometimes i love a cardigan or jumper so SO much that i can't bear to let it go but it is holed under the arms, or bobbly beyond belief.  Wearing it to 'winter up' my nightwear is the perfect solution.  

*  The mysteries of STATISTICS.  Whilst i know numbers really aren't everything, it is lovely to have the reassurance that when i cannot be here as often as i would like; you lovely lot still bob on by.  That is the loveliest feeling.  Weirdly over this week my blog has rocketed a little bit.  Who knows why!  Maybe silence really is golden.

*  Making the MOST of the autumnal crop.  These past few days i have loved slicing chunks of fig into creamy greek yoghurt sprinkled with chopped nuts.  It's also so nice to be able to get hold of British apples and to cook down granny smiths with brown sugar for swirling and whirling into porridge.  We also had dauphinoise potatoes recently - the ultimate luxury potato dish made for warming little selves on colder darker or damper days.  I could eat it for tea alone.  We served it alongside roast lamb and tender-stem and it was the bees knees!!  I can't wait to bake our first pie, make our first crumble and eat custard until i want to burst!!

*  Window SHOPPING.  Sometimes it really is enough.  I love wandering around home and interior stores at this time of year.  Re-imagining our whole decor, wishing to deck everything in tartan and cascade fairy-lights from every crevice.  Right now though i'm quite happy adding a few throws to our cream sofa and a plaid pastel blanket to the end of our bed.  It does't stop me dreaming though...
*  *  
How the flipping heck are you?!  It feels like an age since we really caught up.  What have you all been up to and more importantly, what has been making this week most excellent for you?  I'd love for you to share.  You can pop a few words below or tweet me your #wonderfulwednesday i'm @sallytangle.  Whilst i am here, if you miss me too much, you can follow along with my day to day over on Instagram.  I'm Sallytangle over there too!

Have a wonderful rest of week you lovely lot!


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  2. I absolutely love darker mornings. There's something so comforting about it and porridge seems to compliment those mornings. I'm a sucker for window shopping too and home decor makes me weak at the knees! I love these posts of yours, it's nice to recognise the good things in life!xx

  3. Yay for darker mornings and porridge for breakfast! I've been loving that too lately :) Effaclar Duo really is a wonderful product. I couldn't live without it.

    xx Mimmi, Muted Mornings

  4. I do so love your Wonderful Wednesday posts, they make me feel all warm and cosy reading them. I really need to get me some porridge for breakfast. Lately I have been having figs with oney and greek yoghurt, but I feel i want something more substantial now the mornings are dark. Oh and I totally add knitwear to sleepwear once it is passed it's best. sometimes it is just too hard to let go of my faveourite cardigan! Enjoy teh rest of your week! xxx

  5. Hooray for long-lost jumpers, window shopping and glittery polish - what a lovely list!



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