Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Wonderful Wednesday #146

{Jack Frost has been making a little bit of an appearance lately!}
 Ahoy there #wonderfulwednesday readers!  Gosh it really does feel like Winter is well and truly upon us which actually seems rather right and proper {and when are the British seasons ever that?!} seen as come Thursday this week we'll be into December!  I can quite honestly say that summer time doesn't feel like it was that long ago and already it's almost Christmas and i have {predictably!} not even done any form of Christmas shopping or preparation!  When will i learn?!  This week has got off to a lovely start. It's my birthday on Friday and so i've got a few days off in a row to be a little bit lazy and a lot warm!  

Shall we get on to my favourite bits of this week so far?! 

1.  When cold hands get warm.  Bear with me a little here.  This weeks list will mostly all be about the keeping of the warm! You all know i cycle or walk everywhere and lately, on those bitterly cold mornings where the icy air slices into your little knitted mittens like little Jack Frost-shaped daggers at first and then all of sudden you build up speed or momentum {or your legs start pedalling twice as fast maybe} all in a better bid to get the circulation going and bloody pumping?  Well THAT.  That rush of blood to your hands, cheeks, nose and little feet that has your silly mind all fooled into thinking your're warm.  Until you stop.  Sort of reminds me of having PE first period at school and icy morning cross country in SHORTS.  I've crossed my legs just thinking about it....

2.  Nakd Christmas Pudding Bars.  Yes it's true.  It's gotta be a great flavour combo to make me abandon my usual Chocolate Orange variety i'm telling you.  I remember these from last year and spotted them in Sainsbury's earlier in the week.  If you love marzipan and cinnamon and spice and raisins then these are for you.  I've been munching my way through them with Chai tea for company.  Oh YEAH!

3.  Flashes of red.  I'm usually all about the muted colour palettes but somehow this time of year really does call for all of the jewel-hued colours with a little bit 'a glitter thrown in for good measure.  I think it's the antidote to the shorter days.  Whatever the reasoning i'm enjoying digging out my red lipsticks {anyone else only wear lipstick at this time of year too?} and sporting flashes of red where i can.  Read:  Red socks, red tights, etc etc. 

4.  A little flowery guest.  This should have actually been '3b' but she's such a pretty that she's getting her own happy point all to herself.  I also picked up a teeny tiny Poinsettia plant for our kitchen windowsill when i did my Nakd bar smash and grab at the start of the week {see it's ALL about the festive!} and she's sitting pretty upon a sweet blue and white willow pattern plate.   I've named her Rosemary {because if i name a plant there's less chance I'll kill it}.  I hope she doesn't develop an identity disorder with such a confusing name though.  

5.  Scrambled eggs.  Man it's been a while.  I used to eat scrambled eggs at least once a week and now i suddenly can't even remember when i last did you know.  I was chilled to the bone after Tuesday mornings bike ride and had the lovliest plate of salty, buttery and bright yellow scrambled eggs with some grilled baby tomatoes and sauteed spinach and it was HEAVEN.  

6.  Fruit and herb teas.  I'm a water baby.  Not in the swimming sense - in fact if my little life depended on my swimming ability suffice to say i would die.  BUT i do drink gallons of the stuff.  Only at this time of year it's harder to summon up the courage to throw icy beverages down your throat when it's -3 degrees outside.  It's generally an excuse {as if i need one} to pick up a few more herbal and fruit teas. This week i've been guzzling Pukka's 'Three Mint' 'Turmeric Gold' and 'Echinacea and Elderberry' like there's no tommorrow and feeling both warm and raring to go!  Win win!

7.  The BFG film.  For taking me right the way back to reading the book when i was about ten {whilst simultaneously making me want to dig out my old copy and dive right back in} and all of the lovely memories.  I flippin' LOVE Roald Dahl.  If you haven't seen the film GO GO right now!  

8.  Brioche Bread and Butter toffee pudding with apple compote.  I thought bread and butter pudding wasn't reeeeeally my thing.  I have forever ranted and raved that the best way to ever have bread is to toast it and slather it with jam or peanut butter or salty butter.  I may have been proven was like eating a CLOUD of custard-y loveliness and not nearly as heavy as i had expected.  

9.  Peachy perfect sunsets.  And those days when i can watch them un-interupted from our little spare bedroom window instead of having my head busy with other bits and bobs at work.  They're quick!  Gone within moments and we're all blanketted in the dark and the cold until tomorrow.  There's something rather lovely about that, don't you think?! 

10.   My bed.  Is it rather wrong for the first thought of the day to be that of counting exactly how many hours it is until you can be snuggled back under the duvet?  Tell me it's not just me?!? Lately has been so so busy at work that my very favourite part of the day {say apart from breakfast!} is my head hitting all of those pillows and cushions and a little hot water bottle tucked between my knees.  Bliss!

11.  The new H&M Christmas advert.  Peek HERE and prepare to fall hopelessly in love with magic of Wes Anderson and Christmas combined......YOU are welcome my friends!

*  *  *
 And once more another #wonderfulwednesday is all done and dusted! I'd love for you to join in by telling me what's been lovely in your own week so farYou can leave a little comment below or join in the chit-chat online using the #wonderfulwednesday tag too.  Also don't forget to bob on over and visit  Jo, Helen, Michelle, Sarah, Kate, Cat, Sam, El , Kerri's, Mimmi's, Martina's AND lovely Isabelle's blogs for even more happy lists!  What's better come these shorter days than curling up with a hot drink and a happy list or..... twelve is that now?!  My heart is well and truly warmed!

Wednesday, 23 November 2016

Wonderful Wednesday #145

 {Look at them apples!}
Hello and ALL of the 'how are you's?!'  I write this on the cusp of a mild delirium caused by a pretty long stint of days in a row at work {Eight if you're askin'} and a very long day of 9am-10pm on Monday due to that wonderful thing we call stock take.  There aren't even the words to tell you how much I'm looking forward to being off on Wednesday..... 

But! On to the great stuff....

1.  Lifts.  Not the elevator-shaped, just the kind hearted 'i know/can see that you're utterly cream-crackered and so I'll come get you if you like' ones.  It's no secret i like to walk. Or ride a bike.  I think i can count on one hand the amount of times i've sat on a bus here where i live and rarely ring a taxi.  Truth is, wherever you are in this little city, you're pretty close to the centre and even though we've moved northwards of the main centre, it still only takes 25minutes to walk it or 12minutes or so to cycle.  Sometimes though, sometimes when you're so very exhausted that you barely know your own name, a lift is good news.  Especially an unexpected one.  There was no greater joy than a heated car and knowing i'd be home in moments and therefore in bed even sooner!  Sometimes gratitude hides itself in the most unexpected of places doesn't it?!?

2.  Glimpses of Winter.  We're only halfway through November-ish and already we've had a few days this week that have felt oh so much more than Autumn.  Last Sunday i very much 'skated' down the hill to work since Jack Frost had covered the city in a white blanket of the most sparkly, glistening of cold, cold frosts.  I revelled in it a lot little bit and enjoyed layering up in my thickest mittens, toastiest scarf and favourite leopard print beret.  I was only sad i couldn't pick up coffee and visit the park for an early morning walk!

3.   Crumpets.  Well always and anytime let's be honest here! But this week they've saved my bacon not at breakfast time but for late finishes at work and savoury-come-a-little-bit-sweet cravings when i haven't wanted too much right before bed.  Peanut butter, chopped banana, crumpets a deux, DONE!  Is it just me who gets secretly excited at the excuse to legitimately have breakfast food for lunch or dinner...?!  

4.  Best marmalade.  To be precise Tiptree's 'Tawny Orange'.  Oh golly gosh it's good!  It's a wonderful dark amber-y orange with the thickest slices of tart orange zest and made with dark muscovado sugar.  And on toasted teacakes as big as my head?!?  YES PLEASE!

5.  That Mr.  For picking me up, dropping me off and for generally always being the person to see me at my very best and very worst in equal measure and never treating me any differently.  Even of sometimes i really could commit murder when i'm hungry.... 

6.  First berries.  Just as the vivid orange canopy of leaves fade first to yellow and then to softer shades and drift from the treetops in a flurry; right there ready and waiting are the very first berries of winter.  I'm not sure what they all are BUT i've already spied me one thing i do recognise and that's HOLLY BERRIES and that makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside!

7.  Blankets.  Is there a greater joy than the softest of blankets come this time of year?!  We keep two in the living-room {because sometimes we don't want to share!} and i honestly love nothing more than snuggling up underneath one with a hot cup of chai tea and a chocolate cookie or two.....Being cosy is where it's AT this time of year.  

8. Glitter.  Whilst i'm a print and colour lover through and through this time of year i just LOVE the glittery hints every which way and even though i rarely buy anything to wear that's too sparkly for fear of not getting much mileage out of it once Santa has visited, i can't help but be swayed by a little bit here and there.  I picked up some little glitter pots in silver and gold and some teeny tiny golden stars which i am looking forward to dusting across the very tops of my cheeks soon.  I also picked up a skinny sequinned scarf from work which i have been loving pairing with t-shirts and jeans.  I'm blaming the darker, shorter days for my indulgences!

9.  Being warm.  Lately what with longer shifts, a definite change in the weather and feeling a little bit run down i feel as if it takes me forever to warm up.  Once i am though i can't imagine being happier.  The cold where your little toes, fingers and nose feel a little bit numb and the tip of your nose *might* even display the smallest of icicles...... The only thing for it is the hittest shower, the softest cosiest pyjamas and a hot drink with a book in bed.  Mmmmm.

10.  Apples. Or more to the point the sweet box of apples sat on the doorstep of the prettiest little house on my walk to work on Sunday morning.  Perched next to the kindest handwritten note saying 'Apples, free to a good home - help yourself.' My heart was warmed.  And my tummy too since i've cooked them down and added some All Spice to them and have been topping my morning porridge with them!  

11.  New wardrobes!!!! YAAAAAY!  Not so much yay-ing for dusting off the screw-drivers to put together the bloomin' things if I'm honest with you BUT there is a little joy in the knowledge that very soon I'll be getting dressed out of an actual real life wardrobe and not a cardboard box or black bin bag AND the thought that when i decide what i want to wear, i might actually be able to find it!  HURRAH!  
*  *  *
And with a whizz and a whoosh we're all done!  Don't forget to hop-scotch yourself silly right on over to Jo, Helen, Michelle, Sarah, Kate, Cat, Sam, El , Kerri's, Mimmi's, Martina's AND lovely Isabelle's blogs to read all of their smiles, happy things and general merry musings on their weeks so far.  If you didn't need an excuse already.  It's my first day off in eight days this #wonderfulwednesday and i am BEYOND excited to snuggle up with maybe both blankets, bottom-less Lady Grey and maybe a chocolate brownie too!  

Don't forget to chit-chat along online on social media using the #wonderfulwednesday tag orrrr just share what's been fab about your week so far in the comments below! 

Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Wonderful Wednesday #144

 {Sweet snap stolen from my Instagram! Oh so pretty!}
Good morning, good afternoon and good evening to you.  If there's one thing i've learnt over the past seven days it's how important these silly little happy lists.  In the grand old scheme of things, they're a drop in the ocean of the huge and massive world that we live in BUT they're also a bigger drop in the smaller little ocean of my life.  To sit down, even for just once a week and make myself a list of the very best bits of life so far - small or big - well that's important.  It forces me to appreciate what i've got, to be thankful and better still to look on the bright side, even for just an hour.  And better even still, i get to share that little list with you and moreover to read that special #wonderfulwednesday troop's posts and stretch out the warm and fuzzies for a few moments longer.  And for that, i am forever grateful.  

Shall we?! 

1.  Firsts!  Because what's a new season {if we excuse the last couple of days of oddly mild temperatures} without a fair few firsts?!  First sprouts.  I actually can't believe i've lasted this long!  But last weekend {i know, i know it's not this week but this is too good to not shout about!} we had the mother of all roast lamb dinners and we chucked a few sprouts in their along with some honey and mustard roasted parsnips and carrots and MY.  OH.  MY was it glorious!  I even enjoyed some leftover sprouts and butternut squash with an Autumn-y Winter-y inspired salad for lunch on my day off on Tuesday.

2.  Lazy days.  I crave them even more come this time of year.  Partly because of the shorter darker days but also as it gets busier and busier at work!  This one was filled with longer sleeps, blueberry buttermilk pancakes with maple syrup and only leaving the house to pick up lunch and dinner. The rest of the day i caught up with house work, television and dipped many a biscuit into many a cup of Lady Grey.  These kinds of days are good for your soul i swear it!

3.  Clear outs!  Unseasonable surely?  Usually the kind of thing reserved for after Christmas and for Spring time, this year I'm getting on the bandwagon early doors.  It *might* have a little somethin' somethin' to do with ordering a new wardrobe last week FINALLY *does cartwheel*.  Towards the end of last week i photographed a huge pile of clothes to sell on Depop {I'm @sallytangle by the way and you can shop my wardrobe HERE} and it's the nicest feeling to have a little sort out and clear through on a few things!  I shall be popping up some more bits over the next little while so keep those peepers peeled!

4.  All of the spices!  Okay so i've gone from a little bit of cinnamon on my porridge to downright filling it full of ALL of the good things!  Typically i've been craving anything cinnamon - i know i know me and the rest of the world!  But on Monday i decided to throw a little more spice at my breakfast by putting a good sprinkle in each of Christmas Spice, cinnamon, nutmeg and a little Turmeric and OH MY.  ALL of the yum in my little tum!  I've promised myself to recreate it later on in the week with the addition of some apple compote....

5.  Speaking of which...It's funny.  We've only moved a few miles north from where we used to live but around and about our not-so-new-now house, everyone is so much more friendly and it feels a little bit like a village within a city.  On my cycle home on Tuesday's day off i spotted the sweetest thing outside one of the houses i regularly pass and swoon over *aherm*.  They'd popped a basket of picked apples outside their garden gate with a little note saying 'Please help yourself!  Freshly picked apples!'.  If i wasn't juggling far too many bags and what-not I'd have been tempted to grab a few for my porridge....

6.  Candles in the morning!  It's my new day off tradition as I'm tootling about in the morning and getting ready to go out.  It feels ever so lovely lighting candles in the soft morning light and a bit more of a treat somehow since as we always have them lit downstairs in the evening.  

7.  Cold walks home.  Okay I'll admit it i did think that once the days shortened and i couldn't cut through my little short cut along the river to get home, that I'd soon tire of the 25minute wander it takes to get home after work and maybe, just maybe i will the busier work gets and the tireder i become BUT i've really been rather loving my dark, cold walks home.  They give me {mostly!} silence, room to breathe and reflect and time alone with my own thoughts {the luxury of all of the luxuries} and i really rather enjoy them.

8.  Ballet and stretching.  In a little bit of a similar vain to the above, i have really been loving and appreciating time spent on my little mat.  I've got into a routine of how often i do my little workouts and can fit them into my day with ease and i really look forward to them.  And if you know me, apart from those two wheels I'm really not the exercising type!  Better still I'm getting better and better and stronger and stronger and can see and feel the progression in each little session i do.  Go me!

9.  Flapjacks.  I'm a snacker. I can't help it and i don't think there's a any shame in it either! My little tummy is happier with smaller, littler meals more often with a scattering of snacks thrown in for good measure.  Whilst a banana, a spoonful of any kind of nut butter or a handful of nuts are regular go-to's; lately has all been about the flapjacks!  There's just something ever so comforting about munching one en route home, when the 11am munchies call or even before bed with a cup of hot chai.  Hells bells I'll eat them at any given opportunity lately!  Ours are made with maple syrup and have dried blueberries swizzled through and they are the bees knees!  

10.  Favourite perfumes.  I'm all about perfume come the cooler months.  In summer I'm a 'body cream and go' kind of gal and somehow i tend to find that perfume just doesn't sit on my skin as well in the warmer months.  So lately has all been about spritzing my favourite perfume on my cosy scarves and enjoy the little comforting waft that it brings wherever i am.  
So that's IT, all done and dusted for another week, quick as a flash!  If this isn't enough happy for your peepers {and quite frankly can you ever have enough?!} then hop, skip and jump right on over to Jo, Helen, Michelle, Sarah, Kate, Cat, Sam, El , Kerri's, Mimmi's, Martina's AND lovely Isabelle's blogs and catch up on what's been making their 'lately' all kinds of lovely!
And I'll catch you next week.  Same time, same place!

Wednesday, 9 November 2016

Wonderful Wednesday #143

 {Last weekend's adventure north of the border!}
Here we are again.  Sat down once more and all ready and {almost} raring to go with another list of the great and the good.  How are you?!  Have you felt all of a sudden wrapped in a thick blanket of Winter too?!  It has felt like that up here:  Only last week was i wandering home, almost getting too warm by the time i got there and this week i've been squeezing as many layers as i can under The Winter Coat {well, one of a few of them -  that's right i've dug them out!} and still feeling the chill sneak in.  

On Tuesday morning's few laps of the park i wore mittens and still felt the cold through them.  Despite all of that though it might go down as one of my favourite bike rides so far this year.   The air smelt heavy with coal fires and a little of damp evergreen and wet leaves.  It caught in the back of my throat and chilled my little lungs and i could almost feel the redness flushing to my cheeks within moments.  Afterwards i felt a funny kind of exhilaration and exhaustion.  It does that to you exercise i think:  At this time of year the last thing you want to do is be outside of your own free-will when you absolutely don't have to be.  But forcing yourself to, and to move and breathe it all in, somehow makes you feel even more 'full' and satisfied after.  

Enough of the deep and meaningful though and ON!  On to the little, and happy and lovely things that have been making my week great:   

1.  Day-off shaped breakfasts.  Let's be honest with ourselves this point should really just be 'Any breakfasts.'  But we can't be that general.  Even though i probably use up just as much energy when I'm off work, tootling and scooting around and about on those two wheels of mine instead of my two feet, i tend to eat a little bit of a lighter breakfast.  Autumn Winter breakfast of late has mostly {and predictably!} been porridge-shaped.  Day off breakfasts have been tea {Lady Grey - always Lady Grey!} alongside two sourdough crumpets generously spread with Pip & Nuts 'Cinnamon, Honey and Cashew Butter' and topped with toasted seeds and sometimes sliced banana - if I'm planning a little bit more cycling than usual or a later lunch.  That mix of crumpet and creamy, spicy nut butter is right up there with ALL kinds of other good things. 

2.  Winter hats.  And all of the benefits that go along with them, not least the whole 'not having to bother quite as much with your hair in the morning' right up there with finding new hat/glove/scarf/coat combos but what is right right up there at the very top of said list is how flippin' floppin' warm you are when you wear a woolly hat.  

3.  Pootling.  That's right, the brother/sister of such other important past times such as 'fannying' 'faffing' or 'pottering' you can't quite beat a day of simply meandering along at your own speed and following the day wherever it happens to take you.  For me this was Tuesday.  A little bike ride followed by a wander around the home section of our local Sainsbury's {paying particular attention to all of the new seasonal jams, preserves, desserts, pies and puddings because you never get time to do that kind of thing during the weekly smash and grab for marmalade do you?!}.  Then home to spend the afternoon perusing Etsy for Xmas present ideas alternated with wiling away an hour or so on Pinterest.  Heaven!

4.  Beetroot.  Not the pickled kind {because i hate anything vinegar-ey - except that's surely a tale for another day} simply the sweet, plain 'you can do so much with' kind.  Grated generously over at-home lunch-shaped salads made from leftover feta, rocket, pearl barely and roast veg and the yummy lunch that was had because of it.  

5.  Greens.  Yes to greens in any form but this week i've really been craving green juices like there's no tomorrow.  Call it the sudden lack of green outside, or my body's way of keeping the impending Winter cold at bay, either way both Monday and Tuesday were made even better by green juices made up of kale, spinach, apple, lime and ginger.  Winter come and get me!

6.  Socks with pyjamas.  Yes my friends life has moved up a gear over here at Tangle Towers.  You know it's officially on the wrong side of Winter when I'm wearing socks and slippers.  But the coziness is worth it and lately we're all about the nothing but!

7.  Eucalyptus leaf.  Because lately i can't seem to find a flower i want to have around inside somehow.  Emergency measures were taken and i've now scattered a few springs of fresh eucalyptus stems around and about.  Not only is the smell a little magical, but that little flash of green is just the ticket!

8.  Turtle necks. The second cousin of Eighties favourite The Polo Neck I guess?  I've sort of fallen a little bit in love with them this season.  I'm a massive lover of a good polo-neck come this time of year.  I'm forever cold and there's nothing i love more than tucking a polo neck underneath my favourite dresses, tucked into a-line denim skirts with a little sheepskin {when i think I'm all Farrah Fawcett sassy pants} or i've even been known to layer them under a chunky knit too.  Sometimes, sometimes though, i can get just a bit too......itchy and warm!?!  So this year i dipped my toe head into the turtle neck-trend that's been whizzing about and let me tell you, i've hardly had the two i've bought off.  I've a soft rose pink one with a scalloped detail to each sleeve and around the bottom and a rusty brown ribbed one and they are the bees knees!  I'm sure it wont be long before i crack out the big guns polo necks too though.....

9.  Hot water bottles.  The time has come my friends.  Before this week it's been a hot water bottle here, an odd one there and only if i've really needed it.  Now it's November we've somehow rocketted into taking one to bed every single night without question.  I even considered making two last night:  One for my feet and one to nestle between my knees and tum.  Is there anything cosier?!

10.  No mascara days.  Truth be told I'd have them all of the time if my eyelashes and and eyebrows weren't so blonde and silly.  Without mascara or any kind of effort in the eye area i could quite easily be mistaken for a boiled egg or a bald eagle.  But when I'm not at work anything goes and sometimes it's nice to be able to rub your eyes without fear of you resembling a panda that's been in quite the scuffle.  Just saying.....
*   *   * 
And we're DONE!   Don't forget to bob on over to Jo, Helen, Michelle, Sarah, Kate, Cat, Sam, El , Kerri's, Mimmi's, Martina's AND lovely Isabelle's blogs to read what little bit of lovely have been making them happy this week.  Also don't forget to share what's been making YOU smile.  Either by leaving a sweet comment below orrrrr by joining in with the chit-chat online using the #wonderfulwednesday tag!  I'm @sallytangle everywhere!

Wednesday, 2 November 2016

Wonderful Wednesday #142

{It's the most wonderful time of the year!}
Is it just me or are we dangerously/deliciously teetering on the very edge of Winter all of a sudden?!  There's been the brightest, mistiest of mornings this week - the kind where the colder air catches in your throat when you leave the house and your first few breaths wisp and swirl out in front of you.  Dear Autumn, you've barely begun and i fear that you're almost leaving us already.  Can you have a word with Winter please?  Let it be known that we all wish for the brightest dazzling days of cold and not the soggy miserable kind please?  Thanks.  

Where were we?!  Oh of course the HAPPY........

1.  Nutmeg. Or more to the point nutmeg stirred into a little bubbling pan of porridge alongside a generous shake of cinnamon.  Autumn in a bowl! Especially with a heavy-handed drizzle each of maple syrup and creamy cinnamon cashew nut butter and a big sprinkling of toasted seeds.  I might not be able to 'top' this combo....see what i did there?!

2. Fleeting morning light.  Brought about by the clocks skipping back an hour at the weekend.  Sure that extra light has had me scampering around in a panic most mornings this week, convinced that i must be late because it was far too light than it had been.  Actually it's really rather lovely being able to eat my breakfast in daylight and see out of the windows before leaving the house.  Even if it won't last....

3.  Sleep.  After seven days in a row {as of yesterday - Tuesday} at Monsoon Towers this week has been all about the 'Zzz's.'  If sleeping was an Olympic sport I'd have medals galore for sure.  It's not unlike me to think about the following evenings sleep and to be excited about it even before that day itself has barely begun and i've barely opened my little eyes.  I just love the stuff.  And this time of year it's the delicious heavy-headed, wrapped in your warmest PJ's with hot water bottle rested under your tummy kind that is nothing other than total bliss.  Are you with me?!

4.  Lemon, Honey and ginger.  Sipped first thing on a frosty-feelin' morning this week when you feel like you're on the verge of some kind of 'somethin'-somethin'.  And not in a good way!  It's fixing 'it' for now though so.....

5.  Morning mist.  The kind where you just know that it wont be all too long before it's more frost than mist but admire it's prettiness all of the same.  On a clear blue and dazzling bright morning it sort of makes you glad to be alive as much as it makes you long to be back in bed!

6.  A jolly good rummage through a box full to bursting of hats, gloves and scarves and imagining wearing each and every one even if {in reality} you know you'll probably live in your favourite one hat, one scarf and one pair of gloves like always.  I flippin' love autumn/winter knits and i think this week might be the week to crack out the winter coat too.....

7.  Sponge and custard.  Because there's no other pudding that quite gives your little tummy a hug like it.  Warm willow pattern bowls were cradled on Monday evening and their contents made last as long was as physically possible since neither of us wished the moment over.  We smothered stem ginger and syrup sponge pudding with the yellowest of and most vanillary-speckled of custards and felt warm and rose-y inside and out for hours afterwards.  

8.  Lighting a new candle.  One that fills the living room and hall with a heady spice with deep amber-y notes and is just the right side of being not too sweet for this time of year.  Must resist the urge to stockpile the blighters incase i run out.  Is it weird or candle-obsessive to always have your next candle ready to go?!  Heaven help a non-candle evening in November!

9.  Falling asleep in the middle of the bed, star-shaped with a hot water bottle when the Mr decides he's finishing watching whatever nonsense it is that is more important than sleep itself {FYI nothing for me!} on the television and i get the luxury that is ALL of the room!

10.  A total stranger telling me that they read my blog.  It was the BEST start to Tuesday whilst also being ever so slightly embarrassing!  Thank you lovely lady in M&S who *probably* thought i was ever so weird buying beetroot at 8:30am in the morning...

*  *  * 

And we're done!  This happy list just kept on-a-coming!  I darent tell you how many times i sit down and think 'ARGH WHAT IF I CAN'T THINK OF ANYTHIIIIING?!?!'.  Except i always do, always.  It's the best 'reset button' for my mid-week and a tip-top reminder in amongst even the hardest, longest, most-tired-feelin' or tricky weeks that ACTUALLY there is always some kind of little lovely somewhere.  
Because there is never enough lovely on a Wednesday, don't forget to bob on over to Jo, Helen, Michelle, Sarah, Kate, Cat, Sam, El , Kerri's, Mimmi's, Martina's AND lovely Isabelle's blogs to read all about the very best bits of their respective weeks.  I'm excited to be off on Wednesday this week and I'm looking forward to drinking many mugs of tea and catching up with each and every one!


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