Wednesday, 25 January 2017

Wonderful Wednesday #154

{Two wheeled adventuring!}
 Hi-de-hi and the devil do you do?!  You join me this week still not very much knowing if I'm coming or going BUT at least feeling a whole lot better about the fact!  I'm not too sure if this is a good or bad thing.  I'm cream crackered and mightily looking forward to my day off tomorrow where there will {predictably} be tea, crumpets and lots of cushions.  Oh and some two-wheeled kind of adventure so if you could cross each and everything crossable that it neither snows or rains then that might be nice.  Have i got much else to report?!  Not really.  I've been mostly waking, eating, working, eating and sleeping.  Oh and wearing a jumper i couldn't really justify but justifying it by the sole fact that it's a jumper and it's cold over in this country more than it's warm. Oh and i'll probably wear it with my pyjamas too i love it so much.  So there you see:  a dual purpose, highly practical purchase i did not need.  If i tell you that it's also SO soft, is a perfectly dusky pink AND has sleeves you can only dream about?!?  Then is it OK?  IS IT?!?!?

Let's get listin'........

1.  Peppermint tea.  You know me and my tea and it's true that Lady Grey will always have my heart as my every day pick me up and what i reach for first thing in the morning BUT there's always a place for Peppermint tea and lately with a bit of a nervous 'so much going on' and a tad of a stress-y tum' mixed in with a lot of eating too fast and trying to do too damned much, well it's been Peppermint tea the rescue lately!

2.  Sleeping in your own bed.  I feel like I've been all over the world lately - i haven't; but nights here and there away and a little bit of a mixed up routine {and you know me and my routine by now - am i 80 already?!} makes you realise quite how much you treasure your very own bed and your very own pillows {!!!}, quilt and too many cushions.  

3.  Friends.  And more to the point those friends that, rightly or wrongly or just because life often gets in the way and moves to flippin' floppin' fast you don't get to see or talk to nearly enough.  The kind that when you do, it's like no time has passed whatsoever.  There the extra special ones worth holding onto, fact.

4.  Cobbled together 'end of the month' lunches - especially the January kind - AKA as the   l-o-n-g-e-s-t   month in the whole wide world - that actually turn out to be the bees knees!  Leftover oatcakes, a pot of houmous and a random collection of red pepper, chopped carrot and tenderstem broccoli that had seen better days and were lurking in the salad draw at the bottom of the fridge.  

5.   The feeling of being on the very brink of a new season.  And especially that season being Spring.  I always forget each year that actually after Christmas, in Britain we actually still have rather a large chunk of our Winter still to come!  As soon as that Christmas tree has come down, the walls have been de-paper chained and all the Christmas gifts have been tidily put away and the mince pies have been finished; I'm ready for Spring.  Even of lately it's felt a little too soon to be Spring, you can't help but love all of the little signs each and every way you turn.  I picked up my first bunch of daffodils this week and I'm also excited for the ones i planted in tubs in our little garden to peak their yellow heads through soon.  I've all but finished the cinnamon-ey spiced candles i've been burning constantly over the past few months and i've already got a couple of lighter, fresher candles ready and raring to go.  Roll on Spring!

6.  Late-night supper-shaped treats.  I'll forever be a snacker.  Some how i function better on smaller meals more often with a few things to munch thrown in for good measure.  But the other evening, despite eating a pretty big dinner, i was starving!  I'm a big believer in listening to my tummy and knew that i wouldn't sleep well if i went to bed hungry.  I had the yummiest toasted teacake with marmalade and a big mug of camomile tea and had the greatest night sleep because of it!  That reminds me......i must get some Hot Cross Buns....

7.  Magical Rose Gold Boots.  My kind of sale buy and the sort of boot i can probably count on one hand the amount of times I'll probably wear them BUT when they are reduced from £69 to £15 i couldn't really argue could i?!  I've already worn them once and i felt a *little* but like a super hero.  Now that's hardly a bad thing is it?!

8.  Pinterest.  It's been SUCH a long, long time since i had time to sit and pin and wile away some time simply letting myself be inspired.  Which reminds me i must try and find which box my mood-boards are in {remember those?!}.  The other evening i did nothing but sit and scroll through Pinterest and do you know what?!  It was LOVELY.  

9.  Looking forward.  I know i know one should never wish life away BUT it's been so very long since the Mr and i had a Sunday off together but this weekend we shall!  I'm so excited for a yummy breakfast {maybe pancake-shaped?} a wander somewhere green and a big dinner and a sneaky dessert made together.  Oh and maybe an afternoon film.  Sometimes it's the silliest little things...

*  *  *
And i think i'm done you know!  Don't you dare forget to hop-scotch your little selves right on over to  Jo, Helen, Michelle, Sarah, Kate, Cat, Sam, El , Kerri's, Mimmi's, Martina's AND lovely Isabelle   for more #wonderfulwednesday -shaped action and bundles of great and good things about everyones weeks.  I've been savouring January's posts like gold dust - surely it's the gloomiest, most sorry feeling month and what better than taking time to find the very best bits of it?!?!  
Happy mid-week all! 

Wednesday, 18 January 2017

Wonderful Wednesday #153

{If you look up sometimes you can pretend it's Spring...}
I'm having one of 'those' weeks.  One that I'm sure my mum would describe as 'just feeling that way out.'  I'm feeling every kind of emotion under the entire sun mixed in with a jolly great dose of tired {worked seven days in a row as of today *puts head in fridge*} and the impending stress that comes from planning going to a wedding {of which I'm honoured to be a bridesmaid for} this coming weekend and a funeral next weekend - which as you can imagine isn't quite as exciting.  I've cried twice in the last twenty-four hours and once was just because i couldn't get all of my stuff back in my locker at work.... 

SO as you can imagine, i need this little list of good and great and ruddy BRIGHT like i need oxygen, no jokes!  Hold on tight.....

1.  Tapestry-shaped bargains.  You know, one of those 'I've been searching my whole life for ____ and then all of a sudden there it is, there right there it's so cheap it's almost free!'  Well in reality they don't happen very often.  I'm a fussy bean, especially when it comes to house things.  What i want {or nine times out of ten have 'imagined' or 'Pinned'} is too expensive or something i can never ever find!  I often tell myself I'll 'make' something instead.  But then i remember real life is, well real life and in reality {and especially at this dark, daaark feeling time of year} i come home, eat tea, shower and sleep {and repeat!} so i never do.  This week i found a ginormous cream and grey woven wall tapestry with tassels and the tiniest little bit of glitter woven through in a soft blue and grey and.  I.  Fell.  In.  Love.  I was convinced it would be a million pounds since there was no visible price tag or label.  On popping to the till i discovered it was meant to be £99 and was reduced to........£19.99!!!!!!  I snatched it and ran!  Read:  Rolled it up as small as i could get it and balanced it all the way home across my handle bars in the rain.  It wasn't my finest moment but i was too giddy and delirious with my bargain that i hardly cared!!!!

2.  Chocolate porridge.  Yes oh yes I'm back, back back well and truly on the porridge bus now - all cold weather breakfast-shaped normality has resumed all!  You can find the recipe for this delightful concoction HERE from a million years ago - and i haven't changed up the recipe at all.  All i do know is that it's the perfect 'get-me-up' on what has already felt like the longest, darkest, greyest and soggiest week that there ever was.  It's also really helping curb those 'a couple of chocolates a day' habit i seemed to have picked up over Christmas.....

3.  Birdsong in the mornin'.  Anything to brighten said doom and gloom of morning-ness!  Lately though, even if it is the tiniest amount more light in the morning come this time of year, the birds are definitely all over that one.  Just incase we all sleep through and forget its day time at ALL due to the general grey cloud that is a-lingering. I'm rather enjoying listening to their sing-songing as i wash my face and get ready for another day.  If that extra few hours of light could just hurry along quick-march too now that would be marvellous.  Thanks.

4.  A good mascara day.  I think I'm probably the worst person in the whole wide world at anything make-up related.  And no matter what, one side of somewhere is always better than the other side of something.  Alas, symmetry is also not my friend.  So when a day arises when both eyes look almost identical and really rather good, it's worth noting; shallow as it may be!

5.  Peppermint tea.  For being a lifesaver ALL of the time.  But especially for a girl who is forever rushing, guzzling, hurrying and worrying - generally all at the same time no less - it's a tea that pretty much has magical properties to calm, settle and relax my insides all in one go.  

6.  Parcels/presents.  I think i've spoken about this before.  I received my little Lush treat order last Saturday and have worked every day since.  I'm eagerly saving it for tomorrow until i open it because it's my day off and it's like opening a little present.  I never ever open anything i order online until my next available day off.  Am i weird...?!

7.  Candles.  But not just candles:  Lighting all of the candles all over the place not only for all of the lovely dancing light and general cosiness BUT for all of the soft, waft-y smells and how lovely it all smells when you're all curled up with tea and something lovely to watch.

8.  The Great Interior Design Challenge.  I can never ever manage to watch all of this series since as it's on every single night {?} i think.  I find it hard to commit to watching something once a week at the best of times!  But this show is a little guilty/not guilty pleasure.  It makes me think that one day my extraordinary 'talent' for 'faffing' and 'tittivating' {as my mum used to call it when i lived at home!} might one day actually turn into a career.....

9.   Goldfrapp's 'Super Nature' album.  You've gotta' love a good old fashioned IPod shuffle am i right?!  This album is still one of my very favourites and has me wanting to swish and swoosh about in flares, platforms and wear glittery eye make-up and put stars on my cheeks.  

10.  The thought of a day off {tomorrow, Wednesday} after an almighty seven whole days in a row.  No further explanation is required i feel...

*  *  *

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 Happy-mid week'in!

Wednesday, 11 January 2017

Wonderful Wednesday #152

{Edinburgh being...Edinburgh a couple of weeks ago}
Bonjour one and all!  How do i find you?!  I mean i've had one whole day at work this week after having Friday to Sunday booked off for a hen weekend and that one day?!  Well i am EXHAUSTED.  I cleverly booked Monday as a days holiday realising that i might appreciate the extra day off to catch up with myself.  Might have been the wisest move ever.  It was luckily icy cold and sunshine-y and getting out in the fresh air and taking it a little slower after a long sleep was just the ticket.  One day back at work though and i feel like I'm still catching up on.....myself?!  

I need these good and great things to power me through i think.... 

1. Sleep.  And largely the realisation that without it, you are in fact a real life, living and breathing monster!  I'm not sure how but rather regularly at university I'd survive on five hours a night.  Five hours a night was considered plenty, enough and a good amount of sleep to function.  Now anything less than seven or eight and I'm a gremlin!  What can i say you're used to what you're used to.  Last weekend i was away for one of my best friends Hen weekends and naturally not much sleep was had.  By Sunday night when i was back home i could have actually cried i was so very tired.  Booking Monday off after the weekend might have been my finest idea in a while...

2.  Porridge.  Because *whispers* things have gone a little quiet on the porridge front over at Tangle Towers!  Shock! Horror!  Okay I'll admit that the only real reason is laziness/tiredness and over the Christmas period; once things really got chaotic at work i took every single second of sleep that i could over anything else.  Yes even over breakfast!  *covers face*  I survived on sourdough crumpets slathered in nut butter with hastily chopped banana and a seedy sprinkle.  Just as yummy but ready a little quicker than my porridge-y concoctions!  This week i jumped right back aboard and made one of my very favourite porridge flavour combos:  Spiced oats {half a teaspoon each of cinnamon, All Spice and nutmeg added before everything else} with almond milk and topped with cinnamon cashew butter and Chai seeds.  It did not disappoint!  And deep down inside i felt a *little* bit like a superhero!  Huzzah!

3.  Singing.  I don't sing enough.  It relaxes me, somehow switches off all of the silly nonsense in my little head and generally just makes me feel a bit snazzy!  I'm not bad but then i also don't think I'm very good either but when you just want to sing softly and gently or as loud and as powerful as your little lungs will let you at home then i don't think being good really counts.  Everyone should sing.  Fact.

4.  Journey-ing. So i mentioned that i scampered off for one of my best friends Hen weekends last weekend and I'd forgotten quite how nice it was to travel solo on a train.  Nothing but the smudged trees, roads, towns and villages to watch and your very own carefully curated playlist or a good book.  Whilst I'd hate to be someone who has to travel by train for long amounts of time, all of the time; once in a while it can be a little bit of treat.

5.  Potato wedges.  So here's the truth, I'm not really much of a potato person *waits for a gasp that might shake the world and the sun, moon and stars too*.  Truth is, if there's a potato side to go with something I'm more likely to have more fish, meat or vegetables.  I mean I'll have a bit but I'm not too fussed about the...fuss?!  But then a few weeks ago the Mr said that he fancied making potato wedges to go along side something.  I was indifferent.  Until i tasted them.  I do not know what the bobbins he does to said potatoes BUT i confess to you right now that i could eat a plate of the crispy skinned, herby, a-little-bit-fluffy wonders for my tea with nothing other than flaked sea salt and black pepper.  We've already planned them into this weeks meals once.....and i genuinely worry it might not be enough for me!

6.  Adele.  I feel as if this should really be a sub-point to number three.  It's all i've been singing.  In the shower, in the morning pottering about before work and sometimes even in the queue for the self-service till in M&S at lunchtime.  SOMETIMES when there isn't even any music to sing along too.  Truth is whilst i love Adele's voice, listening to her a lot can be somewhat....melancholy...?!  But i could sing to her over and over and never get bored.  So thanks Adele, you've saved my 'sometimes lost feeling' little soul these past few days.

7.  Red pepper and walnut dip.  I wish I'd thought about it myself but alas, it's an M&S special - like a great deal of most things are really.  We ate it slathered on sweetcorn falafels which were piled into wholemeal pittas with a little rocket. There may or may not have been a potato wedge or two involved.  PS:  Potato wedges + red pepper and walnut dip = YUM. 

8.  Self care.  Wait, i feel all....preachy/smug/.....pinterest-y calling it that but one of the things i promised to myself {not the rest of the world because i can't be jiggered with this 'resolution-shaped' jiggery pokery} was to be kinder to myself and look after myself a little bit better.  So after feeling a little bit tired and sorry for myself i spent Monday relaxing:  a little yoga, a long overdue bike ride and a little online Lush order which I'm beyond excited to receive!  

9.  Friends.  Of all kinds but mostly the kind that you haven't seen for years and {shamefully} years but when you do, nothing has really changed at all.  There the people you need to hold onto tight.

10.  Late night toasted teacakes with salty butter and bitter marmalade.
*  *  *

And just like that we're done!  Don't forget to pop right on over to these fab gals>>>>>{Jo, Helen, Michelle, Sarah, Kate, Cat, Sam, El , Kerri's, Mimmi's, Martina's AND lovely Isabelle} and have a good read at their very own #wonderfulwednesday posts.  And join in with the chit-chat over on Twitter and Instagram by tagging your very own best bits of your weeks so far.  I'm @sallytangle on everything !!!
Happy half way through the week!

Wednesday, 4 January 2017

Wonderful Wednesday #151

 {Pleased that the weather is once again - as it should be!}

Happy new year to one and all!  Welcome right aboard the very first #wonderfulwednesday of 2017 {hands up who's still writing 2016 and probably will be until t least March?!}.  I love the feeling of a new year:  New calendar, a lovely new diary with clean pages and room for new plans and things to do and no sunflower seeds stuck between its pages.  The thought that you can draw a line under anything that's now in the past and are forced - in a good way - to only look forward.  Is there a better time to be alive write a list of happy?!?!

1.  The '9-6'.  You know me, i love a little routine but the truth is -  as I'm sure to some extent everyone can relate to - whilst i love Christmas, it plays an almighty havoc with my usual working hours and some how all of the days just merge into one from the middle of December onwards.  How lovely it's been to have a little bit more routine in my week.  Oh and that extra hour in bed each morning hasn't gone amiss either...

2.  Freshness.  Largely in food i mean but i have been enjoying my walks into work as well as back home of an evening whilst the Mr finished off his little Christmas hols - you can't beat a brisk icy walk first thing to blow off the cobwebs and clear your mind ready for the day ahead.  In other fresh-related news {i write this whilst my *aherm* pizza is in the oven *AHERM*} a craving of all most things fresh always comes after the inevitable chocolate, mince pie or anything confectionery or cake-based diet you can't help but fall into over the festive period.  It turns out less about meals and more just a gentle 'grazing' on anything and 'everythings' throughout the day almost as if you are due to go into hibernation!  If only!  No i've been enjoying adding lime and lemon to all kinds of things, still gobbling up as many clementines as i can and generally eating alot more fresh fruit and vegetables. Yes it might be healthier but truth is, I'm actually just craving the stuff.  I even ate a whole avocado with a spoon the other day.  Can't remember the last time i did that...

3.  Extra light.  It only feels like a few weeks back that i was lamenting over how lovely it was to cosy up with all of the candles and draw back the curtains and fins any excuse to drink an extra couple of mulled 'anythings' BUT lately it's been all about noticing that little extra light in the morning as i amble to work or the fact that it's still only 'just' light come half-past three.  I am more than ready for Spring!  I seem to have forgotten that the British winter is really only just beginning...

4.  New Jams.  Yes you read right.  Not even the 'cool tunes' kind.  No, no you heard me we're talking jam jams.  It's become a little bit of a tradition - our annual Fortnum & Mason hamper from the Mr's family and i've secretly started to look forward to it each year.  We try and save most of it for January.  Not least because it's often the longest feeling month ever!  We've got so many lovely jams and preserves and biscuits to see us into the dreariest month of them all.  Now i've just got to get some lovely things to spread them on.....crumpet anyone?!

5.  Family.  I wont dwell too much on this little spot - seen as it's all about the happy and less about the teary times BUT i lost someone very special to me over Christmas, quite out of the blue.   And the past few days between Christmas and New Year have really taught me how very special family are and more than that, how lucky i am that mine are the best that there ever was.  If there's ever a time to really appreciate what you've got and to not dwell on the sad times, it really is now.

6.  A newly trimmed fringe.  From the deep to the downright daft-but-true this week!  You can't beat a fringe trim.  Especially a DIY one {there's something ever so satisfying/terrifying about trimming your own fringe} and more than that one that turns out so neat and tidy and changes your face and makes you considerably more 'tidy' and less 'raggamuffin.' 

7.  That 'new start' feelin'.  You can't beat it.  Like changing the bed, buying new jeans or....orrrrrr washing your hair {?!?} there's something quite cathartic about wiping the slate clean and knowing that a whole new year lies ahead of you.  I'm not one for great resolutions or grand gestures.  This year i want to do two things:  Be more grateful and be kinder.  And that's to others and my little self!   

And I'm DONE! A little sorry goes out to my little online 'family' lately - or the past month or so in fact.  I've been a little absent and haven't had the best time BUT I'm more than ready to start 2017 with a big deep breath and a vow to keep this little tradition alive and know that more than ever, it's these little moments of happiness in the vast expanse of that thing we call 'Life' that are more important than ever before.  Know that even if i don;t say it to you personally, if you've got to here and you've been reading each post or even if it's the very first #wonderfulwednesday you've cast your peepers over; know that i am grateful and truly thankful to you. 
JUST incase this little jumbled ramble of {mostly} happy isn't quite enough, don't froget to skip on over to my little #wonderfulwedensday team' very own happy lists {Jo, Helen, Michelle, Sarah, Kate, Cat, Sam, El , Kerri's, Mimmi's, Martina's AND lovely Isabelle} and share along with what's been lighting up their own little weeks.


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