Sunday, 20 May 2012

Im Feeling Moody

Although i love my moodboarding, i have been a terror during my week off this week and just cut bits and pieces from every which where and had them dotted about our little cupboard-y flat that i thought it was high time i started sticking them down before the Mr ate them. 

You can't get away from the pyjama-ey type trend that is all over the shop(s) at the moment, and ideas are forming so that i can somehow interpret my little version of it.  For SS12 Isabel Marant was queen of this trend and it didn't take long for the high street to jump all over it.  

On my all time lust list; along with the rest of the world i imagine is most definitely the Wisteria Print blazer from Whistles.  I can just imagine wearing it over all my printed dresses or with my Meg Matthews for Liberty of London scarf tied around my waist and a long black maxi dress…..or with my slouchy printed culottes and a white peter-pan collar blouse….

For now i shall bring out my old Topshop printed trousers…and the Mr will ask me if i am going out in my pyjamas again and laugh.  Stranger things have happened you know.

*Wisteria Print images courtesy of Google Images (Thanks).

Oh. It's Raining Again.

It really shouldn't come as so much of a surprise to you that i am quite fussy.  With most things. I used to think i wasn't but then i thought about it and yes, yes i am.  Fragrance is no exception. 

It's not very often that rain is a good thing.  Except maybe if you are a plant, or a duck.  And if you are UK dwelling, you will know that recently we have all had our fair share of too much rain!  

This Rain is a fragrance which was about a fair few years ago now, around 2008 i think.  It was part of a new Marc Jacobs Splash range, along with Cucumber and Lemon.  These fragrances are EDT and lighter to wear than a perfume, so perfect for the day.  And for me as i don't like to think people keel over as i waft past them.  Rain was easily the most popular of the Splash collection, and it was also limited edition and nigh on impossible to get hold of.  Priced at £45 for a whopping 300ml bottle (that's big) it was also great value for money. 

I am always a little bit cagey about buying perfumes from fashion brands, rather than perfumiers.  But Marc Jacobs have never disappointed me.  Their fragrances are imaginative, have a real identity on the high street and have real staying power too.  

Rain really does smell like rain.  Of wet cut grass, with hints of strawberry, and maybe clementines, with just a touch of orchid.  Although it is described as a floral, it realy is quite fresh and not overly sweet at all.   

But yep it was limited edition, and i missed the Rain boat big time and settled for second best (in my books) and treated myself to Marc Jacobs Fig Splash EDT about two years ago.  This has always been my goto summer perfume.  Its unisex but light, fresh, a little bit floral but with cyprus and fig-gy undertones.  And it has real staying power.  I resigned myself to wearing my Fig in Summer and my Philosophy Falling in Love EDP in Winter.
Until now.

March Jacobs have re-launched the splash collection!! And from April this year, you can now buy 100ml bottles of Hibiscus, Kumquat and Rain for a really rather reasonable £29. 
Over.  The.  Moon. I hope now that this is a permanent edition and everyone doesn't go all mad and buy it all. Because i still have a quarter of my Fig Splash left and i'm sort of still wearing Philosophy;  it not really acting an awful lot like Summer around here lately and all that jazz.   

Friday, 18 May 2012

Liberty Loves Me


I have been going a little bit collar-crazy for a little while now.  I have said it before, and i am saying it again - we have all gone a little bit Geek Chic -  what with big black rimmed glasses, satchels and brogues making an appearance on all the runways and then eventually down onto the high street.  

I adore my brogues, and i love my beautiful satchel shaped bag, but one thing i have really embraced from this trend, is most definitely The Collar.  While i have had no problems finding blouses, T-shirts and tops with lovely peter pan collars, much to my delight.  I did have trouble finding any nice little detachable collars.

As you will know if you stop by here quite often, i like to be able to do a lot with what i wear, and i thought, if i could get a lovely detachable little fabric collar, i could turn all of my favourite blouses, T-shirts and tops into tops with collars.  And even better, wear them with all my favourite dresses aswell.  

Nowhere impressed me.  I tried ASOS.  Topshop.  Dorothy Perkins.  Ebay.  Boohoo.  House of Fraser.  Everywhere.  And although i came across numerous necklace-y collars (definitely much more necklace than collar), nothing really set my heart alight.  So i thought i would have a nosey on Etsy…

I was amazed at how many lovely handmade collars there were that i got a bit lost in them.  Then i thought, imagine how lovely it would be if you could have a fabric collar made in Liberty fabric?! If you don't know by now, i am a little obsessed with Liberty.
And then i found Katiebcrafts.  What makes this little tale so much more sweet (and made me quite excited!).  Is that i came across Katie completely by accident.  And i actually used to work with her at the lovely Monsoon Towers many many moons ago!

Katie uses Liberty fabric in all her crafting escapades, and that can be anything from dresses, gift-y bits and pieces and customisations.  Like her beautiful Liberty  Pocket Tees for Welcome Skate Store in Leeds.  

I cannot put into words how very in love i am with my little collar, and it has received many many compliments as well.  I paid £10 for my handmade Liberty fabric collar and got to choose two fabrics, so that the collar was reversible (Mileage! Mileage!) so i chose two quite different prints, a dark and a light.  The collar is beautifully stitched and fastens with a beautiful little pearlised button in the centre.  And its just the perfect finishing touch to anything - dress, jumper, blouse, collar-less coat.  
You can find Katie on Etsy and also follow through Instagram under 'Katiecostume.'  She is also working on a website aswell.  Where (i hope) you will be able to buy many more lovely Liberty bits and pieces.  But you better be quick….before i get there first!


Thursday, 17 May 2012

Outfits: Picking Strawberries

No i am not actually dressed for picking strawberries!! It is far far too wet up here in not so sunny Cumbria to be doing any of that.  But when i put these two bits together, i instantly thought i wouldnt look out of place donning some navy and white spotted gardening gloves!! And maybe a nice little V&A printed trowel…

I am losing my way again.  I was flicking through my mood boards and updating them this morning, as it poured down outside, and i came across the one pictured above.  And so that is kind of where the idea and colour inspiration for popping the floral blouse underneath my new playsuit came.  And my spotty Accessorize headband is as turban-ey as i get.  I do suppose it is a little bit 1970's too.  The pictures above are just so lovely as they are all in tones of navy and blues but with soft prints altogether.  Somehow they just work really well.  

I thought it might be quite nice to sometimes pop snippets of my Mood boards in with my outfit posts, just so you can see where i'm coming from.  

I couldn't not put my lovely Liberty of London watch on with this little ensemble.  And my blue skull ring again…oops. Well i like it.   

I must make sure i do not wear my lovely new Topshop playsuit tommorrow again as well.  That would be three times this week already!  But i think its interesting to see that you can do so much more than just…put it on as is?  So many times people are put off buying a playsuit, jumpsuit or similar as they think you can't do very much with them.  I hope i am living proof that they can be more than you would think.  I am quite excited at the prospect of tying a scarf round my neck under the collar in a big bow (a little bit Johnny Depp in Alice in Wonderland?! Mad Hatter?!) or wearing my huge cosy black and white spotty jumper over the top with a little belt round.  Oh or with some navy blue and cream ankle socks and bare legs….one day.

But maybe i will pop it away for a little bit now. 


Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Outfits: Chanel-ling Flowers

I keep thinking i should just make this blog all about Outfits…i can't deny they are my favourite kinds of posts!!  So i am sneaking one in this little space…

Well today i rocked my new favourite Topshop skirt.  Before we go any further, although i am still very new to the blogosphere, i always read on peoples outfit posts that they feel bad for repeating pieces in outfit posts….get used to it here!!  I don't like to think that people ever see me wearing the exact same thing over and over again, and i never would.  But the beauty about clothes are that you can do so so many things with them.  I like to think that i often repeat myself…but i wear it differently each time.  To me its almost a challenge!  I hang something up on the wall (the deciding place), and think 'Yep i want to wear that again' but what can i do with it this time?

It can be as simple as putting a different colour of tights with it…layering something underneath…wearing it with stronger accesories….or maybe wearing a hat….doing my hair differently…..picking out a different colour to put with it.  All those things can completely change the way the outfit looks.
Yep so aaanyway i digress.  For months now i seem to wearing my little tweedy Monsoon blazer with everything.  So much so that i forgot what other lovely little jackets i have got!!  I have never been a fan of big, hairy, woolly coats - even in the Winter.  I would much rather wear three tops, mittens and a bobble hat…even two pairs of tights!!  I think it's because i am always on the go.  Either on Willow, or running about around town.  And i spend a large proportion of my working life up ladders, or dashing about finding co-ordinating jewellery or shoes, bag et all to go with items for customers.  It's nice to have the option to remove things if you need to!!

I fell in love with this jacket when we got two returned at work and we didn't normally stock them.  Its a little bit Chanel-esque, and i love the big bow!! I am not a very dressy person, but this can be worn quite dressy too.  Or just with skinny cords and pumps.  It has mileage!! And i am all about the fashion mileage!!
Underneath my lovely little skirt this time, i popped a playsuit.  Which is a bit mad.  And a bit un-toilet friendly!! You've got to be good at crossing your legs in this get up!!  I will probably do a post showing the whole playsuit, but i love it so much!! I got it Topshop sale for £15, reduced from £48….a steal!! I loved it from the word go.  And now i love it so much more a) because it was £15 and b) because they have tons of them left.  Which means i am not very likely to see anyone else wearing it anytime soon.  

I harp on about matching your prints carefully; about choosing similar colour groups, about not being too fussy etc etc.  I only think this works because one print is far far fussier than the other.  Even though they are miles apart colour-wise.  

The ring is another Topshop sale bargain.  I am loving skulls at the moment. My love began on my birthday last year with my Meg Matthew's for Liberty of London silk scarf.  Sort of toughens up the outfit.  And doesn't really go.  That's why it sort of does.  

Then i went all Sister Sister on my feet again.  Just to pop a little bit of colour at the bottom.  
And put my hair in a pony tail instead of my usual scruffy bun..ish.  Just for a change.  But its still a little bit scruffy somehow.  

Really don't think i suit being neat and polished.  I don't feel comfortable unless i am a little bit dishevelled!!

* Please note, full outfit details available in Outfits section.   

Thursday, 3 May 2012

Super Guilty

If i could type at the same time, right now i would be hanging my head in a little bit of shame.  But if i did i would probably spill my Lady Grey, or bang my head on the keyboard of the Mr's pretty Mac.  Or mis-spell more than normal.  

I have been in a predicament for a little while. For some strange and unknown reason i have become more aware of my skin and skincare and how my skin looks.  I really am not sure why.  But i started to think about my skincare, and if i am still using the right bits and bobs on my skin to make it look as best it can.  I vary my actual skincare regime…ish, but not dramatically and thats only season-dependent.  

When i was younger i never really knew what i was doing and used to have grotty oily skin which used to get breakouts and just looked awful whatever i put on it.  I used to hardly ever moisturise because i could never get a moisturiser that didn't make me look like i'd given myself a good dust and polish with half a can of Mr Sheen!    I was also pretty clueless how much what you eat and drink can do to your skin and so i didn't really pay much attention to that either.  

However i moved away from home, found my feet in most aspects of my life, and stumbled upon Lush.  Ever since using their products, my skin has compleeetely turned around. I use Ultrabland to remove my makeup, Angels on Bare Skin to cleanse and exfoliate my skin, and Imperialis to moisturise.  And for the last two years or so, or at least since it has been invented, i have used Lush Colour Supplement in Light Pink as a Foundation.  

(It is also worth mentioning that i also eat quite healthily and drink at least 1.5litres of water a day, and also sleep a lot more and a lot better than i ever used to).  

For those who do not know what i am wittering about, Lush Colour Supplement is a gentle cream based product with natural rose petal infusion, soya and rice bran oils inside.  Basically Lush' answer to makeup.  You can wear it neat, by blending onto your skin after moisturising.  Or as a tinted moisturiser by mixing in with your usual moisturiser and applying.  
Now the fact that i have used it for almost two years tells you it is not a bad product.  It gives a very light coverage, is really easy to blend and is very natural, plus it is a fab price point at £7.95.  The only downsides are that it doesn't last too long on the skin, especially if you are a busy bee like me;  there are not many shades to choose from, and if your skin isn't already in relatively good nick, it doesn't do very much to make it look too much better.  But its massive selling point to me, like all other Lush Products, are that it is 100% organic, fresh, and handmade, and ultimately fairly and ethically produced.  

Clinique is probably not.  Well actually i don't know that.  But i couldn't find very much on that kind of thing on their website.  But i am ashamed to say that i am back on the Clinique foundation.  I used it for a brief spell before my skin got lots better and before Lush did makeup.  And i was very impressed.  And i really hate to say it, but i am once again impressed.  I had a chat with a lovely girl who recommended i go for Superbalanced, the one that replaces a foundation they used to use, called Superfit.  

Priced at £21.50, it is a lot more expensive than Lush' Colour Supplement.  Having said that, i used a mere dot this morning.  Clinique Superbalanced is described as 'a great equaliser for skin'.  It claims to give moderate coverage, be long wearing and to balance oily and combination skin.  

And it does all of the above and more.  It goes on really easily, and makes me look like i am not really wearing makeup.  And i can really easily build it up for a night out, or wear very little for through the day.  It really helps conceal my pores, which are still 101 scrubs away from not being there anymore.  (Apparently they reduce in your late twenties/early thirties). 

I wait with breath that is baited. 

But truth is i feel really awful about it.  And i don't know if that just makes me a wally.  I feel almost as if it has beaten me!! I just feel so much more confident wearing the Clinique foundation.  Most people say i have got good skin.  But i feel so much more confident in it wearing the Clinique.  

It's maybe one of those things…because i am so used to my skin being awful, i still have it at the back of my mind that its not as nice as it could be.  And we are all looking for wonder products to improve what we already have arent we.
So i will continue to recycle…use non-sulphate/non-paraben shampoo,conditioner, body butter and shower gel and washing up liquid.  And eat organic meat,fruit and vegetables.  And put all the chemicals on my face instead.  And feel Super Guilty.  



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