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The Power
The Power

I am a big advocate of the SIMPLE .  That said, if i am feeling a little less 'me' than i usually feel, i can be very easily sway...

12 Months - 12 Moments
12 Months - 12 Moments

2013  was the year of all sorts of goodness.  It was my second year of Sallytangle and sharing all that makes me happy in this little s...

Currently 8
Currently 8

Happy FRIDAY to you all.  And what better day for an inspirational collection of images for your beautiful faces.  If you follow me ...

Im Feeling Moody

Im Feeling Moody
Although i love my moodboarding, i have been a terror during my week off this week and just cut bits and pieces from every which where and had them dotted about our little cupboard-y flat that i thought it was high time i started sticking them down before the Mr ate them. 

You can't get away from the pyjama-ey type trend that is all over the shop(s) at the moment, and ideas are forming so that i can somehow interpret my little version of it.  For SS12 Isabel Marant was queen of this trend and it didn't take long for the high street to j…

Oh. It's Raining Again.

Oh.  It's Raining Again.
It really shouldn't come as so much of a surprise to you that i am quite fussy.  With most things. I used to think i wasn't but then i thought about it and yes, yes i am.  Fragrance is no exception. 
It's not very often that rain is a good thing.  Except maybe if you are a plant, or a duck.  And if you are UK dwelling, you will know that recently we have all had our fair share of too much rain!  
This Rain is a fragrance which was about a fair few years ago now, around 2008 i think.  It was part of a new Marc Jacobs Splash range, alo…

Liberty Loves Me

Liberty Loves Me
I have been going a little bit collar-crazy for a little while now.  I have said it before, and i am saying it again - we have all gone a little bit Geek Chic -  what with big black rimmed glasses, satchels and brogues making an appearance on all the runways and then eventually down onto the high street.  

I adore my brogues, and i love my beautiful satchel shaped bag, but one thing i have really embraced from this trend, is most definitely The Collar.  While i have had no problems finding blouses, T-shirts and tops with lovely peter pan collar…

Outfits: Picking Strawberries

Outfits:  Picking Strawberries
No i am not actually dressed for picking strawberries!! It is far far too wet up here in not so sunny Cumbria to be doing any of that.  But when i put these two bits together, i instantly thought i wouldnt look out of place donning some navy and white spotted gardening gloves!! And maybe a nice little V&A printed trowel…

I am losing my way again.  I was flicking through my mood boards and updating them this morning, as it poured down outside, and i came across the one pictured above.  And so that is kind of where the idea and colour inspira…

Outfits: Chanel-ling Flowers

Outfits:  Chanel-ling Flowers
I keep thinking i should just make this blog all about Outfits…i can't deny they are my favourite kinds of posts!!  So i am sneaking one in this little space…

Well today i rocked my new favourite Topshop skirt.  Before we go any further, although i am still very new to the blogosphere, i always read on peoples outfit posts that they feel bad for repeating pieces in outfit posts….get used to it here!!  I don't like to think that people ever see me wearing the exact same thing over and over again, and i never would.  But the beauty about …

Super Guilty

Super Guilty
If i could type at the same time, right now i would be hanging my head in a little bit of shame.  But if i did i would probably spill my Lady Grey, or bang my head on the keyboard of the Mr's pretty Mac.  Or mis-spell more than normal.  

I have been in a predicament for a little while. For some strange and unknown reason i have become more aware of my skin and skincare and how my skin looks.  I really am not sure why.  But i started to think about my skincare, and if i am still using the right bits and bobs on my skin to make it look as bes…