Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Rain Rain

Whilst i am used to getting a few funny 'yes you really are mad' glances as i try to cycle in gale force winds filming;  contort my body into strange shapes to get the light just the right light for the beautiful Autumn leaves or balance on one leg at the traffic lights to take a picture of my new shoes; today i think i got the most.  To be fair, snapping away in this kind of torrential rain, wind and goodness knows what is not best advised - but the lengths i will go for a pretty photo almost outweigh any kind of normal sense and behaviour!
 Since this has been my view solidly for the past week (give or take sleeping, working and the usual gubbins) it seemed only right to share.  I was hoping the weather would lift for my day off today, but alas - not a chance.  

I have enjoyed being inside our little flat and being a busy cosy sort of bee today, and enjoying the extra special little things that you have to when the weather isnt on your side!  Whilst i feel like i havent adjusted to the clock change (3.30pm dark wham bam!) i have been enjoying it feeling okay to light candles in the early afternoon; to eat Autumn-ey nibbles when it feels like tea is far too faraway (chopped apple with crunchy peanut butter and cranberry and elderflower tea to warm the heart);  and to contemplate Christmas cocktail making.  Have you seen Marks and Spencer's Rhubarb vodka?! Oh my. 

I have been spending my oh so very dark evenings reading Vogue, Elle and Red(while the Mr races round and round racing tracks on the Xbox - mostly losing) and hold the Red team wholly responsible for the fact that i have bought yet another sodding bobble hat.  In my defence, it was in the sale and…well i suffer from exceptionally cold ears in Winter (who am i kidding?!).  I hope it comes soon.  It shall be exceptionally useful for my little jaunt to Glasgow next week with my mum to see Emelie Sande - too excited for words.  Most unlike me.  

I leave you dear lot with a fab bum wiggler of a song that i have been cleaning the oven to (on loop the loop - alot) today. Anything Florence touches is gold as far as i'm concerned and while i thought Calvin was for the kids…i am tempted to give his new album a spin.  We shall see.
*Edit - since writing this i have since discovered said Calvin album, deluxe edition or not; is largely for the kids.  Give or take the odd track (namely Florence, Ellie Goulding's or Dizzie's) i find myself being irritated by the beepiness and all over the placeness.  But maybe i am just old.  I do adore the Flo track though….the girl can do no wrong.  

Also, am i the only person who still likes buying the actual cd? Just wondering. I like my cd's, not downloading. I love holding and reading an actual book and don't crave a kindle at all.  Oh and i don't enjoy Pinterest - i like to actually properly cut and stick.  Oh and yesterday i listened to Absolute 90's radio and i la la  LOVED it.  Christ i am a 2012 female version of my dad.  Sorry Dad. 


Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Black Cherry

Sallytangle sans colour feels a little odd - although there is still plenty print mish-mashing going on that you wont think i have had too many cups of lady grey and turned the lights out permanently.  I have Alison Goldfrapp to thank for my cherrified lips today.  I have harped on about her no end in these parts but i cannot proclaim my love for her enough, in my ears and on my clothes.  She is an inspirational lady indeed.  

As much as i find artists inspiring and find myself wearing what i'm listening to on a regular basis (Florence = floaty printed maxi skirts with clumpy boots and hair freer than the wind.  Goldfrapp = playsuits/jumpsuits, bolder colours, black nail polish.  Take That….no i am just joking! Not inspirational as such but definitely on the ipod fear not!) sometimes it's the words that i get my blonde mop lost in.  When   i was at school i adored english literature, loved getting lost in books and stories and poetry from different worlds. While i still do, now i lose myself in music more often than is polite to mention. After all music is poetry with a melody.  The right words combined with just the right arrangement of music and i am at their mercy.  

This week i am having a few lazy days away from work - cycling, singing and writing.  And just doing as i please.  The clouds have been kind and i am enjoying just wandering about our little place and reading and resting my head on the Mr.  I wish i could say it has been energetic and productive but i would be telling pork pies.  

Its a little bit like heaven.

Playsuit - Topshop, AW11 £45 £15.  Tshirt - H&M…oh so many years ago that it has holey cuffs…crikey.


Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Rose of Spots

There is not much of the day left to work with by the time i hurry home now.  This is not a bad thing.  Its an excuse to wear more layers, to steal more hugs and to eat more (its what you were all thinking).  At this time of year i am always drawn to ambers, chocolate browns, damp oranges - hints of sage green and rich plums - pretty much like the rest of the world.  Its harder to crunch rocket - much easier to mop up casserole gravy with floury white bread.  I fight carrot sticks for twirl fingers and oatcakes for digestive biscuits.  I do however love my porridge so at least i am getting one meal right.  I caught the Mr spreading black cherry jam on weetabix before…who does that?!? Minus the milk of course but still….bleeeurghhh.  Weird boy.

I digress.  

Those who frequent my little slice of the internet regularly will probably recognise this dress from my summer dalliances with it.  I have had it a couple of years now.  As much as i would love the have the finances to buy a whole new Autumn wardrobe, i don't.  So its a case of rummaging in one of my three wardrobes (I know, don't) and working out what can be 'Autumnified'.  This silk spotty slice of loveliness works fabulously with my new favourite worn to death rosey posey jumper.  I just love the rustiness of the colours and the fabrics together - toasty.  

Autumn rearing its pretty little head also means its acceptable to wear a bobble hat.  Well at least i think so.  And to pile all my life into my trusty brown leather satchel.  S'all you need.  Oh, i forgot to introduce Frederik! Gah! Although he is technically a Christmas decoration (ssh) i plan to find a little home post-Christmas to hang him.  How could i not buy a fox wearing a Christmas jumper?! I mean really. 

Dress:  £90, Monsoon, AW11.  Jumper:  £55, Monsoon, AW12.  Scarf in hair:  Accessorize, AW12 £12.  Satchel, French Connection, £75…many moons ago. Bobble hat:  Accessorize, AW11.  Frederik Fox, Accessorize, £4, AW12  (you know you want to).

Tonight the Mr is band practising and most likely deafening his lovely ears.  So as i shall be alone, i plan to crack open the Green and Blacks Maya Gold chocolate in the cupboard which i suspect he has forgotten about…..aaand give HBO's latest offering: 'Girls' a go which i Sky plussed from last night.  Pip Pip!


Monday, 22 October 2012

'This feels like falling in love'

I had a feeling yesterday was going to be a lovely day:  Sleeping until you wake up and then opening your eyes to see little slices of amber sunshine dancing upon the white bed linen.  A breakfast of maple and raisin pancakes and spending the day just me and you:  leaf crunching, cloud watching and feeling the Autumn sunshine on our cheeks.

(a tiny snapshot of Autumn-ness courtesy of me - albeit a little haphazardly edited!)

Autumn, i forget how much i love you until you give me days like yesterday.

Thursday, 18 October 2012

Trick Or Tweed

This week so far has been a funny one….i fear i have spent most of it with wet feet, with soggy socks and mud splattered hosiery.  I have gone through countless pairs of socks and at this moment in time i have several pairs of black tights hung precariously from doorknobs, shelf ends and bed knobs, for the plain and simple reason that i have had to wash so many and have ran out of space to hang!
I hate to be terribly British and predictable but this week has been wet and gloomy.  It has been peppered with slight optimism - to waking with sun peaking through the window, and by the time the kettle has boiled and my cheeks splashed….to torrential wetter than wet rain.  On more than one occasion it has felt appropriate to nibble batten-berg for breakfast. (Mary Berry i hold you very much responsible).  
   Sometimes i have been so close to getting to work dry, but caught at the very last minute with a dramatic downpour. Sometimes i am woken to an icier than icy nose, and to Autumns first frosts - which i think i prefer.  What has been exciting are the first mornings spent in new Winter coats, and wearing more than one pair of socks.  And for realising that its acceptable to wear mittens!

Today was definitely a day for layering. The sky was promising and the clouds were faraway.  Breakfast felt rushed - maple and raisin pancakes and hazelnut yoghurt - quick quick before the rain comes! And off out into Thursday…

 You have probably noticed i am sporting The One - from my previous post.  It is Autumn in a shirt for me, and if i was ever to be made into a mans shirt, this would be me for sure.  With a few careful adjustments:  cuffs rolled up messily, a little bow clipped across the top button - and teamed with my favourite pale pink bobble hat and extra Autumn-ey tweed jacket - i felt weather appropriate and very at home.  
Horrible mornings and soggy days have created some lovely sunset-ey wanderings homeward. Almost feel like i am chasing the sun at the moment…and i have never been much of a runner….

Shirt:  £80 £19.99 Tk Maxx.  Skirt:  £45 Monsoon.  Hat:  Accessorize £22.  Jacket:  Monsoon £55.  Ring: Accessorize £10.  



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