Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Sun Times

On Sunday, when we awoke to the sun tickling our eyelids, we did what most British would do given half a chance on a Bank Holiday and headed to the coast.  After filling up on almond croissants and chai tea, we donned overly SUMMERY clothes - okay I donned overly summery clothes - a swingy smock-ey, printed, sleevless not very there swing top and patterned skinny jeans, flip flops and sandals.  And sunglasses.  Which i can't see too well out of, and i am also convinced they make me a bit deaf too, but that's another story.  We headed the short drive to Allonby.  

Of course upon said arrival it was rather nippy.  I had planed to PADDLE.  And to maybe buy some ROCK.  And to indulge in an ice-cream as big as my head.  In reality because we were both suffering with goose pimples, we settled for an accidental rummage in an antique shop called The Pig in the Bath; and a long lazy walk along a very windy, very rocky beach.  I was most pleased to have the Mr there to act as a wind breaker/hurt foot leaner on-er and general source of warmth.  Lucky you can't tell from the pictures quite how cold that wind was…
Yes i do indeed have a SEASIDE-Y moodboard on the go!

I finished off Sunday afternoon with a few laps of the park on WILLOW; which made the half a packet of chocolate covered GINGER biscuits i polished off before bed compleeetely not count.  I was merely replenishing lost sugar levels…

I also had a little passenger on the way home - a pretty little LADYBIRD i named Mabel. I liked how her spots were red and not black. Gotta love a ladybug who challenges trends! She rode all the way home on the little blue pom-pom attached to my handle bars.  Most sweet. 

Today was back to reality.  Tonight i am planning the loveliest candle-shaped bath with some Lush ROSE JAM bath Bubbleroon for extra bubbles.  But first i am off to fill my tummy with wholewheat spaghetti and meatballs.  

I hope you all had a marvellous Bank Holiday and the sunshine was out for at least a little bit of it… 

Friday, 24 May 2013

Bobbing Along

Welcome Bank Holiday of May number two! At least there is one good thing coming out of this month which supposedly nestles itself in the season we call 'Spring'.  Bank holiday to those like me who work in retail; means not very much changes.  I get an extra half hour in bed, and get home an extra half hour earlier. I am intending to use both of these short snippets wisely. I think i shall choose to get up at the very same time, but sit and eat breakfast in an orderly manner.  This is instead of my usual wash/dress/eat/makeup all at once habit which usually ends up with something in the fridge that shouldn't be.  As for the extra half hour at the end of my working day….i might find an ice-cream van and go the whole works - flake, RASPBERRY sauce - the lot.  Let's be honest it'll probably hail stone and in actual fact i shall end up at home with some Lady Grey and a packet of chocolate digestives.  
*  *  *
This week one has been mostly BOBBING ALONG and pretending its Spring from inside.  I am still enjoying that the plants haven't completely given up on Spring and are determined to cling onto their blossom-ey loveliness, come hail, rain or gail force winds.  I shall continue to stand under blossom trees and take pictures of them until all the blossom is gone.  I kid you not.  
 Early morning 'on the way to work' sort of BLOSSOM.
 At the end of a long hard day sort of BLOSSOM.

 Because our little somewhere has such huge windows in the living room; if perchance MR SUNSHINE does rear his pretty little head, it gets rather toasty.  I have been enjoying soft knees and bare legs and looser fabrics indoors and favouring practicality over everything else when out and about.  Today i actually had a bobble hat on for my morning jaunt to the park on Willow. A BOBBLE HAT.  I treated myself to some new separates for work today.  Chinos and a breton top.  I am not really a trouser lady, but these CORNFLOWER cotton chinos are so soft and i love the colour at the moment.  I can't wait to pair these with the little cotton breton sweatshirt tomorrow for work.  I am planning a frilled ankle sock, grey brogues and my hair on top of my head with a FLORAL scarf.  I am excited to wear them with coral, as an unexpected, clash-y sort of affair. 
 Perfect after-tea view from our living room windows after a rare SUNNY day.
 Perfect after-tea view from our living room windows after a mostly torrential rain and hail shaped day; with just a touch of sun.  A RAINBOW!
Perfect 'on the way home' sky-view from the train window.  BLUSTERY, bright and perfect.
 Just when you think you have exhausted every possible way of 'wearing' FLOWERS.
Todays freshly washed, clean and mis-matched bedding.  I already can't wait to be asleep.  With the window open just a touch...

Monday, 20 May 2013

Sometimes Spring

Do you think it is reliably a 100% SPRING somewhere? It seems our dear friend doesn't quite know what it wants to be.  Days have been hit and miss of late and today was deliciously miserable.  The kind of day that had all the makings of what could be such a beautifully typical SPRING-like day, but without enough gusto and too much rain over the weekend.  It smelt divine.  Riding through the park this morning, you could smell damp grass, soggy wild garlic and feel your hair growing twice its size by the minute.  Today was forgiven.  As i rather like the aftermath of a good pour down, so long as i am not caught in it!

Today was grey skied and warm but with the air so damp you could smell last nights shampoo (LUSH DADDIO INCASE YOU ARE CURIOUS).  The skies have been angry and threatening most days, mingled with a fabulous bursts of sunshine mixed in for good measure.  An umbrella and little poncho have been my secret weapons.  That and the little things that the weather can't ruin...
The greatest post i have ever received. A dear blogger friend ( Anna) popped this beautiful little package through my door recently - if only all post could be this beautiful and be addressed this way! It contained some back issues of 'Simple Things' magazine which i have only recently discovered (WHERE HAVE I BEEN?!) so i have been enjoying escaping into their beautiful little magazine-land and wanting to reside their permanently!
I am still the girl with flowers in my hair.  I think they are growing.  I am not tiring of this simple way to make my hair feel SPRING-like, even of the weather's against me! I have got so many of these silk flowers from Accessorize that i think i have got something to compliment every outfit…ish.  

I have really enjoyed finishing off my latest moodboards, they are a little nod to why im wearing what i am wearing at the moment and what is floating my boat inspiration-wise.  I am not sure quite yet how to put them into words….a sort of Saint Laurent bohemia. Lots of layers, prints and loose fabrics; smocks and billow-ey sillouttes.  Midi and maxi length dresses and skirts and hats hats and more hats!  I shall be adding them to my Moodboard section on this little space soon with a few more additions and some natterings too.

Tonight is all about eating salad with flowers in and then curling up in pyjamas with chai tea, chocolate digestives and the latest episode of Made in Chelsea'.  Don't judge…we all need our guilty pleasures…

I do hope you are all fine and dandy!

Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Take A Moment

Take a moment, if you will.  To open your eyes and ears and see and smell and realise that even if it sometimes rains, and it is quite blustery out there, wherever you are, Spring is here and its so pretty.  Even if you are the most un-girly of girls, and the thought of going anywhere near the colour pink or a bunch of flowers makes you want to cringe, just do it, if only for one single moment.   I wont tell anyone and if you do it will be sure to fill you with the lovliest feeling.  
Bluebells starting to sneak up.
Daisies scattered across the grass.
Flowery inspiration.
Wild garlic filling the air and the verges.
Sunny-faced Dandelions cheering up the green.
Spring Inspiration.
A bit more..
Never too much!
If you are a girly girl (like me), sit on the grass and make daisy chains; fill old jam jars and even the smallest space with blossom;  smell the sweet aroma of wild garlic on an early evening wander;  sit under a blossom tree and read your favourite book;  enjoy the smell of freshly cut grass;  listen to the birds sing or just sleep with the window open.  
*  *  *  
And even if you can't do any of those things, and you think i have gone a little bit 'flower mad', smile at how daft i must have looked getting blown about like a rag doll, atop a hill; by a busy road junction, with a precarious number of M&S carrier bags balanced on my handle bars taking these blossom shots.  Completely worth it in my book. 

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