Sunday, 30 August 2015

Little voice

I've *almost* sat down to write this little post a MILLION times.  It feels ever so funny writing to you when it's not a #wonderfulwednesday.  Whilst i'm pleased that in the CHAOS of the past few months i've at least managed to stay in touch via one post a week, it feels both scary and exhilarating to just be talking….well normal-ness. I feel a wordy post coming on….hold TIGHT!
*  *  
Truth be told i've always thought myself a multi-tasker extraordinaire. I almost thrive off being able to juggle several things at once and the adrenaline it provides.  I didn't realise that when it came to my personal//professional life that i'd find it quite so hard!  So that's been a little learning curve.  

Next Tuesday i start my new JOB as Sales and Digital Marketing Assistant for a small independent ladies clothes and accessories retailer.  I'll introduce you properly {where you'll be able to find me//us//them, links and all} once i've settled in and it feels like 'home.'  The decision to change jobs will without a doubt go down as one of the HARDEST things i've ever done.  I'm not ashamed to say that over the past few months i simply fell out of love with my job.  Without going into all of the 'ins and 'outs of it all; it just wasn't setting my heart ALIGHT the way it used to.  I put it off, to the back of my mind and into a box that {if it were labelled} would probably say 'it's just a phase' and kept at it, convinced i'd 'come round' as my Mum would probably say.  

Except that i didn't.  I'm not sure if the change of heart came from me and a change in MYSELF, or from the job itself, but what made my decision so, so hard was the thought of leaving the familiar faces, inspirational bunch and general FANTASTIC group of girls i'd had the pleasure of working with for the eight years i worked there.  It truly feels as if the whole process of realising such a thing, and then having to sit down and question what i did want from my job and what i was missing and then the tentative steps towards even being able to DESCRIBE that to somebody else; taught me so much about myself.  It taught me that i'm strong, capable of my own decisions and follow through.  I also gained faith that i know my own heart and my own mind and what i want to spend my days doing {something that i'm proud of, around people that inspire me and for a good cause!!} and what i want to devote a large proportion of my life to doing.  It's too soon to say if i've made the right choice yet and {as i have from the very beginning of it all} i'm basing the whole of *this* on simply what feels true to my little heart.
*exhales dramatically for effect*

And so. Without further ado here's to the next CHAPTER and to being back here!  I'm raising my mug of Lady Grey as i type.  Thank you from not just the bottom, but from all of my heart for sticking by me: for the endless 'you've got this' -type tweets, emails, IG comments and general community encouragement.  You've made me fill up more times than i'll admit.  

In the spirit of being BACK and of oiling my creative bones {?!} here's a few beautiful snippets of the last little while. Or as i like to call them:  'Keep Sally Sane' moments….
My bike and a blue sky.  I know right?  That old chestnut - when is she going to stop harping on about that bloody bike?!  Probably never.  I've cycled more miles than i know what to do with over the past six to eight weeks.  Whilst my bottom is thanking me for it and i seem to have developed a definite 'cyclist's thigh' to boot; my head would have EXPLODED without the joy of some fresh air.  It's where i can really think, switch off if needs be and generally come back to life.  Don't let these photos fool you that it's been tropical up here because it really hasn't!  Between you and i i've kept my sanity on the greyest and wettest of days by simply WALKING my usual cycle route, slower {far steadier!} and with a hot takeout coffee and a little Florence and the Machine for company.  But as my Mum always said when i was little and feeling anxious, fed up, or generally driving her up the wall:  'Sometimes you just need some fresh air.'  And you DO, oh good god you do.  And the blue-skied, blustery end-of-summer-come-autumn style sunshine is a beautiful bonus.
Filling my boots//summer sandals with as much GREEN as i can while it lasts.  That's definitely been the positive of having a slightly soggy summer up here:  the lush green grasses and wildflowers.  This year is the first year i've made a conscious effort to GATHER wildflowers, grasses and greens and pop them into jam jars in and around our sweet attic.  And on the dreariest of days, it's a sure-fire way to make you feel BETTER and bring a little of the outside in.  I'm all to aware {and typically over-excited for it} that we are on the last legs of summer now and that autumn is dwindling in the wings.  There's a definite 'nip' in the air first and last thing and when i scampered to the toilet just as the sun was rising yesterday, everywhere was COVERED in a blanket of dew and a little mist.  If i hadn't had only one eye open and felt vaguely co-ordinated i'd have grabbed my camera.  But sleep felt more important!
  SAVOURING that extra special hour of GOLDEN-ness.  Summer evenings are my very favourite. Early summer evenings feel like they could last an entire eternity:  As if time spent after work has finished could quite easily be a whole new day altogether!  But it's late summer-time evenings that really have my heart.  There's a little more urgency about them:  A want to get out and hold onto that light as long as possible, savour its' every last drop.  And that's because it's something special:  A perfect late summer evening light is more golden, richer and hints at the colours to come in the season that follows it.  It's my favourite part of the day. And if i'm not CATCHING it's amber-rays on an after dinner trip to the park, i'm sticking my little head up and out of our sweet skylight in great anticipation of a beautiful sunset.  And i'm not usually disappointed either.
*  *  *  
What have you been APPRECIATING lately?  Are you as excited about the transition from late summer into autumn as me?  Have you ever had a BIG career change?  I'd love any advice or guidance if you've gone through something very similar!  Remember if you'd like to follow along with me and are rather partial to a sunset, a snazzy shoe//wildflower combo or a pretty landscape, you can find me on Instagram HERE.

Have a WONDERFUL Bank Holiday all!

Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Wonderful Wednesday #81

{Perfect peachy-pink unicorn-esque clouds from Monday night's sky}
Happy mid-week one and ALL! As you stop by this sweet little corner {which if you do may i just say thanks in advance!} i shall be spending my very last day in my current job.  If you've followed along with this little corner for a while you'll probably know that i work for Monsoon Accessorize.  What you might not know is that i've been there for eight years!!  I'm not afraid to tell you that's the longest i've ever committed to anything in my whole life!  So making the decision a couple of months back to change direction was a tough and really very hard one! It's also a little bit the reason why this space has taken, not quite the back seat; no more…..the middle one?  You know, the one nobody wants to ever sit in because the seat belt's uncomfortable and you can't see properly out of the window?  

I digress.  I'm ever so pleased to at least have managed to keep the routine of this one, precious regular post of weekly POSITIVITY, if only for my own sanity {and sometimes recorder and crosser off of yet another week closer to new job-land!}.  It's been a really rather emotional past few weeks for me and i want to thank you all from the very bottom of my heart for all of your kind emails; tweets and messages of support and good luck because i've treasured each and every one i can promise you.  I'm babbling, and even if that's what i do lately; let us remember why we are here and recount the HAPPY from my week so far shall we….?

1.  Quotes.  I love a good quote.  I mean who doesn't?!  Cripes i've got a whole board devoted to them on Pinterest HERE.  Me and the rest of the world i suspect!  A beautiful short selection of words to take me away somewhere else, a motivational snippet to spur me on when i'm struggling mentally or physically or simply a whimsical phrase that i wish i could pin to my wall to bring a smile to my cheeks whenever.  Recently TORI shared a quote from a lady called Susan Sonntag.  I apologise greatly for I can't remember the exact context of it except to tell you that it all became a blur because the words were just so perfect, and right and jolly well what i needed to hear at exactly the time i read them.  Call it a beautifully orchestrated coincidence, or just fate but whatever you do call it, tell me you love it just as much as me:  

"Love words.  Agonise over sentences and pay attention to the world."

And i feel like if i can accomplish that then i wont be doing too badly will I?!?

2.  Kind words. Because lately has been full of them and whilst i'm usually one to brush off a compliment, shy away from a little attention or feel a little unworthy of a fuss here and there; lately i've been soaking them all up and storing them away in a magical 'pocket' for those first-day job nerves.  

3.  Jess Glynne and FINALLY wrapping my little ears around and about her BEAUTIFUL new album.  'Take Me Home' is my very favourite track so far.  And she's my favourite to listen everywhere and anywhere.  And between you and i, i sort of like pretending i'm her in the shower warbling away my worries after a long day. 

4.  Page-folding.  Buying magazines at this time of year is my VERY favourite.  I have to stop myself from buying too many to realistically read and fully appreciate.  I just love the idea of planning for a new season and i always feel like September is legitimately Autumn and so i've got every excuse to be able to cut and stick and translate my Autumn into a beautiful new mood-board.  This time of year is dependable and predictable in a way that i find comforting inside.  Summer i love, but in Britain she is a temperamental little mistress.  Not like good old Autumn….

5.  Rain.  I've decided to stop complaining about it and just accept that if we didn't have such an abundant rainfall up here then our beautiful hills and green spaces wouldn't be as beautiful and... green!  Lately the rain has been hard and fast and it honestly felt as though it might come through our little attic roof at the start of this week!!  The positive?  To be at home, with the windows open, a blanket, a mug of spiced Chai tea and all cosy and able to just watch the rain, thunder and lightening reek havoc across the rooftops across from our little home.  Being on the third floor has it's positives sometimes….

6.  Sunsets.  Always and forever!  But they have seemed all the more beautiful, breathtaking and wonderful when they follow such temperamental weather conditions!  It's funny how quickly you can forget such horrible weather when you are met with such beauty.  Doesn't it make you think what a wonderful place the universe can be?! And how down-right magical it can seem?!

7.  Toast.  Or more to the point:  Toasted and seeded Rye and Amaranth bread slathered with almond butter and topped with Goji berries and a perfectly ripe banana.  A perfectly ripe banana-ey tasting banana is up there with one of life's ULTIMATE pleasures!  Are you with me?!

8.  Planning a haircut.  Because heaven knows i need it desperately!!!  But whilst i know that i'll plonk myself down and quite happily want a trim and a tidy of my simple mid-length bob and fringe set-up; the thought of a hair appointment always has me spending extra time on Pinterest imagining and pinning all the styles i could have.  It's a bit like window shopping for clothes: It's non-commital and sates some kind of hunger for a big and whopping change!  Even if deep, deep down i know it'll never amount to anything.  

9.   Re-igniting my love for wearing silk scarves any-which-way!  Namely loosely knotted around the waist of my favourite slim cut jeans, draped and blowing in the wind around my neck or tied turban-like in my messy hair to allow another day longer without having to get up earlier to wash my hair!  Sometimes i forget quite how many things you can do with a simple scarf and how much it can alter or bring together an outfit.  And i really should remember since i could sink a fleet of ships with all of the printed pretties i've accumulated over the years…

10.  Being productive.  Which i have been this week - excellently so if i do say so myself.  I'm not sure quite what's been powering me - but whilst it's good to able to admit you can't possibly get everything done and you are only human; sometimes you get super-human powers and exceed even your own expectations.  And that my friends is to be celebrated because for me at least, it only happens once in a blue moon!!!!

11.  Citrus.  Because even though it hasn't been warm or too summery up here by any stretch of the imagination, lately i've been having huge and whopping cravings for anything sharp, sour and citrus-ey!  Ice-cold wedges of orange straight from the fridge sandwiched between torn up mint leaves or half a ruby-red grapefruit devoured straight after my morning lemon and warm water and ginger has been really hitting the spot.  Isn't it funny how your body can just sometimes crave something beyond belief?!  My mum always says that if that's the case then your body must be lacking in some of the nutrients that what you are craving contains.  For that reason i always try and listen to my insides when i can.  Although i'm not sure sure that same 'rule' applies when i want a chocolate brownie, an extra slice of pizza or mint-choc chip icecream…..
*  *  *  
My work here is DONE - at least for another week!  Now it's over to you guys.  I had some such lovely comments on last week's #wonderfulwednesday so thank you SO much!  I'd love some more!  What has been making your week near manageable, lovely or darn right spectacular?!?!  No matter how GREAT or SMALL, please share below in a sweet comment or you can tweet me your #wonderfulwednesday positivity on Twitter or Instagram.  I'm @sallytangle on both!
Have a beautiful rest of week DEAR ones!

Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Wonderful Wednesday #80

{This dear sweet smock was made for a printed scarf and pale yellow grasses don't you think?!}
Hello!  It's just ME, back once again to fill your lovely heads with some slices of wonderful from the past few days.  Use it however you wish:  As a middle of the week pick-you-UP; a quick fix of happy or as rocket fuel for your own positive notions and IDEAS.  Either way it's fast become my very favourite kind of thing to write and read on other blogs.  Because sharing positivity can only ever be a jolly GOOD thing can't it?!  Shall we get to it?!

1.  Blooming MARVELLOUS sunsets beyond belief!  If you follow me on Instagram {you can find my little self HERE} you'll know by now that my feed is jam-packed with my feet, skies or flowers and that pretty much sums me up!  Oh and with an odd breakfast shot thrown in for variety!  Lately we have had THE most breatakingly magical sunsets that even I {word lover and general adjective championer} have found hard to find the words to justify quite how wonderous they have been.  All turkish delight fire-y-ness from one side of our sweet home and the most magical peachy pink haze-y cloudiness from the other.  I swear i could just sit and watch the sunset each night lately. I've never been much of a night owl but if sunsets were this pretty all year round i'd be up at the crack of dawn to watch it rise and curled up with cocoa waiting for it to set each and every day.

2.  Making the very most of the good when it's there.  Sunny days have been rare up here this Summer.  Not just sunny, real sunny, cloudless powder blue-skied ones where you need the lightest layer, to be able run barefoot on the grass and spend the whole of it outdoors because it's just so warm and balmy.  Instead of be sad about that, lately has been making the very most of any spare second when the sun does come out, no matter when and no matter where!   I've been wandering through lunchtimes under blue skies that come out of nowhere just to get my vitamin D fix;  hopping on those two wheels after dinner if that sky has broken and even if only for an hour i get to ride with the prettiest most orange glow cast upon my little self.   Or simply pottering around and about our attic with every window, door and skylight cast open as far as can be.  We might need blankets, cushions or cardigans and jumpers, but sometimes just feeling the air through your hair and the amber light against your skin is worth each and every goose pimple.

3.  Sweet-peas.  Or more to the point, sweet-peas in the bedroom.   I've wittered more times than i can remember about my love for sweet peas.  This week i had a ground-breaking idea {by my standards at least!}.  I've been snipping these sweet blooms as fast as i can before they fade lately.  I always sit them in water in a old jam-jar and perch them on the window sills.  This week i snuck a sweet posey onto the chest of drawers in our bedroom and falling asleep to the sweet scent of the sweet-peas alongside the cool breeze from a little open window is the bees knees, elbows and toes!  It's so good!! Do bees even have toes?!?  Who knows…

4.  Tuesday nights typing along whilst listening to Alicia Keys full blast and singing at the top of my little lungs whilst simultaneously pretending to 'play' the piano 'keyboard.'  I find singing such a cathartic thing to do.  It makes my soul feel happy and when i don't quite know what's wrong, it has a magical way of just fixing anything and everything in the same way that writing does for me.  

5.  Roast lamb.  Okay so this was actually from Sunday evenings' dinner but it's my wonderful wednesday and it was so flippin' good that it had to have a little mention.  Roast leg of lamb scattered with fresh rosemary, wedges of lemon and crumbled with feta and slow-baked.  Oh my.  Served alongside a simple salad and some cauliflower cous-cous with spiced chickpeas.  I could have eaten it each night for the whole of this week and it wouldn't have been enough.  

6.  Knocking the porridge making out of the park!!!!  I'm just going to put it out there and say i rarely make a terrible bowl of porridge.  I've been making it for so many years now that i've pretty much got it down to a fine art.  Sometimes, and once in a blue moon though, you don't just make good porridge; you make AMAZING porridge beyond any kind of belief!!!  It was humble in its ingredients:  Almond milk, oats and coconut oil.  And topped with blueberries, goji berries and chai seeds with a little maple syrup.  The secret is my newly discovered almond milk.  I must dig out the brand as it is so delicious!!! It's almost milk-come-cream and it much richer and almond-ey tasting than any other i have tried.  Another plus is that it's only made from almonds, sea salt and a little date syrup.  It makes the creamiest bowl of porridge!!!!

7.  New underwear.  I have this thing with underwear.  Hey, we're all friends here i can be honest!  I love it.  I can't not wear nice underwear, no matter what and it's not unknown for me change underwear at least twice a day if i'm getting changed and have to change bras for example.  It doesn't mean it's expensive underwear.  In fact i DELIGHTED in the fact that i filled my boots {or drawers i guess!} in M&S 50% sale on Monday and got so many lovely interchangeable sets for half the price.  What can i say?  I'll never be one of those people who has mis-matched underwear, or grey bobble-y pants or a 'past it's best' out of shape bra.  Don't judge me!  I'm just a magpie for anything with a frill, or a scalloped edge or…..i should probably stop now…

8.  Stocking up on jeans and tees at Gap outlet.  Because i really struggle with jeans and Gaps' have always been one of the very few places i can find them and i don't have to roll up the hem at all and they sort of feel so soft that i almost forget i'm wearing them.  And they just get better with age too.  So many places {Topshop i'm looking at you!} sell cheap un-denim skinny 'suck you in so much you get tummy-ache' or thin 'fade so fast' washes that you've barely had five minutes before they wear badly and wash away the colour.  It's Gap all of the way!

9.  Good hair days.  Because heavens with such erratic weather up-north these kinds of things are to be celebrated and recorded if only to prove that they do indeed exist.  This was for no real rhyme or reason and neither on a day where i'd particularly tried or made extra effort.  But isn't that always the way?! No no, my hair just decided to stay perfectly flicked under and smooth and shiny on Monday morning.  What better start to the week do you need?!?

10.  The camomile tea coma!  I rarely go the bed without a pretty floral cup of camomile tea.  My favourite thing is when the Mr decides he'd like one too.  We curl up on the sofa and sip our tea and curl up all sleepy and happy.  Maybe i need to get out more but i just LOVE the feeling camomile tea gives me.  I often find switching my thoughts and head off so very hard and so having this little routine come night time really helps me. I sleep so soundly and deeply after my nightly camomile tea fix.  

11.  Dew on the grass.  There's something…dare i say *Autumnal*{?!?!?!?} about starting to see the grasses and verges covered in dew en-route to work in the mornings.  It reminds me of new school shoes, of freshly brushed teeth and stiff sometimes itchy school uniform.  But it also makes me think of new beginnings.  September's fast-approaching and there's something magical about it always for me.  Whilst January is un-arguably an obvious new beginning, there is something about that 'back to school' 'change in season' vibe that the start of September brings that makes it feel sort of okay to have a second fresh start.  I'll be relishing it this year since i start my new job on the 2nd September.  Eeek!  
*  *  *  
Now my dear friends it is your turn!  I want to know exactly what has been putting a sweet smile on your lovely faces!  It doesn't matter how little, simple or even insignificant-feeling it might be {aren't those usually the very best examples of happy-making?!}, i'd love you to share!  You can pop a sweet comment below; tweet me or tag me in your Instagrams with the #wonderfulwednesday tag.  I'm @sallytangle on both.  

Have a beautiful rest of week whatever you might be up to!

Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Wonderful Wednesday #79

{Tall grasses and clovers and who knows what really expect they're pretty darn lovely aren't they just?!}
Well a jolly good DAY to you!  Or good afternoon.  Or, i suppose good evening depending on what time of the day you've managed to scamper by this sweet space.  Or what part of the world you happen to be curling up to read in.  Golly gosh this week and in fact all of my weeks are whizzing and flying through at such break-neck speed lately!  I know i say this all of the time but it is especially true of late.  My very last week at Monsoon is getting closer by the day and my last week's rota is now up on the wall too.  Suddenly it's all seeming very REAL and i feel all butterfly-ey when i think about it.  In a jolly good way though:  the sort of tummy flutters you get that tickle with hope, and happiness and that certainly feel right.  It's just going to be a jolly big change to what i've been used to for the last eight years and so i think i'd not be normal without feeling a little bit of trepidation!  Shall we get on with the rest of the happy things as we approach yet another mid-week and #wonderfulwednesday o'clock…?

1.  Good sleeps.  You know i've never ever really had a problem with sleeping {the Mr once went through a terrible six or seven weeks of insomnia - the less said about THAT the better} but i go through phases where i feel as though i'm getting a much better quality of sleep than usual AND ironically, this is now.  Despite feeling a little bit like i have the weight of the world on my little shoulders and doing a lot of deep-thinking and soul searching of late, i've been sleeping like a baby! The kind where you struggle to open your eyes because they've been closed so very tight.  The kind that feels like you've slept for years each time you wake and even sometimes leaves you questioning what day it actually is because your sleep was so damned delicious!  More please!

 2.  Almond butter.  Is it weird that i feel like i need to whisper this incase the dear sweet jar of peanut butter in the cupboard hears?! Yep definitely weird.  I put peanut butter on anything.  Heavens sometimes just a spoon because well *effort* and all but lately i've really embraced that humble little almond-shaped butter.  I've always known i liked it, but lately, well i sort of love it a lot.  Zig-zagged atop my porridge on grey-skied mornings along with blueberries and goji berries; licked off the knife as the toast toasts, because well what else are you meant to do then anyway?!  Sometimes with apple wedges dipped in, or carrot sticks, or even celery.  Sometimes just with a spoon for those times when dinner wont cook quick enough.   I have just one question though, why does it come in much smaller jars than peanut butter?!?!?  What's that all about?!?  I need a vat of the stuff!!!!

3.  Grass.  I know revolutionary!  But we're talking pale biscuit coloured grasses that come all the way up to your waist.  Or would do if you stood in them but i tend to avoid anything like that since i seem to get eaten ALIVE.  In an odd way, i really love to see the tall grasses peppered along our verges and along the river where i ride Willow blowing in the wind with sweet wild flowers nestled in between.  I just love the colours, i find them so calming.  And i wont say the word that begins with 'A' that comes straight after summer but before winter BUT if i did, well it sort of hints at that.  And i like that too.

4.  Summer rain.  Because heavens we've been lucky {lucky?!?} enough to get our fair-share up north this summer.  Lately it's been the kind of rain that just bursts out of the sky and the angry greyer than grey clouds above with such force and urgency that it sends everyone running for cover!!! Except that it's also a little bit lovely too.  You know from a window or if you're en-route to somewhere that wont judge that your mascara is now proudly decorating your elbows.  It's the smell:  There's nothing quite like it:  heavy, sweet and scented with late summer florals.  It's a lot delicious.  

5.  Cashew nut milk.  By jingo has it been rock and roll around these parts switching up those nut products this weeks!!!  Don't ever tell me we don't live life on the edge over here!  I actually picked this up by accident at our health food shop on Monday.  I was picking up more *aherm* almond butter, and i thought i'd also grabbed almond milk but it was actually cashew nut milk.  I actually didn't know this even existed but thinking about it i guess you can pretty much make a nut milk out of most nuts really.  My WORD is this delicious!  It's creamy but with *almost* a cocoa-y note.  I can't wait to experiment with it in my Chocolate and Banana Super-hero Porridge {recipe from way back when HERE} or in hot chocolate once the nights cool down with a few teaspoons of raw cacao powder and a teaspoon of nut butter.  Mmmmm!  

6.  Ebay.  Always Ebay:  For finding things you lusted so hard after for months in a jiffy.  And this week especially for the joy that is a beautuful silk, brand new perfect-pale-pink and ruffled blouse from French Connection from probably a million years ago.  

7.  White feathers.  Maybe it's silly but this week i have had a white feather drop from the sky on three separate occasions and maybe it's the daydreamer in me but it's never ever happened to me before and it's a little comforting to think that it might be an angel watching over me.  Or better still my dear sweet Granddad Bill showing me that i'm heading in the right directions.  Silly or not i'm taking the notion and keeping it close to my heart all the same!

8.  Sunsets from our dear sweet attic.  Any window'll do.  But if you get the timing *just* right, you'll spot yourself a sunset so magical you'd forget you were sat perched up high in a little suburb of a city.  Up here it feels like a world away and spying on at least two perfectly peachy sunsets have made me feel all kinds of happy this week so far.  

9.  Lianne La Havas.  Because if i listen to anything lately other than my own racing thoughts, it's this lady.  Her voice is just a dreamboat i could quite happily sail away on for-always.  I re-stumbled upon her beautiful music when she popped up in my Spotify feed this week and i've been indulging in it every spare second i get.  Think Corinne Bailey-Rae with a little more….sass!

10. Lush Cosmetics 'The Comforter' shower-cream.  I know I know, if you know your Lush-stuff then i'm a little behind here!  Lush released some new products into thier lovely Oxford Street Flagship and then online too.  They finally made it all the way up north and into my local Lush this week and 'The Comforter' is usually a bath bomb. The new showergel is everything i thought it would be!  It's the most delicious scent:  Cassis absolute, Cypress and sandalwood and it's fruity but with a deeper, headier backnote to stop it smelling all raspberry jelly if you know what i mean?  Try it!  Ps, i *might* have stocked up on the new-look Rose Jam bubbleroon and an exfoliating bar called Rub Rub Rub so pretty that it would have been quite rude not to!  

11.  Cardigans and pyjamas:  The dream!  I've never been a fan of a dressing gown {don't hate me - i know a lot of people who live in theirs!} since the nights have been drawing in and it's felt a little cooler, i've been embracing slingin' my very favourite super-duper soft rose-pink cardigan over the top of my pyjamas this week and it's felt a little bit like heaven i can tell you!
*  *  *  
So come on now! It's your turn to share your best bits this week because that's exactly what this sweet post was born for:  As a way for us all to remember the little and sometimes forgotten great things in our lives, no matter what kind of a week we are having or where we are in the world.  You can leave a sweet comment below or tweet me your #wonderfulwednesday postivity on twitter OR you could throw caution to the wind and tag me in your happy moment snaps on Instagram.  I'm @sallytangle on both!

Enjoy the rest of your week dear ones!

Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Wonderful Wednesday #78

{This photo could be one of my very favourites yet! Rain-soaked wildflower verges &swan-print trouser-love}
I am writing to you as the wind howls outside our sweet little skylight, the threat of yet another torrential downpour lingers and the LAST of Tuesday slips into Wednesday. I am perched here recalling the last few days, my week so far and my week to come.  It's a little bit delicious.  The weather up here has seemed erratic and angry the past few days and has gone a bit like this:  Sun, rain, wind, wind, sun, rain, rain…well i think you get the gist.  But i have Mumford and Sons up loud, my favourite candle lit and a prettily printed mug of Lady Grey poised to accompany me.   Are you comfortable TOO?  Settled in your favourite place, curled up beneath the sheets or simply snatching this post of positive in whatever spare moments you have.  Shall WE…?

1)  Love.  There aren't enough words to get too deeply into this kind of a subject here BUT it's been something that i've really felt this week.  Don't get me wrong,  i know i'm lucky enough to say that it's in my life in many forms each and every day and for that i'm forever grateful, but this week?  Well i think i've just felt it more.  What with changing paths career-wise and feeling like i'm very much coming to the end of a big chapter in my life; i'm lucky enough to feel loved and supported by those around me and it doesn't go unnoticed.  

2)  Super-hero magical whizz-popp-ingly amazing porridge.  A great rocket-fuelled start to the day can only pave the way for a happy and productive one as far as i'm concerned.  I don't need to tell you all how important my breakfast is to me.  Lately the damp and changeable weather has had me craving porridge like nobody's business!  I gave in.  It wasn't hard.  In the midst of it all i created {i say 'created in the loosest sense of the word here as it all came about rather by accident!}  the very best porridge that there ever was:  Rolled oats soaked in warm water, warmed through gently in coconut milk with a mashed banana; some raspberries and a jolly huge teaspoon of coconut oil added in the last few moments.  Poured into my favourite bowl and scattered with nectarine segments, chia seeds and a sneaky drizzle of maple syrup.  Let's just say i more than kicked Monday's behind!!!!

3)  Tea.  Ok i'd be lying if said any kind of tea because for me it'll always be Lady Grey.  I've done seven days in a row since my last day off and whilst i drink tea two or three times each day anyway; it's really felt like i might have curled up and fallen asleep in the scarf cupboard at work if it didn't exist this week.  It's magic, there's no other word for it.  In fact my mum used to refer to it as 'a little cup of magic' all of the time when we were little.  It's only now that i'm a little older that i really understand what she meant!!  Tea has this magical way of just making everything better.  Brewed perfectly in my favourite printed china cup, with just the right spot of milk and {if i could choose!} sipped slowly in my very favourite cotton floral jim-jams.  That's heaven right there my friends! Oh yes!

4)  Tickets tickets tickets!!!!! This week a pair of very important tickets arrived:  MY FLORENCE AND THE MACHINE TICKETS!!!!! Can you tell i'm just a touch excited?!  We're seeing her in September in Newcastle.  SEPTEMBER BABY!!!!!! Despite it only being a little while down the road, i'm rather unfamiliar with Newcastle.  Can anyone recommend anywhere lovely to stay?  Or eat? Or sweet independent cafes to munch a delicious breakfast and sip tea?  I'd be ever so grateful!

5) Raisins and chocolate.  What is it about raisins and chocolate that just goes so deliciously together?! Heaven knows but i've been munching a handful of sun-dried raisins with each walnut whip lately and i can't get enough.  I'm fooling myself into thinking that's one of my portions of fruit right there aren't i?!?

6)  New magazines.  I don't buy very many…a couple a month say..?!  But i do make an extra special effort to buy Simple Things magazine each week simply because it is SO beautifully curated!  I'm going to be honest and tell you that i bought it five days ago and i haven't even lifted the cover.  It's so special to me that i save it until i have the time to devote nothing but my whole attention to it and nothing less:  Pyjamas on, feet up, my favourite blanket and a mug of tea and nothing else.  I read it and devour each and every bit of it from cover to cover and it's heaven!!!!

7) Tassels.  Because really if you think about it anything is better if you add a tassel, no?  At the start of this week i stumbled across the sweetest pair of dainty earrings sat all by themselves in Topshop.  They are a fine yellow gold droplet adorned with the daintiest jade green tassels and when i wear them they tickle my ears and just look beautiful.  And the best bit?  They cost £2.  I feel as if i don't need to say anymore on the matter.  

8)  Original Source Lavender shower-gel.  Because heaven knows you can't say we haven't tried every single shower soap under the shower sun!!!!  I always come back to this gem.  Nothing smells or feels better and soothes me on the way to zzz-time quite like this magical bubbly potion.  I surrender!!!!

9)  Blue.  Are you like me too?  Do you go through phases with colours?!  If you've popped by here for a little while you'll know how much i love my prints and colours.  Lately it's all been about blue though:  Pale blue, super duper soft flares and skinny jeans paired with bright white cotton smocks, indigo tie-dyed and well-worn tees over printed PJ bottoms or pale blue embroidered blouses with cream chunky cardis strewn over the top when the rain comes.  Blue calms me, it makes me relax and for some reason i feel comforted and soothed in a way that i don't get with any other colour.  

10)  Late-night chunks of rosey-red apple crunched with floral mugs of camomile and honey tea that {seem to - fingers crossed!} bring the very deepest and loveliest heavy-headed sleeps.  It's always rock and roll around these parts!

11)  Sleeping with an open window as the rain pours and the air starts to get that ever so sliiiight 'nip' to it.  I'm not saying that i'm wishing Summer away heavens no!  But that feeling is a little bit precious isn't it?!?  You really can't deny it.  Falling asleep as a cooler breeze tickles your cheeks and dances along your fringe.  

12)  Counting down to GBBO.  If you don't know what that means then i really am ashamed for you!! Just joking! I AM SO EXCITED for the start of The Great British Bake Off tonight. I might even have to watch it twice.  Yes i'm that sad….What was i saying about rock and roll?!?
*  *  *  
Enough about ME!  How the devil are you and your lovely selves doing?!  Tell me!  Share what has been keeping a smile plonked firmly on those sweet cheeks of yours?! Or are you counting down to the weekend because something GREAT and wonderful is happening?!  I LOVE to read your comments, tweets and emails about this little post and what has been making you all happy, however small or silly it might seem.  Remember to tag me on your #wonderfulwednesday moments on Instagram or to tweet me them over too.  I'm @sallytangle on both.

Wishing each and everyone a LOVELY rest of week!


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