Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Wonderful Wednesday #107

 {Perfectly timed get-ups aren't too bad when you're greeted with this}
Can you believe that we're almost at the end of FEBRUARY?!?  That just blows my little mind!  It feels like Winter has lasted forever whilst it also simultaneously feeling like Christmas was about....oof ninety squillion years ago?!  I'm not complaining though.  I ADORE this time of year.  Actually scratch that, since i say it at the start of each season.  Except that it is true - i love how the human body is wired to tune itself into the seasons and that it's only right that we're all feeling like we want all of the sunshine on our freckl-y cheeks and want to drink nothing but zing-y things and munch on a rainbow of delicious-ness.  That's not just me is it?!  
How are you?  How's your week been so far?  Mine has been pretty lovely.  I worked all of last weekend so I've snuck in a sneaky days holiday in between my two days off this week meaning that I'm off work Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. I'm pretty plan-less except for catching up with friends over coffee and riding those two wheels every flippin' where i can!  That bike of mine needs some TLC too so if it stays dry then we might have a little clean down/pumping up tyre-shaped party.  The Mr is working lots lately as he's away in the middle of March at a bass show in Olympia so we're treating ourselves to dinner out at some point this week and have no weekend plans except snuggling up to watch 'Spectre' - probably with some kind of biscuit and some kind of tea.  You can't say we don't know how to party around these parts..... Shall we get down to the good and groovy..?!
1.  50p daffodils.  Just when you thought it couldn't get any better!  I've been buying a couple of bunches of daffs each week now since.....well since they were a pound.  They're just my favourite flower to have around and about our attic a this time of year.  They make it feel sunny even when it's not.  If you're a regular reader here you'll know how much i love 'em.  I popped into M&S for a little pint of milk earlier in the week and there were so, so many bunches reduced to a 50p!!!!  They hadn't even opened!  Do daffodils have a use by date?!?  I picked up at least six bunches....and then i went and put back three of them since i realised that was a bit excessive.  Oh and the fact that i actually don't think i have enough receptacles to fill with six big bunches of daffs, 50p or not.  Must.  Calm.  Down.  As per really....  
2.  Apple cider vinegar.  I've been using this to create dressings for my lunchtime greens for ages but I've only just tried adding it to my morning hot lemon after having a but of an angry tummy for the last week or so.  I've honestly got the most troublesome tum.  It runs best on simple and plain foods and i'd read in a few places that a shot of apple cider vinegar is a natural alkaliser first thing in the morning.  Since i couldn't manage it like that, some kind soul suggested adding it to my lemon and warm water.  A few days in and it really seems to be settling my tum a treat.  It's just nice to know of natural ways to fix these kind of things.  If I've got indigestion or have eaten a rich meal that i know might give me a tummy ache then I've always drank mint tea.  It's nice to have another option to hand when my tummy feels like it needs a little TLC.  
3.  The smell of green.  Oh come on you know what i mean.  We're not quite there yet up north BUT the smell walking home after work now has definitely switched to a definitive 'green' sort of 'outside' smell instead of the smell of coal fires!  We're moving in the right direction my friends.  
4.  Walking home and chasing the daylight.  It wont be long before i can take out those two wheels after work.  It also wont be long before i can do that sans coat.  You've no idea how happy the thought of that makes me!
5.  Snagging two of the sweetest alphabet cushions with 20% off in M&S.  Turns out that so-called 'Sparks' card has it uses. {Despite me having squillions of points I've no idea quite what the devil the bloody thing does...?}.  I picked up an 'S' {obv!} but couldn't get an 'M' for the Mr and so i bought a letter 'U' purely based on the fact that i liked the pale pink and mustard combo and the typography.  There's nothing wrong with that, is there?!
6.  Washing my very favourite cream ruffly chunky knit and NOT shrinking/catching/pulling or in any way damaging it.  I've been so bloody scared to wash it.  It's out of stock now and it's my favourite thing ever.  I've lived in the flippin' thing since it makes me feel the perfect amount of Spring and warm in equal measure.  Since our washing machine broke a couple of weeks back {resulting in a lot of things shrunk/colours running and general banging and slamming and not so nice language from me} I've been reluctant to trust our new washer with my white things.  This week i got over myself and it was good.  I'm currently sat wearing said jumper with my favourite most softest charcoal skinnies and it smells and feels so damned lovely!
7.  Wavy hair for the win.  Left to it's own devices my hair sits poker straight and....blah.  Since I've learnt how to wave it and how to make said waves last {for a week!} I've never looked back.  Hello twenty minutes extra in bed every day and a wavy 'do' that just gets better and better the more messier it gets.  Living the dream over here!
8.  Finally getting a new IPhone 6S that is fully functional and works.  We wont go into the ins and outs.  All i'll say is I'm in love with the camera and slightly concerned that i have a phone that is way, waaay more clever than me....
9.  The return of 'Gogglebox' AND HBO's 'Girls.'  This makes me the kind of happy where one might dance about clapping their hands giddily.  I haven't actually watched 'Girls' yet.  I've got a hot date with the last episode from last season {my memory needs jogging!} and the first from the new one towards the end of the week so don't tell me what happens... *covers ears and eyes.*  Do you watch either?!
10.  Muslin face cloths.  I've been having a mini-skincare revolution these past few days.  I'm lucky that my skin's pretty trouble-free nowadays.  I suffered pretty badly in my teens and whilst I'm aware that a lot of it now is down to me sleeping enough, drinking enough water and eating well; skincare is still something that's close to my heart.  I've never ever gone to bed with my make up on, ever.  And I've always taken care of my skin believing that the very best approach is to stick to simple, natural ingredients.  Now I'm a little - aherm - older i find that the only problem i have is that my skin can be quite oily and shiny at times.  I've always used a Lush cleanser called 'Ultrabland' first and then 'Angels on Bare Skin' as i thought that exfoliating was the key to keeping oil at bay.  I recently read that over-exfoliating can actually cause your skin to produce more oil {sounds quite logical really doesn't it?!} so I've switched up my routine so that I'm only exfoliating twice a week.  In between then i use my usual 'Ultrabland' except i remove it with a warm muslin cloth.  My skin has been SO much less shiny!  And so quickly too!  It also seems more.....even?  I can't believe what a jolly big difference it has made in such a short time!  
*  *  *
It's jolly well over to you lovely lot now!  Tell me all about your week.  What's been making you smile?  What are you looking forward to?  Have you been enjoying the sweet smell of outside?!  Remember to pop on over and visit my little troop of #Wonderfulwednesday -ers and their own slice of happy: Michelle, Kate, and Helen have joined in by writing their own happy posts and I'm as giddy as a kipper about this! Reading them all gives me a funny feeling in my tummy!  
Do share your #wonderfulwednesday bits over on Twitter and Instagram too.  I'm @sallytangle on both.
Have a jolly lovely rest of week! 

Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Wonderful Wednesday #106

{The smallest sneakings of a little Spring on a mid-morning cycle}
HELLO!  Here we are again, back at another mid-way part of the week already!  It does feel as if it's become ingrained into my little being to start to think of what I've achieved, not achieved or felt happy or not so happy about now.  Does it sound terribly 'hipster' to tell you that it's kind of making me feel a little bit grounded?!  It's become such a part of my weekly routine now that even if i lost my beautiful Apple Mac tomorrow i feel almost positive I'd get to Tuesday and start to mentally COLLECT the very best parts of my week so far.  I'm not organised enough to find a pen and write them down but from Tuesday morning onward i find I'm much more switched on to the positive, no matter what kind of a week it's been or what's to come.  I hope that those who are joining in with this little post {i shall link as always at the very end} start to notice this too.  
Without further hipster-shaped ado, shall we get down to the good and great stuff...?!
1.  A better quality of camera.  Or at least a peep at it!  I spoke last week about how my ever-so{maybe too} convenient IPhone 5 had seen better days in both camera quality and battery life of late.  At the end of last week i bit the bullet and upgraded to the IPhone 6s.  We'll not discuss the fact that i had to send it back for a replacement due to a faulty speaker and chat more about how much i fell in love with that camera!!  Even if i did only get a few snaps in..... My replacement has arrived and is currently charging up as we speak.  I can't wait to get playing.  Any top tips camera-wise for me?  I'm hoping it's convenience {when lugging about a DSLR doesn't permit} will get me back into a more regular appearance on here and also stop me buying an Olympus Pen.....But that's a whole other story for a whole other day...
2.  Light.  Oh jeepers I'm like a broken record lately.  A broken record that seems to harp on about nothing but how lighter it is first thing and how lighter it is much later every.  Single.  Day.  I'm sure i must be driving the lovely lot at Monsoon Towers a bit mad!  But oh my, what a difference it makes to, well just everything.  Don't you agree?!?
3.  Twinings 'Buttermint' tea.  This tea is The {see how i rhyme this week?!}.  When we were little and went on a long car journey my mum would always have a packet of minty, caramel-y tasting hard sweets.  Think Werthers Original but...well minty!  This tea tastes identical to them.  I picked it up on our weekly shop since I've really been enjoying my mint tea lately.  You can't tell me i don't know how to party!  It's the perfect sweet tea for late evening or mid-afternoon and goes especially well with a chocolate brownie.....
4.  Birdsong. Well naturally with more light comes more......birds?!  Is that true?  Maybe i should check that one.  Whether the birds just don't sing the same during the Winter {or maybe there's just not been much worth singing about..?} or are as happy it's turning Spring as much as me; I've been so loving opening our huge living-room windows just a touch {it's still been -1 despite the sneaky sunbeams!} if only to hear the sweet song of a little bird chirruping away.  So so pretty.  I really am easily pleased it seems....
5.  A washing machine that works.  And doesn't shrink things.  Or make colours run.  Or actually just does what it's meant to do every so quickly, neatly and efficiently and {if this is possible} makes our washing smell even better than it ever has before.  And you know me and the smell of laundry....
6.  A new candle.  Because that's where all of the joy starts isn't it?!  I picked up a sweet little candle jar in M&S Food-hall {who knew?!} which is actually i think designed to be used in the kitchen after cooking but it smells so flippin' good that i've been lighting in each night for a little bit before we got to sleep.  It's Rose and Bay and is the perfect rose-y scent.  Rose is one of my very favourite smells, but real rose.  Not the artificial granny's knicker drawer kind.  This smells perfect and is just the right amount of soft, sweet and floral.  
7.  Being Au-naturel.  My hair has been every colour under the sun but the more i grow out the bright blonde that it has been dyed for.....well, more years than you need to know about, the more i feel...more right somehow...?! I have definitely noticed the obvious improvement in my hair's quality now it's not being dyed every 6-8 weeks.  But more than that i feel like I'm realising how much better my skin tone actually suits the hair colour i was born with:  A dark dark blonde.  Quelle suprise!  All this Spring-ish weather has made me tempted to add in a little baby pink to the blond bits that are still hanging on though...  Watch this space!
8.   Settling in to a new 'do!  Which as we talked about last week in my case actually means getting used to your hair after you've had a trim.  It's a hair-fact universally recognised {come on, back me up?} that the moment your hair hears just a whisper that you have booked an appointment to get it trimmed it suddenly starts behaving and looking normal and less-frazzled and awful.  So much so that you debate cancelling said appointment and making it last for another month even though you know the moment you do your hair will rebel, laugh it's evil laugh {you know, if it could} and you'd be back to looking like you'd been dragged through a hedge backwards complete with split ends visible form the moon!  But even if you know your hair needs a trim, the feeling of getting your haircut and it looking all wonderful and sassy-pants afterwards combined with the worry of not quite knowing how it'll look when you're on your own together is sometimes too much to bear.  This was a rather wordy way of telling you that we're both okay.  Just incase you were worrying.  We're settling in well together and actually looking pretty damned great because of it.  If you were looking for a moral here it would be 'Always get your hair cut at the first mere sign you need to.'  That barnet can be a shifty, sneaky little minx not to be trusted.....
9.  Sainbury's 'Fresh Linen' incense oil.  This is an old favourite of mine and i go back to it year after year just as the weather starts to get ever so slightly more Spring-like.  It's a perfect indoor scent for our hallway or kitchen after cooking at a time of year when we're not quiiiite ready to open to windows too widely.  I love how it's subtle but kind of clings to my hair and clothes so i can still catch a little smell when I'm at work from time to time and I'm reminded of home.  Sainsbury's just can't go wrong in the home-ware stakes lately.  I popped in the other day and i could have filled the trolley with home-ware before I'd got to the groceries!!!  I feel i deserve some kind of award for only coming away with a couple of bottles of incense oil actually....
But enough about me!  Now it's YOUR turn dear ones!  Share what's been making you smile so far by commenting below, giving me a little nudge on Twitter or by tagging me in any kind of happy-shaped affair on Instagram.  As always you know i'm @sallytangle' on both and use the #wonderfulwednesday tag so i can see too!  While you're here, do bob on over to Kate, Michelle, Nadine and Helen's blogs to see their own Wonderful Wednesday post.  I can't tell you all how much i'm loving having a little Wonderful Wednesday gang!!!
Have a FAB week all!  

Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Wonderful Wednesday #105

{Spotted a sweet patch of one of my favourite blooms earlier this week:  Heather}
Good DAY to you!  How have you been?  I feel like this week's #wonderfulwednesday has come around ever so quickly!  Isn't it funny how some weeks seem to last forever and others just whizz by you in the blink of an eye?!  Maybe it's because my week so far has been all consumed with two things:  Camera/new phone considering and 'Making a Murderer.'  On the first count, i still haven't settled on what to do for the best.  One of the reasons this little space has largely been all consumed by the mighty #wonderfulwednesday {not necessarily a bad thing - i like the routine and you can never have too much good, can you?} for the past....probably too long is for two reasons:  The first being that I'm struggling a little with what i want this corner to be {we wont get into that now - too deep!} and the second being that I've lost a camera and my little Iphone back-up is well past it's best and I'm just not sure what to do upgrade-wise on both counts.  Current ideas are IPhone 6S {is the camera worth it though?!} and the new Olympus Pen camera {much lighter than lugging around and about a big DSLR no?!}. I'd love your thoughts and tips! 

The second 'Making a Murderer' has all but consumed the last seven days or so if we're being really honest.  Don't tell me what happens don't just don't!!! We're hooked.  I'm still AGHAST to the fact that this is a documentary and actually happened.  

Despite it feeling like that's all that lately has consisted of {in between my usual over-consumption of tea, breakfast obsession-ning or over-buying of white lace cotton/ruffle-y blouses}, I'm fairly sure i can still rustle up some happy to fill this little post......

1.  Tumeric.  Let's not beat about the bush here, we're all friends!  I'm not ashamed to tell you that i often suffer with tummy troubles.  Put bluntly my little insides are happiest when I'm not eating anything too fussy, spicy or full of rubbish.  Which is lucky actually as I'm one of those rare people that gets excited about salad dressings, nuts and discovering a new way to be creative with kale!  I recently purchased Deliciously Ella's second book and after reading all about how beneficial Tumeric can be to your tum, i started trying to include it in some of our meals.  So far it's only really made it into spiced spelt cous-cous and scrambled eggs and so probably not enough to actually tell of it's benefits truly BUT who doesn't love something that turns whatever you put it into bright yellow?!  Especially since the odd fleeting appearance of Mr Sunshine isn't nearly enough just yet.  I'm excited to try spiced tumeric roasted cauliflower later this week. 

2.  Daffodils.  Have we spoken about daffodils yet?! I fear we probably have.  I've got some kind of disorder where each time i 'pop in' to any supermarket i panic and think 'have i got daffodils?  Have i got enough daffodils?  Are any of them on their way out yet?!  DO I NEED A NEW BUNCH OF DAFFODILS BECAUSE THEY'RE ONLY A POUND?!?!'  I've got some kind of daffodil rotation going on with three receptacles filled with their sunny faces where i simultaneously replace each receptacle with a new bunch when they're past their best.  How much is too much and what constitutes a real life problem?  There's a strange comfort to be found in the fact that i know it'll only cost me £3 to replace the lot......

3.  Clean washing.  I've been treasuring that smell lately.  I broke the dial on our very old and past it's best {read:  it has shrank two of the Mr's jumpers and ruined a good handful of my smalls in the past few weeks - washing machine rage is definitely a 'thing.'} washing machine last weekend.  Tomorrow our new one arrives and i can't wait.  I quite like the washing of laundry.  Not so much the hanging it out when it's cold and wet but you really can't beat the smell of it wafting through our little attic afterwards.  

4.  New hair.  Which actually just translates to 'a bloody good trim' but it feels fab all of the same.  I went to a new hairdressers after having gone to the same one for.....OOF at least seven years or so.  I changed because i had to sort out my hair on one too many occasions after visiting them and felt like they had got a bit complacent...?  I visited a lovely new place, felt like a million dollars and enjoyed feeling a little bit special instead of just feeling like a sheep that had been sheared...badly.  Why did i leave it so long?! It did feel a little bit like i was having an affair though...

5.  Nut and raisins.  I'm a snacker extraordinaire.  I've just never been one for eating a massive meal. If i do i just want to fall asleep and usually just get a tummy ache!  So i prefer eating smaller meals and 'nibbling' in between.  It's a running joke that I've always got some kind of snack squirrelled away in my bag, pocket or in a random place in the house.  This is usually an apple or banana, a Nakd bar, a little tin of nuts or similar.  Lately my afternoon snack of choice have been macadamia nuts and raisins.  It's also been what I've reaching for after my little workout sessions too.  Ridiculously simple and ridiculously underrated if you ask me....
6.  Nut butter extraordinaire!  Imagine my delight {and also if you will the strange looks from the assistant stocking the shelf a few yards away when i yelped out loud} when i was mosying about Sainsbury's on Monday waiting for the rain to stop before i attempted to ride my bike back into town to grab some coffee WHEN, i spotted Pip & Nut nut butters!! Huzzah! I picked up Coconut and Almond and it's dangerously out of this world!  It's a little pricey i need to make sure i don't get too carried away.  

7.  Lighting a little candle at my desk whilst replying to emails and generally faffing about online as the rain hammered loudly on the skylight above my and the wind rattled the beams of our roof.  Accompanied with nothing but a hot mug of teaThat moment right there? Well it's as perfect as it gets if you ask me.

8.   Late night 'a few days off from work' 'Making a Murderer' marathons with the Mr, curled up on the sofa with chai tea, blankets and honey shortbread biscuits.  I know what you're thinking, we're living the dream right there and do you know what?  You'd be right.

9.  Seeing the first teeny tiny green shoots on my baby Hydrangea bush bought for me last Summer.  I trimmed it back after it died at the end of Autumn last year and I'm looking forward to seeing it bloom come Summer time.  I've also been enjoying putting a bit more thought into this years outside plant pots after last years were pretty much just all bought from the garden centre and planted straight into my pots at home.  This March I'm thinking I'd like to try Peonies, Ranuculus, Sweetpeas and something that smells pretty....?  Anyone got any good suggestions..?

10.  Pancakes!!  How could i write this weeks' post without mentioning one of the greatest days?!?  We went for a basic crepe this year and nutella and toasted hazelnuts and then a classic lemon and sugar.  Best just to keep it simple if you ask me.  I say it every year but since they are so flippin' easy-peasy to make, why is it we only ever make them on Pancake Day?!!?!
*  *  *
So now it's over to you!  What has been making you smile so far this week?  How did you have your pancakes?  Are you getting all geeky over bulbs and seeds too?  Oh, and what camera or phone do you have?!  Remember to hop on over and read some of my #wonderfulwednesday gang's {it's officially a gang when there are four of us writing a post now, right?} happy offerings.  Go and say hello to Kate, Michelle, Nadine and Helen and read what's been making them so flippin' happy too!  

Also you can find my face over on Twitter and Instagram and hit me up with your #wonderfulwednesday greatness there if you like.  I'm @sallytangle on both!

Happy freaking MID-weeking world!

Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Wonderful Wednesday #104

  {Behold!  THE jumper of all jumpers and a rare 'sort of quite alright' hair day!}
Hello and how do you doodle-DO?  Oh me?  How am i doing?!  Well I'm having one of those weeks that can only be described as 'lacking in va-va-voom.'  There is no particular rhyme or reason.  My week so far has not been particularly exhausting and actually sits somewhere in the middle of busy and quiet.  I've slept well, achieved everything {so far!} that I've set out to do, but still i feel a little....somewhat lack luster...?  Like I'm just not quite firing on all cylinders.  I've decided {for sake of argument} to blame the lack of sunshine and constant torrent of rain or gales so very strong that honest to GOODNESS i nearly took off over the river on my walk to work on Monday.  Yes, that's what we'll blame it on.  I have an incredible urge to lie down on the ground in a star-shape and just let the sun shine on me. You know, if there was any to be having.  I feel like it should be something you should be able to get on prescription....

I'm making up for it in oranges.  And clementines, and satsumas and tangerines and quite frankly anything citrus-ey i can cram into my day.  I'm filling our tummy's with as much green as possible too.  I feel like i need it somehow.  Tell me it's not just me?!?  

As much as I'd love to sit here with you all and discuss the woes of a never-ending winter {any helpful tips to rid me of this feeling and top up that 'sparkle however would be greatly received!}, we have #wonderfulwednesday business to tend to!  And despite the lull in energy, there has been many golden nuggets of good in amongst it all....

1.  My new favourite jumper ever.  I know i know how many jumpers do i already have?!?  But given the arctic temperatures {and the fact that our icy temperatures often last for well over what is classed as an official winter month!} it felt necessary to pick up a new jumper.  It's a delightful cream chunky {tick!}, over-sized {tick!} jumper be-decked in so many ruffles {tick, tick, TICK!} that if i wore a red hat I'd resemble a little squirt of cream with a cherry on top.  I've been living in it {read:  it's mostly been worn over dresses with tights, over the top of pyjamas for blustery morning porridge eating} and anywhere in between.  It's my favourite jumper ever in all of the land.  

2.  Pesto on pizza.  Dolloped as after-thought {ho ho ho how we foolishly underestimated it's greatness!} on our pizza the other night.  The.  Best.  Idea. Ever.  Just do it now and thank me later!

3.  Contemplating a new haircut.  I just need a trim and will obviously {as per}, sit down in the chair and get said trim BUT on making a hair appointment there is a certain excitement that comes from scrolling through your Hair board on Pinterest {mine's HERE} and seeing what you *could* get done......

4.  The arrival of my golden Cambridge Satchel Cloud bag from last weeks' post.  It came on Monday. Is it weird that it's still in its' box and all wrapped up because i want to save it for my day off on Thursday?!?  I really want to relish in opening it up and seeing it!  Am i odd?!?!?

5.  Cashew nut butter.  For those mornings when time doesn't allow for porridge {read:  when you've *some how* turned off your alarm in your sleep and have mere moments to get ready} its a no-brainer and can be finished off whilst careering out the door at top speed.  Toasted rye bread spread generously with cashew nut butter and sprinkled hastily with raw cacao chips.  Mmmmm!  Trust me there is no better pairing than cashews and chocolate.

6.  Kindness.  I had a package to pick up at the sorting office that the sender had not paid enough postage for.  I thought i could pay on my card and couldn't {que sera!} but i was so bowled over when the lady behind me in the queue offered to pay for it for me!!! It was only £2 but she didn't even know me!  How lovely is that?!?!  I really wish i had some way of tracking her down to say thank you some how.

7.  Finding a bra AND pair of matching under-crackers in the M&S sale for £3.99 for the two!!!!  Even more fortuitous since i had ruined two in a fight with the washing machine last weekend.  Karma does exist!!!!

8.  The smell of flowers.  Of course just the sight of a sweet jug, jam jar or vase of any kind of flower is welcome at the moment!  But I've been loving the smell of the sweet jug we have on our kitchen counter:  a sweet collection of daffodils, purple hyacinth and pale pink tulips.  They smell ever so softly floral as you walk past and!  I'm sure it's very possible for something to smell green.....I've been pressing my nose as close as can be whilst waiting for kettle to boil each morning!

9.  Green shoots.  They're teeny tiny up here but they're there!!!! I've been looking our for the very first sights of daffodils, snowdrops and general teeny tiny shoots of green wherever i can get them lately!  I can't wait until the trees are blanketed with leaves and the grass is tall, deep and lush!  Isn't it funny how little you feel like you appreciate these things until they are not there?!?  

10.  #wonderfulwednesday power!!!  Over the past few weeks I've had several lovely ladies join in on these weekly posts of mine and i can't tell you how great and good and arrrgh just super duper this feels!!!  Not only because of course its lovely to inspire others to think of their little precious and wonderful moments in their own weeks BUT also because it's inspiring for me to read them myself!  I get so much from writing these posts and by actually taking time out of my Tuesday night to sit and think about the little things that have been keeping my smiling, and it's ever so lovely to have somebody else's to read!!!  If you stop by here often, do drop by Kate, Michelle, Nadine and Helen's blogs to read over their best bits from their weeks so far on their #wonderfulwednesday.  
*  *  *
How about YOU?  If you fancy joining along with your own #wonderfulwednesday then let me know so we can shout about it too!  Or even of you'd like to share what's been keeping you afloat so far this week.  You can drop a sweet comment below, tag me in a photo on Instagram or tweet me also.  I'm @sallytangle on both Twitter and Instagram. Don't forget to use the #wonderfulwednesday hashtag so we can all have a peak too!
Have a super-DUPER rest of week!


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