Wednesday, 30 March 2016

Wonderful Wednesday #112

{Whatever the weather fixer:  Willow the pushbike in all of her glory!}
I'm having one of those kinds of weeks.  There is no real rhyme or reason:  I've been sleeping like a log - the heavy-headed 'even a bomb couldn't wake me' and 'as soon as your head hits the pillow' {at a reasonable hour too may i add} kind.  There's an extra hour of daylight each day now {which is actually starting to make my evenings feel much longer and lovelier!} and I'm eating healthily and properly.  Yet still i feel a little bit like I'm running on empty.  Zapped of 'va va voom'.  And like if it was possible, that i could sleep for a hundred years and it still wouldn't be quite enough.  The only thing for it is to ramp things up a gear:  to drink weirdly concocted vegetable juices so bright they leave me rummaging for my sunglasses {just joking - they taste DELISH}, to fill our little willow-patterned fruit bowl with the last of the winter citrus:  juicy sweet clementines, blood oranges and sunny yellow lemons.  Oh, and to get out in that fresh air and oddly scattered sunshine whenever i flippin' flopping well can.  Because i know it will pass.  It always does.  Aren't humans funny souls at times?!  

Funnily enough i find sitting in the quiet, gently collecting my thoughts and digging deep for the little sparkly bits of life ever so much more.....soul-soothing?  Restorative?  Therapeutic even...? {are we treading on too much self-help territory here?!} Are they the right words?  Anyway, finding the happy in the trickier weeks is the medicine of words and thoughts and does me so much good.  But enough of my twittering......

1.  Wearing a sparkly tshirt on a grey day.  This is especially cathartic when you had also forgotten that you even had aforementioned sparkly t shirt.  Blush pink with a sweet little flecks of gold all the way through in the softest, slouchiest cotton fabric.  Worn with my favourite pale grey ripped skinnies.  Just the ticket after working on a Bank Holiday.
2.  Pizza.  Because in all of the land there is no better 'nothing wants to work today' kind of fixer upper-shaped dinner than that of a pizza.  Especially when it's shared with your favourite person and it's your favourite kind.  Mozzarella, sundried tomatoes, speck ham, thinly sliced salami and chorizo sausage and a scattering of oregano and rosemary.  I wanted to eat it again even before I'd even finished it!

3.  Compliments.  Hard to digest and just accept {for most of us probably} for reasons i can never really understand until someone pays me one and then I'm right there 'oh this old thing'-ing with the rest of them.  This week someone complimented me on my hat {silly but lovely all of the same!} and also my writing {Best.  Feeling.  Ever} and weirdly my shoes which said person then went onto say they'd seen on Instagram and been admiring them and that it was nice to meet me.  Didn't know what to think about that one.  Compliment or weird? Let's discuss.

4. Anticipating Sunday.  Not one to actively encourage wishing ones life away etc etc BUT this Monday i bought a new duvet cover I'd been admiring for a little while.  It was too expensive but then a little crafty discount code popped into my inbox on Monday morning and we'd just been paid and.....well the rest is a blurry history of excitement about soft grey pinstripes, ruffles and a flipping good thread-count.  We always change our bed on a Sunday evening and I'm beside myself with the excitement of it all.  The Mr thinks I've really lost it.  I don't even care one little bit.....zzzz......

5.  The new Richard Ashcroft song.  I can't for the life of me remember what it's called and as i write this my phone and IPod are all the way in the other room at the bottom of my bag and I'm too tired and lacking in 'va va voom' to scamper off and find either.  But it tugged at my heart in a way that a new song hasn't for a while and that's a sign of musical magic if ever there was one.  I'm currently counting down the days until the release of his new album in May.  

6.  Mixing it up.  You know me, I'm all about the routine.  But this week i swapped my usual porridge with banana, coconut, toasted seeds and a zig-zag of almond butter and experimented with adding grated apple, using cashew milk and topping the whole thing off with a drizzle of cinnamon and cashew butter, raisins and cinnamon.  I know you're thinking two things:  1.  That i am a porridge making pioneer-shaped genius and 2.  That it's all getting just a little bit rock and roll around these parts.  And you my friends would be right.  On both counts!

7.  Spotting teeny tiny green shoots forming at the bottom of our baby hydrangea bush i bought last year which i was convinced I'd trimmed far too far back at the end of last year.  Cross your fingers and toes and anything else cross-able that it flowers beautifully this year because hydrangeas might be one of my favourite blooms ever!

8.  Slippers.  I know old lady alert!  But really is there anything better?!  I only really wear mine {they're a soft pale pink, fur lined and have the sweetest pale grey pom poms on!} when it's really cold but because I've been feeling a little....lack lustre shall we say?  I've been relishing popping them on with my favourite budgie-print pyjamas and my much loved {but very out of shape and sad looking!} mint green angora cardigan.  So cosy!

9.  Hot cross buns.  I stayed at home at my parents on the Saturday of Easter weekend and somehow they were hot cross bun-less come Sunday morning!  I made up for it this week {and intend to for as long as the little gems are around!} and treated myself to an extra special clementine flavoured hot cross bun-shaped breakfast.  It was the bees knees and just hit the spot!  

10.  Kind tweets, lovely emails and general kindness.  You know who you all are!  I've had some such lovely tweets and emails about this little corner lately and i almost can't believe it when i read them.  My heart is warmed beyond belief and i just want to take a little moment to thank not only those kind enough to comment here or get in touch personally; but also to anyone else who pops by here and reads.  you are just the loveliest, most kindest people and i wish we could all go for a sunny bike ride and fill our tummy's with tea and cake! 

*  *  *

 It's over to YOU!  I'd love to know all about the happiest bits from your week so far - in fact this is my very favourite part!  If you'd like to get a little bit more inspiration, hop, skip and jump over to Michelle, Kate, Helen, Jo or Cat {my newest  recruit to that little #wonderfulwednesday club!}blogs and read their very own #wonderfulwednesday.  OR if you've written something similar, this week I'm also linking up with  Jasmin's Happy List link up and you can too!  All you need to do is tip-tap your little link into the box below and then we can all share our very best moments all in one place!  Remember you can also give me a nudge on Twitter, or tag me through Instagram.  I'm @sallytangle on either. 

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Happy mid-week!

Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Wonderful Wednesday #111

{Warning!  Warning! Crocus spam alert! Perfect sunset snappin' at its very best!}

Here we are again already  - she says for the millionth {no WAIT, probably 111th *wink wink* time?} all sat comfortably, obligatory hot beverage and snacks to hand and dressed in our comfiest things ready to sit and chit-chat about what has been making our respective weeks wonderful.  Not that you have to read this post in that way, but since I collected my little #wonderfulwednesday gang {and we really have been ruling the world – or at least the Twitter-sphere!} together that’s exactly how I like to sit when I’m reading through their lovely #wonderfulwednesday posts.  I have always loved writing these posts, but since having more lovely folk join along {Kate, Michelle, Helen and Jo} I think I might love reading them even more!


Shall we get cracking and hip-HOPPIN' onto the happy…?


  1. More nut butters.  Can I hold my hands up and say that I feel in equal parts greedy and guilty and yet also rather smug that there are currently four jars of nut butter on the go in Tangle Towers?  Well there IS.  And I love them all for their very different tastes, uses and general delicious-ness.  The newest addition to the nut butter family living in the breakfast cupboard is a new Meridian Almond and Coconut butter and it is HEAVEN.  It’s sweetened with only a smidgen of honey and the rest is just smooshed almonds and coconut.  There’s probably a much more articulate way of saying that but MMMM I’m too excited about it to put more thought into it.  All of my brain power this week so far has been used up thinking of creative ways to use it bar just sticking a spoon in the jar!  I’m excited to zig-zag it across a tart apple and almond porridge later on this week.  Eeeeee!

  1. The arrival of my Uniqlo for Liberty trousers!  They are BEYOND beautiful and a  collaboration I have been excited about and had scribbled in my diary for far too long.  Not too sure how to wear them just yet since they are a little cropped and far more...culotte-y than i remembered!  I’m thinking of pairing them with a white lace smock blouse and my pale pink pom-pom shoes from last year.  Is it sad that I’ve also just booked off the launch date for the #ArchiveByAlexa collection for M&S too?!  Okay I’ll just show myself out…..

  1. The smell of green.  We all know {okay well most of you do if you follow me on Instagram} that I have been scampering about in the sunshine at any opportunity I get lately {who hasn’t?  Us Brits have gotta take it when it’s there – like it’s the last time we might see the sunshine ever in our whole lives!} and probably boring you all senseless with my crocus snaps and twilight twinkling BUT it’s worth mentioning that it hasn’t been all too bright up here this week so far.  That aside what has been super duper is the smell of green.  I cycled out on Tuesday morning and the grass had been cut in our local park and I can’t even begin to put into words quite how bloody magical it smelt:  All fresh, new, hopeful with an ever so slight hint of wild garlic.  It was Spring in one great big deep breath and I couldn’t get enough, sunshine or not.

  1. Wishlist-ing.  Do you follow Lizzie’s blog, ‘Marmalade Pie?’  It’s one of those blogs I always get excited about whenever a new post pops up into my feed.  Her photos are always so colourful, honest and beautifully captured and I love getting little snippets-y peeps into her life.  She’s recently opened the sweetest little online shop {and I am currently wish -isting over everything!}.  It’s so prettily currated and everything sits together so well.  I can’t wait to see more!  Do pop on over and have a goosey-gander HERE.

  1. Wearing my green coat.  It’s what I’ll affectionately call my Spring coat.  Because up here it’s still pretty cold first and last thing, even on those days where Mr Sunshine has made an appearance.  I bought a bright grass green pea-coat last year in the M&S sale and just knew it would be something I’d reach for when I wanted to feel Spring-like but was still too flipping cold to wear just a cardi or a denim jacket.  This week I have enjoying that ‘new coat’ feeling {even if it's anything but} and that extra pop of colour on a little bit of a greyer day.  I’m also surprised at how much this little dreamboat goes with. 

  1. DIY fringe trimmin’.  I remember the very first time I cut my own fringe I was terrified.  But once you get the hang of it, it really is sort of addictive.  Except this week I cut it a little bit shorter than I’d intended and so it sits a little bit ‘oh hello eyebrows, there you both are.’  I rather like it though.  It makes me wish I had more of a Parisian face and didn’t look like the joker when I wore red lipstick.  Que Sera!

  1. Meridian Nut bars.  See point 1 to better understand my love of nut butter.  Oh heck as if you have to!  These are basically portable bars of peanut or almond butter and they are YUM.  I’ve often wondered if taking a jar of nut butter and a spoon in my bag is a bit weird.  This bridges the gap.  I’ve been loving them mostly all of the time {feel like I can’t stop munching lately} but they’re particularly scrummy after a workout/bike ride/ Tattoo Fixers marathon.  Delete as applicable. 

  1. Jack Garratt.  I don’t like to jump on a bandwagon BUT ever since I heard Jack Garratt’s ‘Worry’ on the radio a few months back I just knew I was going to love his album. It came out this month and I downloaded it pronto without even previewing anything and I love every single last track.  I love that he plays pretty much everything on each track himself, with the help of a mixing desk, various amps and a pretty sexy guitar to boot.  His voice is heaven, all smooth and soulful but gritty in parts – just like his riffs and melodies.  I also love how softly some of his songs start and how bass-ey, ballsy and generally kick arse they are by the end.  Well worth a listen!

  1. Fresh air.  Despite the grey-ish start to the week it’s not been Wintery-cold and so I’ve been loving wrapping up warm in my ruffle-y cream cable knit and beloved {slightly obscene now!} well-worn in charcoal skinnies and having the windows open and the fresh air drifting through our little attic.  I love the smell of Spring.  I won’t tell you quite how much because, well, point 3.

 *   *   * 

How has your week been fellow #wonderfulwednesday reading gang?! Have you had cause to celebrate?  Have you stolen my Spring sunshine?  Have you been gulping in all of the air like it’s going out of fashion – do tell because I’m a nosey-parker and I always love to know!  Remember to pop by my favourite faces – Kate, Michelle, Nadine, Helen and Jo’s blogs to read their #wonderfulwednesday ‘s {link's are up in the intro!} and see what’s been blinkin’ lovely about their weeks so far.

Remember you can follow along with me on Twitter and Instagram too if you fancy chatting about whats been pretty sassy about your week so far or fancy being extra lovely and tagging me in a lovely wonderful-shaped snap – I’m @sallytangle on both. 

Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Wonderful Wednesday #110

{This sight?!  A prettily curated flower basket leaving me feeling all Easter-y!}
HELLO!  How the devil are you?!  Are you having a jolly good week?!  I don;t mean telling you i'm struggling a little.  Not a lot.  Truth be told i'm lacking in va va voom and feel like i'm forever hungry this week.  That's despite eating my usual 'everythings' and a litle xtra in between!  I've been powering through and running on tea and date and seed flapjacks!  And a little solar power due to a couple of very Spring-like days northward this week.  Is there anything better for the heart, soul, mind and body than a little bit of sunshine?!  It instantly makes everything better.  You can bet your bottom dollar i'll mention sunshine in each and every post.  Well until it rains next.  Then i'm sure you'll here about it!  What is it about us Brits and the weather?!?  Anyway, enough wittering and more good and great wonderful-ness from this week....

1.  New scents!  I'm not usually one to dilly dally between fragrances {and I usually opt for Paul Smith Rose or Anna Sui's 'Dolly Girl' most of the time} BUT i picked up Philosophy's 'Fresh Cut Flowers' in the sale months ago {I'm not going to lie - the bottle had a lot to do with it!} with the aim to save it for Spring and Summer.  I've been bought their 'Falling in Love' and 'Baby Grace' fragrances in the past and loved them so i thought i might like this too.  Coincidentally my current bottle of Anna Sui ran out on Sunday SO it seemed only too right to dive right in with a new smell on a Monday and what also just happened to be the most Spring-like day yet!  Hurrah!  It smelt just like i had hoped:  Fresh, clean, subtley...'petal-ey' - is that a word?  It is now.  I am loving catching little wafts now and then.

2.  Cannellini beans.  Ah the humble bean.  Such an underrated ingredient!  Not only are they a great source of fibre, iron and vitamin-ey goodness BUT they are also a great carrier of flavour.  I'm not sure if it's the weather but lately I've really been craving pesto:  zesty, herb-y and sea-salty in great measure!  The pesto was made hurriedly over the weekend {with pistachios, fresh basil, good olive oil and sea-salt} and then tossed through sauteed Cannellini beans and crushed garlic in an attempt to 'Dinner-ify' said pesto.  It worked, golly gosh, amazingly beyond words!!!!  I want to eat it each and every day forever more!  Which is what usually happens when i create something accidentally so remarkable!  I have since re-invented it for tupperware-proof weekday work lunches by adding the pesto-ey beans, a good glug of olive oil, a handful of rocket and a great squeeze of lemon just before i eat it.  Oh and toasted seeds.  It's the bomb.  It's got me dreaming up other kind of pesto-ey greatness for the Spring/Summer.  

3.  Forgotten about chocolate truffles.  Found in amongst the odds and ends of a Christmas Hamper.  'Prestat Champagne Truffles' nonetheless.  Have you tried them?  They really are the bees knees.  I took out four, placed them neatly on a saucer and ate them in as tiny a bite as i could manage so as to savour them completely.  Oh and to stop me eating the whole box.  Which it's worth mentioning that i could totally have done!

4.  Having the Mr home.  What a cheesecake i am!  You know what it's like, a couple of days apart are quite nice.  You can do yoga on your yoga mat at 'any o'clock', turn up BBC 6Music up loud at 6:30am and make funny concoctive dinners that you know they'd never eat in a million years.  Then a couple of days pass and you get tired of having to remember to turn everything off before bed, get cold feet at their always being a cold bit somewhere in bed and get paranoid you haven't locked the front door/ shut the window and that a seagull has broken in and.......oh you get the picture.  Reuniting is lovely.  Having someone to curl up with and make you a cup of tea just how you like it is also pretty lovely.  I love being me, but i love being us rather a lot too.  

5.  Saving up.  I'm just going to put it out there and tell you that HBO's 'Girls' episodes are far too bloody short.  In protest {except also sort of by accident - probably from doing yoga at 'silly o'clock when left home alone} I've missed three episodes now. DON'T TELL ME WHAT HAPPENS DON'T TELL ME WHAT HAPPENS!!!  At first i panicked!!!!  But then i realised that actually having three episodes in a row to watch is actually pretty damned lovely and I'm alot excited.  Still, don't tell me what happens!

6.  Lighting a scented candle in the morning.  Somehow, if you can believe it, even more luxurious-feeling than lighting seven million candles in the evening.  I'd had a 'busy' toss-y/-turn-y nights sleep and wasn't feeling as bright-eyed as usual.  Pottering about with the scent of rose wafting through our livingroom with a big mug of Lady Grey eased me into the day rather nicely.
7.  Fresh basil.  Every year i say I'm going to try and grow herbs and every year i scrap the idea and focus on flowers instead.  I blame being a girl and the need/smug feeling that comes from staring proudly at a little jar {and smelling!} of my very own, homegrown sweet-peas.  Despite everyone in the world saying that herbs are easy-peasy to grow - even on a windowsill, I've failed time and time again and I'm not sure if they'd grow as well outside.  Tips please?  Our livingroom-come-kitchen windows just get too hot in the summer time and anything just shrivels up and gives up!  This week i picked up some fresh basil from the supermarket.  Even the smell itself is just pure summertime - don't you think?  I've been wrapping their leaves around sweet cherry tomatoes from a little bowl on the window sill; tearing them up on top of a ham, cheese and tomato quiche and especially loving chopping it finely on top of my homemade garlicky, pesto-y beans.  Is there anything better than fresh herbs?!

8.  Listening to the radio in the morning.  BBC 6 Music incase you're wondering.  I'll always choose music over pictures {unless you know, Instagram *hidesheadinhands*} and listening to the radio whilst pottering about making lunch to take to work, getting ready and doing so in so much lovely daylight is making my little heart so very happy.  Puts me in such a lovely little mood and makes that 6:30am work alarm just about bearable!

9.      Eyebrow fixers.  Because believe you me, the more and more my natural {slightly darker - okay lots darker} hair grows through, the more and more my blonde 'barely there' brows look more and more quite frankly ridiculous.  It's no joke.  I actually resemble a boiled egg sans makeup and with my fringe pulled back first and last thing at night.  Before you get any 'power brow' awful visions into your pretty heads and recoil in horror at the thought; you'll be pleased to know that my eyebrows have been saved.  Saved by a few gentle strokes of Soap & Glory's 'Archery' brow pencil to fill in all the gaps gently, combined with a sweet slick of Maybellines' 'Brow Mascara'.  I know brow mascara!  Who am i?!  Needs must my friends i can tell you. 

*   *   *

And so you lovely lot, it's YOUR turn!  Drop me a lovely comment below sharing what has been extra special about this week so far.  No matter how silly, how little, how simple it is - I'd love to know.  You might know that I'm a lucky duck to share this weekly post with some of my favourite bloggers who haven kindly decided to join in and write their own #wonderfulwednesday posts.  It turns out that reading everyone elses' posts is actually more happy making and jolly-fying than writing my own!  Who knew!  Do pop and read: Kate, Nadine, Michelle and Helen's posts.  
This week we've only gone and got another new and shiny recruit too!  I can't even begin to tell you how lovely it is to have so many of my favourite bloggers joining in!  Be sure to pop over and check out Jo's first #wonderfulwednesday {a fellow Cumbrian and super lovely lady in real life too - her blog is one of my very favourites!}  Don't forget to shout out and link me up below if you've written a similar happy post or would like to join in yourself.  The more the merrier i say!  You can also say hello on Twitter or Instagram.  I'm @sallytangle on both.  

Have a super-duper rest of week!

Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Wonderful Wednesday #109

{Hello is that really you, Spring?}
Hello hello HELLO!!!!  Is it just me or does it really and truly felt like we are sat with our little legs dangling over, right on the very edge of Spring?! The past week we have been spoilt with an odd day here and there with THE most cloudless bright blue skies and the brightest sunshine imaginable - the kind that makes you squint a little in shock and warms up your little cheeks beyond belief whilst the actual temperature renders your little hands frozen.  It's quite the experience!  But on these kinds of days, those little moments of brightness really do make you feel good through and through and no matter what kind of a day you're having, you can't help but dig for the good things, the happy moments and those extra special things you feel lucky and grateful for all in one go.  It might sound cheesy but it's so true.  Sooo with that in mind i think it's probably time we get #wonderfulwednesday listing...
1.  Pink hair.  Because who wouldn't be giddy as a kipper with pink hair?!   Well you know if kippers had any hair to make pink.  I digress.  In the midst of all of the excitement of what felt like actual hope that Spring was well - Spring-ing the other day, i naturally decided that all the peeping of cherry blossom made me want to put pink in my hair.  So i did and i am happy.  That's it!
2.   Relishing a really good new rug.  Remember i told you last week that on the agenda was shopping for a new rug?  Well the rug angels {?!} only went and answered my prayers and i stumbled across the softest, fluffiest slate-y grey sheepskin rug in TK Maxx of all blinking places.  It now sits lovingly in the little section between our livingroom and kitchen area {we're all not-so-fancy-pants open plan in our little cupboard attic you see} and i don't wish to sound ever so.... interior-sy but it really does bring the room together.  And even better than that, standing on it in your bare feet first thing, nursing a big mug of tea and watching the sunrise?  Well it's happiness personified.  To me at least.
3.  In celebration of all things chickpea-y.  They've been my go-to 'beef-er up-er' for most of my lunches thins week.  I know it's forever all rock and roll around here! My favourite way to eat them though?  Open can, drain and rinse well.   Tip into roasting tin and mix with a teaspoon of Harissa paste and roast for about 20mins until they're just starting to crisp up.  Heaven-sent chucked on top of a grain-y cous-cous or quinoa salad or fired on top of a bowl of spicy sweet potato soup.  Mmmmm!
4.  Hot water bottles.  Somebody said to me the other day at work 'Oh I've never ever owned a hot water bottle.' Err say whaaat?!?!?  How is this possible?!  I simply could not survive from...shall we say end of September toooooo May {?} without one.  I can't comprehend that somebody might have never tried one!  This week it's been all about sinking into a heavy sleep feeling ever so grateful for the hot water bottle resting underneath my tummy.  

5.  Sundried tomatoes.   On.  Every.  Darn.  Thing.  Do you ever just get a notion?  A craving?  A sudden indescribable urge for something?  That was me and sundried tomatoes this week.  Is it wrong that I've eaten almost a jar in three days?!?  Mmmm i just cannot get enough of their herby, sweet and tangy deliciousness!  They particularly rocked dropped on top of a rocket-ty salad which was peppered with shaved Parmesan and tipped straight on top of a massive mushroom, ham and mascapone pizza before we cut it up the other evening.  I don't mind telling you i was sorry i had to share that pizza i really was....
6.  Open windows.  Sort of goes hand in hand with the whole 'Spring is in the air' theme running through this little post doesn't it?  If we're being really honest it hasn't been quite warm enough for full blown 'all of the windows open' excitement but we're ever so lucky in that our livingroom-come-kitchen has massive almost floor to ceiling windows and that room gets the sun from about 8am until sunset.  It was a delicious little greenhouse of loveliness on my day off on Monday.  I had all four windows as wide as they would go, the radio on and the birds chirruping their sweet Springtime song.  I lay on the sofa with a big mug of tea, a chocolate brownie and some lovely magazines to read.  It was heaven! 
7.  Having a better camera.  Allbeit an IPhone-shaped one but i cannot tell you how nice it is to be able to snap and capture everything around me without being disappointed at the quality or without the battery giving up after a couple of photos.  Plus extra bonus points go to taking photos in the sunshine and in natural light!  Something i have missed so, so very much in what has felt like the longest and greyest of Winters.  Are you with me?! 
8. Buying greetings cards!  Tell me I'm not the only one who does this?  I just love picking up cards for any kind of reason:  Sometimes its a quote that just rings true, a particularly lovely font or simply the colour combination that's on the card.  Anything can inspire me.  I'm currently curating a little changeable moodboard-come-noticeboard to lean against the wall in our office/spare-room {everything in this little cupboard house has to be dual purpose} since it's where i write my column and do all of my creating, whatever form that might be in.  I'm just going to go and confess that i bought two Mother's Day cards this year purely because i loved the colours so very much that i wanted to keep one for my self......
10.  Lighter mornings.  I mean I've been going on and on about how very much i'm just desperate for the longer, lighter evenings so that i can scamper around and about on those two wheels after work.  so much so that i feel as if I've over-looked the deliciously bright and wonderful mornings that we are lucky enough to have. Even when it's the cloudiest, greyest day with a little threat of rain showers, rest assured that the blow is softened a million-fold just by waking up in daylight.  My mornings have been so much energy filled, productive and generally happier - sunshine or no sunshine.  Oh Spring, why can't you last forever?!?!?!?
It's now over to YOU!  And you and you and you aaaaand YOU!  Don't just think about what's been lovely about your week and not tell anyone.  Tell us all!  Reading #wonderfulwednesday posts from my favourites Kate, Michelle and Helen {Please go and have a goosey gander, those girls are the BEST} make my whole WEEK!!!  Even if I'm having a tough one, just reading a little list of teeny tiny happy bits from somebody elses' week forces me to dig {sometimes much deeper than other weeks!} deep and find the best bits of mine.  I'm forever left feeling more grateful, more thankful and a heck of a lot more inspired.  You should try it too!  Share your greatness below or give me a nudge on Twitter or Instagram.  I'm @sallytangle on both.    
 Have a SPLENDID rest of week.

Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Wonderful Wednesday #108

{Is there anything lovlier than spotting sweet peepings of Spring?!}
Good day you lovely faces you! How the devil are you?  I'm just going to put it out there and tell you that I'm struggling with rocket fuel this week.  That's despite sleeping like a baby for the whole week {the kind where you feel like you have been fired into the pillow from a-high and really have to work extra hard on peeling yourself from beneath the duvet} and fitting in more exercise and outdoor bike ride-shaped adventures too.  Just goes to show you that sometimes there really are no rhymes or reasons as to why some weeks you skidaddle through ticking everything and more from your to-do list and some, well you could quite happily sleep forever and live off chocolate brownies and hot tea.  That aside it's not been a bad week by any means.  Weirdly i feel like i really treasure these posts on these kinds of weeks - by the end of them I'm left feeling that actually things aren't quite so glum after all and actually i probably just need to man up!  There's also the prospect of reading lots of other lovely #wonderfulwednesday goodness from my little gang;  Michelle, Kate, and Helen.  By jingo i'm perking up already....

1.  Ella Eyre.  I can't even put into words quite how much I'm loving this lady's album lately.  It's the perfect musical rocket fuel to propel me to work quick-march first thing; to get another few laps out of the park on those two wheels of mine when my little legs and bottom are ready to give up and the most perfect 'dance around the bedroom in just your knick-knacks' kind of music after a long, l-o-n-g day.  This week more than ever i'm relishing the kick-ass, punchy catchiness and 'i can do anything' vibe that this album gives.  Have you heard it?

2.  M&S Chocolate & Hazelnut cookie dunker super-duper biscuits! {nb:  I'm not sure that's actually what they're called!}  We actually started them on Saturday evening tucked up under a blanket on the sofa watching Spectre and drinking Chai tea {the stuff all Saturday night-shaped dreams are made of.  Just for the record - LOVED Spectre - Especially the opening 'Day of the Dead' scene.  Struggled to keep my peepers open, but that's just standard really.}  These biscuits are a grown up Maryland Cookie with so many lovely chunky chocolate chips and little snippets of hazelnut combined with a really moreish buttery biscuit.  They come in a pretty gneerous pack and we've already indulged again this week and I'm looking forward to another tea, film and cookie-shaped adventure with that Mr one night this week.  Just realised how much i wrote about a BISCUIT.  Don't judge....
3.  Spring moodboarding.  I've been loving re-awakening my inspiration and looking back through some old moodboards and scrapbooks.  I especially always love my Spring-y themed ones.  There's something ever so lovely about starting to think of a softer and more muted palette as the season changes.  I'm forever drawn to brights in the Winter.  I find they combat the darker greyer days but come Spring i can barely wait to banish them in favour of slate-y greys, dusky pinks and muddy lavendar shades.  Spring window shopping is the very best!

4.  New magazines.  Namely this months 'Simple Things' 'Elle' and 'Vogue.'  The only magazine i religiously buy each month is 'The Simple Things' purely because i draw so much inspiration and loveliness from it no matter what time of year it is. The other few, not so much.  Except at this time of year.  There's something magical about losing yourself flipping through all the snaps of London Fashion Week and folding pages over for inspiration for the new season ahead.  
5.  Nut butter on porridge.  It's something I've never really tried.  I once stirred a teaspoon into my porridge as it cooked and i just thought it got sort of...lost?  This week we've re-kindled our nutty relationship.  I zig-zagged some Pip & Nut Almond and Coconut butter across the top of my banana porridge on Monday.  Then i scattered Goji berries, sunflower and pumpkin seeds and toasted coconut on top for extra crunch and oh MY golly GOSH.  Where have i been?!?!?  Lock up all of the nut butter!  Seriously i could live off it and nothing else.  But i can now count myself a fully fledged member of the nut butter-shaped porridge topping party club.  By jingo that's a mouthful....

6.  Late-night tired hysterical disagreements with the Mr about the difference between 'Yielding' and 'Wielding.'  I was convinced you 'yielded' a sword.  He was convinced that you 'wielded' a sword.  I wont tell you which is right.  But it made me laugh so much.....Maybe you had to be there. Hey, they both sound like the same bloody word anyway.... 

7.  The prospect of a new rug. I know, more rock and roll type excitedness from yours truly!  We've got wooden floors right through our little attic.  All accept the bedrooms and the clay tiled bathroom floor.  We've got a massive multi-coloured rug in the centre of our livingroom but I'm currently shopping around for one to go at the end of our kitchen, underneath the window.  I'm torn between a Kilim rug or a sheepskin.  Which is very 'Pinterest' of me isn't it?!  We've got two sheepskin ones and i ADORE them.  There's nothing cosier.  But then i keep thinking knowing my luck i'll fling a teabag on it by mistake and there goes my Pinterest dream right there......It's got a lot to answer for that website....

8.  Pink sunglasses.  A perfectly blush-come-pretty pale pink retro shape snaffled for £10 in good old TK Maxx.  I don't own a lot of sunglasses because well - Britain BUT i've been scouring everywhere for some pale pink lovely ones to go with float-y white cotton things, sunshine and straw hats.  What was i saying about Britain....?

9.  Lush Cosmetics 'Yummy Mummy' shower-cream for being the bees knees.  Now i'm neither particularly 'Yummy' or a 'Mummy' but this stuff in wondrous.  The perfect mix of sweet lilac and heady violet without being too much....M&s-ey knicker draw...?  Go and try it for yourself.  Just incase that magical description hasn't already had you running over there already....

10.  Wearing old 'seen better' days cardigans with pyjamas just because.  Tell me it's not just me who has bedtime knitwear....? 
11.  The month of March {let's just pretend that i totally didn't write 30th February on something the other day OK? I was tired...} because that my friends means that it is legitimately British Spring time!!!!!!!!   
*  *  *  
Aaaand it's over to you!  Tell me all about your week - what's been great?  What's been not so?  I'd love to know what you're looking forward to and generally just what's making you smile this week so far?  Remember to hop on by Michelle, Kate and Helen's blogs to read their #wonderfulwednesday goodness AND also remember to shout out on Twitter and Instagram too!  I'm @sallytangle on both!


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