Wednesday, 28 September 2016

Wonderful Wednesday #137

 {Hurrah for all things Autumnal!!}
Good day, good evening or goodnight {i somehow feel as if i should be taking a bow or a curtsy!}.  Whatever time of the day i join you and your peepers, i do hope that your week so far has been all the things that you wish of it.  What is a good week these days anyway?!

For me it's happy:  Full of laughs and smiles because as my mum always says: "You can laugh yourself through anything - good or bad.'  I reckon she's on to something there, don;t you agree?!  It's productive:  The kind of 'firing on all cylinders' feeling you get deep in the very bottom of your tum and the kind where you're crossing off more things than you are adding to that 'to-do' list.  Productivity and that feeling of {even a little!} accomplishment is one of the best feelings!  Lastly it should be full of a little indulgence, be it indulging in time to yourself, your favourite past-time or even just your favourite pizza topping or cake.  We all measure our weeks differently and since starting up this little post and 'meeting' all the lovely folk who follow along with it and write their own, one of the very best things has been to read about how they measure theirs and what happy means to them.  

It's time to get tip-tapping about the little happy moments of great and good in my week so far...
1.  Compiling a wishlist.  I've been trying so hard to not be frivolous and fancy with my money this month and to really think about what I'm spending it on!  The start of a new season always has me wishing and wanting for so many lovely new things!  This week i've been enjoying visiting shops and websites and creating little wishlists in my head and really thinking about what i want to buy at the end of the month instead of just going a bit crazy all at once.  Surprisingly enough, being less 'gung-ho' has made me feel all kinds of accomplished and taking time over deciding what i want to buy and what will serve me well over the next few months has meant i {hope} i've made some really sensible choices.  Who even am i?!

2.  Hot water bottles.  On Monday night i took a hot water bottle up to bed for the first time in MONTHS.  Well actually maybe since April at least.  I've made a little vow not to put the heating on until the start of October and since i was a little chilly it was the quickest solution!  I'd forgotten quite how deliciously deep, heavy and wonderfully one sleeps with a hot water bottle nestled between their knees!

3.  Soup-er soup!  See what i did there?!  Who else is over-excitable when it comes to cold{er} weather and soup?!  Man i can just never ever get enough of the stuff. We had our first soup-shaped dinner at the start of this week and Mmmm it was SO delicous!  A yummy soup made from everything green:  Edamame beans, runner beans, kale, spinach, new potatoes, mint and a big scoop of pesto-y sauteed cannelini beans!  It didn't feel cold enough for anything too heavy and this was perfect cooler evening heating for my insides.  I can't wait for harissa spiced sweet potato and for sage and butternut squash!  I could live off the stuff i really could!

4.  The smell of outside.  There isn't really any other way of describing it.  But just how summer evenings smell of warm green grass, freshness and sweet honeysuckle aroma with the faintest hint of a BBQ; Autumn evenings too have their own distinct smell and lately it's all i can smell walking home:  An even clearer sign we've definitely skipped on over to the dark{er!} side:  The air smells heavy with coal fires, damp woodland, wet bricks and decaying leaves with a little hint of smoke.  Sounds utterly disgusting but actually it's really rather lovely!

5.  Dark mornings.  A shock i grant you but slowly and surely I'm re-discovering their little charm:  Slipper-clad feet; well-worn slouchy cardigan slung over my faded floral pyjamas and being able to see the steam from a cup of tea sweep and swirl up into the air as you wait for the comforting 'blip blip' of porridge in a saucepan.  All whilst the sun rises.  Nothing beats cradling a warm bowl of porridge by lamp-light on a cold morning, it's infinitely magical.     

6.  Fruit switchin'. Just as the sights and smells inside and out change this time of year, so does my fruit menu.  In a desperate bid to eat along with the seasons and to listen to what my little body craves also, this week was time to bid farewell to strawberries and raspberries and to stock up on dark purple plums, figs and the first crop of British apples.  My tummy is grumbling at the thought of compotes, conserves, pies and crumbles galore!

7.  Rugs.  We've two sheepskin rugs:  One big cream on which hugs an old armchair in our bedroom - the perfect nook for reading on a rainy day and our smaller dark grey sheepskin which acts as a carpet lily pad between our hallway and livingroom where we have a massive patchwork, pom-pom and tasselled rug.  Lately has been for jumping between all of them to avoid the cold wooden floorboards.  Because nothing quite beats nestling cold toes in a sheepskin rug!

8.  Melted cheese.  I wonder who first thought to melt cheese?!  Hells bells in whatever form you have it, whatever cheese is your favourite, you just cannot beat melted cheese full stop.  

9.  The softest, prettiest, eyelash lace bra in the most perfect shade of dusk rose pink, found hidden away in the M&S sale for £6.  SIX POUNDS?!?  What was i saying about need and want and waiting?!?  It sort of doesn't really count when one is faced with such a situation though i think.  I'm excited to wear it under a cream cable knit because there is something quite special about a pretty little bit of lace under something so warm and cosy and comfortable when only you knows about it.  Don't you agree?!
*  *  *

Oh do you know what i've especially fallen hard for this weeks' lovely list of good.  I sat down and worried that the words wouldn't come, that i wouldn't find anything worth shouting about - who knows why!  But just like that and all of a sudden i could write forever and keep on keeping-on about the little moments of lovely in my lately!  Funny that! 

 If this isn't quite enough happy for you, do go and bob on over to my lovely #wonderfulwednesday gang and fill your heart and soul with even more goodness as they too share their very best bits of this week too.  Skip on over to Jo, Helen, Michelle, Sarah, Kate, Cat, Sam, El and Kerri's blogs   and also remember to join in yourself by leaving a sweet comment below or by chit-chatting with us over aaall of the social media channels using #wonderfulwednesday so we can all see.  As usual i'm '@sallytangle' everywhere!
Happy, happy listin'!

Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Wonderful Wednesday #136

 {Because ALL of the signs are there!  Hello dear Autumn!}
Well HELLO there!  How the devil have you been?!  For once it actually feels like a little while since i was here, tip-tappin' to your sweet faces.  When do i ever say that?!?  Maybe it's because life lately has been filled with stuff and things and i was off work last weekend {an extremely rare treat} and so that threw me out of sorts a little bit and then here we are again once more.  I'd like to say i've achieved lots, and that I'm high-fivin' the mid-week with the kind of enthusiasm it sounds like i should be, when actually i've mostly just been being.  Having two days off at the end of last week {and one of them with the Mr} really helped me reboot, refresh and has somehow awakened some kind of crazy inspiration and want to buy each and everything for my 'Autumn/Winter wardrobe in me.  Suddenly i feel like i'm fully 'on' Autumn mode somehow.  The changes are everywhere:  the undeniable 'nip' in the air first and last thing, the dew on the grass {and spiders webs!} too, the light - oh my the light!  It's fitting really since as i type this {Tuesday 20th September} it is 'officially' the first day of Autumn, officially.  Oof I'm excited!  I feel all kinds of fizz in my little tummy!  

Is that weird?!  Let's not answer that one and instead chit-chat about the best bits of my week so far....

1. Nuts.  Blah-de-blah i know, i know they're pretty much in each weeks post somewhere, somehow! This week straight up, plain and simple.  a mixed bag of nuts have been my very best friend.  In fact they're so flippin' moreish i have to put them away or i risk finishing the whole damned packet! Nut-shaped highlight?!  Adding a couple of crumbled cashews to a sort of 'hap-hazard' lunch of brown rice, marinated kale, leftover broccoli with a peanut-y satay-esque dressing.  Best.  Idea.  Ever.

2.  New piercings.  Incase you haven't seen me wittering on about it on Twitter or seen my cheeky cheeks pop up on your IG feed {I'm @sallytangle incase you're wondering} then you might not know that i finally summoned up the courage to go and get my nose pierced!  I've been toying with the idea for so long and decided to just do it!  I'm super happy with the result.  I wasn't very adventurous and opted for a teeny tiny swvaorski crystal stud set in white gold but it's just the right amount of sparkle.  Better still, i also bumped into one of my favourite blogging ladies {and fellow #wonderfulwedensday -er!!} Jo in there too!  We had a lovely little catch up and it also took my mind off the pending piercing too!

3.  Dungarees.  Finding the perfect pair of dungarees has become much like finding the perfect pair of jeans for me:  ie:  I'm always on the hunt.  I don't know why because last weekend i re-discovered an old pair of faded, slouchy blue denim ones i picked up in M&S yonks ago in our spare room of doom {called such since i am still wardrobe-less and dressing mostly out of boxes, sigh!} and skipped for joy!  I've pretty much been living in them since:  The perfect softness, the perfect shape, and the perfect 'throw on' for cooler days pottering at home or for after work with a slouchy tee and my hair tied up crazily on top of my head!

4.  Candles!  ALL of the candles. I mean i bought one, then another and now I'm considering another too!  I've only lit one of them but when i find a scent that i love I'm always worried it'll all sell and i wont be able to get it again.  I mean the struggle is REAL.  My two favourites so far?  An Olivia Blake Tangerine and Patchouli {sweet, citrus-ey and a little spicy} and a Lily Flame one called 'Dolly Rocker.'  I ADORE Lily Flame candles - this soft pink gem sits sweetly on the chest of drawers in our bedroom and it's floral but deeper, heady and rich just like a floral scent should be come this time of year.  I remember buying a Heather and Honey one last year and it was the dreamiest Autumn candle.  

5.  Blankets.  Whilst it's not quite been 'light the fire/put the heating on' weather just yet we I have been relishing longer pyjama bottoms and using the darker-quicker evenings as the perfect excuse to rest a soft blanket over my legs in the evening after my shower.  It's the littlest things folks, it really is.

6.  The prettiest commutes home.  It's so easy to put your head down, fill your ears with music or to get lost in emails, electronic devices and the like when you're commuting - whether that be on foot or train.  The light lately on my 30min walk home has been so beautifully breathtaking that i've almost not been able to stop looking at how pretty everywhere around is!  I've vowed to switch off from everything on my evening wanders home now and to really soak it in because it always feels like the days draw in so fast at this time of year and before we all know we'll be knee-deep in the 'C' word and the daylight will have slipped away come 3pm.  For now at least I'm switching on to everything around me and switching off to everything else.

7.  Rose Jam.  Because it's Autumn and because Autumn showers smell of only one thing and that's Lush Rose Jam shower gel.  It's limited edition usually and tends to come out around October/November time so i always stock up!  It's the prettiest rose-y smell you'll ever, ever smell:  all jammy, sweet and heady with a little hint of lemon and each time i smell it, it reminds me of the cooler months.  So stumbling across a little bottle I'd forgotten I'd squirreled away last year had my skipping to the shower on Monday evening!  

8.  Helping.  I mean that's my job.  Sure i don;t help people in the same important way that say, doctors, nurses and far much more serious people do but i still help them.  Instead i {hope!} that i help people feel better about themselves, teach them how to mix and match clothes and accessories in a way that feels all new and yet totally 'them' at the same time.  When i get it right it gives me the loveliest feeling!  At the beginning of the week i helped the sweetest 70 year old lady who told me I'd made her feel 'snazzy again' and like her old self.  she was the sassiest little lady that i've ever met!  And it's a teeny, tiny drop in the ocean of kind but it made me feel so happy know I'd made her happy too!
*  *  *

And just like that with a fizz and bang and a bong and a TING;  We're all done!  But if this isn't enough to perk up your mid-week peepers, go skip on over to Jo, Helen, Michelle, Sarah, Kate, Cat, Sam, El and Kerri's   blogs {can't you see we're gathering together quite the gang now!  Isn't it happy-making?!?} and have a little read about what's been making them happy this week so far.  

Better still - join in!  The more the merrier i say!  If you'd like to join the #wonderfulwedensday club {and let me tell you writing and reading these posts is flippin' great for the heart and soul!} just give one of us a nudge on any social media platform and we can add your lovely link.  Or simply tweet or tag us in any post on IG with the #wonderfulwednesday hashtag and tell us your best bits.  As always, I'm @sallytangle on both! 

Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Wonderful Wednesday #135

 {The PRETTIEST light on Tuesday's commute to work!}
Good day!  Hello and how do you do?!  I write this post feeling ever so slightly....delirious and over-tired {is that even a thing?!}.  The kind where you reach tiredness and the point of feeling like you aren't able to achieve much more and then WHAM bam you have a sudden burst of something and lots gets done and ticked off and suddenly you are ruling the world, sailing the ship of success with one hand held up high for victory and then......then what?!  Then you reach a mild state of delirium where you could laugh with the same ease you could probably cry.  Anyone else?  No just me then!  Fear not world, as you read this i shall be off and my plans are nothing except to be a little bit selfish and spend the day on myself!   I plan to move slow, eat well and rest up a little because heavens ABOVE does my heart and soul {and my legs, OH my legs} need it!

Let's sit for a moment and talk about the bestest bits of this week so far...

1.  The art of TWO cups of tea, one  after the other and both equal in their goodness and magical properties.  If you are an avid tea drinker you'll know this is a task and a half.  But the trick i've found, is not to play the guessing game as to whether you'll want another cup of tea halfway though the excellent one you're already drinking, but to just make two cups at exactly the very same time.  It's the most simple solution to a very common problem i think you'll find and one which made Mondays' exhaust-able afternoon at work quite simply, almost plain sailing.  

2.  Veg.  Most people think/presume I'm a vegetarian.  When asked why, they can never really answer why.  I've always expected it's down to my hippy messy style and tendency to put flowers, scarves or elaborate headbands in my hair and that most people are too polite to say such.  I'm not though.  Truth is I'm fussy.  I won't eat meat unless i know exactly where it's from, how it was cooked and if i can, what it had for breakfast before it ended up on my plate.  I joke, kind of.  I eat meat, just only here and there.  Lately i've really been feeling the veg though, like really feeling it.  Imaginations have been used a lot and we've really been getting excited about creating wonderful veggie dinners and everything we've put together has been so bloody delicious that actually......i don't think i've eaten meat for about two weeks.  I'm not planning on becoming vegetarian any time soon, it just feels good to be excited about food when it's so easy to end up in a little bit of a routine when you're tired and both work full time!

3.  The change in birdsong.  I'm not sure quite what it is of even of actually the birdsong has changed or more that I'm just noticing it much more BUT since the nights are sneaking in that little bit earlier day by day, i've been so loving listening to the birds calling to each other as the sun sets.  Maybe it's the silence brought about by the darkness or maybe they actually are more sing-song-y come this time of year.  Who cares it's just lovely whatever!

4.  The most no-bra-bra that there ever was.  I can't not where a bra, ever.  There i said it.  For those women who wax lyrical about cartwheeling through the door and ripping off their bras and slouching about in their pyjamas at 6pm, don't hate me it's just not me!  Sure i've got my slouchiest, sloppiest ripped jeans and my battered bretons galore BUT I'm always underwear-ed up too.  This week i treated myself to a couple of new bras from our range in Accessorize.  They're simple lace triangle bras and i bought one in black and one in teal and OH MY!  Hello feeling like there's nothing there at all with just enough support to still feel dressed and together...?  I don't think there's enough 'bra' or support {for my small chested self!} to wear outside the house but i *think* i might have found a lingerie-shaped middle ground.  I also sort of love how dainty and pretty they are under my crumpled up 'everythings!'

5.  Closing the curtains and cosying up.  Okay okay let's be honest and get it out there that actually we've only just got curtains for our living-room and whilst I'm still not sold on them being the right ones {curtains:  worst thing to buy EVER}, what i am loving is closing the french doors, pulling the curtains closed and lighting a couple of my favourite scented candles once the sun sets.  Surely a few of the best parts of this time of year, no?!

6.  Writing this sweet post as the sun sets.  Our little office-come-room for 'everything that doesn't already have a place AND still without wardrobe too' desk is sat right under the window and lately I'm SO loving typing out these posts as i watch the sun set.  I know the timing wont be this way for too long so i'm writing it here now to remind me quite how pretty it is after a sunny day!

7.  A new addition.  This week I'm welcoming {with the biggest hugest hug!} the lovely El to the #wonderfulwednesday gang.  This girl is one of my very favourite internet ladies and has writes over HERE.  I'm finding it crazy and equally amazing that i now have NINE beautiful, inspirational and talented internet friends that join together and share their best bits from their weeks so far.  GOSH it makes me feel all fuzzy!

8.  Basil.  Not just any basil but our basil.  Sure it's really the taste of a balmy Summer evening is basil, but I'm stretching the celebration of ours out for as long as it's alive i can!  This week it's been lovingly scattered over a roast vegetable pizza AND added last minute and sort of wilted {?!} through some warm pest-y pasta and it still tastes a jolly great, green and good as it did back in June.  Oh, i did mention that i grew it didn't i?!  From SCRATCH.  Let's overlook the fact that most of the other things i grew died way back when shall we?!
*  *  * 
And that it!  We are DONE!  I'd love to know what's been making you smile so far this week; what's been rocket-fuel to hopefully power you through to Friday or simply what the very best part of your week has been so far.  In fact we'd ALL love to know!  Incase you didn't already know you can also get your #wonderfulwednesday fix by popping to Jo, Helen, Michelle, Sarah, Kate, Cat, Sam, El and Kerri's   blogs and reading their best bits.  I'll be back the same time next week, hopefully less tired and far less delirious too.  I'm hoping.  
Happy mid-weekin'

Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Wonderful Wednesday #134

 {I can feel it in my bones.  This Autumn's going to be the prettiest yet.}
Hello.  How do you do?  Here's-a-hopin' you've had the kind of week where you come out {even at a mid-week halfway point} feeling like you're the super hero of your own week.  Me?  If I'm honest this week the balance has gone out of the window.  You know, that famous work-life juggling balancing act that most of us tug, pull, push and wrestle with on a day to day?  This week I'm all off.  I'm finding switching my worrisome work-head off and so I'm feeling lumbered with lingering headaches and nights where i feel as if i've slept....busily somehow?!  Almost like running in your sleep without actually getting anywhere.  Which to be fair is probably a God-send.  Who wants to go to bed in the bedroom and wake up somewhere else entirely?!  I can imagine that being nothing but exhausting on the soul!
So to sum up, this week i need this little corner and my #wonderfulwednesday gang to remind me of the joyous littlest bits of this week so far BUT I'm keeping this weeks' post short and snappy since as I'm more than ready to curl up on the sofa with that Mr of mine and eat pizza and simply just be for a bit, you know?  
Let's get on it....

1.  TK Maxx bargains. That place is lethal.  I'm forever going in on the hunt for something useful such aaaas a spatula, or tea-towels etc etc.  However on Tuesday lunchtime i stumbled upon a great big huge tub of my very favourite Emma Bridgewater body cream.  It was discontinued a little while back, predictably after i found it and fell in love with it.  It's a sweet scent called 'Black Iris' and came in candle and diffuser form at the time too.  Big smiles were had for this turning up in the oddest of shops.  That's sort of why i love that place!  I'm going to savour it for as-long as i can!

2.  Blackberries.  The sweetest, hugest and most vivid of blackberries so great and blackberry-ish that they turn your fingertips and tongue purple in moments!  This week they've been eaten at every opportunity:  Straight out of the little cardboard punnet in the fridge, piled high on sourdough crumpets  with peanut butter after being smooshed with a little maple syrup and popped on top of oatcakes with a generous dollop of cottage cheese and some torn mint leaves.  SO good!

3.  Golden light.  I know, i can say it now, heavens i've typed it and muttered it to many customers at work but there, it's officially Autumn. Although not judging by Tuesdays' muggy, damp feeling extra humid-come-massive-hair-day!  Sure enough though, the month of September is one which i look forward to each year.  I always feel ready for a new season to be honest, no matter which one it is.  Our bodies are just wired that way somehow don't you think?!  What's been great so far?  Well so far, that undeniably 'Autumn' light.  Yes the temperature hasn't cooled down nearly enough for most of the good Autumn-y stuff but that light?!  Somehow just more orange:  Warmer, rusty and just pretty beyond belief.  Who else is ready to embrace a new season?!

4.  Chai tea before bed.  I alternate between that and camomile but somehow, call it the change in the season; somehow the warming spice that comes from a cinnamon-y, cardomon-y, ginger-y based tea sweetened only with a dash of milk, and sipped right before bed is really the very best thing lately!

5.  The quiet.  Not to go 'deeply dippy' on you BUT when you're finding it a little bit harder to switch off the 'to-do's' 'haven't dones' or 'unexpected jobs' that are whizzing around and about your little head; sitting in total and complete silence when you get home:  French doors flung wide open and the smell of an amber sunset tickling your little nose.  Sometimes there's no need for anything else.

6.  Rose pink.  Because normally i love all of colours and as many as i can get!  Lately though, that 'just so' sort of a shade of dusky rose pink is right up my street.  I don't mind telling you that i've got my eye on the most perfect rose pink cable knit hat for when it gets a little cooler.  Isn't it funny how much of an effect a colour can have on you?

7.  Christmas jam.  That's right we skipped right on past Autumn and BAM i've hit you with the 'C' word.  Fear not.  It was squirreled away from last year and stumbled upon when we moved house.  This week we cracked out the mulled fruit conserve and spread it on top of toasted teacakes as big as our heads!  And it was warm and spicy and we regretted it not one bit!  
*  *  *
And we're done and dusted! Can you believe i'm-a-tip-tappin' this little gem out to you at 7.30pm Tuesday evening and it's getting darkLet's not digress!  If this sweet selection isn't enough happy for you and your pretty peepers {and let's face it when can you ever have enough eh?} go go go right on over to Jo, Helen, Michelle, Kate, Cat, Sam and Kerri's blogs  because these gals are my #wonderfulwednesday -shaped dream team and i love them all dearly!  Their posts will fill you with so much happy you might burst!  Go go!

Happy rest of week all! 


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