Monday, 31 December 2012


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Hello? Yes it's me? Remember me!? I am alive (just) and still here.  Unfortunately a full time job in retail means Christmas and then sale time after Christmas are probably my busiest times.  

The last week or so is a total and complete blur.  Today feels like Saturday.  And i feel like a fraggle! I am sure i have been saying 'next please' in my sleep and my diet has largely consisted of mulled anything and mince pies…with an extra huge helping of cuddles.

But i am here and although i haven't had my camera out nearly as much as i hoped to…this is what life has looked like over the last ten days or so….
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Friday.  Our first day off since together since my birthday at the very beginning of december.  We stayed in bed until lunchtime (after my vow to 'sleep until i wake up' whoops!), went to Pizza Express for lunch, and then spent the rest of the day eating mince pies with Grand Marnier double cream and playing scrabble.  Heaven.  
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Breakfasts.  Crumpets with lots of butter and black cherry jam.  I would not like to hazard a guess as to how many packets of crumpets i have eaten throughout the month of December.  When the jam was running low i contemplated putting mincemeat on them…is that normal?!
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I do not tire of this little tree.  There is something so very magical about being allowed to have the tree lights on as you are munching crumpets and watching the sun come up.  It's the only thing getting me through my 7.30am work starts this week.  
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Shopping.  Since our sale started on Boxing Day i have wanted to stay as faraway from any kind of shop other than the Marks and Spencer foodhall for my lunch.  Today was my first day off.  Off i toddled to spend my xmas Topshop giftcards in the sale.  Only to fall in love with something full price. Flipping flopping always happens! It now hangs proudly in our spare room walk in wardrobe singing 'wear me wear me.'  I have excited hopes to wear it with my orange liberty scarf, liberty watch and bronze glitter pumps.  

On a completely un-related note, LOOK how long my hair is now?! I have been wanting it be longer for what seems like…well always.  Having not had a haircut since September, i booked one last week.  Typical.  Getting my hair cut now it seems to suddenly have become the length i wanted!! I must be the only person who goes to the hairdressers and asks them to cut it in a way that makes it look no different from how it started…i digress.  
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Picking up Willow.  Un-content  at leaving her all alone in our hallway whilst we went to Manchester for Christmas Day, she spent her days with the compeny of the Mr's bike, in his teaching room. I think they make a lovely couple…i did think when i picked her up today we might find a teeny tiny bike in there too. It was nice to get the pedals turning again this afternoon…even of it was only to trundle to M&S to get supplies for our roast lamb new years day dinner.  
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Being silly.  My new 'Love Letters' magnets.  Thought the Mr would hate them.  Not so much. Some sweet messages…some not so much.  
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Well all, i would love to say i am off to get ready for a big NYE night out. In reality, i am going to take my coffee (with a cheeky slug of whisky in - why does Christmas make it seem okay to put alcohol in everything?!) and run myself a hot bubbly bath with some new Lush goodies.  Then we are staying in, making some mulled wine and mince pies (because soon it wont be acceptable to anymore) and hopefully i am being allowed to watch The Moonrise Kingdom.

I hope you all have a lovely NYE and a very happy new year.  If i haven't said it enough already and you are not bored with hearing it….thank you so very much from the bottom of my little heart for reading and for popping by.  You are all the loveliest people and i am so pleased i started this little space.  

I cannot wait for 2013…..and to get back to some kind of normality!!

Monday, 17 December 2012

'All i want for Christmas'

How is it now?! How can it possibly be only a week until the loveliest eve of the year?! I say this like i am suprised. Like Christmas changes time each year, or like i thought i would be more organised than i am.  I am un-organised and Christmas is always the 25th.  Just incase you are in the same boat.  

I am yet to decide on my wrapping theme.  I know brown paper will feature heavily…possibly a french newspaper, and i haven't got Christmas cards.  I have got most  of my presents covered, minus a couple.  But that's ok as i know what i'm getting i just need to go and get them except i am waiting in for a parcel which is 'definitely being delivered between 12.58 and 13.58' - so the Mr says. What sort of crazy RAF style timeframe is that?!  I am expecting it at 18.00.  I am currently on my third cup of lady grey and starving.  Its safe to say if you could hear what i have written…it may sound a little more high-pitched than usual.  

But its ok.  I have tomorrow. 

In other news, may i introduce Terence? He is our tree.  Terence The Tiny Tree.  We don't make a habit of naming in-animate objects, usually just spiders and the odd daddy long legs. But a Christmas Tree is important.  Last year was our very first Christmas living together and so we ('I') went a bit mad in Accessorize and bought a variety of tweed animals and novelty decorations to 'last us years.'  Even though we had enough…i couldn't resist a little fox wearing a Christmas Jumper which i managed to sneak in this year.  

On Saturday night i switched our lights on and they blew up.  Something else to add to my never ending list of today.  And still no parcel.  And it has just occurred to me that i haven't eaten any lunch.  Gaaah.  

I finally spent my birthday money and rather a large amount more, on the Joules website.  3 for 2 offer you are a demon. I am excited to receive some lovely new clothes that are not Monsoon (in the nicest possible way).  I can't remember the last time i really treated myself to something that wasn't in the sale or for work.  

Wednesday its back to the Mothership (Monsoon/Accessorize) to scream 'next please' until my voice disappears and wrap five million pairs of earrings for those who need it.  I am a Christmas trouper!! Thursday is the very last late night shopping and so if i'm not sorted by then, then you are not getting a present.  

Christmas Day i shall mostly be sleeping!!

If i am not here again before, may i just take this little opportunity to wish you all the loveliest most magical Christmas and thank you all right from the bottom of my little heart for reading my little slice of the internet and for all your kind comments.  I love it here, and it warms my heart that you take the time to pop by too. You are all truly brilliant.

Thank you one and all!!

Friday, 14 December 2012

Clementine Dreams

For a season that primarily counts red, gold, green and silver as its festive colours, i can't escape my love for all things orange lately.  I know burnt oranges, ambers, crimsons and browns feature quite heavily in Autumn, but Christmas brings the clementine - and for me thats almost better.  Not the satsuma.  Not the minniola.  Not a navel orange.  Just a clementine please.  

Yes its minus five million outside, so cold that my little mitten-ey mitts ache when i am aboard Willow; and when i breathe in too deeply i can almost feel my lungs filling with iciness, but i love it.  Every single last second of it.  I can't put into words how happy this time of year makes me.  I have been falling in love with such beautiful clementine sunrises and white pavements on my wanderings to work at early o' clock.  Sunrises bursting with such beautiful colours that its hard to believe that all the way down here we can even be this cold.  

I have been eating clementines (queen of the orange family i think) at every opportunity - stirred into porridge with ground cinnamon; sneakily after tea so i don't have to share and chopped into mulled wine too.  I am thinking of creating some kind of clementine-y inspired breakfast muffin...  

For times when being outside is not necessary, i am layering my little self up in faux furs, blankets and keeping my ears warm with my lovely orange liberty scarf.  Oh and listening to the Love Actually soundtrack on the loop.  Our tiny tree for our tiny house is up, i shall introduce him properly another day.  But for now, i am toddling off to make some earl grey….


Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Being warm on a Wednesday

Layering so many clothes that it hurts to bend your arms; warm sunny cheeks and cold lips; crispy crunchy lovely leaves, tangled hair with curly whirly ends, the smell of perfume on a woolly scarf;  the air smells clean; wanting everything to have cinnamon in; needing to listen to slow music to think; blinking in the bright bright sunlight; icy fingertips on cold handlebars; leg swinging in time to music and takeaway coffee and red mittens.  

All of the little things.

Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Livin' in my socks

I have fallen in and out of love with my knees.  As someone who has no real spacial awareness and spends a lot of time bumping into things, bumping my head and evidentially, bruising myself like a little peach; i don't often get them out.  In fact i probably wear more trousers in summer than any other time of year. And when it's too hot for trousers, i move onto maxi skirts and dresses!!

If i could wear my 90 deniers all year round, heaven help me i would.  Meet my new friend - over knee socks.  I have a couple of pairs of these in paler colours which i have only ever worn with nighties or long tshirts for bed (the cosiest thing ever).  I have recently started to wear them mosying about at home and i am quite excited for Spring (did i even just say that?!) when i can layer them with my smock dresses and chunky cardigans….

I have spent my day dilly dallying, making butternut squash, sweet potato and sage soup, and pottering with a little festive shopping.  After hearing Mariah Carey's 'All I Want for Christmas' twice today, we might have to watch Love Actually later…with mince pies of course.

If you haven't heard of Chairlift before…tickle your ears with the aptly named 'Bruises' courtesy of moi. 

Monday, 3 December 2012

Stuff and Things

This year i don't want to get lost in Christmas.  I don't want to miss all the other little things going on around me, as small and fleeting as some of them might seem.  Working full time in retail this is indeed one large fat christmas pudding of a task.  But i am going to give it my bestest.

I write this post with an extremely grazed cheek, and a rather large graze up one side of my nose - glamorous! Willow and i had a slight altercation so to speak.  Whilst wheeling her to the end of our icy street today, her tyres slipped, and instead of being sensible and letting her fall to the floor and graze her flipping cheeks; i went down with her.  Star-shaped, legs a kimbo and my bottom in the air.  

But we will move on.  I love clouds (incase you hadn't twigged already with my cloud overflow in posts).  There is something so beautiful and magical about them and if there was such a profession as a cloud gazer, i think i would make the perfect one.
I have loved the crispy winter wonderland that seems to be creeping up on the UK. There is nothing better than layering as many items of clothing on top of each other; squeezing into a thick cosy winter coat and donning a hat and mittens.  I love how it feels to breathe in the frosty air, how it burns your cheeks and fingers, and how it gives your skin that rosey posey glow.  

When we moved into our little somewhere, what i loved most were the huge windows and all the light which just seemed to touch everywhere.  Its quite magical how pretty different rooms look at different times of the day.  Seeing the light is almost as beautiful as watching it slip away too. You can see the loveliest sunsets from here - snuggled up on the sofa with lots of cuddles, blankets, cushions and earl grey tea.  I like to leave turning the light on until the very last minute...
 'Tights' could almost be my middle name….if it wasn't already 'Anne.  I have loved swapping my tights for thigh high cosy socks recently.  Its an easy way to winter up little smock dresses, but not too hot for inside.  

I can't get away from Christmas…who would want to? This time of year is just magical.  This week we made mince pie swirls (a sort of puff pastry roll filled with mincemeat; baked and dusted with icing sugar - delicious!), finally lit our lovely Monsoon Christmas candle (it fills the room with the loveliest smell of spicy cloves and orange) and i Christmas-i-fied Willow a little bit.  Well so far she has two little pom poms.  I also have some little Christmas lights to wrap around her too.  Is this too much?! I love it!!! 

Oh and my mood boarding has taken a slightly festive turn too….Cannot wait to get our little Christmas tree this week and open another bottle of mulled wine.  Its important to try lots to make sure you get the very best blend in time for the big day…


Thursday, 29 November 2012

It's just the little things...

Sometimes you think you're invincible, that you can power through anything, and that you don't need anyone to do anything for you.  

I'm the first to admit i am stubborn.  If i say i am going to do something i will do it and i'll do it by myself.  I don't need you to pass me anything, i can reach and if i can't do it, i will sure as hell try as many times as it takes until i can do it.  Even if i injure myself in the process.

I'm also independent.  Too independent i have been told.  I get an odd satisfaction from achieving something solo.  I usually get it wrong several times first but i get there in the end. And it makes me happy.  

I'm determined and headstrong and right.  Or really, i am not right always but if i think i am i will have the very last word until you think i am or give up altogether.
But one thing i am not (and this pains me to say) is good at being ill.  In fact it scares the life out of me!  Without too much detail, when i say ill, what i mean is a virus/bug sort of illness.  Colds, not a problem.  Give me flu any day.  A sore throat? Well i quite like honey and lemon.  Infact it is safe to say that i could probably cope with being shot, better than i cope with said type of illness. 

By some freak of nature (and probably a few thousand gallons of hand sanitiser and dettol) i have managed to avoid said type of illness for just over twelve years.   Until Monday afternoon. It's a side of me very few people have seen (lucky!), but when you live with someone, well there isn't much you can hide.  
The last 36 hours have taught me a few things.  Namely that i am not invincible.  But more than anything in the world, that it is the littlest things that matter:  Having somebody put a cushion under your head when it wont stay up anymore;  or make you a hot water bottle every other hour; not mind when you want to sleep on the sofa alone and listen to smooth FM (easy listening for the over 40's) and make you soup from scratch even when you can only eat a tiny bit. 

These are the tinniest things in the grand old scheme of the world and beyond, but sometimes you are not invincible, you can't do everything and you need someone a little bit more than usual. You can keep your expensive gifts, grand gestures and over the top declarations any day because sometimes, it's just the little things that really matter. 


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