Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Wonderful Wednesday #77

I live in constant FEAR that one week i'll forget to write this sweet little post.  I know you would all survive. And despite my very best efforts to write more in between them, my dear Wonderful Wednesday posts have become so ingrained into my little routine that missing one would feel just as catastrophic as say, forgetting to eat a walnut whip.  I know.  Maybe i just need to get out more. Or, you know, at least find time to fit it in somewhere amongst life.  

How ARE you?  How has your week been so far?  Mine {as you can probably tell} has been a jolly quick one.  I can't quite believe that it will be the end of July at the end of this week.  I'm a little sad.  Largely as i feel we have had very little summer to speak of up north this year.  I'll even go as far as to say that the other evening, amongst the dismal grey-skied drizzle that was still happening, it SMELT like autumn.  And as much as i love autumn i'm very not ready to kiss goodbye to the hope of some better weather yet.  Are you WITH me?!?  All the same it's not been all doom and gloom around and about these parts.  Let's get #wonderfulwednesday -ing!!!!

1.  Peppermint tea and chocolate brownies.  A dangerous combination.  And by dangerous what i really mean is off the chart deliciously good and with a very real risk of becoming a habit.  It sort of tastes like….decadently indulgent Aero.  Times a million.  

2.  Tuesday-shaped days off.  I cannot tell you how wonderful it felt falling asleep on Monday evening knowing that i was off Tuesday after only really being at work on Monday. I wasn't tired enough for a day off having only been off on Sunday, but i slept like a baby all of the same.  I'm trying to ignore the fact that i'll be working the next seven days in a row now….

3.  New songs.  Namely the new Chemical Brothers tune 'Go' featuring Q Tip.  MAN i used to LOVE The Chemical Brothers.  They remind me a little bit of revision as somehow when i was younger and revising for exams, i found playing dance music {don't fret - we're talking good dance music:  Faithless, Chemical Brothers, Fatboy Slim etc} excrutiatingly loud sort of helped.  Now i need total and complete silence to do anything that vaguely uses my brain.  This new tune by The Chemical Brothers deserves your ear-time.  Have you heard it?!

4.  Perfecting exercises like nobody's business!! Remember i ranted and raved about my ballet exercises?  Well i say ballet, but they're loosely based on boulding up your core strength and around certain ballet moves {Google 'Mary Helen Bowers if you'd like to see what i'm wittering about here}.  I've been trying to integrate a few of them into my busy weeks alongside getting out on my two wheels as and when it's not wet.  I am so pleased at how far i've come.  To start with i found seeing any of these short sessions through to the end really really hurt!!!  Now the few that i've been doing regularly i can complete with {almost} flying colours.  It sort of makes me want to punch the air after each one.  Sort of….

5.  Falling asleep to the sound of rain on our skylight.  The only plus to this un-seasonal weather.  Okay well apart from not having to water my dear sweet terracota-potted plants outside.  Except that i rather like watering those of an evening. There is something soothing about hearing the rain beat against your window as you drift off.  I'd even go as far as to say that it actually helps me sleep…..If only the rain could be gone for the morning then i might get on board!

6.  A fringe trim.  I started cutting my own fringe a while back.  And while i cope okay i did enjoy stopping by the hairdressers at the start of the week for them to do it properly.  I can see again!!!  

7.  Burning candles inside on Tuesday afternoon.  Whilst the rain poured down outside it felt a little bit luxurious to be wafting around and about our little attic in vaguely summer-y attire and burning a lavendar and lime candle or two.  

8.  The Kooks.  Because, well remember The Kooks?!?!?  My music this week has been somewhat of a blast from the past-style-ee and i've been enjoying myself so very much.  I love listening to music from the past, well okay from my past.  It always brings back such wonderful memories!  I can't listen to The Kooks without thinking of dancing in a field in the pouring rain with one of my very best friends at a festival a few years back.  We'd managed to stay mud-free all weekend but got totally drenched and muddy on our last evening.  Despite all of that we had the BEST time.  She now lives all the way away in Oz and so we don't see nearly as much of each other anymore.  This weeks musical blasts from the past have included The Spice Girls, Bloc Party, David Gray and Editors.  Sometimes a mini musical revival is a jolly good thing.

9.  Walking in the rain.  Because Tuesday's day off was pretty grim.  And i was determined not to stay indoors all day.  So i took my umbrella, said playlist from previous point and dressed as appropriately as i could and walked my usual cycle route.  I felt cream-crackered after!  And it took me so much longer! I treated myself to a large cappuccino and a wander about town afterwards. A day well-spent i think!

10.  Well-wishes.  Word has begun to spread about me leaving Monsoon Towers and i've had some such lovely and kind well-wishes this week.  It's lovely to think that people that would have otherwise been complete strangers to me and are really just customers where i work, can be so kind.  I've been a little bit teary!  I must get it together if i'm to last this next month!

11.   Whatsapp-chat with my brother and sister. I don't know why it's such good fun as it's hardly a new and revolutionary idea BUT having a Whatsapp thread with both my brother and my sister is the best thing.  We can't see each other nearly as much as we'd like so i love keeping up to date with both of their lives this way and being able to share photos and snippets in our own little bubble.  So glad i've got those two!  It's hard to believe how much closer we all are now we're older and not physically so close together.

12.  Stretching.  Because lately i'm ALL about the stretches:  The first stretch in the morning when the alarm first sneaks into my deep sleep {how great does that one feel?!}, the one where you stretch and contort your sleepy crazy worse-than-bed-head self as far and as wide as you can stretch it whilst the kettle boils first thing; the after lunch 'wake me up because i've just eaten i just want to nap' stretch or the one you do, star-shaped right before you fall into a deep sleep of a night time.  We stretch far more than we let on.  And why?  Because it feels a little bit lovely.  
*  *  *  
How are you feeling now we find ourselves at mid-week?!  Are you having a ball of a week or can you not wait for it to be Saturday?!  Have you got something spectacular to look forward to at the weekend?!  What are you grateful for this week so far?!  Do tell.  Because your comments on this post especially, warm my little heart they do.  It's the BEST feeling i can't tell you.  Plus, you know i'm nosey, we all are!  Do SHARE!  You can leave a sweet comment below; tweet me or tag me in an Instagram snap if you like too.  I'm @sallytangle on both.  

Have the most WONDERFUL rest of week lovely faces!

Saturday, 25 July 2015

Faffing somewhere

"What do you do in your spare time?" sometimes people ask.  Oh, you mean when i'm not at work and if by some unknown miracle known to man there are no jobs to do: pots to wash, beams to tickle with a duster or laundry to hang or plants to water?  Oh me?  Well i quite like to just….  FAFF.  It's a glorious thing, to FAFF.  Don't knock until you've tried it i say.  When i have nothing else on the agenda {or sometimes even when i do but the thought of it is enough to bore me to tears - never ending pile of mail to file i'm looking right at you!} i simply like to just potter about, soak in what's going on around me and just be.  It's a funny one to explain, but i think when you've got some little hint at a creative bone on your body, these are the times when you find your inspiration, and really and truly appreciate what's going on around and about you without simply just whooshing through your day ticking off the 'got to do's.'  FAFFing is much more about the 'want to' than the 'have to.'  And it's a lot about following your heart over your head which is forever one of my favourite things to do.  So in the spirit of FAFFING, i thought i'd share some snippets of lately.  If you're a fellow-FAFFER, grab yourself a cup of your favourite something and park your bottom…
Consistency is not something our DEAR northern summer seems to understand.  Since June {which is officially the start of summer} we have had rain, sun, wind, thunder and lightening and sometimes all three in the same day.  But its' not dampened my spirits {too much!}.  It's just made me even more grateful and even more keen to get out there as and when the weather puts on a performance vaguely like one would expect!  On the plus side, our pretty park has seemed greener than ever thanks to the damper weather. I'm sure those wildflowers i catch on my bike adventures and clapping their leafy-mitts….
Our home is never one-hundredy percent tidy.  I also feel like i spend half of my LIFE moving piles of things to different locations and fooling myself that i am tidying up.  Until i re-find them.  And re-move them and add more to them.  I did enjoy giving this little shelf a good tickle this week though.  Cups and tea sort of some up the Mr and I to a tea {get it?!} and so this shelf is probably the tidiest part of our whole home.  I'm still suprised i've got away with these dear sweet fluorescent pom-poms for as long as i have….
Being at home.  I remember at uni we'd spend most our lives either at uni or in our local bar/cafe.  Home never felt like HOME.  Even afterwards when i lived by myself i would spend most of my days off round at friends or wandering about in town or curled up in a corner of a coffee shop with a magazine or book.  It's only really since the Mr and I met and moved into our sweet attic that i'd happily spend each day here.  It's one of the very few places i switch off and relax and there's nothing i love more than a big bubble bath and then curling up on the sofa with a book and too many cushions {his words not mine}.  
Making the most of this little DEVIL whatever the weather!!!  I'm not a fair weather cyclist and never have been.  You'll often catch me in the park in the pouring rain and blustery winds just as much as you will if it's warm, sunny and pretty perfect.  Willow - as she's affectionately called - has completely changed my approach to exercise.  I've gone from someone who walked everywhere out of necessity to someone who volutarily goes out at least every other day and someone who can't imagine not riding a bike.  I should have guessed really, i adored my bike when i was little!  It's true what they say, you never really do forget how to ride a bike!!  I just wish more people did it.  It's the quickest and very BEST way to cheer me up, make me feel brilliant and one of the very few ways that i can truly switch off and be alone with just the green and my own thoughts.  I much prefer cycling around the city streets on a drizzly day though.  The old sandstone buildings of our historic quarter seem far more charming to me on a cloudy day.  Just as the park and all the green areas look their very best on a bright and blue-skied day!
Treats.  That coincidentally and completely unintentionally co-ordinate like a DREAM.  The flower crown cost a measly £3!!!  And i'm justifying it since it's colours lend themselves to autumn and late summer beautifully.  It's from good old Topshop.  Which i seem to have gone from not liking anything at all for about three million years to wanting every god-forsaken thing in there!!! I blame it on all of the 1970's inspired smocks, flares, dungarees and pretty William Morris-esque prints they've been teasing me with.  This summer i've been good.  Because if i've learnt anything in the thirty years {aherm} that i've been alive it's not to overly invest in summer time attire.  It's much SAFER to stock-pile the jumper, trews and skirts and dresses that will work with tights and boots just as much as they will with summer sandals.  

This summer i indulged in a white dress which is actually a nightie but is far too pretty to grace the bedroom.  It's white cotton cheese-cloth with the prettiest broderie-anglaise and lace detail and i've worn it out once or twice with a chunky cardi but it's more than often been my go-to throw-on when i get home of an evening.  A messy top-knot and my feet up and i'm HAPPY.  I also bought a beautifully embroidered cream and black trophy skirt for £10 in the Topshop sale.  It looks a dream with bare legs and black Chelsea boots and a light knit yet i just know i'll get millions of fashion-miles out of it come autumn and winter.  Tights, boots and a chunky cable-knit and i'll be good to GO.   
And THOSE?!  Oh okay they might be the craziest and most impractical purchase of my whole life and pretty much contradict everything i've told about fashion-mileage and not spending too much.  But sometimes, sometimes you have a bad week.  And sometimes the only way to fix it is to buy some outrageously beautiful shoes.  They're worth it though, don't you think?! They didn't cost the EARTH.  Infact they were half price in the Anthropology sale and had an extra 20% off.  I'd loved them from the get-go so i knew i had to have them.  
*  *  *  
Hows your weekend shaping UP so far?  And what wonderful plans have you got?  I'm working all day today and then looking forward to scampering off to a Pottery festival with the Mr on Sunday.  It's been about three million years since we had a sunday off together so i'm looking forward to tea and warm pastries and then spending the whole day together.  

Thanks ever so very much for your kind new job congratulations on my last post and on Twitter, Instagram and the ever so lovely emails too.  I'm looking forward to sharing a bit more once it's all sunk in!  I'm ever so EXCITED and terrified in equal measure!  But sometimes a leap of faith is a good thing don't you think…?!

Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Wonderful Wednesday #76

Well HULLO and how do you do?!  Has your week been as grey and grizzly as it has up in the land of the North?!  If you've had glorious bouts of sunshine then may we please borrow a day or two? It's good to share you know.  This Wednesday has been reached with a huge and almighty sort of sigh.  It's a week that i can only really describe as emotional.  You know the sort where everything just seems to tug at your heart strings and pull it all out of you..?  The kind where every single last thing seems emotionally draining?  I think it's hormones.  Well i can blame it on that can't i?!  Shall we get on dear ones?!  'Cos i feel like I could do with a jolly good list of the special and important things to shake me up a little….

1.  Music.  Because well i've always felt emotionally attached to music and when i'm feeling like i'm quite happy curled up with only my thoughts, some lit candles and my favourite, favourite music; sometimes it's all i need to fix and soothe my little soul.  On this weeks thoughtful playlist:  David Gray, Bloc Party and Faithless.  A nice balanced mix right there!

2.  Pizza.  Because it really is the only thing that will do sometimes.  I don't mind telling you that i spent most of Tuesday looking forward to my dinner knowing fine well that it would be a few slices of pizza, piled oh so high with wild rocket and scattered with windowsill tomatoes.  Food heaven….

3.  Sunsets.  Or more importantly the very kind that creep up behind you and that grey, drizzly Tuesday and burst out of nowhere, drenching the rooftops and chimney pots with a crazy kind of beautiful glow that just takes you completely off guard and brings you right back down to earth with the gentlest bump.  Magic right in front of your eyes.

4.  Nectarines.  Gobbled up greedily from the windowsill after being left to ripen in what erratic sunshine-ful moments we have had.  But even better, sliced thinly and piled high on top of coconut porridge with a generous glug of maple syrup.  A combination that was born totally out of the blue and might just go down in history as one of my very favourites.  Which actually translates as:  Shall be eaten each day until everywhere sells out of nectarines. 

5.  This sweet post right here and the way it just makes me stop and think.  We don't do that often enough you know, none of us.  And you know what?  Even if you think that you do, there is more than enough room for more positive thoughts, positive energy and an appreciation of the small and simple things that bring us joy. 

6.  Friends made through this sweet little corner of the internet and how easy talking about everything seems with people you hardly know and yet feel like you've known forever.  It's a special thing sometimes the world wide web.

7.  Ludicrous shoes.  Photos probably to follow because they're likely to be the most instagrammable pair of shoes that anyone will ever own anywhere.  Unless say, you are part of a travelling circus.  On Sunday night i ordered a crazy pair of shoes.  Because i saw them months back and they were crazy expensive and impractical.  Then they went in the sale. then they got reduced further.  Sure they were still as crazy and expensive but then they had an extra 20% knocked off so they were pretty much free.  Pretty much.  I don't care.  No real justification is needed when you spy a perfectly rose-pink pair of flat shoes with a delightfully fuschia-pink pom-pom on.  The Mr tells me that he'll walk on the other side of the street if i wear them.  I know he's only joking.  I have told him i don't care because i'll be too busy skipping, frolicking and being fabulous in my crazy clown shoes.  

8.  Hugs.  Because sometimes {even for me!} words fail me and sometimes you just need a bloody good hug.  He's got a particularly lovely shoulder that Mr of mine.

9.  New and exciting times ahead.  And whilst this sweet list isn't numbered by importance whatsoever, this is still something i feel should have really come far higher up the list.  I'VE GOT A NEW JOB! The whole tale is worthy of it's own post/essay and for now i'm still a little bit pinching myself that i'll be spending my days doing what i will be because it all still seems to good to be true.  It's been a massive decision for me - heavens i have been where i am almost nine whole years!!  But my heart is ready for pastures new and for a new page, a fresh start and to use my head creatively once more.

10.  Lady Grey in a china cup.  I treated myself to a new one.  I need mugs and cups like a whole in the head!  But when you see and V&A print William Morris blue and white china mug…well it as good as had my name on it from the get-go.  I'm enjoying how different my tea tastes {mum you were right!} and the clinkety-clink of my teaspoon against it in the morning.  

11.  My favorite rose perfume. It's my one and only summer true-love kind of scent.  I smell summer whenever i spray it across me….and it's making me feel summery even if the skies aren't playing ball….

12.  Laundry.  More to the point, drying laundry inside so that the whole of little attic smells of fabric softener and clean and loveliness!  There are some perks to not being able to fling that duvet cover and towels out on the washing line…..some!
*  *  *  
How are you all?!  Send some of your positive and lovely #wonderfulwednesday moments my way!  My little emotional self needs 'em this week.  Remember you can drop a sweet comment in the box below or tweet me or tag me on Instagram using the #wonderfulwednesday hashtag.  I'm @sallytangle on both!  

Have a MAGICAL rest of week lovely faces!

Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Wonderful Wednesday #75

I cant believe it's Wednesday again already. Weeks off from work or from your usual routine have this terrible habit of speeding up the second that you get used to this moving slower malarky i'm sure.  Being back at work on Monday this week has meant getting back into earlier starts, to moving faster and to feeling as if my weeks are disappearing right in front of my eyes.  Can you believe that we're halfway through the month of July already?!?!  I feel i better kick of this little #wonderfulwednesday before i blink and it's Friday again already!  Off we go….

1.  Seeing the very first flowers in my little outdoor ceramic plant pots bloom.  There is something ever so cathartic about growing something:  Sowing a teeny tiny seed or bulb and weeks later pulling back the curtain to see a tiny green shoot.  Then to see it rocket up - propelled by endless summer rain interchanged with balmy sunny days.  And then all of a sudden a FLOWER! Then TWO!  Then flowers trailing, climbing and standing proud as punch and knowing that you did that.  It's a lovely feeling.  

2.  Miserable days that seem certain that rain is the only thing on the cards.  The sky is heavy as can be, sodden, dank and dismal.  Rain pours for what feels like forever and then somewhere on the horizon a cotton wool-white cloud pops it's head out pulling a bright blue sky along behind it.  Suddenly that's all you can see for miles:  All of the blue set against a back drop of all of the white and faith and happiness are restored. And then suddenly the day that you cursed and cursed earlier, wishing for it to be tomorrow already please!  Suddenly you hang onto every moment and wish it could last forever.  There's been a Monday and a Tuesday shaped just like that this week you know.

3.  Being woken in the night, both of you.  By something - maybe rain, a cat or each other.  Who knows.  Being angry and tossing and turning and pulling and pushing the covers on and off and on and….WAIT.  Actually it's rather nice to both be awake, snuggling and trying to get back to sleep with the faint light of an early dawn and the sound of drizzle against a slightly open attic window.  Maybe it's not that bad after-all.

4.  Drinking cold drinks through straws.  Because even-though they are readily available all year long, nothing says summer like drinking a cold drink - any cold drink - through a straw.  Stripes, spots or stars optional.  Slurping allowed.  Always.

5.  Candyfloss-pink clouds.  Because heaven knows clouds themselves are a magical thing and one that i could sit and stare at - and often do - for far, far longer than is probably normal. But pink clouds? Well they're something else aren't they?! Magical, ethereal and usually the sign of the end of a really lovely day and full of hope that the next one might be just as good, if not better.  And unicorns, because i always think of unicorns when i see a pink cloud.  And aren't unicorns the epitome of magic?  I rest my case.  

6.  Good hair days.  Because with this weather hells bells what are they again?!?!  Cue sun, rain, wind and hair more than six times it's actual size. And not in a good way.  On Monday night i washed and dried my hair, slept terribly and woke up with it looking perfectly flicked under {the right way} on both sides with little need to anything other to it than tickle it with a hairbrush.  Between you and i, i sort of did even that  s-l-o-w-l-y  as i was convinced that any  sudden movement might make it SPRING to it's usual messy morning mop.  But nope!  Who knows why?! Who cares even?!!?

7.  Shampoo that makes said perfect hair smell of mint and lemon and holidays even when there are no holidays so to speak.  Who says you need to go outside to celebrate summer?!?!?

8.  Strawberries as big as your head with dollops and dollops of greek yoghurt so thick and creamy and delightful that you could almost stand your spoon up in it!  It's definitely been my later evening snack before bed this summer.  So delicious!  Strawberries taste like heaven at this time of year.  How many is too many?!  I could eat a punnet a day.  I don't but i could…..

9.  Cool showers.  These are rare for me.  So you know that i'm fully embracing that thing we call summer when i turn down the temperature in the shower.  There's ironically something ever so indulgent having a much cooler shower than usual.  Factor in that delightful minty lemon shampoo i've been raving about and you can just about imagine the party. 

10.  Nectarines.  When i'm not eating strawberries i shall mostly always be found eating a nectarine.  Juicy - in a 'dribble down your chin' kind of a way except it's okay because it's summer.  I ate two in a row a little too late the other evening and could only taste nectarines when i hiccuped for a long time after.  You'd think it might have put me off.  It hasn't.

11.  Having a desk right below a skylight.  This makes any kind of work or play computer-related an absolute DREAM come this time of year.  Production levels do drop a little largely due to the fact that i spend far too long staring a rooftops and clouds, and seagulls and sunshine and….i think you get the picture.  It makes a brighter change to staring at Pinterest though…

12.  Pink.  Not bright bubble-gum horrid pink.  Sort of, a dusky, dusty, antique rose sort of a pink.  It's fast turning into one of my very favourite shades lately.  It sort of makes me want to curl up and fall asleep.  Not surprisingly i'm currently on the look out for a duvet cover in just the right shade.  You know, because we're short on those kinds of things around these parts…..
*  *  *  
How do i find you??!  Have you had a week much the same as mine:  flying at break-neck speed and with weather so topsy-turvy you often don't know if you're coming or going?!  What have been the little sparkly gems that have been making you smile so far this week?!  And what are you looking forward to the for the rest of it? I'd love to know.  Remember to leave a sweet comment below or drop me a tweet or tag me in your #wonderfulwednesday moments on Instagram.  I'm @sallytangle on both.

May the rest of your week be sunny and SUPER-DUPER!

Monday, 13 July 2015

All white

I never thought in a million years that i'd be offering you this kind of advice.  In fact i'd have even put good money on it.  But if you do one thing, buy one thing or make one promise to yourself clothes-wise this summer; let it be that you'll wear white.  If not ALL WHITE, as much as you can anyway.  Because can i let you into a little secret…?  It's sort of revolutionised my summer wardrobe.
*  *  *
Let's kick this off by saying that i'm the most least likely person you'd ever usually see in white.  I'm print crazy, colour-worshipping and fearful of not many things when it comes to what i wear.  At best my 'look' is usually described as busy.  I'm often told i look lovely, but these kinds of sentiments are often shortly followed with 'of course it looks lovely on you…'  So imagine my surprise when i fell head over heels for the polar opposite of my usual attire. The calm to my usual frenzy and the simple to my often over the top, collections.

It started with a white T-shirt.  A white 100% organic cotton tee with gracefully fluted and floaty sleeves that I purchased a couple of months ago from H&M {not pictured}.  I have since moved in to said T-shirt.  It's been worn with pastel-ey printed slouchy trousers, with my favourite vintage-wash Gap 1970's flared jeans and even as a pyjama top.  I even wore it alongside some printed shorts to practise a little gentle stretching one morning last week. And do you know why?

Because when i'm wearing it i barely notice it's there.   I feel calm, cool, comfortable and a different version of myself.  But in a good way.  I'm not one to buy lots.  What i do buy is carefully considered and justified.  And often worn until it falls apart and can be turned into something new.  And truth be told, summer is the least likely season i'll buy lots of new odds and ends simply because it's the least reliable season of them all on our shores.  Instead i tend to re-use what i already have.  My love for all things white this season has meant i've indulged a little bit.  Because you can never have too much of a good thing can you…?!  

Both pieces pictured above:  A cotton cut out-come-broderie anglaise-smock blouse and a cotton cheesecloth lace detailed short-sleeved 'actually a nightie but perfectly viable as a light summer dress' kind of a dress are from Topshop and still in stock i think. I've been rotating all three pieces lovingly for the last few weeks and do you know the best thing?!  Wearing them is a feeling I can only compare to the feeling of getting under a freshly washed, pressed and line-dried cotton duvet on hair-wash night.  And if that's not a reason to buy white then what is?!

  1.  Detail is key.  Think less 'plain white tee' {as wonderful a basic staple as this is} and more, just that bit further:  Lace details, fluted and flared sleeves; a scallop or two or a cut out here and there.  The prettier and more feminine the better!

2.  Go natural.  There's only really one fabric to opt for and that's cotton.  Anything else and you're missing the cool cotton-cocoon against sun-parched {if you're lucky!} skin.

3.  Mix into a simpler palette.  This is not something i'm familiar with!  But i find that my new white treats work so much better with a palette of softer neutrals:  biscuits, pebble-greys and washed and faded pale pinks.  Or alongside my favourite vintage-blue relaxed jeans.  Not only that but it also adds to the 'feel' you get from wearing  {mostly} all white too.

4.  If you're brave enough to go ALL WHITE {like my pretty cheesecloth creation} make it UK-able and not just holiday attire.  For me that means a tan satchel, flats and a chunky knit longline cardigan for those days when the skies are more 'grey-UK' than all cotton-candy and blue-skied. My cover-up of choice is a dusky rose-pink well-loved woollen one. For me the key to my little white love affair is comfort.
*  *  
Have you ever fallen for a colour?  Are you having as much of moment with white as me?  Am i just late to the party?!?!?

I'd love to KNOW!

Thursday, 9 July 2015

Light & Shade

It's no secret that i'm fair of skin.  I remember when i was little at school discos i often used to feel like my skin glowed just as much as any white t-shirt anybody was wearing.  No REALLY.  I only have to look at the sun and i go pink.  There was a time when i'd freckle up with the best of them but now it's just the pink.  Which hurts and disappears as quick as it arrives with little trace of any kind of a tan where it once touched.  And so as much as i hear people complain that even when it's sunny up here, that it's 'still cold' or 'hmm but you still need a jacket' or 'it's not summer-dress sunny' or that 'it's a cold wind' i'm usually okay with that.  In fact i'd go as far as to say that that's my kind of weather.  Warm enough to throw on a dress and blind the world with the white of my translucent legs; yet cool enough to roll up a cardigan and tie it through my satchel should i need one.  A day where light and shade is lapped up in equal measure and where even just the peep of a bright blue sky in between the trees is enough for it to feel like SUMMERtime.
 A pretty blissfully quiet morning bike ride with the park almost to myself

Finding joy in the greenest greenery that can be - sometimes it's not all about the blooms!
Cycling in and out of the trees:  Feeling the light warm the top of my head and the shade snatch away the heat as fast as it touches it and the cool breeze TICKLE my goose-pimpled legs.  It's just as pretty to watch the light dance along through the tall grasses and wildflowers that line my route as it is to watch the road ahead.  If you're careful!

A pretty {mostly accidental} little set up:  Flower crown, anklet, buttercup, clover and dandelion-love!
A welcome REST comes from finding a patch of blue sky not hidden by the tallest of sycamore trees and wiggling bare feet on the greenest of grass.  Because that might be one of the best parts of summer!  Now if anyone wants to pop and fetch me an ice cream drizzled in raspberry sauce with a chocolate flake popped in for good measure then that might be rather nice!  
What does your ideal SUMMER day look like?  

Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Wonderful Wednesday #74

Hello-a to one and all and how do you doodle-do?!  See that up ^there?^  That's as perfect as a summer day gets:  Messy windswept hair adorned with my favourite flower crown, sunshine so bright it makes you squint and everything it touches seem so much brighter and better than it already is or was.  Including me!  Sure it's out of focus and the sort of photo where you might have to really look at it to actually really notice what it is; but to me it's my summer heaven.  It was taken on last Friday's day off on lap number 'far too many to count' because it was just that sunny, warm and delicious.  I am writing to you now and it's blowing a gale outside, the sky has forgotten how to be blue {or so it would seem!} and i'm actually considering finding a cardigan!  Oh summer where for art thou?!  You can say one thing about summer so far, it has most certainly been about balance that's for sure!  Shall we get on with our usual Wednesday-shaped business…?

1.  Seeing the great big patch of wild lavender in my local park burst into bloom in what felt like almost overnight!  It smelt divine on Tuesday's momentarily sunny bike ride and was awash with so, so many buzzy-bees!  

2.  Attending my younger brother's graduation up in Glasgow on Monday and feeling so very emotional all of a sudden.  I'm lucky to have both my brother and my sister and even-though at various stages in our lives we'd all admit to disliking each other {i blame all of the hormones} now we are as close as can be and no time spent with either of them ever seems long enough.  He graduated with a 2:1 Bsc in Computer Science and also won a special prize for his final year project.  He's got his own little flat in the sweetest area of Glasgow and he started his first job yesterday too.  I'm not sure proud even does how i feel justice. 

3.  Seeing the very first little stalks of my sweet-peas curling up and around my little cane tent.  I can't wait until they flower.  They were planted a little later than they should have been but all this erratic {read:  wet} weather has meant they've really come on over the past few days.  The sweet scent of picked sweet peas reminds me of summer days when i was little.  I was always in charge/allowed {being the eldest and all!} to pick a little bunch of sweet-peas to sit in the centre of our table.  Mum would always put them in the same sweet little crystal vase each year.  

4.  Sweet potatoes.  Simply roasted, wedge-ways, with nothing but cinnamon, rosemary and olive oil.  And dunked generously in hummus.    I'd live off that combination day after day and never get bored if i could get away with it!

5.  Having time between trains on Monday and being able to sit with my sister and chat about everything from life goals, how many avocados a week are too much and relationship things.  

6.  Baby garden peas tossed with finely chopped mint, olive oil  and a couple of crushed garlic leaves.  Yum!  Sort of pea…pesto…?  Well minus the nuts i guess.  But i should think that chopped walnuts and lambs lettuce might make for a yummy side-salad.  It might also be rather yummy using broad beans and new potatoes too.  Now i'm making myself hungry!!!

7.  Return of the fringe.  Ok so that was last Friday but my love is still going strong.  I only lasted three weeks but just I don't think i'm a no-fringe kind of gal.  Maybe it's my lack of any kind of eyebrow and blonde eyelashes without mascara; if my fringe is missing i really do resemble a boiled egg!!  I think we are made for each other!

8.  Sitting and reading a magazine cover to cover on Monday night.  Something i never do now.  Time just escapes me sometimes.  That or my attention-span only lasts for half way through.  After a long train journey and pretty full-on day in Glasgow on Monday, it was a welcome treat to curl up on the sofa with the Mr and read the new Simple Things magazine cover to cover, word for word.  

9.  Sneaking cereal for supper.  When i was little i quite often used to have a little bowl of cereal for supper.  Now i'll admit i'm not so fond of Rice Crispies in a Beatrix Potter bowl anymore, but i got a little peckish late on Monday evening and snuck a sweet little bowl of granola and almond milk and it was delicious.  Isn't cereal with iced cold milk the yummiest?!

10.  New candles.  Because is there any nicer feeling than a new candle, sat on your bedside table waiting to be lit?!  The current ones in our bedroom are almost at their end {an Emma Bridgewater Lilac candle and a Lily Flame Lavender and Lime} and so when i spotted a Neom Organics Neroli Rose in our local Tk Maxx i couldn't resist!!  Then i spotted a Rose and Bay pale pink candle jar on a meander through M&S too….

11.  Train time.  Travelling by train is something i used to do quite often.  I travelled to and from home for uni quite often.  And in my job i've often attended meetings, done store openings or covered in branches and, since i don't drive, always taken the train.  But since the Mr drives now and i haven't had any work-shaped escapades for some time, Monday's train time was a bit of a treat.  I was pleased the train was quiet, and it was a bright and blue-skied day.  Because i could curl up, with Florence in my ears and watch it all just whizz by me.  I so often used to take train trips for granted!

12.  Watching the rain.  Which is always great from inside usually!  Except on Tuesday mornings' bike ride.  I was riding under the trees completely unaware of the fact that it was pouring down and only realised when i cycled into a clearing.  It was the slightest, finest sweet summer rain and so i back-tracked a few hundred yards and watched it:  Safe under the sweet little leaf canopy!  I didn't get wet at all and as quick as the rain began, it was done and dusted and followed by a bright blue sky and sunshine!  It was a little bit lovely.  

13.  Waking up alarm-less.  Well my alarm-less!! I can't believe it's taken me until now to tell you that i'm actually off work this week!!!!  Huzzah!!!  But let us take a moment to appreciate the absolute joy of hearing someone else's alarm going off, safe in the knowledge that you can star-shape, stretch and sneak a cup of tea back under the duvet.  
*  *  *  
So tell me, how has your week been shaping up?! This week seems to have got to Wednesday at lightening-speed and just before i started this post i worried that maybe i couldn't think of any good bits; that it had all just gone far too fast and i hadn't noticed any!!!  Silly me!  I am so glad i started this little post as a way to stop, sit and reflect.  If you fancy sharing too you could share your best bits below by leaving a sweet comment.  Or you can tweet me or tag me on Instagram in your #wonderfulwednesday shenanighans.  I'm @sallytangle on both!
Have the most lovely rest of week sweet ones!

Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Wonderful Wednesday #73

Good morning, good afternoon and maybe even good EVENING dear and sweet faces! How nice it feels to be starting a list of happy on the first of the month for a change?!    How has your week been?! I do hope i am not finding you melted and frazzled to a crisp wherever you might be in the UK or beyond.  I am tip-tapping this little post with our attic window above my head open as WIDE as can be; with hair at least four times its usual size and a very real fear that a seagull or pigeon could fly through at any given moment!  This week has felt much calmer so far and predictably i have been feeling so much better and 'me-like' once more.  Shall we get on it?!? Behold this weeks list of HAPPY, positive things that have made this week more than lovely…..

1.  The red button.  Or Glastonbury on the red button and how easy it is to flip and flit in and between all of my favourite bands for most of last weekend and into this week.  Whenever i watch Glastonbury i always regret not getting tickets.  This year i was so very taken with Florence and the Machine's set that i went and booked tickets to see her in September.  I am SO excited that i could cartwheel!!!!!  Except that i daren't do that for fear that i'd injure myself and not actually be able to go!  

2.  Pink grapefruit.  Ripened on the windowsill in the afternoon sunshine and then chopped up and put in the fridge overnight.  Usually enjoyed with a slice of rye bread spread thickly with almond butter and dotted with sliced banana.  I really think i could live off my breakfasts you know…

3.  'Bounce - Cacoa and Mint Energy Balls.'  I'm yet to find a flavour of these little balls of fruit, nuts, seeds and whey protein that i don't like, but i've only recently tried the chocolate-y one and can confirm it might be my very favourite.  It's sort of become my day off routine to sit and munch one with a large iced almond-milk latte after a couple of hours out on my bike.  Mmmm!

4.  Going to bed with my hair damp.  The only time of year when it's absolutely legitimately allowed.  I always remember when i was little we were never allowed to do this incase we caught a cold {motherly myths!} but now the loveliest way of keeping cool when it's so warm and balmy outside of a night is to plait my damp hair and fall asleep.  It keeps my head so lovely and cool and means i can stay in bed a little later of a morning too.  It's win-win in my book!

5.  Florence and the Machine's new album 'How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful.'  Because well you know, number ^^one^^.  That and the fact that it could be my favourite of hers yet.  Have you given it a listen?  My favourites are 'Hide' and 'Make Up Your Mind.'  It's the only music in my ears lately:  Walking to work, wandering home from work, lapping our sweet park on days off and even just for pottering at home.  I'm not obsessed at all.  

6.  Summer nights.  Because well let's be honest there hasn't been a great deal of them up north until this week and it's safe to say i have been stretching them as far as they will go.  Is there anything nicer than a balmy summer sunny evening that feels like it will just last forever?!?  For having a sweet view over the rooftops after my late night shower and padding about our little wooden-floored attic in cool cotton pyjamas with damp hair. Nibbling on sweet nectarines and donut peaches and sipping camomile tea with honey into the night.  Pretty high up on the 'bliss list' if you ask me.  

7.  Swallows.  Because watching them swish and swoosh so close to the grass and doing their dear sweet air-acrobatics across a bright blue sky is sort of quite relaxing you know? 

8.  Writing in a new new notebook.  Or more to the point, an organiser.  With a new pen no less.  This week i have been really indulging!!!

9.  Watering our little terracotta pots of an evening and smelling the sweet smell of summer gardens close by:  Honeysuckle, mint and damp grass.  It reminds me of being little and running around the garden in my nighty before bed for as long as i could and getting shouted at for having dirty feet….

10.  That Mr of mine {sorry!}.  For forever being a sea of calm in my {too often} frantic, stress-y and worrisome self and for always standing right by me in whatever i do.  I knew he was special from day one.

11.  Plaits.  For humid day fixers.  For keeping cool at night conundrums and generally for allowing me to sleep in them and for them to actually still look presentable the next morning. Note to self:  Must plait hair forever from now on.

12.  The warmth and kindness that comes from this kind and caring blogging community that i am so very proud to be a part of.  And the warmest and sincerest thank you to each and every one of you who listen, and offer help and guidance always.  You know who you are.

13.  Clouds.  For always mesmerising me constantly {have you ever looked at my Instagram feed?!} and for being an endless source of inspiration and calm even if what going on below is hectic and fast and non-stop.  There is nothing more beautiful than a perfectly fluffy cloud formation against a peachy pink sunset sky….FACT!
*  *  *

GOSH This weeks list has just whizzed right out and onto the page without much soul-searching or deep thought at all!  Sometimes that's just the way it is.  Either way i hope that these lists inspire you to look at your own day-to-day and remember the little things that bring you happiness and joy.  If you like you can share them below in a sweet comment.  Or you can give me a little tweet or tag me in your #wonderfulwednesday snaps on Instagram.  I'm @sallytangle.  

Have the most MAGICAL rest of week!


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