Thursday, 29 May 2014

Catching Up

I was thinking just the other day, it's been a while since we just caught up.  You know, the sort of catch up you enjoy curled up in your favourite jeans/tee combo, or after the deepest most bubbly of baths or soapy showers.  It's been so long since we just did that, don;t you think?  And you know those kind of 'what have you been doodle-doing' 'hows life' or 'what have you been putting on your toasted anythings' are my favourite kinds of posts to read and write.  And since i can't fit you all in for Lady Grey and a walnut whip, this is as good as it gets.  
* * *
Life has been, well just that: wizzing and fizzing its way past my ears at such a speed that sometimes i feel all blown over by it.   I remember feeling like the weeks, days and hours lasted forever when i was little, now they pass me by and sometimes i can't even remember what i did on them.  Maybe it's an age thing!  Something that's a sensitive subject around these parts.  Thanks kindly for all of your super comments on the impending looming birthday that i have coming up in December.  I loved writing that little post and you know it just came out of nowhere.  

Lately i have been enjoying the seasonal shift in the weather and the new breakfast CRAVINGS it brings with it.  Says she as the rain hammers above my head on our little office skylight.  I have been really craving berries lately - it must be a seasonal thing.  As soon as they started to hit the shops at the very start of Spring i wanted them.  But i told myself i would wait until they were a little more in season and i could get my paws on the British variety.  It was worth the wait.  Whilst i miss my little morning routine of standing over the hob stirring a pan of porridge, i am not complaining at the extra ten minutes in bed. Spring into summer breakfast-ing has been all about toasted all-kinds-of-things piled high with berries.  Sneaking in a slathering of nutella when i have to work a Sunday.  Or just because.  I have fallen a little bit in love with blueberry jam on toasted spelt bread too.  I really would eat breakfast for each and every meal if i could you know.

I have been feeling ever so inspired by all things FLORAL.  It sort of comes with the territory come this time of year.  My morning bike-shaped jaunts have felt so so much more colourful lately, even if the sun hasn't always been shining! I have brought a little of this inside too by filling each and every jam jar, old milk bottle and an old ceramic jug with all kinds of flowers.  I almost skipped out of our M&S food-hall the other day when i realised they had sweet williams and peonies in stock.  Peonies are my most favourite flower in the whole wide world and as there season is so short, i am planning to buy a bunch each week until they are no more.  

 I have been appreciating every little scrap of SUNSHINE that we have had and making no excuses! I feel a squillion times better about everything even just looking at the sun and despite the fact that my fair skin frazzles like a crisp when it gets super duper hot, i have been making a concerted effort to make the most of each ray of sunshine lately.  Isn't there always that typically 'British' mind-set that it could be our 'Summer' and that tommorrow it might all be doom and gloom and cold and wet and so you just have to get out and soak it all up, every last drop?! Or is that just me?! Those often sunny days have meant many an after tea bike ride, and chasing the sun back home before it curls up beneath the clouds for another day.  It's the best feeling.

I have been using my time inside WISELY too.  Spring time showers are far best experienced tucked up inside our pretty loft with 'never too much' tea.  I tried my hand at tie-dye after being a little overly obsessed with all things deep blue and indigo on Pinterest (HERE).  I remember last trying the craft at…Brownies…?! I was surprised at how well it turned out and i am lining up my next tie-dye project as we speak.  

Aside from my usual two-wheeled shaped adventures and forever photographing the sky/clouds/sunsets/sunrises whenever i can, i also TREATED myself to a sweet little book i have been coveting for a long while:  'Pattern' by Orla Kiely.  I am so enjoying reading how Orla Kiely came about and where its heart lies.  Sneaking alongside my walnut whips have been cheeky handfuls of petal pink, rose chocolate covered roasted almonds - so delicious.  I have to stop myself from eating them each time i go into the kitchen.  
* * * 
In other news i have also::
*  Been LOVING watching darling Rosie's vlogs on her channel HERE . I have never really got into vlogs, being much more of a lover of words.  I also lose interest as there is only so much time i want to hear about what you have just bought or what 'lip' you have gone for today.  I am lucky if i remember to throw some carmex in my bag before i leave the house.  Rosie has managed to vlog in a lifestyle way and completelu translate the wonderful-ness of her blog straight to vlog.  I am hooked and i am even considering dipping my feet into the vlog world.  Thoughts? Do any of you want to see that?

*  ADMIRING Caroline's pretty pink hair in her latest post HERE .  I have been lucky enough to meet the lovely lady herself in person a few times now and she is just as lovely (if not lovelier!) as she is on her blog.  I love the subtle pink highlights and think she should keep it up all of the time! 

*  FALLING in love with Alex's post on Shibori tie-dying (no brainer really!) there is SO much blue-y goodness in this post that those images may all be jumping onto my pinterest very soon!  I love reading Alex's blog, her style is a world away from mine - so beautifully minimal with such thoughtful elegant details.   

I feel better now.  Just the way you do after a good old catch up with a jolly good friend.  If you made it this far thanks for hanging onto to each word - there were a few more than i thought there would be, but like it said, it's been a while.  

Hopefully we wont leave it quite as long until next time ;)

Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Wonderful Wednesday 18

^Tie-dye blue-y loveliness!^

Whilst you are reading this, i shall be back at work after a DELIGHTFUL six whole days off.  Six days off which included a whistle stop trip to Scotland to visit the parents, an accidentally booked off bank holiday Monday, lots and lots of sleep, some sunshine and a spectacular volume of tea.  It was HEAVEN and i really do feel like i am completely rested.  I do wish i could be off for longer though… Well we are here again dear faces, a Wonderful Wednesday  to perk up your mid-week and make you think of what has been making you smile in your own little somewhere's.  What has been floating my boat?

*  Booking the bank holiday off accidentally when i booked some odd days off to use up my holiday allowance is one thing, but it sort of felt extra indulgent booking off the tuesday too.  I feel like i had a doubly LUXURIOUS ease into the week.  And there really isn't THAT much of it left now!

*  Not at work ROUTINES.  I think everyone has a 'work' routine.  I know i do. You can set your clock by me.  I have perfected everything down to the last minute so i can have as much sleep as is humanly possible but still make myself look presentable for Monsoon Towers.  Having a Wednesday to Wednesday off meant that i got into the loveliest 'time to me' sort of routine of waking up, alarm-less (around 8am) each day, a longer breakfast with a soft blanket wrapped around me and then a few laps of our pretty nearby park on the pushbike followed by a strong coffee sat on the wall by the cathedral.  Absolute heaven.  I could get used to it!

*  Sweet williams and peonies.  My very very FAVOURITE flowers to have in the house.  I think every available receptacle is housing flowers in our little somewhere lately.  It really cheers me up seeing blooms which ever way i turn though.  Especially on those days when the sun doesn't want to peep it's head from behind the clouds.  

*  RAW carrot.  Man alive doesn't carrot taste SO much better raw?! Lately i can't get enough. Don't get me wrong i love a carrot and swede mash, or a sweet honey roast baby carrot but lately its all been about the raw.  I have been loving making a raw carrot and chickpea salad with handfuls of torn coriander.  Or a mid-afternoon snack of chopped carrot and crunchy peanut butter.  Or lemon and coriander houmous with chopped icy cold carrot.  Delish

*  Wearing my newly TIE-DYED tshirt over and over and over again.  I recently tie-dyed an old white cotton tee a delightfully deep blue and i have been wearing it always.  It was so easy to do that i am wondering what i can tie-dye next!  I am thinking i might try some white cotton tea towels.  I am having a serious love affair with all shades of blue lately.  I have been pinning my socks of and even have a board dedicated to the colour BLUE HERE

*  Sleeping in my under CRACKERS.  Okay so not just my pants! I know what you are thinking, to much info? Bah! There is nothing better than sleeping in your sweetest printed underwear and a loose cotton smock cropped top or soft silky bra-let.  you cannot beat the feeling of cool cotton sheets against your skin when the temperatures get a little bit warmer.  

*  Seeing the Mr PLAY with band Mylittlebrother at a free music festival in our pretty little city centre:  Carlisle Music City.  I love watching him play, and i also loved watching a good couple of hours in the sun catching some other local music with an iced raspberry tea for company. 

*  Getting OUT on those two wheels of mine pretty much every day.  The longer lighter evenings mean that my days feel like they last so SO much longer.  This means i can sneak in a few laps of the park before dinner or first thing in the morning and i feel so so much better for it!

What has been making you smile LOVELY lot? Have you all had a lovely bank holiday? And what little things are going to keep you going until Friday?!?

Sunday, 25 May 2014

Currently 16


For someone that has never really noticed inky BLUE-y hues and all of the goodness they bring, lately i cannot get enough!  If you follow me on Pinterest HERE then you will no doubt have seen my 'Blue-ness' board and it has quickly become one of my very favourites.  I am not really sure where my love of BLUE began, but it is a colour I feel drawn to in my 'everything's'.  I had always considered BLUE to be a sad colour.  Lately i have been finding it soothing, calming and energising all at once:  Imagine the BLUEST of cloudless skies reflected in the clearest of lakes!  Just beautiful.
*  *  *
I also love the quotes above too:  James Dean's idea of treasuring each and every second as if it is your last and not letting the little moments pass you by.  That is something I am definitely mindful of now more than i ever used to be.  I also loved Lincoln's words about happiness.  They ring true in a world where happiness will always be a state of mind and not something that comes from the material things.  You can have everything in the world but you need to have your mind in the right 'gear' to be truly happy inside and out and i love that.
* * * 
I have been enjoying curling up in our white cotton and indigo spotted quilt on these warmer nights; eating blueberries in everything and pottering about our little attic in my deepest darkest softest skinny jeans with my new DIY tie-dye tshirt.

It gives a whole new meaning to the words 'feeling BLUE...'

Friday, 23 May 2014

Growing Up

If you didn't already know, i shall be 30 in December.  In some ways thats seven whole months away.  Realistically its ONLY SEVEN WHOLE MONTHS away.  But it's been playing on my mind.  I don't know why it bothers me quite so much.  And i would go as far as to say that it even annoys me that it does.  But it does.  So here's a list of reasons why i don't feel like I am old enough to become 30.

1  I own 14 coats/jackets.  Not one of them are waterproof and not one of them have a hood.

2  I can't make a decision if my life depends on it.  And there is an equal amount of difficulty in deciding what to eat for lunch and what contents insurance policy to pick.

3  I spend most of the time during our weekly shop in the biscuit aisle.  

4  I can't talk about my feelings.  I thought it was something i would get better at.  I haven't.

5  I don't really and never have had a life plan.  And so no i don't know where i will be in the next ten years.

6  I have never eaten any kind of shell fish.  And i don't ever want to.  It doesn't smell nice or look appealing.

7  If procrastination was an Olympic sport, I would hold all of the gold medals.  Even if i don't intend to, most things are done at the very last minute with seconds to spare!

8  I am petrified of being sick.

9  I am currently reading Lewis Carroll's  'Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass.'  Escapism at it's very best.  

10  I have never seen The Matrix.  In fact for someone with a degree in Media, my answer to "Have you seen ---" film, is mostly always a 'no.'  I like what i like.   And i'd often rather tear pages out of a magazine and listen to some music.

11  I only know one type of stitch. 

12  I say 'What' far too often.  Which actually means i have poor hearing/a short attention span and need to be reminded (as i was ALL through my childhood) that it is in fact not 'what' it's 'pardon.'  

13  I am a big forgetter of birthdays.  I always make up for that by being an excellent present buyer though.  

14  I could gaze at the sky all day long.  Sometimes i do.

15  I still haven't mastered liquid eyeliner on one eye, let alone two.

16  I can't deal with One Born Every Minute.  There are things on there i know happen, but i don't want to see them.  

17  I always forget what day the recycling goes out.

18  I can't iron.  I rely on the 'hang on a coat hanger and hope for the best' method. Except pillowcases.  Everybody likes a neatly pressed pillow right?!

19  I don't own a house.  And unless money starts growing on walnut whips there is a fat chance of that happening.

20  I am far too particular about what type of beverage goes in what cup.  

21  I don't own a dining table or any dining chairs.  

22  ^or a cheese knife, steak knives, or more than four dinner plates^.  But let's not turn this into a 'what i don't own' list.  I make up for it in mugs and cups ok?

23  I can't drive.  And i'm not sure i even want to.  

24  I have only recently worked out that the difference between single and double cream is not the thickness.  

25  I couldn't buy a 'good' bottle of wine if i tried.  I like merlot therefore I always buy merlot.  And the one which has the prettiest bottle.  If you like Rose or white wine then you're screwed really.

26  I still can't boil an egg perfectly:  as in perfectly dippy but not raw.  I more than make up for that in my scrambling ability though.  That is off the chart, trust me.

27  I can't sit still.  If you get me to finish anything you are really special and I am making one hell of an effort!

28  I have real trouble accepting any kind of compliment.

29  Somewhere is always bruised.  My spacial awareness is non-existent.  In fact its a miracle I am still here.

30  I am often too independent.  I want to do everything by myself and will not ask for help unless it is a last resort or I have nearly killed myself trying to do something.  
*   *   *  
So there.  A list of random thoughts of why i don't feel old enough to enter my thirties.  Reading them back is interesting!  Even if I am hell bent on not comparing myself in any way to anyone else, in life it sneaks in there somewhere doesn't it? You can't help but compare yourself to something else in one way or another in some part of your life.  I feel like it is buried deep deep down inside all of us.  Even if you say you don't we all measure ourselves against someone else's ideal, someone else's view, appearance or life.

But we shouldn't take it all too seriously.  After all we are all so very different on the outside that we are never going to be exactly the same on the inside either.  We all find our own way in this world, at our own pace.  And as long as you are happy it doesn't matter what anyone else thinks.  And i am, I am really happy so that's what's important. 

Just bear in mind if i ever invite you round for tea, you might have to bring your own drink…and probably a couple of dinner plates too.  Oh and we wont be having shell fish!

Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Wonderful Wednesday 17

Happy mid-week to all of your lovely faces! I can honestly say that this week has been one of the loveliest most happiness-filled ones for quite some time - that's right all three days of it! I solely putting this down to at least the last seven days being warmer and largely sunny and bright.  It is amazing to my little self how much BETTER this makes everything.  Honestly.  There has been no other magic formula, just getting out in the sunshine and fresh air as much as possible and having the windows wide open when i can't.  I am keeping everything crossed that there are many more of these days to come.  But apart from Mr Sunshine, what else (in no particular order) has been keeping me grinning this week?

*  Ice cold cubes of fresh watermelon and pineapple and a huge tumbler of icy water with torn up mint leaves.  SO refreshing!

*  Heart to hearts with my mum.  Emptying it all out and feeling all the better for it.  Always wish that we lived closer! 

*  Bare legs.  Being able to wear cotton summer dresses and sandals to work all day and feeling the warmer air tickle around my ankles is the BEST feeling.  

*  Clean, cool cotton sheets, clean me (with slightly damp hair) and a little open window.  BEST sleep in the whole wide world.

*  Catching up with The Supervet on Channel 4.  If you haven't watched this and you adore animals as much as me then please pleeeeease look it up on 4OD.  Its a documentary about a veterinary surgery that give animals another chance that other surgeries might not have been able to.  They pioneer new surgical procedures and go to the ends of the earth for their patients.  I spent the first episode in tears.  I am the person that can't watch 'One Born Every Minute' (don't ask), but falls apart watching a programme about poorly pets.  Heck!

*  After work evening bike rides on amber golden evenings.  The best way to unwind, relax and feel so so much better instantly.  I wish everyone would try cycling, it is THE loveliest thing to do, at any time of year but this time of year is just heaven.  

*  Falafels.  I could eat them always but for some reason I only ever remember they exist in the warmer weather.  Wholemeal pittas stuffed with falafels, rocket, cucumber, torn mint and a dollop of natural yoghurt is the yummiest lunch.

*  First freckles. I grew up HATING my freckly cheeks and arms.  Now i love them.  Isn't it funny how much you dislike the smallest silliest things when you are younger? When you grow up they are all of things you become proud of and what make you, you?!

How has his week been treating you? Have you been lucky enough to get some lovely weather? And what has been making you smile?  

Monday, 19 May 2014


This last few days have marked a change around these parts.  Birdsong is louder.  Everywhere seems greener - if you could ever believe it.  Mornings are easier, lighter brighter and eating breakfast with windows wide open and a huge mug of Lady Grey is the best start to the day.  Evenings last forever and jobs get finished.  Sleeps are deep and slumber is drifted into by the help of an open window and a cool and gentle breeze.  It is most definitely SUMMER all of a sudden and these past few days have filled me with so many smiles over the difference all of that makes to everything and everyone around me.  So i thought i would compile a list:  A list of 'FIRSTS' to read back on and maybe something to inspire the start of each new season.  Peppered with some pretty photos of life around these parts too of course.  

First sleeps in only the softest cotton smock or silken vest and ruffled knickers, underneath cool cotton quilts.
First blueberries not in porridge but in jam on buttery sunflower seeded loaf or dotted in between buttery waffles dusted in icing sugar or.  Sometimes piled high atop spelt muesli and ice cold organic milk. 
First bare armed, no coat or cardigan wandering work-wards.
First flip flop wearing and feeling the fresh air tickle my ankles and a soft cotton dress blow in the breeze.

First early morning bike ride where the smell was undeniably 'Summer' and no longer Spring.
First early morning smell of damp cut grass in the park.  
First buzz of a bumblebee.

First summer dress wearing.
First Pimms, topped up high with spicy ginger beer and fresh fruit and cucumber.
First lamb koftas and falafels with houmous and far too much rocket and icy cold cucumber.
First after tea bare-legged bike ride and the scent of dinnertime barbecues on an evening breeze.
First sounds of grass cutting on an evening.
First midgies!

First cool shower.
First time falling asleep with hair still damp.
First time not closing the curtains until we go to bed - only leaving them open for as long as possible to see the golden skies slide behind the rooftops.
First candles on windowsills and windows open until later and later.

These are all of things that mark the start of my Summer, what are yours?

Thursday, 15 May 2014

This very moment

This was not what i had intended to write in this little space today.  But sometimes things change because for no reason whatsoever you just feel compelled towards something different and one of the things i love most about here is that i can write right from the very bottom of my little heart regardless of what is going on in the big wide world we all call home.
*  *  *
I first listened to this song on Jools Holland.  It's not by a band i usually love or hate or really have ever had much of an opinion on.  They have never really been on my radar.  But that's the magical thing about music, it doesn't matter what it is that you are listening to, whether it is your usual preference or if it just calls out to your heart at one particular moment.  Because it's not about how it got there, it's just special that it did, and that it made you feel something.

That's what music does, it touches you somewhere deep inside and somehow fits in perfectly with exactly how you are feeling in one tiny moment in the whole of your life. And whenever you hear the song again, you are all the way back there again.  That moment never ever gets lost, it just stays tangled up in words and music; kept perfectly for when you next need it.  Or there to surprise you when you least expect it.

Music has always always been a special part of my life.  Everyone has some kind of relationship with it whether they realise it or not.  Mine has always been an emotional one.  Music has been a part of my life from the very beginning.  I grew up in a household full to bursting with music lovers, music players, singers and performers.  So all of my greatest and hardest moments in life are intrinsically hooked together in a musical collection ranging from one end of the musical spectrum right the way back around to the other.  Some of the most special parts of my life are fastened tightly to songs, and for that reason alone i can take myself back there whenever i want. 

I know within a split second if a song i have never ever heard, fits.  Goosebumps creep along my arms and down the back of my neck and a lump appears in my throat.  For that four and a half or so minutes I let the song soak me up, and seep into each and every part of my little self.  And nothing else matters.  Whatever is happening around me, for those few precious moments it doesnt matter at all.  I am wholly and completely devoted to each and every word and hanging onto tightly to every last note. 

This song might not be everyone's choice.  But lately i could fall into it over and over again quite happily.  I cannot begin to count the amount of times that tears have fallen down my cheeks listening to this.  I don't know why it moves me so, but sometimes there isn't even a reason, it just does.  It feels like 'me' now.  And i'll forever listen to it to remember how i felt now, for always.  I love everything about it. And despite the fact that i have never ever seen Coldplay live, i want to hear this somewhere sometime soon.  Even if it has to be by myself.  I can't think of anything better in the whole wide world right this very second.

Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Wonderful Wednesday 16

Hello and how the flipping FLOPPING heck are we all?! I cannot believe this is my sixteenth 'Wonderful Wednesday' post today.  I can't imagine not writing them now! I feel as if this little space is quite a positive spot all the same, but having an extra special regular post to celebrate all of those little tiny things that have been making me smile is especially lovely.  I do hope you enjoy reading them as much as i enjoy writing them and that it makes you think of all the lovely little things in your own lives.  Let's get down to business shall we?!

*  Beyonce.  You can like all of your TRENDY indie bands, cheesy pop and whatever the bobbins you like, but sometimes we all need a little bit of Mrs Carter in our lives.  I have been having one of those weeks where i have been struggling to get motivated.  We all have them.    Having Beyonce's 'Love on Top' in my ears FULL BLAST on Monday morning's bright and sunny bike ride, kicked my bum well and truly into gear!  Altogether now…"Bring the beat in!"

*  Toast.  With ANYTHING, any kind, any how.  Just toast toast toast toast!!!! Okay that's not strictly true.  At the moment I am really loving toasted cranberry, pecan and honey bread with nutella and sliced strawberries.  SO good and definitely worth getting up for.  I try not to eat too much bread.  Not for any kind of crazy diet, but for the simple reason, that if i could i would eat toast for every meal, and well that's not healthy is it?!  I would become a walking talking slice of Waburton's! Variety is the spice of life and all that.  But this week is a week of toast.  And flipping good toast it is too.

*  Clouds.  What is it with me and CLOUDS?!? Heck I just love them.  Clouds and skies.  Sometimes i just catch myself looking up, staring ahead or forgetting what i am actually meant to be doing.  I just find them so beautiful and peaceful.  They can be dark, moody and angry or pale pink perfection in only a split second.  If you have a soft spot for the fluffy stuff you might want to head over to my Instagram feed… (@sallytangle)

*  Sisters.  I am LUCKY to have a brother and a sister, both younger.  I am extra lucky as my sister lives in the same city (most of my family don't) and I am so pleased I have got her.  I could spend hours in her company and never get bored.  She is one of the very few people i can just be me with and she never fails to make me laugh for hours on end. On top of that the girls a bit of a genius and teaches me more than she will ever know.  

*  Charity shop GIVING.  Because of my job, naturally i accumulate quite a bit of stuff.  By stuff i mean clothes, accessories, jewllery. Therefore a regular clear out is rather necessary.  This week i filled three huge bin bags and tootled them around to our local charity shop.  It felt nice knowing that they will all go to new homes and that the money will go to a good cause.  

*  Avocados.  Seriously what can't you put avocado on?! It really is the YUMMIEST thing to pop on top of anything! My current avocado loves:  toast (but of course!) spread with salty butter, mashed avocado and scrambled eggs.  Avocado sliced on top of wholemeal pasta with a spicy tomato sauce and chopped chorizo.  Or baked sweet potato with tuna, creme fraiche, chopped dill and sliced avocado.  Mmmmmm!

What has been floating that boat of your this week? And what has been making you smile?! Please don't keep it all to yourself! Tell me!

Saturday, 10 May 2014

Always Wondering

Lately i have not been able to get enough of FLOWERS:  Wild, tangled, trailing flowers covering all of the verges and peeking through cracks in pavements, broken bricks and wrapped daintily around gate-posts.  My usual two-wheeled route is mass with cow parsley, wild garlic, daisies and dandelions. I wish i could fill jam jar upon jam jar with them and line them up along our big window-sills, for they are much prettier than many of their expensive counterparts.   
I often think, when my silly DAYDREAMS let me and there is nothing urgent or important to tend to, what kind of flower i would be.  I can never decide.  I know it would be wild and delightfully tangled and probably a little bit of a mess! What kind of flower would you be?
Our SKIES lately have been heavy with rain.  But it is a rain you can forgive, unless of course you are standing right underneath its icy path.  It's the sort of rain that smells clean, fresh and full of Spring.  Almost like the wind has taken an enormous breath and captured in it all of the sweet Spring smells, and held on tight until the dark clouds come calling and ready to burst.

Days off have brought gentle tentative TIP TOEING out after the rain has passed, all floral cotton shirts and inappropriate wear from head to foot:  Willing the big blue sky to burst out.  Deep breaths of damp sodden ground and green shoots rained to the floor and ready to be whisked away on a gentle evening breeze.  

Early evenings spent DAYDREAMING whilst watching a turkish delight hued cotton candy sky and flipping through old and precious scrapbooks.  Cotton smocks in the palest of pretty pinks and peaches worn with oversized rose knits and the softest of skinny jeans.  Tea is always essential.  

Because who can possibly be INSPIRED without a little mug of tea and a few biscuits?  


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