Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Wonderful Wednesday #40

I've got a little CONFESSION to make:  i sort of, a little bit almost forgot about my Wonderful Wednesday!!!!  Can you imagine?!  There'd be repercussions the world over!  All jokes aside,  i cannot believe it's Wednesday again already!  My weeks seem to be over in the blink of an eye lately!  Last week was a particularly long one, one which was full of bumps and work-shaped complications.  Sort of one of those kinds of weeks where every single thing is complicated in some way or another.  I felt like the whole seven days really tested my patience but also TAUGHT me how many things i can actually juggle (even if not so successfully) at one time and also that i can remain calm and composed when a crisis occurs - even if inside i don't feel quite so calm! This week is much better so far but the tiredness is really catching up with me and i am so looking forward to the end of the week and a lovely stretch of eight whole days off work!!!  I feel more than ready to spend some time relaxing.  So what's been keeping my peepers as POSITIVE as possible in the first half of this week?!  And what super POWERS have been getting me through?  

*  The power of Tea.  Quite simply you should never ever underestimate the power that your favourite tea (Lady Grey) made in your very favourite cup (a china cup which reads 'Nations Sweetheart' on in the sweetest pink lettering), your very favourite way (lots of teabag squashing and a good glug of milk, no sugar please) can bring.  Tea always wins over coffee for me, i really couldn't function without at least three cups a day - at least.  My mum still calls tea 'a cup of magic' and when i was little it really did fix everything in the whole wide world and it still does today.    How do you drink yours?

*  The power of Jessie J - and more to the point, the song 'Bang Bang' from her recent album.  You know sometimes you want to waft and float around to soft, folky melodies?  And well sometimes you want to feel like you can kick arse and rule the WORLD and feel extra specially strong?  Even if you feel so tired that if you stop you might just fall asleep standing up?  Well this week Miss J has been my remedy.  'Bang Bang' is usually not something i'd really listen to, but it's really got stuck in my ears lately - and the Mr's too.  It's made me laugh so so many times hearing him sing it to himself when he thinks i'm not listening!  The power of music should also not be under-estimated!

*  The power of a perfectly fitting black and white Breton tee. For effortless chic no matter what you pair it with.  For matching with anything and everything and sometimes not matching in exactly the sort of perfect way that just works.  And for mostly SAVING my bacon when my tired eyes can't compute what to wear, or when you worryingly find yourself putting your dry shampoo in the fridge…no jokes folks.   Sister needs a day off….

*  The power of a bloody good bath.  You know when you're tired, and the usual quick fizz and swish in a shower won't do because you just want to feel like you've climbed into a cup of tea?  Just me then…?   I started the week with a pink bath filled with Lush Rose Jam bubbleroon (a word to rejoice in if ever i heard one - basically a sort of bath bomb/bubble bar hybrid) and a big bottle of Snow Fairy to soothe my little self.  Climbing into bed after that was a joy that there are not enough words to tell you how amazing it felt.  

*  The power of friends.  One of my bestest friends in the whole world lives in Oz now.  I shall forever miss her little face terribly, and being able to just pop round and curl up with a big baileys coffee and her company.  Now we make do with Face-time.  It's not the same but without it i'd miss her even more.  I got to meet her sweet little kitten and to have a good catch up on life which was lovely in itself.  

*  The power of that extra hour.  I suppose if we are being all technical on here that was technically last week BUT it sort of follows on in to this week too….and hey it's my Wonderful Wednesday and i makes the rules!  I want to tell you that, that extra hour of mine was merely spent in bed.  I felt not one bit of guilt and greedily could have spent the whole day there too if i am honest.  Whilst the darker evenings are not enjoyable, i am revelling in a lighter start to the day. It's much easier to wake when the sun is at least starting to get up too!

*  The power of a hug.  Just because.  Sometimes i think we take them for granted.  But this week has been the kind of week where hugs have meant lots and have been gratefully received!

*  The power of   a bowl of granola and muesli mixed together with ice-cold almond milk and  toasted seeds.  To cure late evening munchies and sweet cravings and biscuit cravings and all of the cravings.  

*  The power of banana.  We have a love/hate relationship that yellow funny shaped fruit and i.  I either love them and eat one twice a day or i can't stand the sight or even smell of them at all.  Lately they have been mashed down into porridge, eaten at 11am when mid-morning munchies catch me unawares or spread on top of toasted rye bread covered in a generous layer of nutella or peanut butter.  Bananas and i?  Lately we have been the very best of friends.  

So tell me DEAR ones, what have you been praising the extra special super POWERS of this week?  Do you love bananas?  How do you take your tea and are you as picky as little me?  What did you do with your extra hour on Sunday?  Remember you can drop a little comment below or tweet me your #wonderfulwednesday on Twitter. I'm @sallytangle.

Saturday, 25 October 2014

Some Goings On

It's a funny thing 'TIME' isn't it?  It's something we all have something say about, just like the weather.  Some want more, some have too much (seriously though who ARE you folk?!)  and some are happy with their time-share (GET IT?!).  For me, time is something i shall always have a love/hate relationship with:  ie there is never enough of it!  Being in a job that keeps me endlessly busy:  the non-stop 'do one thing off the to-do list, add six' kind of busy; means i really struggle to sit still and to switch off when i am not at work.  I am so accustomed to running and careering at breakneck speed that I always feel guilty when i am not doing that.  It can often take a good few days in a row off work before my mind and body can really switch off.  And my attention span has virtually disappeared when it comes to just sitting still and paying something attention that is un-work related.  

Lately TIME has slipped away from me at a frightening speed and it was really only when i sat down and flipped through my camera role that i realised quite how much loveliness had whizzed past my ears and that i had not even had a spare second to write about here.  So here goes a particularly pictorial post with a little life update to boot too!
  ^Too much?^
^Pretending he doesn't realise i'm pointing a camera in his face^
^Room with a view^

At the beginning of the month we both had a little overnight ADVENTURE to Yorkshire to attend one of my closest friends' wedding.  I over-wrapped the present a little bit (if that is even such a thing?  I mean if you can't go overboard with wrapping a WEDDING present then when can you?!)  and i sort of fell in LOVE with the windows in our hotel suite!  The room itself was bloody freezing but the old features were too pretty so we just curled up into a ball and slept with ice-y noses!  We also went for dinner at THE most beautiful country pub and B&B - the decor was STUNNING.  I wish i had snapped more but it was very busy and i felt like a bit of wally waving my camera about like i was a bit of a tourist.  The walls were papered in the sweetest leaf-y printed wallpaper with little golden keys hidden amongst them and the walls had the sweetest little prints, old-fashioned adverts and photos hung around and about.  None of the tables and chairs matched and everything looked like it had been up-cycled with all of the love in the world.  They also had a roaring little woodburner that made me want to curl up and fall asleep after my dinner.  Which was the most delectable handmade steak burger served on a brioche bun and eaten alongside a large glass of merlot.  It was heaven and if i could have moved in right then and there then i would have!
^Waking up before Mr Sunshine is getting to be a regular thing^
^Autumn at it's very best^
^The hugest tree making Willow seem teeny tiny!^

AUTUMN has been spoiling us with some beautiful weather up this end of the country too.  There has been rain, and there has been the fiercest most gigantic gales on occasion but it sort of feels like the weather can get away with it lately.  After all we were spoilt with weeks and weeks of lovely summertime weather and even if it is rotten, when you get little glimpses of jolly GOOD autumn days - like the real deal - then you don't mind so much.  I love how everything in autumn seems cast in an orange-y, amber glow, whether it's morning or night.  The temperature has just started to drop over the past few weeks and so old tartan throws, checkered scarves and trusty cashmere and woollen wonders have been dug out and carefully hand-washed in Lush bath bombs.  Nuzzling into a freshly washed scarf is a little bit like HEAVEN.  It's not quite cold enough for gloves and mittens but rest-assured they are on standby to whip out at only a moments notice!

I have been loving getting back into warm-breakfast mode too.  Porridge is forever the way forward!  I could eat that stuff for lunch and dinner too if i was allowed!  You can't beat a bowl of hot porridge LACED with honey, toasted sunflower seeds and a mashed banana to keep you powering through until lunchtime.  Evening meals have also been ramped up autumn style too.  A few days ago we enjoyed the most BUTTERY crunchy savoy cabbage alongside creamy dauphinoise potatoes and roasted chicken and we have also racked up roast lamb (Yes i DID just say that!) at least once this month.   Whilst i love to pick over salads, fresh ice-cold fruits and to mix up crazy salads during summer time, you really cannot beat autumn and winter foods.
*  *  *  
In other far much more MUNDANE news i have also been:

*  Getting sort of - wait, ALOT addicted to 'Bang Bang' by Jessie J et al and it has also become my favourite power walk to work company for days when i have got lots to get done!

*  Feeling a little bit teary at the new series of 'Super Vet'.  I can worryingly sit through most other things without shedding a tear, but this programme gets me every.  Single.  Time, fact.

*  Not killing my little succulent plant.  I was convinced i would kill it, just like i killed the herbs, the cactus and pretty much anything else living that i bring into this house, bar us.  Turns out it must be bloody hard to kill a succulent.  Maybe i might turn out to be a crazy succulent lady….

*  Getting on the 'bandwagon' that is Copper.  I have sort of fallen for all of the things copper-y lately - i blame Pinterest.  And Anthropologie.  I have just got my paws on some copper spray paint…oh the DIY possibilities!

*  Really loving Whitestuff under-crackers.  Hands down the very best pants outside the Mecca that is M&S knicker department, honest John.  Such pretty, pretty fabrics and mostly all made from cotton which is a big tick in my knocker box right there…and probably a little too much information for this little space.  

*  Using Lush Christmas products at every available opportunity!  I use thier skincare anyway, but i always look forward to their seasonal treats - so unique and beautiful.  My favourites are OBVIOUSLY Snow Fairy, Rose Jam, Buche de Noel and the most glittery bath-accompaniment i can get my mitts on.  I have also just this very second pre-ordered their new Jason and the Argan Oil shampoo-bar.  I am a little bit too excited.  It's a shampoo bar which carries the scent of Rose Jam which may possibly be one of my very favourite smells in the whole wide world.

SO what's new with you?!  It feels like FOREVER and a day since we all just sat down and ate walnut whips and drank tea.  I have really missed being here!  There really are not enough hours in my days, and days in my weeks lately!  Do you ever feel that way too?!  

Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Wonderful Wednesday #39

How do you DOODLE-DO sweet and dear faces?!  Has your week been one of productivity?  Or the kind spent CURLED up from the cold and tucked away inside, nice and lazily…?  If it's the latter i am more than a bit jealous.  This week has felt far more productive than last for me.  Jobs have been ticked off and work-wise, i am learning more to have faith in my own judgement and to stop fannying around.  Sometimes i think i worry about what others think and how things will impact those around me and because of this i lack faith in my own decision-making skills.  I am getting there though.  That FEELING when you get it right is worth the stress a million times over.  How is this week's slice of positive-pie shaping up though?  That's what we're all here for let's not beat around that bush!

*  CURLING up and being the warmest that warm can BE.  Whilst i am the first to celebrate Spring and Summer and all of the light and heat and endless-feeling days, after such a mild few months, falling asleep to gusts of wind and rain beating heavily on our sweet skylight in our bedroom has been a little slice of bliss.  

*  Rose and black pepper hot CHOCOLATE - no really I MEAN REALLY!  Imagine the most delectably rich, and indulgent piece of belgian chocolate covered rose and lemon turkish delight - in liquid form.  Hells bells and beyond i could become seriously addicted.  Drank on a planned but looong overdue catch up with one of my bests.  At a sweet little spot called Coffee Genius - right up at the top of the ^above^ little lane actually. I can't wait to find an excuse to have another.  I wonder if they do takeout…

*  An un-expected late night FILM-A-THON on Sunday.  Ok well just sitting still and watching ONE film really.  For me this is a miracle because i cannot sit still for toffee, or for walnut whips for that matter.  For the record it was Castaway, starring Tom Hanks.  I realise i am way, waaay behind on this BUT how does he NOT get back with the girl in the end?!  

*  First-Aid Kit.  Every night before bed and for pottering in pj's with chai tea and a cosy cardigan slung about my shoulders.  Pretty PERFECT actually.  

*  New BOBBLE-HAT alert!!  The BEST bobble hat in fact and quite possibly in the whole of the land too come to think of it.  Navy blue, with a big huge red pom-pom and embroidered with tiny little London soldiers wearing red jackets and big black helmets.  Bought as a consolation for having to pre-order the amazing tartan scarf i raved and raved on at you about.  It's more than making up for it too, just incase you were worried about me or anything like that.

*  SORTING out old gloves, hats and scarves and having a mini hand wash-a-thon using Lush Snow Fairy and various left over bath bombs.  A no brainer and since the weather has really got colder this week this makes me very happy.  Nuzzling into some of my favourite scarves with a sweet, soft and soap-y Lush-y scent is happy-making in all of it's GLORY  

*  A  piping-HOT strong cup of English Breakfast tea with a handful of McVities Digestive biscuits for dunking.  Sometimes it's all you need on a damp afternoon, it really is.  

*  Darker mornings and any excuse to LIGHT a few candles.  Lighting a few candles as i am pottering about making my lunch, making porridge and getting ready in the morning makes the darker, colder mornings that little bit more bearable for sure.  

*  A surprise coffee date with my sister.  The best kind of surprise!  

*  Multi-coloured knobbly CARROTS of the brightest purples, yellows and oranges grated into work lunches and pots of vegetable cous-cous or simply slathered in crunchy peanut butter.  The best!

*  Spotting the FIRST sweet-peepings of Christmas decorations around and about our pretty city.  Sssh…
*  *  *  
So what's been FLOATING your boat this week so far?  Are you a biscuit dunker?  Have you ever seen Castaway or tried a purple carrot?!  Or share what's simply been making you smile so far this week.  You can leave a sweet comment below or pop over and tweet me with your #wonderfulwednesday on twitter, i'm @sallytangle.  

Monday, 20 October 2014

Currently #25 - Words to fall in love with.

{All images taken from Pinterest HERE}
I must have READ this piece of writing at least a million times.  From the first read i FELL right in and let it swallow me up wholly and completely.  Isn't it one of the most beautiful pieces of writing that you've ever read?  I love the POWER that words have, and the magic that comes about when they are STRUNG together in such a perfect way that everything else going on around you is suddenly forgotten.  
*  *  *
I hope that one day somebody falls right in to MY writing and loses their way for a little bit too.  Is that vain..?  I do hope not.

Either way I hope it BRIGHTENS the start of your week as much as it does mine.

Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Wonderful Wednesday #38

I'm here i'm HERE *waves frantically* remember ME?!?  Whilst i shan't rant and rave about my lack of 'being' here of late, i will tell you that i am MISSING you all and missing firing my creative fireworks in this direction.  Truth is, sometimes life just gets in the way.  I am currently running work on extremely minimal staff - AKA being three people. I love and hate it in equal measure.  And i have been having ever so frustrating days alongside equally productive and kick ass kinds of days where i would high-five myself if it were possible!  But here and this post especially is not for focussing on what has been bothering me, it's all about the good and great and don't we know it.  'Cos it's number thirty-eight!  THIRTY EIGHT WONDERFUL WEDNESDAYS!!  Can you believe it?!  I am grateful for all of you who stop by i truly am, i cannot tell you enough.  ANYWAY, let's get on, my emotional self needs no encouragement to burst into 'i'm happy, i'm sad, i don't know what the devil i am' sort of tears this week.  Whats been keeping me afloat then?!

*  SPOTIFY and more to the point:  Spotify PLAYLISTS.  For some unknown reason i have only really listened to artists' albums on Spotify.  Recently though i stumbled upon the 'discover' feature.  This recommends artists and also playlists to you, based upon what you have already listened to and what it thinks you might like.  This week i discovered THE single most amazing kick ass playlist in the world!! I may or may not have been dancing, post shower, in my under crackers, around our bedroom to old old Destiny's Child, All Saints, Eternal (ETERNAL!) Lauren Hill and TLC.  Altogether now:  'I don't want no scrubs….!'

*  TREATING myself to a big bottle of Lush Cosmetics Snow Fairy and Rose Jam shower gels and really appreciating the power of a really hot, steamy shower followed by the softest, freshly washed towel AND pyjamas pre-warmed on a hot radiator.  Don't ever say i don't know how to spoil myself…

*  ACHIEVING.  Our team at work is a small one.  Which recently got even smaller.  This means i have to trust what i think much more. I cannot tell you how lovely it feels to accomplish things a little bit outside your comfort zone and for it to actually turn out pretty okay.  Sometimes it's good to push boundaries a little.

*  A little Anthropologie TREAT.  Whoops.  It's been a really exhausting week for me so far.  One that has been immersed in work, and long, long days and a little bit sleepless sorts of nights.  I may or may not have ordered a few more plates to add to my ever-expanding crockery collection…I do however feel like i deserved it.

*  Glittery nail polish.  I am not a glittery person per say.  But when it gets to this time of year i love any excuse to add the tiniest bit of sparkle to my day to day.  It's a bit too soon the mention the 'C' word.  BUT it's never too soon to paint your nails in a soft pale pink glitter polish.  Especially when said shade is named 'Unicorn.'  My TOOTSIES can hide happily inside my printed socks and nobody would ever know any different….

*   La Roche Posay Effaclar Duo.  A mouthful in its own right!  And yet also the one SKINCARE item that has completely changed the appearance and surface texture of my whole face - no jokes folks.  It is a serum which i apply after cleansing on an evening with both Lush Ultrabland and Angels on Bare Skin.  I apply it and then a good dose of Good Things Miracle Mattifier moisturiser and my skin has never been clearer, more even and just generally LOVELY.  Since i have used the other three products forever, i am holding this transformation entirely down to La Roche Posay.  It's an added bonus that their skincare is also paraben free and so extra kind to my chubby little cheeks too.  

*  PORRIDGE and dark MORNINGS.  Whilst i miss waking up to bright rays of mr sunshine, there is a certain comfort that comes from wearing your cosiest pyjamas; wrapping yourself up in the softest oversized and rose-pink bobbly cardigan and stirring a big pan of porridge with a wooden spoon.  Porridge is the perfect start to hazy, darker and much cooler mornings.  And a fule which leaves me running right up until lunchtime.  My current favourite recipe is made solely with unsweetened almond milk  and oats.  Once the oats are cooked through and deliciously creamy, i add a table spoon of ground almonds, some chopped dried apricots, a table spoon of chia seeds and a teaspoon of coconut oil and then a sneaky drizzle of runny honey on top.  Man alive i could eat it right now…..

* SORTING through my knitwear cupboard and stumbling across a handful of loved-and-forgotten jumpers. This has lead to various new and excitable combinations imagined, some excess knitwear shipped round the corner to the charity shop AND a jolly lovely pile of cardigans well past their best but dearly loved.  I am excited to welcome these in to my winter pyjama wardrobe with huge open (and cold!) arms.  Does any one else do this?!  Sometimes i love a cardigan or jumper so SO much that i can't bear to let it go but it is holed under the arms, or bobbly beyond belief.  Wearing it to 'winter up' my nightwear is the perfect solution.  

*  The mysteries of STATISTICS.  Whilst i know numbers really aren't everything, it is lovely to have the reassurance that when i cannot be here as often as i would like; you lovely lot still bob on by.  That is the loveliest feeling.  Weirdly over this week my blog has rocketed a little bit.  Who knows why!  Maybe silence really is golden.

*  Making the MOST of the autumnal crop.  These past few days i have loved slicing chunks of fig into creamy greek yoghurt sprinkled with chopped nuts.  It's also so nice to be able to get hold of British apples and to cook down granny smiths with brown sugar for swirling and whirling into porridge.  We also had dauphinoise potatoes recently - the ultimate luxury potato dish made for warming little selves on colder darker or damper days.  I could eat it for tea alone.  We served it alongside roast lamb and tender-stem and it was the bees knees!!  I can't wait to bake our first pie, make our first crumble and eat custard until i want to burst!!

*  Window SHOPPING.  Sometimes it really is enough.  I love wandering around home and interior stores at this time of year.  Re-imagining our whole decor, wishing to deck everything in tartan and cascade fairy-lights from every crevice.  Right now though i'm quite happy adding a few throws to our cream sofa and a plaid pastel blanket to the end of our bed.  It does't stop me dreaming though...
*  *  
How the flipping heck are you?!  It feels like an age since we really caught up.  What have you all been up to and more importantly, what has been making this week most excellent for you?  I'd love for you to share.  You can pop a few words below or tweet me your #wonderfulwednesday i'm @sallytangle.  Whilst i am here, if you miss me too much, you can follow along with my day to day over on Instagram.  I'm Sallytangle over there too!

Have a wonderful rest of week you lovely lot!

Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Wonderful Wednesday #37

Spot the Wonderful Wednesday!  Do you know WHAT, for my Wonderful Wednesday posts i always use a photo that doesn't seem to fit anywhere else; that is left over or didn't come out quite as well as the rest.  This photo is not one of my best at all and is also probably the very worst photo i could have picked to try and add text to so that it looked vaguely readable!  But you know what?!  I flipping LOVE it.  Its leaf-crazy, colour crazy and also might win the award for the most Autumn-ey photo i have taken of late.  What do you THINK?! Do you know what we are all friends, you all know this is a Wonderful Wednesday post by now right?  So what's been happy-making so far this week then..?!

*  Feeling a LOT like Autumn has really and properly hit Cumbria.  The littlest signs have all been there for a while:  drifting fallen leaves, the nights slowly drawing in and all of the jazz that you expect. But the temperature just hasn't been quite cold enough.  I did just say that.  After a DELICIOUS day of wind and wet at the start of the week, the leaves really started to fall.  The air felt heavy with the smell of wood burners and coal fires and i enjoyed flicking on that thermostat for the very first time.  IT'S HERE!!!!!!

*  Monday WEDDINGS.  On Monday we had the pleasure of attending the wedding reception of a very close friend of mine all of the way down in Yorkshire.  Seeing her in her wedding dress made me fill right up and realise that i miss her more than ever whilst equally feeling over the moon times a million that she had got her happily ever after.  As someone who is not a raving romantic, I always surprise myself with how emotional i get at weddings.  It really does just come out of nowhere!

*  A BLAST of Armand Van Helden's 'You Don't Know Me' on a busy Tuesday afternoon.  The kind of Tuesday afternoon that involved unpacking, cleaning, changing beds and all of the things.  I often wonder how we accumulate so much stuff as just a twosome, and how everything gets so flipping messy!  This song took me right back to my dance music loving phase (mid-nineties - it was all about dance music and scrunchies FYI) and i danced myself through all of the jobs and more and rewarded myself with a cup of Lady Grey and TWO walnut whips.  Girl knows how to party…

*  LOVE Tea. Well should i say Pukka's 'Love Tea' which is made up of lavender flower, rose oil and camomile and is just the ticket before bed.  I even sneaked some into our bag to take away on Monday night.  It did just the trick after a long, long day.  This tea has me out like a light and having the very best night sleep. It also doesn't hurt that the packaging is pretty beautiful at the same time.  

*  FINDING the very perfect tartan scarf and not even minding having to pre-order it.  It's really that beautiful.  I can't wait until it gets here.  I already have a dark green and red check scarf and an odd but so beautiful lambswool lemon, bright blue and cream tartan one too.  I have been searching for a scarf just like the one I have ordered for what feels like FOREVER.  You know the kind of scarf that appears over and over again in various Autumn-ey pictures on Pinterest?  

*  Closing the CURTAINS.  Because our sweet little attic is so light, it's a dream during the warmer months because it acts like a little greenhouse:  Just a bit of sunshine and a warm day and there is never any need for heating for days on end.  It means from May through to September we often live with the windows open, the curtains too and no need for any kind of heating at all.  As soon as the cooler days come, it's a little bit lovely to close those massive curtains, light a few candles and curl up under the blanket on the sofa.  

*   PORRIDGE.  Along with the Autumn comes the excitement of warm breakfast!  I had proper porridge for the very first time on Monday and MAN it was good.  Since trying to switch up my milk and be more open to almond, hazelnut and coconut milk over the summer months, i decided to try and see if almond milk worked in porridge.  It is the BEST!  I have never had porridge so creamy, and yummy ever ever ever!  I used one cup of oats, one cup of almond milk, a splash of water and a mashed banana and simmered until the liquid was absorbed and the oats were soft and cooked through.  Then i stirred in a tablespoon of chia seeds, a table spoon of coconut oil and a liiiiittle drizzle of runny honey on top.  Go!! Go and try it right now if you love porridge as much as me!  It had me full until lunch and i left the house feeling like i was really ready for the day you know?

*  Buying a greetings CARD just for me. It isn't just me that does this is it?!  I am forever buying myself greetings cards.  In fact anywhere that sells them - supermarkets, stationary shops, gift shops - you can lose me for a good ten minutes just so i can look.  I bought the sweetest Rifle Paper Co. card to stick up in my our little office.  I swear i could wallpaper the walls with greetings cards in this little place and it'd make me so happy!  Sometimes i buy them for the beautiful illustration, sometimes for the colours or print; sometimes even just 'cos of a really really good font.  I like a good font i do.  

*  Feeling PROUD and excited all at once.  I am off to see my darling younger sister play the lead role at the theatre this Friday.  Whilst it technically hasn't happened yet i can't tell you how proud i am of her.  She is forever amazing me with her bravery, courage and 'just do it' sort of an attitiude. I could learn a lot from that BEAUTIFUL lady sometimes i can tell you!
*  *  *  

So DEAR faces, do share.  What on earth has been making you SMILE so far on this beautifully Autumnal week..?  I would love to know!  Leave me a sweet comment below or you can tweet me with your #wonderfulwednesday .  I'm @sallytangle .  

Friday, 3 October 2014

Firsts #2

Do you REMEMBER a long, long while ago i wrote my first 'Firsts' -shaped post?  If you'd like to refresh your peepers you can hop along to it HERE.  I wrote a post about the very first peepings of summer time and i enjoyed it so much that i decided almost then and there that it would become a little bit of a series:  that i would write one to record the start of each and every season and all that it meant to me.

It feels like a squillion years ago, because the last one marked the start of British summertime and all of the good things that came along with it.  That, my friends was a l-o-n-g time ago.  Not that i am complaining.  But if i am really HONEST with you, i have always counted 1st of September as the start of Autumn.  Except here in Blighty this year there has been somewhat of a month long extension to our usual summertime.  So we find ourselves right at the beginning of October instead.  I don't mind telling you that i have been chomping at the bit to get started on my second 'Firsts' post:    a few words on the first peepings of Autumn, some pictorial-pie and some natterings on what's been going on around these parts of late.  Pull up a chair, cross your legs and WRAP your hands around a warm drink…cinnamon optional.  
Whilst a part of me DELIGHTS in sleeping in my almost-altogether throughout the summer months, i can't tell you how much i ADORE curling up in layers and layers of soft brushed cottons and well-worn oversized cardigans instead.  Whilst we are not quite at 'take a hot water bottle to bed' time just yet up here, i have been relishing requring to slip on a pair of soft pastel socks come morning, and sling a cardigan and soft blanket around our knees on lazy sunday morning breakfasts.  It's the ULTIMATE in wake-up shaped comfort for me.  

What else means AUTUMN though?  For me everything just feels warmer, richer and that little bit heavier.  I get excited at the thought of switching up what i eat too.  It's always a pleasure the very first time i get to get stuck into back porridge and to dream of all of the exciting toppings i can lace it with too.  I also can't wait to AUTUMN-up my bread recipes and to have toast slathered in ginger preserve.  Summer salads are eagerly replaced with wilted spinach, kale and buttery leeks.  And i never need an excuse to crave a roast chicken and leek pie.  Baby new potatoes with torn mint leaves are replaced with buttery colcannon mash, savoy cabbage with salted butter and roasted carrots drizzled with honey.  And i might need to start adding in an extra few laps on those two-wheels of mine while we are at it if i carry on like this!

Sunsets come fast and SUDDEN and i am left chasing the sun home for the very first couple of weeks of Autumn. Soon my evening park route shall be no more as there simply wont be enough light left by the time i return from work.  With that comes the temptation and in equal measure, big sigh at the thought of FORCING my little legs round and round on those pedals before i start work in the morning.  More often than not i'll settle for the extra hour in bed and resign myself to adding on more laps to my days off.  It's all about balance and i am a Tasmanian devil without enough sleep!  

The LIGHT is one of my very favourite parts of Autumn though.  Even of there is less of it, the hours we do get are pretty spectacular.  It's rich, amber glow breathes magic into each and every thing it dances upon and no matter how cold your hands and feet become, it's all worthwhile.

 Bike ride re-fuelling is always NECESSARY and it's time to kiss goodbye to iced coffees, freshly pressed juices and smoothies and yoghurt and crumbled nuts and seeds.  Autumn brings hot drinks laced with a syrup of cinnamon or ginger, and heavier oat flapjacks or granola bars wrapped in foil and SQUIRRELLED away at the bottom of satchels.  
Autumn SHOWERS too, are heavier, filled with might and persistence.  Gusts and WHOOSHES of winds blow leaves and fasten them like glue, dotted prettily along walkways and pavements.  The air smells of coal fires, dampness and of forests.  

Soon it shall be time for socks, tights, more layers and for hats and mittens.  And i am more than ready to take it all in, each and every last drop.
What's your very favourite thing about AUTUMN and what does it mean to you?  I'd love to know!  

Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Wonderful Wednesday #36

Happy mid-week DEAR ones!  How do i find you all?  Has this week been whizzing and whirring past you like nobody's beeswax or dragging incredibly s-l-o-w-l-y because you have something ever so spectacular to look forward to this weekend?!  

I think you'll find me PERCHED PRETTILY somewhere in the middle.  I feel this week has been a relatively productive one:  lots of things have been completed and crossed off but i have also felt like i would have rather enjoyed an extra two hours on the end of Monday and Tuesday please! I love writing this post.  I have always been a worshipper of the routine….maybe a little too much sometimes (same breakfast for the last week i am looking at you!) and so until this little post was born, my posting was sporadic and when i had the time free.  Whilst that is still largely the case, i like the balance of having a planned post at least once a week.  I also like to be pushed into thinking of the positive things going on in my week so far when i otherwise might not make the time too.  I don't think any of us can hold our hands up and say that we celebrate those things quite enough.  Even if some weeks they are a long list of nonsensical silliness; they are my positive things.  I record them here to inspire you to squeeze in some positivity to power you through until the weekend.  I write them so that you might do the same or even just think about those kinds of things.  And lastly, i write them so that i can capture these special nuggets of loveliness for me, to look back on days when i need them.  We all have those days.  Lets get down to business shall we….

*  The ^above^ pair of super snazzy SWAN PRINT TROUSERS for being just perfect in this crazy kind of extended milder weather we have been having and not complaining about AT all.  Who me?!  Foot-stamping and 'but i want to wear my tartan scarf and it's too damn hot' etc etc aside, these fancy pants have been worn lots on evenings this week.  An old Topshop bargain: perfectly high-waisted and super flattering and easy to pair with a loved grey marl tee, a striped breton (of which there are too many) or a pretty blouse.  Perfect for days where summer dresses quite frankly feel a little wrong but it's a bit warm to crack out the knits just yet….

*  CROISSANTS.  Or more to the point, croissants slathered in salted butter and apricot jam.  Heaven!  It's probably a little bit bad that i have feasted on them on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday but i hate to see food wasted…  Serving them alongside a tiny bowl of muesli with almond milk more then balances out all of that butter though, oui?  However retro croissants seem to me, i couldn't resist them on the wander home on Saturday evening.  Warmed in the oven for mere moments, they have been making my mornings this week and i swear a jolly good brekkie is directly relative to my productive energy…..

*  Ed.  Dear ED SHEERAN who in my opinion can do no wrong.  For making each and every wander to work and back quite delightful and for being the perfect 'amber-y Autumnal' evening bike ride loveliness to tickle my ears.  

*  Feeling SAFE!  Since the nights are fast drawing in (boo!) it means my evening park-shaped route shall soon be no more!  Lately i get home just as the sun sets behind the clouds and so i have been re-thinking my attire.  Last week the Mr bought me a special high-vis sash to wear when i cycled on an evening and this week i got to try it out for the first time.  I felt like a little glow worm, with my lights-a-flashing and my chest glowing luminously.  My sister pointed out that i looked a little like i had been let out on day release…..

*  Stumbling across a brand new bottle of Lush Cosmetics 'KERBSIDE VIOLET' perfume on Ebay and snatching it up so fast at the start of the week.  I am a fussy customer when it comes to fragrance. I hate the idea of smelling like everyone else and i can't stand perfumes that smell artificial.  Lush perfumes are a desired taste.  For me, some of them smell horrid.  Last year somebody bought me a perfume called 'Rose Jam' and i fell in love.  It was a perfect rose fragrance with just the right amount of sweetness.  It was limited edition and i have about two squirts left.  'Kerbside Violet' was released earlier on in the year and i missed out.  The idea of smelling like Palma Violets and soft floral lilac-y violet-ey loveliness has got me so excited.  I hope it lives up to my expectations!

*  A really good SLEEP. when you are younger you don't really appreciate how important sleep is.  Not even just sleep,  good sleep.  My sleep was up and down and quite frankly all over the place last week due to the Mr having the worlds worst cough-come-cold type of something.  I felt a lot listless and generally not as bouncy as usual and flipping exhausted by the end of last week.  The last few days i have had over ten hours sleep each night.  As my mum would say 'you must have needed it.'  You can say that again.  I cannot tell you how much better i have felt this week and how much more i have got done because of it.  

*  Finding quite probably the very BEST chocolate MILKSHAKE of my entire life - no jokes folks. On a lunchtime wander on Monday i had a goosey gander in our local health food shop and stumbled upon 'Chi Chocolate Coconut Milk.'  At £1.79 it was a little more than i would usually pay for a cold drink.  But after reading the pack and how much goodness was packed into that little carton i figured it was worth a shot.  I am usually a strawberry or banana milkshake kinda gal but on Monday i really needed a chocolate-y hit without the heavy chocolate bar feeling you get after over-indulging a little too much on normal chocolate.  Oh my golly gosh if you love your chocolate quite as much as me then please give this stuff a go.  It is delicious!  All creamy, filling but not over-rich and the most perfect amount of dark chocolate flavour without tasting powdery or artificial.  And better still they are 100% natural and made from coconut water and all natural flavourings.  I don't mind telling you that i also might have picked up one on Tuesday and i am fully considering another today…

*  BIRDS:  swooping and loop-ing and just being pretty lovely actually.  I don't know anything about birds, well besides liking listening to their pretty tune as i wake up or fall asleep.  And so i don't know why they seem to choose this time of year to swoop and swish in their hundreds, usually as the sun begins it's descent into tomorrow.  But what i do know is that it's pretty lovely to watch after a few laps of our little park.  They swoop and swish and make the most amazing shapes in the pink-y hued skies and it's just all kinds of magic.  

*  Having a SOMEONE.  I often wonder who i would witter all of the silly things that i do to, if i didn't have the Mr.  I expect i'd store the craziness up inside and save it for when i rang home, spoke to a friend or delighted the lovely folk i work with it.  But i really love having another half, someone to share it with right at that minute.  Even if i am often met with a glance that says my thoughts are a bit odd.  I love it all of the same and i wouldn't change having that feeling for the world.  Sometimes you just realise how lucky you are that someone doesn't mind that kind of thing.  Or is polite enough not to say that they do…
*  *  *  
Well oh WELL what are you grateful for this week so far?  Are you appreciative and yet equally enraged at how warm the weather is?  Do you enjoy watching flocks (!?) of birds swooping in the sky above your head?  Would you like to smell like Palma Violets too..?!  Do let me know, i cannot tell you how much i love to read your comments on these kinds of posts.  We are all a little bit of a nosey parker at heart…Remember you can always tweet me your #wonderfulwednesday .  I am @sallytangle .


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