Friday, 31 January 2014

Currently 5

I feel myself so often looking forward to the lighter, longer days and feeling like i want to run from the grey and the damp days that seem to be lasting forever.  I love the colours above, they are almost a mix of light and dark; grey and yellow or day and night.  I love the idea of wearing such dark colours with flashes of yellow and pink.  They feel like colour combinations that shouldn't work but looking at this little collection from images from my PINTEREST fills me with such inspiration.  Almost as if the light and bright is getting under my skin, seeping in ever so slowly - even if the weather is digging its heels in!
*  *  *  
I cannot wait for shorter sleeves and to layer up bracelets like there is no tomorrow!! I am much more of a bracelet girl than a necklace one.  Bracelets draped and hung daintily along the wrists that tell a little story about where we have come from and where we are going.  Do you have a type of jewellery that you gravitate towards?  
*  *  *  
The quote just about sums up how i feel a lot lately:  Like there are not enough hours in the day, not enough minutes in those hours and almost as if the days and weeks whizz by at break-neck speed.  Somewhere in amongst them i am careering forward, sidewards; sometimes backwards, upside down and inside out, all in an effort to make the most of every moment possible.  Often i am bruised, always there are hiccups and each day another list is wrote.  But what about the bigger list? Life can be exhausting sometimes.  This year i want to try my very hardest to slow down and just accept that i can only do what i can do and that the world wont end if the day ends and my list in incomplete.  Do you ever feel like this?
All images not mine but taken from my Pinterest HERE

Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Wonderful Wednesday

 The photo above was taken on my phone on Sunday.  I think it might be favourite photo in ever such a long time.  I love how YELLOW the yellow looks against the GREY, grizzly and grumbly sodden sky.  I cannot wait for verges, fields and gardens to be filled with these dizzy dancing cheerer-uppers! It is quite the little injection of happiness our little window sill (AND I) needed.  I can see our little HYACINTH growing daily - stretching taller and taller and i am excited for another burst of bloom-y colour in another corner of our little somewhere.  Other random things that have filled me with a feeling that all is good and great so far this week are…

*  Finding that i still had a pretty CLOVE and CINNAMON candle squirrelled away at work to buy.  I know i am very 'pro spring' lately but a love an excuse to light a scented candle and these little Monsoon Christmas candles all sold out and were a gem.  They filled our little attic with such a soft, warm dn amber-y scent that i cannot wait to curl up on the sofa with my book later and light the little devil.

*  An extra half an hour's SLEEP.  My evenings get swallowed up and disappear faster than the speed of light.  By the time tea is made, i have stuck my head under the shower and tickled and tidied around it is bedtime.  I often feel guilty that i haven't spent my time more interestingly.  So i am often lured into watching something on television for an extra half an hour, losing an hour on Pinterest or faffing and fannying around with fabric or magazine cut-outs.  I wake up feeling like my eyes wont open and usually trip and fall into every thing imaginable!  This week i have been making an EXTRA effort to go to bed at a reasonable time and read with a little cup of camomile tea.  I have felt SO much better.  All fizzy and smiley and with bags more energy.  I am definitely going to try and keep it up!

*  Being behind the times and FINALLY listening to John Newman's album.  On loop.  Always.  It has become quite the obsession of mine!  I have heard so so many people rave on about it for what feels like forever.  This usually makes me not want to listen to something.  It's just like when somebody tells me over and over again that i 'have to watch this' or i 'have to read that' - it makes me less likely to watch it.  People find it irritating.  I would irritate me if i was (?!) i think.  Anyway, his album, it is phenomenal.  That is all.  I shall not rave and rant 'cos then, well i would just be a hypocrite a bit wouldn't i?

*  Marks and Spencer's granola bars.  I kid myself that they are fruity and oat-y and must be PACKED full of all kinds of goodness. They are probably rather sugary and aren't doing me all the fantastic-ness that i imagine but MAN they are pretty damn perfect with a cup of tea after lunch or as a mid-morning kind of hunger fixer.  

*  Being on good terms with The MOP.  We have come to an agreement. It will never be perfectly straight, it will never be perfectly curly.  We are taking it a day at a time and meeting somewhere in the middle.  I have discovered that if i leave it to dry on a night and curl a handful of random sections around my head, i achieve a sort of slept in flick-y wave.  It's not quite Alexa Chung but i am learning to embrace it all the same.  

Huge and whopping thank you's for your WONDERFUL WEDNESDAY comments last week.  I loved reading what was floating your boat and making you all smile!

What have you lovely lot been loving this week?

Sunday, 26 January 2014

Curled Up

There is no escaping the fact that today was the GREYEST day there ever was.  Waking up at 9am to an alarm i don't remember setting and rubbing my eyes to welcome a morning i don't remember agreeing too.  Days are hazy GREY, damp and the sky seems endlessly filled with rain filled clouds.  They burst without warning, drenching anything and everything with icy winter showers.  

I feel glad to have filled our little home with some signs of SPRING, since the other side of the window is failing me miserably.  I have taken to giving our little green HYACINTH and blousey DAFFODILS a little sniff in the morning whilst i am waiting for the kettle to boil.  I find the green smell a little comforting.  

Despite having plans for a long drive to the Lake District today and the promise of treating my peepers to a delightful fix of greenery (EVEN IF IT WAS FROM THE OTHER SIDE OF A CAR WINDOW) it was so very hard to un-ravel, to stand up straight and to peel myself out from under a stripy spotty and floral cotton duvet-land that felt warm, safe and a world away from outsides' blustery, angry self.  

Today was a day for LAYERS if ever there was one.  A simple white long cotton tee, inky BLUE soft slim jeans and an angora cable knit slouchy enough to fit me-and-a-half inside. I feel as if i wear nothing else lately! I wished i had a coat with a hood or a hat that would fasten under my chin.  I distracted myself from these thoughts with an overly sparkly necklace and the hugest woollen TARTAN scarf that you can ever imagine.  I knew its cosy, blanket properties would be welcome once we set off on our escapade.  I also clutched an emergency blue cardigan.  Because well you just never know when you might need another layer do you?

Today i stayed warm and dry.  I enjoyed our little drive, all CURLED up and listening to Radio Two all the way there.  I talked at the Mr.  He pretended to listen but he was wearing his 'i am concentrating on the road face' so i raced RAINDROPS on the windows and thought about things that weren't important enough to say out loud.  I thought about the weather tomorrow and if it will still be grey and if there is anymore water left in the sky.  I mentally selected what i shall wear tomorrow after realising i really enjoyed being more organised on Saturday morning and deciding that it will probably rain tomorrow.  I worried a little bit about making some mood-boards to inspire the lovely ladies at work incase they all turn out a bit silly.  Then i decided what i shall have for breakfast tomorrow and that i am definitely going to start reading Narnia again soon.  

We met family, filled our tummy's with the HEARTIEST pies, hot pots and roast dinners and came all the way back again.  This time we listened to Black Holes and Revelations by Muse and i didn't think too much about anything.  I just pretended to play the drums, sung like i knew the words and wished i had decided to become a drummer in a band.  
*     *     *  
Tonight i am going to make a start on sticking down SPRING. I have already collected some beautiful stripey pictures, brighter bits and pieces and beautiful quotes which i am looking forward to burying my self in for a few hours.  

Have a lovely Sunday evening dear readers and thank you right from the bottom of my little HEART for all your kind comments on my last few posts.  If i could have you all round for tea and walnut whips then i would!

Friday, 24 January 2014

Currently 4...

I remember my first school photo very clearly.  Actually thats a little bit of a pork pie as actually i REMEMBER my mother's reaction more accurately.  Aside from the fact i had spilt custard down my grey tweed pinafore and so sported a big wet blotch right in the middle; i also had one pigtail pointing up, the other pointing down.  I think that just about sums up my attitude to hair, even then.  She wasn't impressed.  I have endless memories or crying in the morning when i was little as my mother scraped my hair into neat plaits, twists and ponytails and secured them with co-ordinating ribbon.  

There is something that bothers me a little bit about hair that is too perfect, too coiffed and too smooth, straight or shiny.  I love hair with character.  I admire its flicks and its waves and how it always curls the opposite way that you want it to.  I wish my hair would mis-behave.  Try as i might, my hair never has that natural character.  It sits straight and shiny and enjoys a perfect blow-dry and behaves itself beyond belief.  It is a hairdresser's dream.  This has always FRUSTRATED me.  Maybe it is my haphazard approach to most other things in life:  general clumsiness, a lover of all things mixed and matched and my complete lack of spacial awareness that leads me to envy those whose hair has natural 'i'll do what the flipping heck i want' attitude.  

Whilst you spend time blowdrying, smoothing, scrunching or straightening your lovely locks, rest assured that i will be trying my hardest to create some kind of personality and texture whilst trying to look like i haven't tried one bit.  Whilst you are ghd-ing your bob within an inch of its life at 7am each day, i shall be trying to go as long as i can between washes (dry shampoo = lifesaver), spending as much time as i can in the morning with my head upside down (not ideal when you must also squeeze in breakfast at some-point) and constantly searching for that DREAM hair product that makes me look like i have just got out of bed and rolled into my clothes without having even tried. Can you tell? Does it show? 

If you find it or can relate to this crazy behaviour, i would LOVE to know!  Is it just me?!
(All photos taken from my Pinterest HERE)

Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Wonderful Wednesday 2

Another week, another list of reasons to smile.  So far this week has been a lovely one for me.  I am used to working weekends due to the nature of my job, but this weekend just gone i worked saturday and sunday.  I did miss my lazy lie in and pastry munching with the Mr, but working the full weekend meant i had monday and tuesday off which was splendid!! A few other things that have been floating my little boat..

*  Discovering a new interior show.  I LOVE interior programmes.  I am a dedicated Relocation Relocation-er, i adored Kirstie's Vintage Home and i am forever watching re-runs of Grand Designs.  I am not much of a television watcher really but if it has interiors in it, i am there.  This week i watched The Great Interior Design Challenge on BBC2 at 8pm.  Essentially it is a programme that pitches four different interior designers against each other in a bid to design the best room.  I was transfixed!

*  Buying far too many bunches of DAFFODILS because they are now only a pound in M&S. I also bought a pretty little purple hyacinth plant to live on the side table in our living room.  I cannot wait for them both to flower.  Even though it is terribly cold outside, having some green in the house is cheering me up no end.  

*  SHOWERS in the middle of the day.  After an icy afternoon drizzly bike ride on Willow.  Somehow having a shower in the middle of the afternoon feels like the most luxurious thing.  I had an empty home, London Grammar up loud and enjoyed using my favourite shower oil, a lovely leave in conditioner and padding about in an oversized white cotton tee and my printed cotton robe for over an hour afterwards.  Pure bliss.  

*  Giving up my search for a Winter coat.  I suppose since we are now closer to Spring than we are Winter it makes sense. It wasn't meant to be! I have decided just to treat myself to a little pale blue tweed blazer from BODEN.  Have a nosey HERE.  What do you think?  I wear my brown tweed blazer from Monsoon so very much and so i know i shall get the wear out of another jacket in this style.  And as for a Winter coat, well the search is scheduled for October…

*  Keeping my word.  Well that is if you ignore the previous point.  I am striving to be much more CONSCIOUS of my money this year and not to fritter it here and there on a whim or little flight of fancy as i so usually do!  So far i have done really well with this challenge.  It bodes well that i have started it in January which is re known for being about three months long rolled into one.  Starting the year a little penniless has done me the world of good.  Apart from the new Spring bits i shall have to buy for the launch of SS14 at work, i am going to try and squirrel away what i can to save for much more precious times ahead.  

*  Bread.  I can't do it i just can't.  I do so LOVE my bread with every inch of my heart.  i am a healthy bean and i do always buy fresh whole grain, whole meal or rye bread.  I have been trying to leave it out of my diet as i have been feeling very un-energetic, but HEAVENS!  I.  Can't.  Do.  It.  My mother always said there is no such word as 'Can't.'  There is and i can't.  On Tuesday i had scrambled eggs, smoked salmon and avocado on toasted soda bread.  There are no words to how HAPPY that made me.  Maybe i actually just need more sleep. I think i shall try that.  

What has been making you happy this week? I would love to know, however big or small it is!

Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Green Shoots

GREEN and YELLOW are two colours that i rarely wear.  But they are easily my happiest colours to look at.  Whilst you cannot deny that the world looks a whole lot better cast under the warm glow of sunlight, seeing little shoots of green emerge from swampy brown and sludgy verges is the happiest little sight.  Cumbria, like i expect the rest of the UK, has been experiencing spells of persistent grey, dismal and down right gloomy weather, peppered with heavy downpours, disastrous gales sent to chill you to the bone and a distinct lack of sunshine.  I hate to admit that for someone who loves to dilly and dally and meander her way through life; even i have been keeping my head down - mitten covered hands pushed deep into my little tweed pockets and my face nestled as deep down into my tartan scarf as far as it will go.  When i could bear to, i have been trying to make much more of an effort to look up.  I have been missing it: The smallest green shoots, the littlest moments of light breaking through and the first signs that January wont last forever, i promise. 
 Mornings are slowly getting a little lighter day by day, and the evenings too.  I have been back to normal more sociable hours at work and enjoying being tucked up under a soft BLANKET, hearing the heating tap, tap, tap as it warms the bones of our little attic - and taking time to make porridge from scratch.  A little drizzle of HONEY, and a dash of ground and sliced almonds is my favourite lately.  It feels a little like a pudding for breakfast, and that can never be a bad thing!

Treasuring the LIGHT when it is there.  I feel like a little winter mole of late.  Life has been so dark and GREY and i have spent so much time curled up in a ball that looking up at the sky when the sun does peep out, hurts my little peepers and makes me squint.  There is nothing that compares to feeling a little SUN on your cheeks and there is nothing more magical than the beautiful light when it takes you by surprise.


 Despite the cold temperatures and temperamental weather in my corner of the world, i have been relishing those days when the rain has let up. January is such a long month and i almost feel that i am getting restless for Spring and for being able to be outside more.  I feel as if i am not designed for too much time spent inside, as lovely as it is!  I don't think you can beat the feeling of fresh AIR in your little lungs and so as and when i can i have been scooting here and there on the Pashley.  Layering up in the brightest of BLUES, TURQUOISES and LIME greens paired with the prettiest polka-dotted pinafores and extra cosy tartan scarves.  It feels like you can see the tiniest sprinkling of spring:  GREEN shoots are starting to poke through the damp soil and green moss is slowly starting to cover tree trunks.  

Bringing GREEN inside in an effort to will Spring along outside.  I have treated our little somewhere to a little purple hyacinth plant and two bunches of daffodils.  This is my favourite time of year as i love to have fresh flowers in the house but somehow it seems wrong in winter.  In winter fresh blooms are usually replaced with clove and cinnamon scented candles and twinkly tealights.  Once supermarkets start to fill up with bulbs, terracotta pots and bunches of british tulips, daffodils and pretty potted hyacinth plants, i can't help myself. 
 Standard and most favourite inside kind of get up.  I like to save my pyjamas for after a long frothy bath and damp hair, but i do have a little rotation of inside outfits i like to wear that are comfy, cosy and perfect for curling up in.  This is my current favourite:  old worn, printed INDIGO skinny jeans, an oversized white cotton tee and my angora MUSTARD cable jumper.  The necklace is my favourite to wear anytime and with everything!  i love the idea of such a glitzy statement piece with such a dressed down and slouchy get up.  
*  *  *  
Tonight we are making a FRITATA as big as our heads and then i shall be curling up and doing some reading.  And i am going to try my very hardest to go to sleep a little earlier as i do feel much better for it.  
How is everyone's week so far?  

Friday, 17 January 2014

Currently 3...

Currently DREAMING of fresh air, the smell of dewdrops on the morning grass and open windows with a birdsong. White cottons, linen and a loved breton tee.  Rolled up sleeves and wildflower picking.  Crumpled cotton bed sheets and waking when the sun is already up.

Feeling the sun on my cheeks, warming my winter bones.  Smelling flowers, hearing the buzz of a bee and the wind whistle through leaves and not branches. Wearing softer layers, pastel pretties and slept in hair.  Chasing the sunset home and getting home just before it falls behind the white clouds.

What do these pictures make you think of? I would love to know!
(all photos taken from Pinterest.  You can find Sallytangle HERE)

Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Wonderful Wednesday

I am sat tip tapping away to your lovely faces while i run a bath.  I am excited that my Lush Christmas bath bomb stash will last right until its warm enough for cool showers and sleeping with wet hair.  I am going to use my favourite face oil afterwards and have a cup of lady Grey as big as my head and two chocolate digestives to dip in.  I like that i have realistic goals.  It's good to keep your feet on the ground. 

I wanted to start the new year (two weeks late?) with a few more regular features on this little corner.  I adore Bee's 'Sunday Round Up,' Rosies' '10 things that have made me happy this week' and Lisette's 'Thankful Thursday' posts so much that i thought i would share my 'WONDERFUL WEDNESDAYS' with you.  The idea's not based on any kind of intellectual or scientific idea, and it sure as heck isn't the most original one! I just want to share with you a few things that are making life wonderful in Sallytangle-land.  I am choosing to share them on a Wednesday. It is some sort of genius.  It's a change from pictures of skies, walnut whips and wonderful witterings on the weather no?  It will probably end up being largely food-based, but i will try my hardest to mix it up a bit!  

*  Enjoying tea again.  I scared myself.  I somehow lost the art of making the PERFECT cup of tea.  For me this is bordering on SERIOUS.  I became concerned for my health.  I seemed to be doing all the right things, but it just wasnt right.  If you are an avid tea drinker you will realise and sympathise that a bad cup of tea is just not worth drinking.  But don't lose sleep.  My tea mojo is BACK and so i have been gulping down the stuff like it's going out of fashion.  

*  Appreciating a really good combination.  Tart, ice cold and crunchy apple with cottage cheese; sliced banana and peanut butter on toast and red wine with a REALLY good spag bol.  It makes me a happy bunny.  

*  Reading again before bed.  For a while literature and i, well we fell out of love.  For a lady who loves words more than life itself, it was unsettling to say the least.  Who have i BEEN lately?!  I am easing myself in with the new Bridget Jones before bed.  I know its hardly Shakespeare (golly gosh i LOVED Shakespeare at school) but book, tea and hot water bottle before bed makes for the very best of sleeps.  If anyone fancies recommending me something i can really get my teeth into that would be just lovely.

*  Sainsbury's Apple Blossom and Lotus Flower incense.  It makes the insides smell like the outsides when it's Spring in full swing and let me tell you, it is the NICEST of smells.  Fresh and clean, and open window-sey.  

*  Being woken up by hailstones at 3am in the morning the day before a day off.  Lying and listening to them for a good twenty minutes and SNUGGLING up to the Mr knowing my alarm wasn't going to go off at 7am.  Smug sleep feeling! The loveliest.  

*  Impromptu coffee dates with my sister.  Well i had coffee - allbeit with a good glug of baileys in - she went for a large Merlot.  Growing up i always felt like we were complete and total opposites.  Now i feel like she is one of the very few people in the world who just gets me and who i can talk to about anything in the whole wide world.  Our coffee date included dicussions on 'changing the way we spend money'.  This was mostly directed at me for spending far too much money on Costa cappucinos after bike rides 'because i am re-fulelling.'  We also talked of her insatiable need to visit Norway because it is one of the best places to see both the Northern Lights and killer whales.  We then also discussed how long we have got until we really have to grow up.  It was deep stuff.    

What has been making your week wonderful so far? I would love to know!!

Monday, 13 January 2014

Just Stretching

There is nothing i love more than a long s-t-r-e-t-c-h first thing in the morning.  It sets me up for the day.  And i've got that feeling about now too.  Almost like the world is just stretching, uncurling and squinting through just one eye.  Winter time is a time for filling up, covering up and curling up ever so tightly.  Whilst i don't feel like we are anywhere out of the wintery woods just yet, i am enjoying feeling that warm optimism in the bottom of my tummy and the prospect of what SPRING time might bring.  
*    *    *
Despite hail stones, rain storms and wind so strong it almost blew me right across the city recently;  lately has had its redeeming moments too…
Celebrating all that is GREEN and good.  After so much rain and grey and grizzly wintery weather, nothing beats seeing GREEN again and feeling the sun on your cheeks - even if you are wearing three layers, two pairs of socks, tights, a scarf AND gloves.  

Sneaking in a floral cotton dress under all the layers, and a pale pink woollen bobble hat for good measure.  MARVELLING at how BLUE the sky was and how i can't remember the last time it looked so beautiful.  Feeling the cold chill of air hit the back of my throat and race down to my little lungs.  Two or three laps on a pushbike with mittens and i was more than ready for coffee and a flapjack.  I cannot tell you how good that fresh cold AIR felt.  

Noticing DETAILS again.  Its hard to keep a heads up approach when it takes all the will in the world just to remain upright and dry.  I sometimes wish i had a bottom-less cappuccino because i could wander this pretty city all day long.  

Battling THE MOP.  Sometimes we have good days, sometimes we have bad ones.  Sometimes we have days where one side is really good.  Mostly we have days when i look disastrously dishevelled.  Does anyone have Alexa Chung's hairdresser on speed dial?  I don't think i thought this through.  Don't tell anyone but i am sort of missing the days when i could pile it all on top of my head and stick flowers on top to disguise it.  I am sure we will fall back in love.  Maybe when i am not confined to keeping my ears warm and can wrap scarves and bejewelled clips in amongst the tangles. 

How are you ALL? How is your week looking?   

Tuesday, 7 January 2014

New Sheets

Now should not be a time to feel glum or BLUE.  We spend November and December eating, drinking and being MERRY and so it is no wonder that January can feel so blue.  We spend so long planning, celebrating and revelling in the run up to the big day and then all of a sudden its all gone within a flash.  Suddenly we are back to the nine-to-five with the inside and out looking all the more bearer for it.  Trees stand tall, spiky and empty of their leaves; the days are short and the evening and darker hours stretch out in-front of us for far longer than we wish.  Inside our little homes feel empty:  empty of family and friends and void of the bright and brash of christmas decorations and warm glow of the fairy-lights.  Thats before we even get started on the fact that payday feels like it could be an eternity away.  
 But don't worry, i am not going to let those BLUES catch me.  I am determined.  I find myself longing for new shoots of life and signs that SPRING will happen.  Our little somewhere certainly feels bare and a little echoe-y without that special little tree, but it also feels clean and fresh.  I took a great pleasure in giving the floorboards a good sweep, reaching the cob-webs that hid behind the glow of the christmas tree lights and washing and cleaning all those hard to reach places.  The cinnamon and clove candles have burnt away and have been replaced with lighter fresher scents and i am particularly enjoying wearing my softest skinny jeans and a big oversized blue and white striped t-shirt inside today.  Even if it is raining sideways and half of the United Kingdom is on a flood alert. Right now all i can think is that i cant wait for daffodils on the windowsill and to have our big windows wide wide open.  
 Because January isn't so bad, you shouldn't be so hard on the little chap, he's got a pretty big act to follow after Mr fancy-pants December after all.  This month is about getting back to BASICS, learning to appreciate that love and fulfillness don't have to come from excess and the material.  Whilst it is wonderful to eat and drink and be merry and to give and receive presents until the cows come home; it is also okay to just be quiet and tell someone how special they are instead.  Sometimes when everything is stripped back to basics, thats when you get chance to be still and to enjoy the little tiny things that make us all appreciate being here in the great big world.  Whether that is a really good cup of tea, the smell of freshly washed sheets and clean hair, or just a rather pretty SUNSET.  It's your choice, and it can be anything in the whole world.   


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