Monday, 31 March 2014


As a creative type i am often asked what inspires me.  It has always been something which i have never been able to answer without feeling like i am ranting and raving passionately, and waving my arms about something that no-one else has ever even noticed.  Truth is, my daily inspiration changes roughly every milli-second.  It really can be absolutely anything in the whole and entire world and there often is no rhyme or reason.  It is usually met with 'Well i think i just felt like it.'  All that i can tell you is that channelling that inspiration in my day to day life makes me SO happy and feel so fuzzy and fizzy inside my tummy that sometimes i can't sleep.
*   *   *
I live my life for DETAILS.  If i had to shorten my fizzy silly thoughts and share with all your pretty faces the things that constantly amaze and inspire me; that would be the shortest way to tell you.  If you were to ever meet me, i wouldn't notice what size you were.  I probably wouldn't wonder what lipstick you were wearing or where your top was from.  I mean of course i would be listening to what you were saying, but secretly i would be admiring the DETAILS.  I would be noticing if your hat matched your jacket. I would be enjoying the fact that your t-shirt was the perfect colour of green to match the flowers in the dress you were wearing.  I would be even more impressed if your bag was lined with a beautiful fabric.  But it's not because i would be judging you, it's because i would be ADMIRING the attention to detail you had taken and love and care you had put into everything.  I am not shallow and i know that what colour your shoes are has zero to do with what kind of person you are, but the truth is, i can't NOT notice these little things.  And paying extra attention to such snippets, fills my heart with joy.  And is often why i'll also probably be late for our tea-date too...
 PERFECT neon and breton stripes.  Wearing BLACK and NEON makes me feel like a humbug, a stick of rock or rather cleverer than usual.  Wearing a breton under, over or alongside anything makes my heart sing anyway.  Its a particular pretty penchant i have for when i am feeling strong, confident and like i mean business.  Or if it's just oh so GREY outside.
 NEON and PASTEL.  Are you sensing a NEON-ish theme?! This makes me feel calm, cosy and pretty.  I am never one to turn away a pretty floral print and pairing it with NEON in my hair made me feel a bit braver that day.  
PRINTS, peonies and collars.  I have a box filled to the brim of silk flower corsages and if i could wear them all at once i would burst of happiness.  As lovely as this vintage men's blazer is, the grey flower is needed to take me cartwheeling into a grey Monday.  The blue shirt is just heaven and i picked it because i felt sleepy, and as if i needed a Monday of hugs.  The blue and white picked up my miserable cheeks a treat!

What INSPIRES your lovely faces? Could you narrow it down?!

Friday, 28 March 2014

Lessons Learnt

This week has been tiring and trying.  I feel almost and completely WHACKED, despite being off today.  Sometimes i feel like with just one day off, and a big list of jobs, errands and general things to attend to, when i finally stop i could quite happily just curl up and sleep for a week.  This has nothing to do with the two GIGANTIC mugs of Lady Grey and half a packet of M&S mini-eggs i have just consumed.  Oh no no no.  What have i learnt this week?
* * *
*  That SALLYTANGLE is something i should be proud of.  And probably learn how to talk about to people in the real world.  I went to my very first networking meeting organised by the university i went to here in Cumbria.  The idea was to bring back together Alumni creatives and current students and to help, advise and use each others talents.  Aside from being a really interesting evening, i stupidly didn't think that anyone would really ask about SALLYTANGLE.  When you say that you write a lifestyle blog about, well you, it sounds a little big headed.  Towards the end of the evening i had settled on describing this little spot as a creative diary of my life, written to inspire others to live simply and creatively.  I was quite proud of that.  I was also secretly chuffed beyond belief that my badge read 'Columnist' and 'Blogger'.  And even that people wanted to know what i did.  Even if it  was nothing to do with the Media Production degree i did more years ago than i would care to remember.  

*  That i need to get better at making decisions and trusting my own judgement.  In all parts of my life.  I so often doubt myself when i shouldn't.  In simple day to day 'should-i-buy-it should-i-not' type of decisions, i debate for an eternity.  Look for alternatives.  Debate again.  I usually end up back at square one with the item i originally planned to purchase.  At Monsoon Towers this week i was doing some visual merchandising.  It was all put out out lovingly.  Then taken off.  Then put back out and re-jigged.  This went on for far longer than it should have taken and i ended up with it just as i had to start with.  Must stop dilly-dallying!

*  That it is not Spring.  Today i took the Pashley for her usual day-off jaunt to the park and I. Was. FROZEN.  I had a vest, striped tee, pinafore, woollen scarf and mittens and hat and yet the cold still got into my bones and i have only JUST warmed up!  Come on jolly milder temperatures, for even i am sickening of my heavy knits and long for just feeling cottons and linens against my skin and sleeping with the window open.  How is it that we seemed to have gone backwards after doing so well?!?!

*  That there is a big difference between sleep and GOOD sleep.  Some nights i 'sleep' hours longer than normal and still don't feel rested.  Some nights i sleep less but i wake up feeling refreshed and so well rested.  I am very much still figuring out the recipe for consistent bouts of the GOOD variety of sleep! So far, glace cherry shortbread and a little cup of camomile tea seems to be a pretty safe bet.

*  That there seems to be no recipe for keeping my hands soft.  I feel like no matter how often i apply hand-cream and how much i try to look after my hands, i could sand a whole kitchen table and four chairs with how they feel lately.  Soon i may have to resort to wearing gloves and a whole tube of hand cream for bed.  And that is NOT a good look!

*  That red cabbage in stir-fry might be the very best thing ever.  No really.  It melts and goes all sweet, sticky and jammy and is just THE perfect accompaniment to a duck spring roll i can tell you.  

What have you learnt about yourself this week? And can you recommend a jolly good hand cream please?!
And just for you, for your eyes and ears:  ^^this^^ sky and THIS voice.  Do listen for it melts my heart and brings tears to my eyes.  Imagine seeing this live?! I think i would be inconsolable.  Call it a tiring week or just too many mini-eggs...

Thursday, 27 March 2014

Currently 10

All photos mine, except the sweet little quote which you can find on Pinterest HERE
I feel all kinds of WONDERFUL when i read the above quote.  It's buy author Brian Andreas.  I love the idea that he feels like i do.  Morning is my quiet time.  My time to sit for as long as i wish and gather my thoughts for the day in total silence.  Winding down at night is not as easy for me (i find it ever so hard to stop and sit still).  Mornings are MY time to sit quiet, watch the day uncurl, unfurrow and for all the days creases to disappear infront of my eyes whilst I sit sipping a big floral mug of Lady Grey.  Breakfast is also my very favourite meal.  I often joke that i could eat breakfast for lunch and dinner too, and if it wasn't for the Mr, then i probably would!  I spend far too much time planning and considering my breakfasts for the week.  

Even when the end of the week comes and we are left with a 'what can we create from this, this and this' for tea, i never run out of breakfast supplies. I simply couldn't bear it.  I can never understand those little faces that leap out of bed and hurl themselves into the day on only a tea or coffee.  NO NO!  That just wouldn't do.  I like to start the day slow and steady and with a HAPPY tummy!

How about YOU?!

Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Wonderful Wednesday 9

 Good day to your pretty faces! My oh my am i TIRED this week! Do you ever just get those weeks where you can feel as though you could sleep and sleep and SLEEEEEP and it would never be enough to feel rested?!  Well i am having one of those! I have been guzzling gallons (i exaggerate!) of water in an attempt to stay hydrated and a bit more alert.  Of course i have been evening that out with lady grey a plenty. Whilst i am looking sleepy-eyed, my skin is looking particularly SPLENDID so it's not too bad! In between yawning, rubbing my eyes and forgetting i am wearing mascara, and well, sleeping; i have been keeping my peepers peeled for all that is making me smile.  So here goes…

*  Percy and Reed's Wonderbalm.  This stuff is AMAZING.  It is sort of like the ultimate elixir for hair and has to be the very best hair product i have ever tried and been so quickly impressed with.  (read:  after ONE use, within ten seconds). Usually with skincare/haircare, there is all that 'give it time to adjust' and 'for this to get used to that' blah blah.  This stuff is described as a primer for hair and says that it can also be used to enhance the products you apply after.  I applied to my hair damp and then let it dry almost entirely (i am not big on tooo much heat on my fluff of a mop) and then blasted it with a hair dryer.  It sort of made my hair feel like it had had a weekend away, a holiday, and especially expensive blowdry even. Maybe even every nourishing treatment available to man and well, just a spectacularly brilliant version of its natural self.  This product is GENIUS.  It retails at £18 for a tube.  But it is currently free in this months ELLE magazine.  Which i have bought twice.  Because there is now no way i can do without this!

*  Virtuous left-overs.  I LOVE leftovers.  I feel all smug if i manage to construct something equally brilliant from ingredients left after making dinner or even just eating more of something the day after.  I feel like it does my soul all kinds of good.  These past few weeks the Mr has emerged as some kind of soup making genius.  I don't know how i have missed this up until now.  Recently i have enjoyed carrot, orange and coriander; leek, potato and lots of grated nutmeg and spiced seasonal vegetable which i joyfully skipped to work with the leftovers for two whole days.  Mmmm!

*  Chai tea before bed.  I usually slurp a little camomile and honey tea before i climb up the apples and pears.  Recently i have been craving something milky and a little less tea-like from my usual 'through-the-day' Lady Grey.  Milky, spiced chai tea and a little piece of CHERRY shortbread has been just the fuel for all of the best zzz's.

*  Pom-poms, tassels and neon.  We have just put out a new bay in Accessorize called 'Can Can'.  Oh. My. Word.  I want it all.  You cannot fail to look at it and be inspired.  It is a delectable visual treat of tapestry, embellished and bright bright rucksacks, indian colourful chandelier earrings and the most jewel-packed statement necklaces you have ever seen.  I am almost counting down the days until pay day (read: i actually AM) and trying to decide if i can pull off a neon tapestry rucksack with pom poms on  Think how practical it would be for those two wheels of mine??!?

*  Striped BRETON tees.  In any colour combination.  Since adding a red and white striped breton to my collection, i cannot get enough.  There is something so effortless about such a simple item of clothing that quite literally works with just about anything.  Even pyjamas.  That's right my friends.  Sleeping with my hair piled on top of my head in an oversized stripey breton tee has had me even feeling chic in my sleep.  In my dreams….quite literally!

Tell me and do share what has been keeping that smile on your pretty cheeks this week?!? Reading your comments to my WONDERFUL WEDNESDAY posts are my very favourite thing!

Sunday, 23 March 2014

Feelin' Yellow

I'm not a fan of a PLAN.  I mean unless you need to have one, where is the fun in knowing where you have got to go and what you are meant to be doing every milli-second?!  Oh no.  Today was the perfect example of a plan-less Sunday. The kind of Sunday where you just sleep until you wake up (9:30am), eat breakfast under a soft lilac blanket on the sofa (warmed raisin pastries and obligatory Lady Grey tea) and then take the rest of the day exactly as it comes.  Maybe this is because i spend a large proportion of my working life running from one thing to another and having deadlines for this, that and every thing that days off are, well, just that.  
*  *  *
TODAY we ate lovely food, drank coffee and i took those two pretty wheels for a spin and spent an unhealthy amount of time admiring the smallest, sweetest blossom tree that there ever was.

 I should probably point out that if you are new to these parts and weren't around last Springtime, that i am a little obsessed with BLOSSOM.  If i ever have the fortune to own a dream cottage by the rolling hills and in a place where there are only BLUE skies galore (read:  Sally-land) then i would love to line the garden with all kinds of BLOSSOM trees.  There is nothing that quite makes my little heart sing then seeing blossom blowing in the breeze against a blue sky.  I mean you can be as sad and fed up and frown-y as you like and then BAM, you can't not feel all the joy seeing that sight.  Am i right?! I have never filled a glass jar with blossom before but i fear that this year might be the one.  If i could have my own little blossom fix each day then i doubt i'd ever frown again. 

When not cooing over blossom you will probably find me dancing among the DAFFODILS.  Since i last visited our beautiful park, all the crocuses and snowflakes have curled up for another year and been suddenly replaced with an almighty bright and ballsy display of dancing DAFFODILS.  Now i am not much of a yellow-lover, not when it comes to clothes, scarves hats and other paraphernalia.  With hair as bright as the sun, too much yellow can just make me look…too yellow? So i am ware-y of mustards, lemons and vivd yellows and tend to admire them from afar (or hide them under navy blues, cornflower purples and whites).  But daffodils? Well they don't count. There is something about yellow which fills me with such happiness.  On the greyest day possible, yellow can be such a spectacular mood-lifting colour and drain away all of the sad thoughts.  So seeing DAFODILS on a sunny day is the just the ticket for smiles.  Our little space currently has three jars of daffodils waiting to bloom.  Well when you cannot depend on an endless stream of sunshine on these shores what else is there to do but make your own little rays?!
*  *  *  
In other news, I am excited to announce that SALLYTANGLE shall be having a little Spring-clean over the next few weeks and a new and shiny layout will be unveiled.  Normal duties, ramblings and general blossom-ey banter shall continue throughout.  I have so many ideas that i think i might burst!!

How are you all?  And how has your weekend been?

Friday, 21 March 2014

Currently 9

All images taken from my Pinterest HERE
Can we ALL just take a single moment out from what we are doing and just MARVEL at how perfect these colour combinations are?! My heart is SINGING at the sheer sight of this outfit and i cannot tell you quite how happy it makes me to gawp lovingly at this little collection of images.  This is the stuff ALL of the colourful, harmonious kinds are dreams are made of.  This is how to wear colour my friends - without a single shadow of a doubt.

It makes me realise how much i adore colour, and all of the super powers it has.  It evokes all kinds of emotions and seeing or creating the perfect combination on myself or on someone else makes me THE happiest little dot about i cannot tell you.  The best colour combinations are the ones that just come out of nowhere and tickle your pretty peppers beyond BELIEF.  Who would have thought such a vivid green and aubergine-y purple could look so chic and delightful to the eye?!  I LOVE the perfect balancing of the colour throughout her whole get-up.  And the minty pom-pom scarf and flower corsages? Well they are just the icing on the colourful cake of great colour-wearing if ever there was one!

Man, i just want that to be ME.  What do you think?!
PS  You can follow me on Pinterest right HERE!

Thursday, 20 March 2014

Straight Lines

Today i had PLANS.  Great PLANS.  But the great clouds above had different ideas.  Today i planned to cycle my socks off (and all of those walnut whips!) and get some fresh air.  The weather had other ideas and decided to rain sideways, blow gales all kinds of ways and generally just be grey and miserable.  Determined not to let it get the better of me, i resorted back to AW13 wardrobe (read: fur cossack hat, gloves, 200denier tights and jumper over dress) and stupidly took the pushbike out anyway.  BAD idea.  Well unless you like the drowned duck look.  Although i didn't do many many laps of our pretty park or nearly anything i wanted to do, here is a list of what made today pretty okay in the end anyway:

Costa cappuccino.  The large kind.  A little solo sit down and caffeine fix let me dry out and write a little list of what i needed to get in a short a space of time as possible.  Lifesaver that place i tell you.

Finding a teeny, tiny kilner jar just perfect for transporting condiments to and from work.  I plan to use it to take a little helping of natural yoghurt to go on the Mr's homemade chilli that i sometimes take for lunch, for a little keeper of honey on those mornings when having half an hour extra in bed is deemed ESSENTIAL or for peanut butter for chopped apple after lunch at work fixes.  And its such a sweet little thing.

Stocking up on Sainburys' Cotton incense for my little clay burner.  It has been out of stock for so long!  And there is nothing better for your home to smell of than clean linen.  This is just the perfect 'freshly washed and laundered' sheet smell to waft through our pretty slanty-ceiling-ed somewhere.  

Hand-washing delicates, little silk something's and odds and ends that might disintegrate in the washing machine.  I find it quite therapeutic.  And it fills the bedroom with even more of a sweet scent.  
The rest of the day has been spent pottering about our inside space eating scrambled eggs, drinking copious cups of tea and imagining everything striped, breton-ed and Spring-like.  What is it about Spring that makes me want to dress like a stick of rock?  I am adoring my new red-striped Breton tshirt from Boden.  I am definitely going to grab a couple of other colours!  
* * *
I am off to wash the rainy day from myself in the hottest shower i can muster, with lots of rose shower gel and Lush Daddio shampoo.  Tonight we are having oven-baked potatoes with lots of sticky roasted beetroot, cottage cheese and rocket and i am beyond excited.  I am easily pleased.  Then i plan to spend the rest of this evening curled up reading Alices' Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass.  Who needs sunshine! **

**PS If you read this 'Sunshine' then i do quite need you and would like you back some time soon.  If you could sort out this Spring weather then that would be fab thanks.  

Have you been lucky to have some real SPRING weather where you are today?

Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Wonderful Wednesday 8

Hello WORLD! Here i am back once again with a list of wonderful something's to encourage you to all do the same!  This week has been an extra busy one, but one of those which has also felt productive too!  Often i can feel like i run around multi-tasking and juggling everything until the cows come home and i never actually finish one single thing.  This week so far is proving one for crossing things off the list and not adding too many more.  But what else has been happy-making?

*  Finding an old PLAYLIST on my IPod which unexpectedly had 'In the Air Tonight' by Phil Collins on.  It was THE best start to my week seriously.  I really had to push my hands ever so tightly into my pockets on the wander to work on Monday to stop me from pretending to play the drum solo at the zebra crossing.  Such a good song!

*  That there pink slouchy hat of BEANY-ness above.  It is the perfect shade of cheer up candy pink and is keeping my ears warm AND making me feel Spring-like all in one go.  

*  Toasted cinnamon and blueberry muffins with peanut butter and fresh blueberries piled on top for extra blueberry-ness for breakfast.  I may have found a strong contender for those crumpet, nutella and banana mornings!

*  Lush Rose Jam PERFUME.  It never fails to make me feel happy.  I am not a big perfume buyer, mostly because it is so hard to find one that someone else doesn't already smell of.  And most smell the same or of other versions of each other.  They are also so damned expensive.  I was bought Rose Jam for my birthday.  Its heaven.  It's rose, without the old lady tag.  Its sweet, without the typical vanilla-y undertone and its a little heady without giving me, well a headache.  I love it.  I have had so many people compliment me on it.  It is however discontinued and apparently was only a Christmas limited edition.  So yep, if you can sort that out Lush, that would be grand.  

*  This little BLOG.  I honestly cannot tell you how much i wish that you all of you and little old me could all go for tea and a big piece of victoria sponge.  I am eternally grateful for those of you who visit here and read and comment and get in touch and send the kindest tweets, emails and messages.  I love you all dearly and it is the nicest feeling ever.  

*  Alice's' Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass by C.S Lewis.  Words cannot describe how glad i am that i picked up this book to read again.  I know i am not twelve anymore but i don't care I adore it.  Sometimes you just want a little bit of evening escapism with your rose tea and cadbury's mini roll.  

*  Striped tshirts with EVERYTHING in the whole wide world! No really.  I wear them all year round but Spring is always the time of year that i re-cement that extra special love.  And usually treat myself to a few new ones too!  This year, i have taken to using some older 'past their best' even for me ones, with my favourite printed pastel pyjama bottoms to sleep in.  If that doesn't make for a good night sleep then my friend there is no hope for you!!

I am so ENJOYING sharing these little HAPPY-filled posts with you all!  What has been making you happy this week? I would love to know! And leave me a link if you have written an inspirational happy-making post recently so i can sneak a peep!

Saturday, 15 March 2014

Find Me

Looking Up //
Always and with out a shadow of a doubt.  I am usually found in some sort of blossom daze.  Always looking up, not paying attention, bumping into things and not watching where i am going.  My spacial awareness disappears when it comes to skies and blossom.  not that i had any to start with

Cycling forwards//
Backwards.  Sideways.  Left to right.  Upside down.  Okay not upside down exactly.  But i take these two wheels whenever i can and even when i can't i try my damndest.  Because do you know, when its that beautiful out there and you get a day like the other day, it looks far far more beautiful from the two wheels of a pretty pushbike.  

Listening to this//
Anywhere and everywhere.  At home as loud as i can bravely turn it up without upsetting the neighbours.  On the way to work in the morning and trying hard not to sing at the top of my lungs and cartwheel across the zebra crossing.  No really.  I have never been a huge fan of Avicii but this track featuring Audra Mae just blows me away.  She features on quite a few tracks on the album and interestingly is also the great-grand-niece of Judy Garland. Don't say i don't know my stuff.  
Cutting and sticking//
Making an attempt at collecting my springtime inspirations on real paper in the form of mood-boards, which i adore dearly.  It's a little stripey as yet, but its in its very early stages!  And if you can't wear stripes in spring then when can you?  Err all year round actually. 

Eating// giant cous cous with roasted butternut squash, carrot, coriander and orange soup, muesli with orange yoghurt and blueberries, poached salmon fillet with watercress, maple and raisin pancakes and roasted sticky sweet beetroot as often as is possible.

Feeling// tired, restless, creative, in need of a holiday, yearning for the clocks to go forward, in love more than ever, content, inspired, full of ideas.

Inspired by//  neon (incase you hadn't already guessed!), natural fabrics, triangles, messy hair, fresh air, mis-matching print clashes and Alices' Adventures in Wonderland by C.C Lewis.  

What have you all been up to?!

Thursday, 13 March 2014

Days Spent

Sometimes when you spend forever running from A to B whilst juggling a squillion other things and a pushbike, well it is rather nice to be a bit LAZY from time to time.  I have to be careful because on the odd occasion i have had the spare time to move that little bit slower, enjoy being in bed for an hour longer and a little linger longer over that bowl of creamy blueberry porridge; i could slip into a cosy coma!  
*    *    *
Today there was a little let up in that beautiful spring weather we have all been spoilt with, and on my second day off of the week, i awoke (like most of the UK it seems) to an icy blanket of thick FOG.  So i made a floral mug filled to the brim with milky lady grey and i hopped back into bed for another ten minutes.  Which by the time i had caught up on emails and various other things, sort of accidentally turned into an extra hour under the duvet.  But don't let that fool you into thinking that it's all been grey…

Since our brief dalliance of spring-time weather and bright blue skies, i have been forgoing porridge for muesli or granola with natural yoghurt and a sneaky crumpet or two with nutella and banana.  Todays grey BLANKET saw me digging out our little porridge pan and craving a bowl of purple berry filled goodness before i climbed upon those two wheels.  I have since (i say since, what i really mean is since mid-november) that i much prefer stirring a good handful of blueberries into the porridge just before it starts to thicken in the pan.  That way you are left with an oozy little VOLCANO of blueberry goodness rather than crunching cold berries in hot porridge.  I don't share these little gems with everyone you know.  

This mornings' foggy BLOSSOM-ey branches still looking all fancy pants and pretty and hollering spring right at me.  I have to be careful cycling of late.  I spend far too much time looking for blossom trees to photograph and taking my eye off the pretty little pavement in front of me.  I need to kick that little habit before there is a Sallytangle-shaped disaster!

Recent favourite get-ups.  At the very top was todays 'i will dress as bright, cheerful and not grey as possible' little ENSEMBLE.  I have also been falling in love with my most recent hat purchase:  an Accessorize candy pink angora boyfriend beanie.  Its a welcome change from my various fur cossack hats which are feeling a little too wintery lately.  I have also been ombre-ing my whole life.  No exaggerations! Incase you hadn't already noticed! I have chalked the ends of my hair candy pink, and then also discovered those gem of a pair of dark blue inky ombre Topshop tights. I love the effect with my Boden metallic brogues.  These little disco dancing shoes might be my favourite thing in the whole world.  My obsession with little snippets of NEON continues after digging out this pretty little bright white cotton smock speckled with just enough neon to stop me looking like a 90's throwback.  Paired with my ever-so-faded skinnies, its a perfect lazy afternoon at home get up.  Which is your FAVOURITE?
As i said, OMBRE anyone?!  These little gems turned out splendid after being swirled and twirled in a deep violet cold-water dye.  Amongst them are some old white cotton pillowcases, one or two cushion covers and an old printed smock top of mine that needed a little something to update it.  I can't wait to show you the end results. 

Afternoons at home are always spent with tea and some kind of accompaniment.  I have been so very much enjoying curling up with rose tea, mini egg walnut whips and a little mini egg or two for extra…protein?  I have finally got around to reading 'LUELLA'S Guide to British Style' which i bought ever such a long time ago.  Its such a beautiful book and illustrated so lovingly.  Its written by acclaimed fashion designer Luella Bartley and tells of her thoughts and musings on how British Style has come to be and how it is evolving.  It comes highly recommended!  
*     *     *
Tomorrow is Friday already!  This week especially seems to have whizzed past me ever so fast!  I hope to be back around these parts over the weekend, but i shall take a little moment now to wish you all ever such a lovely one! Lets all hope for some spring time sun!


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